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Satsuki's voice echoed back from every corner of the gym, breaking the rhythm of squeaking shoes and bouncing balls in an instant which had ruled the building up until now. A few heads of the other basketball club members turned around as their manager looked flabbergasted. But the pink haired girl's voice grew immediately quieter, keeping her little outburst private afterwards.

Wakamatsu only furrowed his brow, not all too surprised that Aomine had caused it judging by the tall teen who looked unimpressed by the girl's shaking fist. But with a light frown he turned back to the other boys, yelling at them to continue and to not get distracted just yet. Their practice is soon over anyway. Reluctantly, the underclassmen obliged. Some returning to their match while others continued with their dribbling.

Satsuki, however, still looked shocked.

"You haven't gone on a real date yet?"

The club manager sounded confused, upset even in a way only she could be. Aomine didn't even know if he should feel annoyed by her reaction, so he chose to just stare at her with a lifted eyebrow.

Why was his childhood friend that concerned to begin with?

"So what?"

"So what?" Satsuki repeated agitated, shaking her head. "You've already gone out for what? Over a month! And you haven't gone a single date yet! That's terrible!"

The blue haired basketball player still searched for every chance he got to just laze around during practice - habits die hard after all. But he found himself actually preferring to continue with his monotone running to improve his stamina if it meant he wouldn't have to have this conversation with the bubbly girl. He still couldn't comprehend why it was bothering her that much if it hadn't annoyed him in the slightest. Mia didn't seem to mind it either. So why was the pink haired girl glaring at him this fiercely, puffing up her cheeks like she did when they were young and he had teased her about something.

He didn't get it.

"Why?" He drawled slowly, still deadpanning.

"Because if you're dating, you're supposed to go on dates!" Satsuki argued quickly, her voice rising. "I will not lose Mi-chan just because you're too stupid, Dai-chan!"


Aomine's expression finally started to shift. His stoic annoyance melting into complete disbelief - since when had this ever been about Satsuki? Of course he knew his childhood friend liked Mia, and of course it was good if she had found a great friend in someone who had become important to the basketball player.


"You kiddin' me?" The tall teen muttered beneath his breath. "That's what it is about?"

"Don't just put it off like that, Dai-chan!"

Satsuki started pouting, her eyebrows lowering even more. But Aomine didn't even want to listen any more to her childish tantrum. He thought his relationship was just fine. He liked the way things were. Mia still allowed him to copy her homework if he bought her something from the cafeteria and they talked during the break if he got the chance - mostly Satsuki did the talking anyway - and if the orange-head stayed after school because of Nanami and her club, they'd go home together with the bubbly manager in tow.

Everything was just fine.

Aomine was about to turn away; keen on ending their silly one-sided conversation until Satsuki spoke up again.

"You just don't understand a girl's heart."

The bronzed teen came to a halt in mid-turn. His steel blue eyes were glancing over his broad shoulder to the club manager who had now crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"...what do ya mean?"

Satsuki's bright gaze rose to his, glinting in a determination which was too silly in his opinion. But the tune in her voice had been so knowing, so confident. It was hard to shrug it off, because even if it was his sometimes annoying childhood friend. It was still the clever girl he had known all these years. If it wouldn't be for her notes he would never pass the exams either.

"Dates are important. They ensure you that your partner likes you. Every girl wants to be asked out on a date by their boyfriend! If he won't show interest like that... how does she know that he likes her?"

That sounded pretty far-fetched, the blue haired teenager thought as he opened his mouth to retort.

Satsuki, however, was faster than him by miles.

"Did you tell Mi-chan you like her the past few weeks?"

"Hah? What does it matter- that ain't even your busine-"

"And going home alone together?"

"Who care- and even if, you are alwa-"

"What about Christmas! You two didn't even go onto a romantic Christmas date!"

"She celebrates that with her family."

Aomine argued at last. He looked suddenly exhausted, breathing heavily. Satsuki was truly good at debating. He remembered very well why had loathed it to get into fights with her like this. If it was about any specific topic, the bubbly girl was always able to argue. Dodging his every poor attempt easily, while spewing off more and more of her wisdom which left him defeated. Who was dating Mia anyway? It suddenly felt like he wasn't the only one anymore.

"With her family?" Satsuki repeated puzzled, but the tall teen nodded depleted.

"Yeah, some tradition thing, I dunno. It's a family holiday, she said."

Furrowing her brow, the club manager tapped her chin in thought. It was a surprise to see that some things existed she didn't know. The pink haired girl always seemed to know everything, at least in moments like these. Or maybe Aomine just hated to argue with her because she always seemed to know more than him. Yeah. That sounded about right.

"Oh...that's why."

"Yeah." Aomine grumbled, rubbing the back of his head. "There was a match I wanted to watch anyway. From overseas, it was streamed over Christmas-"

"-so all you did was watch basketball!?"

"Of course."

Satsuki groaned dramatically, lifting both of her hands to bury her face in them.

"Dai-chan if that continues we'll lose Mi-chan..."

Aomine's gaze grew darker. "Oi, what do you mean we?"

"You will ask her out on a date!"

The girl replied instead, pointing at the basketball player determined. A scowl was present in the blue haired teen's face, annoyed by her antics and her meddling. But his gaze followed her forefinger from side to side she waved around a bit to make her point clear, slowly travelling towards her round face and serious stare.

"Ya serious?"

"Of course!" Satsuki encountered loudly. "Remember, Dai-chan! Dates are important!"

Yeah, she had made that point clear. She couldn't make it any clearer to be honest. But Aomine couldn't imagine that Mia could bother something like that. It hadn't bothered him either. They had watched a movie before. And they had been playing basketball in the park from time to time before it had started snowing and became too cold. Although those probably didn't count according to his childhood friend...he knew what she imagined under a date. He had followed her and Kuroko on one with Kise before.

Though he still wasn't certain if the blue haired boy really understood that it had been one...or if he even cared...

"Alright guys, wrap it up!"

Wakamatsu's loud voice suddenly filled the gym, followed by a chorus of others who thanked the club for their hard work. Satsuki and Aomine glanced to the others, watching the first years hurrying to pick up the balls and clean up the floor as they were expected to. The blue haired basketball player was certain his friend had even more to complain about, but her duty as the manager finally caught up. All he received was another determined finger pointed at his face, accompanied by a childish glare.

"Don't forget it, Dai-chan! Date. Date!"

Aomine glared right back, pulling his lips back into a just as immature scowl.

Satsuki, however, already turned her back on him. Jogging back to the other club member to hand them a drink and towels, today was washing day as well. At least she was busy, the tall teenager thought as he watched her leave. She couldn't annoy him any further for now. But no matter how much he wanted to just shove everything she had said away, a part of him couldn't ignore it.

He knew he wasn't perfect, he was far from that.

...but he didn't want to screw this up either.

"Damn you, Satsuki..." Aomine growled as he moved towards the locker room.

Now there was actually a fiber of his body starting to ponder.

"So don't forget the syntax of this sentence here." The teacher explained, pointing the blackboard. "It differs a lot from the Japanese...for example..."

The older woman grew quiet as she started to write a long sentence upon the board. Translating the English phrase into their language to make her point clear. Many students already copied her notes, their heads looming over their notebooks while Aomine only stared at the letters absent-minded.

Were dates really that important?

It was stupid that he was still thinking about it. But if Satsuki was so persistent, it was hard not to at least keep it in the back of his mind. He had gone with Mia on a date already, they had watched a movie. Ate at a diner. That was back in summer. His childhood friend had already made it clear that playing basketball together didn't count though...but how had he asked the orange-head out on a date back then anyway?

Aomine suddenly frowned at nothing in particular.

Why would he care? It were nothing but Satsuki's silly ideas anyway.

Everything was fine.

To ensure his conclusion, the tall teenager gazed at his classmate out of the corner of his eyes. Mia was obviously, unlike him, paying attention to what the teacher was saying. Scribbling down the sentences into her notebook with her usual neat handwriting, he could nearly make out every word from his seat even if he wasn't leaning towards her. The orange-head had never said that she thought those dates were important. And she didn't seem to be upset in any way either. Aomine felt immensely satisfied, Satsuki had been overreacting after all.

...but what if Mia was upset?

The blue haired teen deadpanned, annoyed by the way his mind rounded back to the topic he thought he had dismissed.

Since it had become so cold they never went out to play a bit basketball in the park. And because of practice here and other nothings there, they hadn't considered doing something after school together. Aomine was lazy, he didn't mind it. And he had thought that the orange haired girl wouldn't either.

What if she did though?

Damn Satsuki, his inner voice growled. She was really able to worm her way into his head, telling him of problems he thought he never had. It was all too troublesome. Really. He should ignore it.

He really should.

"Nah, Mia..."

Aomine grumbled quietly after his mind couldn't find any peace. He leaned a bit further into his seat, still unable to get rid of the frown on his face as the teacher still recited her explanations and examples in front of the class. Mia glanced towards him a bit surprised, ceasing her writing immediately. But as his blue eyes flickered back to her, locking their gazes, she was smiling.


Maybe a date wasn't such a bad idea after all, his inner voice mumbled. He was ready to just ask her out, opening his mouth to voice his idea-

"Nidori-san, could you please answer the question on the board?"

The two teenagers quickly looked forward again; one more or less surprised if you could call it that while the other already turned a dark shade of red out of embarrassment. Mia quickly stood up, her hands playing with another to hide her obvious discomfiture at being caught. But her panicked gaze calmed slowly down as she read the question upon the blackboard.

"Uh, 'H-He's been gone for two weeks because of work.'..."

Aomine observed her profile from his seat; barely understand the English words she had spoken. He had never been good at it to begin with. The older woman in the front though seemed to be satisfied with her answer, nodding her head in acknowledgement before she turned towards another classmate of them. The poor soul who was chosen to answer the next question of hers against their will...

Mia fell back into her seat with a heavy sigh, leaning onto her table for support. Her ears were still burning, her blush stubborn. It was hard to keep his laughter down; he was just too amused by her awkwardness in such moments. The orange-head was so easily affected by all those things, it was too endearing.

Even more when she turned towards him with a scowl, glaring at him in that half-hearted way since she could never be really angry with him for real - or at least she had never been up until now.

"Don't laugh, it's your fault." She whispered sulkily.

"It ain't." Aomine murmured back, his lips melting smoothly into a lopsided grin. "And ya know it."

Mia definitely wanted to retort, point out that it was, indeed, his fault. But she lacked any proof and both of them knew it the second she considered it. The girl groaned quietly, lifting both of her hands to hide her warm cheeks. She was nearly pouting now, still frowning at the blue haired teen beside her before she stubbornly turned away. Keen on ignoring him since in her opinion it had been his fault after all.

Aomine relaxed in his seat, still grinning to himself.

However, it didn't take long until it dawned upon him that he had completely forgotten to ask what he wanted. And his table-neighbor would certainly ignore him for the rest of the lesson, not daring to get caught once again because he was talking to her.

His grin shrunk slowly but surely, leaving nothing but an expressionless face behind.

Damn it.

Alright, maybe he had underestimated it?

Aomine had finally reached that point, where he had been driven to admit it somewhere deep, deep inside of his mind that maybe it wasn't as easy after all. When lunch break finally came around, the time where he had come to get used to eating Sakurai's prepared bento for him and when he was forced to listen to Satsuki's, Nanami's and Mia's conversations - the pink haired girl was always chattering the most - the blue haired teen had been certain he would have enough time to ask the orange-head.

It couldn't be hard, he had thought.

They were just going to hang out like always.

But right when Sakurai had already stood up to shift his table around, joining them in the back, Mia had to be called out by their class rep. Leaving the basketball player behind who had barely uttered the girl's name to catch her attention.

In the blink of an eye and a tiny apology she was gone, leaving him behind with the shy brown haired boy and his lively childhood friend who shortly afterwards appeared. At least Nanami seemed to be as euphoric as he was as Satsuki started to tell about what had happened in her class this morning. Frowning here and there when she picked at her food, reminding the club manager from time to time that she preferred 'Nanami' and not 'Na-chan'.

It was merely the problem that Satsuki loved to overhear such things. Too happy to finally have found a few friends who weren't only talking about boys or questioned her passion for the basketball sport.

Aomine lay in his chair, chewing on an eggroll. His forehead was set into wrinkles, his gaze glaring at nothing in particular. He was annoyed. It couldn't be that hard to ask her out on a date. They were going out. There was no doubt or uncertainty anymore. But his pride had received a little blow somewhere as it hadn't worked out right away like he had imagined.

He hadn't even wanted to go out on a date.

It had been all Satsuki's idea.

Slowly reaching for another eggroll, the tall teenager scrutinized it with a lazy scowl on his face.

He was so totally getting this god damn date...

"You're going to practice, right?"

She had been gone for the entire lunch break, he couldn't believe it. The class rep wanted to ask her about her homework, she had collected all the notebooks of their class but Mia's had been missing. Which in the end it hadn't, it had just been lost in between the others as the brown haired girl had counted them. And right when Mia had been about to go back, the girls had been caught by a teacher. Ordered to carry a few things to the teacher's office for them...

...and in the lessons? She had been actually refusing to look at him, since their mathematics teacher was truly a strict one. But still. All he could do was frown, playing with his pencil since the wintery scenery outside was anything but entertaining.

Right now, however, the orange-head was finally glancing at him. Her smile underlined by doubt.

He had merely tried to ditch practice five times these past few weeks. And to his defense mostly on days when Wakamatsu decided to only train their stamina; Aomine didn't like to do nothing but jogging and exercises. He was in the basketball club to play basketball obviously.

"Yeah, yeah."

The tall teen shouldered his bag, grumbling to himself. Shouldn't girls be more needy though? Satsuki was always complaining, nagging at him without a pause. He had been pretty content up until that Mia wasn't like that...but now he wouldn't mind it to be honest. Just a little bit, of course.

"I will call you to make sure. I heard the train in the background last time."

Aomine actually snorted at that, grinning lightly into her direction as they excited their classroom.

Yeah, he remembered that.

"Wanna go on a date with me instead then?"

Mia blinked at him dumbfounded, not expecting him to voice that possibility. But these words had actually come out of him without hesitation. It was the usual way of their banter, ending with him teasing her about something. But this time his little frustration from before had gnawed at him, that damn word circling around head over and over and over again.

All it took was to see the certain girl suddenly blush for him to realize how stupid he felt in the end for asking her like that.


"What I said, damn it. Don't make me repeat it." Aomine immediately countered with a frown, turning away from her.

Great, now he really felt stupid.

And as they reached the staircase he was ready to just go down and move towards the gym, he had now enough frustration in his bones to run it off just like his annoying blond haired captain always wanted him to do. Until two hands suddenly darted out and grabbed his cardigan by its shoulders. The force was definitely not enough to make him stop, but the tall teenager showed mercy as he came to a halt on the third step.


Aomine threw a glance over his shoulder, and even though now they were on same level concerning height, all he saw was her orange colored hair because she bowed her head forward to escape his view.

"...yeah, I want to go on a date."

His skin already started buzzing, sending a shiver up his spine. He didn't know how she did, but she always seemed to find a way to make him embarrassed, too. Not much, really, but there was this little skip his heart did. Sending the blood on a rollercoaster inside of his veins...

Damn her, he thought as he pursed his lips.


"Yes, seriously." Mia mumbled, lifting her gaze a bit to look at him.

And with her burning ears and terrible flushed face, he could actually feel at ease. He didn't need all those mushy soap opera moments where they all whined about how much their loved the other person. Because all he needed was to see her like this, a little embarrassed and scattered because he pulled her out of her comfort zone without a warning.

But she never denied him in the end, following his lead instead without questioning him.

Aomine couldn't keep his lips from growing into a grin.

"So..." He drawled slowly. "...we're going right now?"

"You're not skipping practice!"

Well, he could live with that.