Title :Two-Lives

Characters: A Percy/Oliver Romance

Rated: PG to R (in later chapters maybe NC-17)

Disclaimer: All Harry Potter Characters, places and concepts belong to the genius J.K. Rowling, and I make no money off this, so please don't sue.

Notes: This story deals with m/m situations in later chapters, so if this sort of thing squicks you out, you may want to find another story.

Summary: The story is set 7 years after Percy and Oliver have graduated Hogwarts. Voldemort and the Deatheaters have been defeated. Percy is the Head of the International Magical Co-Operation Department at the Ministry of Magic. Oliver is the Keeper and Captain for the Chudley Cannons Quidditch team, on which Harry Potter is the Seeker. After a chance encounter a few days before Christmas, Percy and Oliver begin a friendship that slowly blossoms into more.

Chapter One:

Percy Weasley entered his small, spotless apartment slowly. He placed his bulging briefcase neatly next to the kitchen table and headed for his bedroom. Sighing heavily, Percy walked into the tiny bathroom and systematically began removing his clothes. First, the plain black robe, still immaculately pressed even after thirteen hours of sitting behind a desk. He folded the robe and placed it on the bottom of the hamper. Next came the Muggle suit jacket, also perfectly pressed and unsoiled. This too was neatly folded and followed the robe into the hamper. This continued until Percy was down to his white cotton boxers, starched so they too wouldn't wrinkle.

Staring at his reflection in his mirror, he sighed softly in discontentment. He would never win any beauty contests, he thought. Pale skin, stretched almost too thinly over sharp ribs, large blue eyes lost behind wire-rimmed glasses and dark shadows beneath them. When he went home to the Burrow, his mother always complained he was skin and bones. That's why he hardly went home anymore. He couldn't face his mother's expression of worry, nor his brothers' teasing.

Turning away from the mirror, he pulled his boxers off, folded them and added them to the pile of folded clothes in the hamper. Percy turned to the shower and adjusted it to the perfect temperature, not too hot, and not too cold. He cleaned the day's sweat from his body with a manner born from living 18 years with brothers who hogged the bathroom.

He stepped from the shower and dried himself with business like efficiency, then proceeded to wipe down the tub, and make sure no water was left on the floor. He wrapped the spotless white towel around his thin waist, and proceeded into his bedroom, where he pulled a fresh pair of white cotton boxers, and a white nightshirt. He pulled them on and began to towel dry his dark auburn hair. Returning to the bathroom, he folded the towel and added it to the hamper, and then quickly brushed his teeth. Turning his attention back to his hair, he brushed it until the soft waves lay perfectly against his head, with no stray curls daring to make their presence known.

As he made his way to his neatly made bed, sheets tucked ruthlessly under the mattress, and the bedspread smooth over the sheets, his stomach growled lightly, but he dismissed it. He was too tired to make dinner, and he had to get up in a few hours anyway, so would eat then. Percy turned back the covers, slid between the sheets, and lay still with his eyes closed as he willed sleep to come quickly tonight. He pushed back the feeling of loneliness that swept over him briefly, and if his eyes burned slightly, it was from exhausted, not any messy emotions. As Morpheus claimed him, his last thought was, I am so alone.


Several miles away, at the Leaky Cauldron, Quidditch Captain and Keeper Oliver Wood laughed loudly at a joke told by his best mate, and fellow Chudley Cannon teammate, Harry Potter. Oliver slapped Harry on the back and took a long swig of the mulled wine in front of him. Oliver, Harry and the other members of the Cannons were celebrating their new title of League Champions. It was the first time in over 100 years that the Cannons had had won such a title. "Good one, Harry. Anyone up for another round?"

"Not for me, I'm afraid. I'm for home." Harry said, a gleam of anticipation in his eyes.

"Ah, the little wifey expecting you, is she Harry?" Jack Greenly, one of the team's Chasers, teased. Harry blushed a shocking shade of red and glared at the rest of the team. "Just because I am deeply in love, doesn't mean you all have to tease me every time I mention 'home'. You all should think of settling down."

Groans and good-natured insults followed Harry as he said goodnight and headed home, where his lovely wife Ginny was waiting, probably with a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. With a noticeable increase of pace, Harry rushed out the door to the Apparition point.

Oliver laughed with the rest of the team, but part of it was forced. He saw how contented Harry was, with Ginny to come home to after a long day of Quidditch training. Part of him, admittedly a small, mostly ignored part, wanted what Harry and Ginny had. But, he knew it wouldn't be happening in the foreseeable future. He had little time to date, let alone form a serious relationship with anyone with his rigorous Quidditch schedule.

"Another round, Tom, if you please." Caitlin Ambrose, another Chaser, called out. "This one's on me, fellows." Cait was the only woman on the team, and one of the best Chasers Oliver had ever had the pleasure of working with. It didn't hurt that she was incredibly nice to look at either. But, she was out of his league. Not to mention, if he ever made a move on her, he would find himself in the critical ward of St. Mungo's with two broken legs, as her fiancé, and Cannon Beater, Eric Harris would beat him to a pulp.

"Thanks Cait, but I think I am going to call it a night. I have a couple of things to do tomorrow I can properly enjoy our time off for Christmas, so I am for bed. Have a good night fellas - and lady." Oliver said as he stood to leave. Cries of good-bye followed him to the door, and he waved cheerily to his team then Apparated to his large, comfortable apartment. He stripped off his clothes on his way to the bathroom, leaving a trail of rumpled clothes on the way. He hurried through nighttime rituals and flung himself, naked, onto his unmade bed. He was soon snoring softly, the silver moonlight streaming in through the window and splaying over the hard muscles on his broad back.


Percy opened his eyes at precisely 5:45am. He sat up and reached for his glasses on the bedside table before getting out of bed. A quick Charm and his bed was made as perfectly as it had been the night before and Percy headed for the bathroom. A repeat of last night's rituals took exactly one half hour. Ten minutes later, Percy was dressed in an exact replica of yesterday's outfit and helping himself to one half of a bran muffin, a half-cup of orange juice, and several multi-vitamins. Some Muggle items were perfectly suited to his life-style, he decided, as he spread some papers from his briefcase in front of him. As the head of the International Magical Co-operation Department at the Ministry of Magic, his work was never done.

At exactly 6:50am, Percy neatly placed the papers back in the briefcase and left the apartment, carefully checking to make sure the Locking Charm was in place. At precisely 7:00am, Percy was sitting behind his desk, reading reports on the Standardization of Cauldron Bottoms.

Two hours later, when the rest of the office appeared, they were not surprised to see their boss pouring over numerous, long, reports and looking as if he had just arrived. They all wondered how he did it. Most of them were only in this department because there were no other openings. But Mr. Weasley genuinely seemed to enjoy his work. It baffled the rest of the Department to no end.

At 12:30pm, Percy looked up as his assistant, Pansy Parkinson (a schoolmate of his youngest brother Ron, if he remembered correctly) entered his office, her face set in her usual expression of distaste, and said "Sir, the Minister of Magic here to see you."

Percy looked startled for a moment, before schooling his expression into one of serenity, and told Miss Parkinson to let his father in. "Father, hello. What can I do for you?" Percy asked.

Arthur Weasley looked at his 3rd child and sighed at the dark circles under his eyes, the strain of his mouth, and overall pallor of his face, and sighed quietly. His wife had been correct. Something was wrong with Percy. "I stopped by to see if you wanted to have lunch with me. You haven't been by the Burrow lately, and your mother and I are worried about you."

Percy glanced away from his father's concerned expression and replied, "I thank you for the invitation Father, but I have a lot of work to do. And I've eaten already." Percy said. The last wasn't exactly a lie. He had eaten today.

"Oh, ok, Percy. Will you come for supper tonight, then?" Arthur asked.

"I am not sure I will be able to make it, Father. I do have a lot of work to do. But give mother my love, and I will perhaps see you this weekend." Percy said, wishing his father would just leave him in peace. That's all he wanted: to be left in peace for once in his life.

Arthur sighed and shook his son's hand (his hand for crying out loud, Arthur thought), and made to leave.

"Father, thanks for the offer." Percy said softly, just as the door closed behind Arthur.

At 5:00pm the rest of the staff left, leaving Percy still brooding over his reports and memos.

Chapter Two

Oliver stretched slowly, savoring the feeling of not being quite awake, and yet not asleep either. He opened his eyes to peer at his clock, and laughed slightly when he read where the hands were "Why are you up you stupid git? You're on holiday!" He rolled over and thought about going back to sleep, but decided to get up and start on his Christmas shopping. After all, there were only 6 shopping days before Christmas Eve, and he had a lot to get done. He was into his 3rd day of vacation from Quidditch and taking time to truly savor the feeling of being able to stay out late, get up late and lounge around his apartment all day, before going out with friends. But, he realized, it was time to get down to the serious business of shopping.

Springing out of bed with sudden excitement, Oliver ran for the bathroom and indulged in a long, hot, steamy shower. A half hour later, he was shaking his sandy blonde hair dry, and putting on an old, faded pair of jeans, and a bright blue turtleneck sweater. Over his Muggle clothes, he slipped on a warm blue robe and the dragonhide boots Harry had given him for his last birthday.

"Hmm…now what for breakfast?" he asked himself a few minutes later in the kitchen. He finally settled on a heaping bowl of Chudley Charms, laughing when he saw the miniature marshmallow replica of himself and the rest of the team, and a large glass of chocolate milk. A perfectly balanced breakfast, thank you very much. He was still a little hungry after the cereal, so he conjured up some fluffy pancakes and another glass of chocolate milk (with much more chocolate this time).

"Ok, off to Diagon Alley!" he announced.

He first went to Quality Quidditch Supplies and picked up new shin guards for the team, and a new broom polishing kit for Harry. He knew Harry's old kit was getting a little shabby, and figured it was a good present to give to his best friend.

He thought back to his Hogwarts days, and the first time he had met the small, scared boy. Harry had certainly changed in the years since then, and although he was a war hero, the savior of the wizarding world, and the best goddamn seeker England had seen in centuries, he was very down to earth and the best mate a bloke could ask for.

Next on his list was Flourish and Blotts, where he searched for the perfect book for Ginny. He finally settled on a copy of Charms for the New Ages - seeing as how Ginny was the new Charms teacher at Hogwarts, it was very appropriate. He also picked up the newest version of Chess and You: Impossibly Difficult Advanced Strategies for Advanced Players for Ron Weasley, and a copy of Archaic Potions and Brews for Ron's wife, Hermione, the potions professor at Hogwarts. For Fred and George Weasley, his close friends and owners of Weasley Wizard's Wheezes (only the BEST joke shop in all of the Wizarding World), he settled on Practical Jokes for the Practical Joker.

Satisfied with having his friend's presents out of the way, he turned his attention to his family. Heading into Madame Malkin's Robes for All Occasions, and picked out a beautiful new shimmering pink dress robe for his little sister, who was in her 6th year at Hogwarts. He looked around the shop and found his eyes drawn to a silken dressing gown reminiscent of a native Japanese kimono, the reds and oranges blending perfectly together. "That's perfect! Madame, do you have that in a size 7? My mother would love it!"

Madame Malkin smiled and carefully wrapped the two gowns up and handed the parcels to Oliver. "That will be 250 Galleons, Mr. Wood." With a good-natured Groan, Oliver fished out his Wizard's Express Card and handed it to Madame Malkin.

"Now, all I have to go is get Dad a present." Oliver knew this was going to be the hardest present of all to find. He and his father had had a very strained relationship ever since the summer after his 7th year at Hogwarts, when Oliver had announced that he wouldn't be attending Auror college, as his father and grandfather had, but instead would be joining a professional Quidditch team. He still remembered the fiery row his father and he had had one evening.

"Why can't you do something meaningful with your life, instead of wasting it away on a stupid sport?" his father had yelled.

"Quidditch is not stupid! And it's my life! I will do whatever the Hell I want with it!" Oliver had screamed back.

In the seven years since Oliver had been playing Quidditch, his father had mellowed a bit, but had not forgiven Oliver for forsaking the legacy of Woods that had been established 100 years before Oliver's birth.

Shaking his head to remove the unpleasant memories, Oliver didn't see the slight figure before him on the sidewalk before knocking it over.


"Only six days before Christmas, Perce. Done all your shopping yet?" George asked his older brother.

Percy glared at Fred and George, who had stopped by just to annoy him and said, "Of course George. I finished it all months ago."

Fred smirked and said, in a perfect imitation of Percy, "Of course, brother dear. You don't think old Percy would leave such a thing as Christmas presents to chance, do you?"

"Was there anything you need, because if not, I have a meeting to get to sometime soon." Percy said.

Fred and George exchanged looks, and decided to come right out with it. "Mum and Dad are worried about you Percy. You work too much, and have been isolating yourself from your family." George said.

Percy sighed and stood up. His brothers were shocked to realize that, even through his robes, he was thinner than he had been just six months before at Ron and Hermione's wedding. "I appreciate your concern, but I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. Now, if you don't mind, I have work to do, and a meeting at the Leaky Cauldron to get to."

Fred and George knew they'd been dismissed, and left, casting one last worried glance at their brother. True, they teased him a lot, but they loved Percy, and didn't want to see him hurting. Which he clearly was. "Percy, if you need anything, you know where to find us."

Percy swallowed over the sudden lump in his throat and went back to the notes he had made on the upcoming meeting with Jacques Ferland, the head of the International Magical Co-operation in Paris. They were meeting today to discuss the possibility of starting an exchange internship program between the two ministries. Percy would meet with Jacques first, and if things went accordingly, his father and the French Minister of Magic would meet after the New Year to cement the deal. Percy had a few doubts about meeting at a tavern, but had let Jacques set the time and place of the meeting.

Percy looked at his watch and saw that he had fifteen minutes before the meeting, and packed up his notes, and minutes later was Apparating to Diagon Alley. With a quick purposeful stride and his head down, he didn't see a man step out in front of him, until he was sprawled on the ground, looking up into the face that had haunted his dreams for seven years. "Oliver!"

Chapter Three:

Percy looked up at the handsome Quidditch player in shock. He was the last person Percy had expected to see in Diagon Alley. Percy's eyes quickly took in all of Oliver, and a faint blush spread over his features when he realized that Oliver was even more attractive at 24 than he had been at 17. Stop thinking that Percy. It's wrong and disgusting, a little voice said in his head, sounding remarkably like his ex-girlfriend Penelope Clearwater.

Oliver's ruggedly handsome features broke out in a warm smile as he recognized his old dorm mate from Hogwarts. "Percy Weasley! How are you old chap?" Oliver asked, smiling down at the figure on the ground. Then he gasped and asked, "Are you all right, Percy? You're not hurt are you? Here, let me help you up."

Oliver reached down and pulled Percy to his feet. Percy stumbled and suddenly felt the pain in his lower back. "I think I will be all right Oliver. Thank you."

"You sure you're all right? You hit the ground rather harshly." Oliver asked, still concerned.

Percy smiled slightly, not a little bit pleased that Oliver was concerned about him, Oh, come off it, Nancy Boy. He's not concerned about you, he just doesn't want a lawsuit on his hands, Penny's voice said again. Percy forced the voice away and said, "I am sure I will be fine, Oliver. A little sore, but nothing worse than that."

"Good, I wouldn't want you to sue me or anything!" Oliver laughed.

Percy's mood fell suddenly as he realized his voice was right, Oliver didn't care about him. Affecting a cooler tone and a neutral expression, Percy said, "I am sorry to have to rush off so quickly, but I have a meeting in ten minutes."

"Oh, that's too bad! I was looking forward to catching up." Oliver paused and then continued, "Say, would you like to have dinner with me tonight? I have something I need some help with, and well, I think you would be the best person to ask."

Percy stared at Oliver in shock, wondering what Oliver would need him for. No one needed him for anything. Blushing slightly, Percy simply nodded his head in affirmation.

"Great, so, I will meet you at the Leaky Cauldron, at say, 4:30? Will that be long enough for your meeting?"

"Yes, that will be fine, Oliver. I will see you then."

Oliver ginned in delight and waved as he and Percy parted ways. "See you then, Perce!"

"Yeah, see you then Oliver." Percy said. He stared after Oliver's retreating back, and thought, Even after all these years, I am still in love with him.


Three hours later, and Percy couldn't even recall the meeting he had just attended. The French representative had been loud and abrasive, but Percy hadn't noticed. He had kept recalling Oliver's warm brown eyes and charming smile in his mind. Luckily, he had a quill that was charmed to take notes without Percy's direction.

He'll be here in just a few minutes. What am I going to say? What does he want? Percy's thoughts were jumbled and he didn't notice Oliver sit down at the table until the man spoke.

"Sorry I'm late, Perce. I was caught up in the rush hour foot traffic."

"Oh, it's all right, Oliver. My meeting just finished. I didn't even realize it was 4:30." Liar. You've been counting the minutes since you left him this afternoon.

"Good. Now, let's eat. I'm starving!" As evidence to his claim, Oliver's stomach rumbled loudly. Oliver laughed and said, "See, even my body is put out with me for not feeding it in the last hour!"

Percy laughed a little and motioned for Tom to come over. "Ready to order, fellas?" Tom, the proprietor of The Leaky Cauldron asked.

"Yeah, I'll have a double order of fish and chips, a Butterbeer and a bowl of your Soup of The Day. What will you have Percy?"

"What is your soup of the day, Tom?" Percy asked. He didn't normally eat out, the foods had too many preservatives and fatty acids in them, but this was Oliver, Percy would endure almost anything for him.

"Potato and leek." Tom replied.

"I'll have a cup of that please. And a glass of water." Percy said, ignoring Oliver's curious look.

"Wonderful! I will have the beverages out in just a moment." Tom said, and headed for the establishment's kitchen.

"That's all you want, Percy?" Oliver asked

"Oh, well, I'm not very hungry. I had a rather big lunch." Percy said, which was true for him. He'd eaten a whole bran muffin and a glass of orange juice at the office, before Fred and George stopped by.

"Ok, if you're sure. That's what I consider a light snack." Oliver smiled again. If he keeps doing that, I am going to melt into a puddle at his feet. He's got just the most wonderful smile.

Faggot. He doesn't like you like that. No one would. I mean look at you; you're a tall, skinny, freckled, pathetic freak. Who could ever like you?

Shut up. Percy once again pushed Penelope's voice to the back of his mind, and concentrated on Oliver. Which isn't that much of a hardship. "So, Oliver, what did you want to talk to me about?"

"Oh, right! Well, I don't know if you know, but your brothers and parents have invited my family and I to spend Christmas at the Burrow, and I was wondering what to get them for a present."

"Why not ask Fred and George? Or Harry? He's on your Quidditch team, is he not?" Percy asked, shocked that Oliver would think that he was the best choice for gift ideas.

Oliver snorted and said, "You honestly think I would take Gred and Forge's advice? They would tell me to get your mother something like an apron, or a cookbook. And Harry? As much as I love the fella, he's kinda clueless when it comes to gift giving. DO you know what he gave Ginny for her birthday last month?"

Percy had to admit that he did not. He'd sent Ginny's present (a sheet of piano music he'd written himself) by owl, as he'd had to work on the day of her party. "What did he give her?"

"A freakin' frying pan! It took him hours of standing outside the bedroom to explain that, no he did not think she belong in the kitchen, he just wanted to get her something for their new house. So, he is not the best bet to ask advice."

"But why me? You hardly know me." Percy said.

"Percy, we spent seven years rooming together. I don't think that qualifies me as 'hardly knowing you'. And besides, everyone is always raving about the gifts you give."

"They do?" Percy asked, incredulously.

Just then, Tom interrupted and set their dinners down in front of them. "Enjoy gentlemen." Tom winked as he walked back toward the bar.

For the next several minutes, Oliver wolfed down his food, and Percy watched, taking small, measured bites of the soup. He allowed himself a moment to savor the taste of the potato and leek soup, before schooling himself to eat slowly, and take sips of water between each bite.

"Well, then, what do you say, will you help me?" Oliver asked.

Percy sighed and nodded his head. Anything to spend more time with Oliver.

"So, how about tomorrow? Can you get a couple hours off at lunch and we can go then?" he asked.

Percy thought a moment. He'd never before taken a lunch hour, and certainly never a two-hour lunch break. But it's Oliver…you know…the man you love? The man you've dreamt about sleeping next to you in your bed…naked and covered in chocolate. "Sure. You want to meet me at the Ministry?" If he sounded a little breathless, well, it was surely unnoticeable.

"It's a date!" Oliver glanced at his watch and suddenly jumped up, "I didn't realize what time it was. My mum is expecting me for dinner at 7. I'd better go." Oliver pulled out his money purse and threw a couple of Galleons on the table. Percy was about to protest but Oliver cut him off, "No, I asked you. It's my treat. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah, tomorrow." Percy said, as Oliver rushed out the door. "Tomorrow." He whispered to himself.

Chapter Four:

Percy woke up the next morning with unusual cheer. Today was the day he would see Oliver again. He drifted through his morning routine, thinking about his encounter yesterday with the Quidditch star. As he was sipping his orange juice and munching on his bran muffin, Percy pondered the question of the perfect gift for his parents from a friend of their son's.

Your father always appreciates a good Muggle appliance, and your mum could do with something frivolous that she hasn't made or bought for herself, Percy's nice voice said.

"That it is then. A new Muggle item for Dad, and a bottle of perfume for Mum." He said out loud as he quickly washed his breakfast dishes. He grabbed his briefcase on the way out the door, and was soon ensconced in the multitude of reports on Cauldron Bottom Standardization piled on his desk.

Every half hour, Percy checked his watch, wanting to make sure that time was actually moving. He tended to lose a part of himself when he was working, and he didn't want that to happen on today of all days. At 12pm, Percy looked up as Oliver strode through the door.

"I was going to wait for your assistant to announce, me, but she was too busy filing her nails to be bothered. I hope you don't mind me just barging in like this." Oliver said, flopping down in the chair opposite Percy's desk.

Percy floundered for a moment, not knowing how to respond, and then said, "It's not a problem."

"So, you ready for our shopping date?" Oliver asked, smiling sunnily.

Lost in Oliver's smile, Percy nodded and shoved the report he was reading to the side. "Just let me get my coat and we can leave."

"Have you any suggestions on what I can get your parents?" Oliver asked as Percy cast the locking charm on his door.

"Yes, actually. Have you got Muggle clothes on under your robes?" Percy asked.

Oliver looked a bit confused but shook his head no. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, you must know that my father is fascinated by Muggles. I had thought we would spend some time in Muggle London shopping for a new gadget he can amuse himself with. And for my mum, she has this favorite scent called Elegance found only in this one shop in London. It's not very expensive, but she loves it. I was going to pick some up for her as an extra present, but if you wanted, you could give it to her."

"It sounds perfect! Let's pop over to my apartment so I can change into something suitable, and then we can be off."

Percy followed Oliver a few streets over from the Ministry and up to his apartment. "Make yourself at home. I won't be a moment!" Oliver called over his shoulder as he made his way to his bedroom at the back of the apartment.

Percy looked around Oliver's flat with interest. It was messy, unorganized and a perfect reflection of the man who inhabited it. Percy's nose wrinkled slightly as he caught sight of several unwashed dishes on the coffee table in the living room. Clothes were strewn everywhere, and Quidditch paraphernalia littered every available surface. Percy laughed a bit at a picture on the wall of Oliver, Fred, George and the rest of the Hogwarts Quidditch team in Oliver's 6th year. Fred and George were giving Harry a noogie, Angelina, Alicia and Katie were staring starry eyed at Oliver, and Oliver was holding the Quidditch Cup in his hands, tears streaming down his face.

"Yeah, that's a great picture isn't it? Oh, to be so young again!" Oliver said, coming behind Percy and looking with tenderness at the photo. "Who would have thought then that Fred would marry Alicia, and George Angelina, and Katie Lee Jordan? It's funny how everyone younger than me in that team has found a life mate, and I haven't."

Percy stared at Oliver for a moment. "Are you looking for love then?" he asked, trying to keep the hopeful sound from his voice.

"I'm not sure I know what love is. I've been thinking about it a lot lately, and have realized that I have never been In Love before. I've loved, and lusted, but I have never fallen in love." Oliver looked sad, and turned to Percy. "How about you? What happened to you and Penny?"

Percy looked away and replied, "We broke it off a year out of Hogwarts. Penny went on to become a MediWitch, and eventually ended up in Romania, where she met Charlie. They're married now. Didn't Fred and George, or even Harry mention it?" Percy asked, successfully keeping the slight feeling of bitterness from his voice.

"Well, they did mention that Charlie was married, but her name never came up. Was that hard for you?" Oliver asked. "It think it would be very strange for an ex of mine to marry my brother."

"No, it was fine. They really love each other, and while I really enjoyed Penny's company, we were never really right for each other. She and Charlie are very happy, and expecting their first child next spring." Percy turned back to Oliver. "Now, enough maudlin talk. Let's go shopping."


Once in the Muggle world, Percy led Oliver directly to Jazmine's Scents for the Everyday Woman, where they quickly picked up a bottle of Elegance for Molly.

After they left the store, Oliver turned to Percy to ask a question, and was struck with the thought that Percy looked especially frail in his Muggle slacks and sweater, both in a stark gray color. "Percy, have you eaten lunch?" Oliver asked.

"Well, actually, I haven't. But, I am fine." Percy replied, heading for the next store.

Oliver considered Percy for a moment. Doesn't look like he eats much. And remember how he barely ate the soup yesterday? "Well, I for one am starving. How about we take a break and head for the nearest Bugger Prince. Harry's told me all about them."

Percy laughed a bit and said, "I think you mean Burger King, not Bugger Prince. And if you're hungry, let's eat." Percy said.

It took only a few minutes to reach the nearest Burger King, they're on every corner, Oliver thought. Once inside, Oliver studied the menu and finally decided on a Double Whopper with Cheese, a large chocolate shake, a large order of French fries, and an apple pie. "What will you have Percy? It's on me."

Percy looked with quiet disgust at the rubbery looking food the patrons were eating. He was about to refuse when he saw Oliver looking quite fierce. He finally ordered a hamburger, a diet soda and a small order of fries. "Thanks Oliver." Percy said quietly.

Oliver paid for the food, and led Percy over to the nearest empty table. "Now, eat all of that. It doesn't look like there's much to you, and I don't want you fainting on me in the middle of Muggle London." Oliver said, half teasing, and half serious.

Percy looked at Oliver, who was quickly inhaling his food, and was so caught up in admiring the way Oliver's strong hands led the food to his mouth, that he didn't realize he'd eaten all of his burger and the majority of his fries until Oliver smiled and said, "See, that wasn't so hard, was it?"

Percy blushed and nodded his head in agreement. "So, shall we go?"

"Absolutely! Where to, my Muggle knowing friend?"

Percy laughed and led the way to the Electronics store he had noticed on the way to the Burger King. "Now, my father enjoys ANYTHING that needs batteries or has a plug. You could get him a toaster, and he'd be happy as a clam for weeks, even months."

Oliver perused the various items until something caught his eye. "What's this?" he asked, picking it up.

Percy looked at the item in Oliver's hands and laughed and said, "That is an electric car. My father will love it!"

"Wonderful! I knew this would be a success with you around Perce!" He threw his arms around Percy and gave him a quick, friendly hug.

Oliver went to pay, leaving Percy tingling all over.