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Return of a Titan: The Lone Outlaw

Chapter One: Dismissed

"You guys can't be serious!" Garfield Mark Logan aka Beast boy of the Teen Titans exclaimed in shock as he stared at his Leader with a look of horror on his face. Just A few days ago, the team known as the Teen Titans was in the middle of an intense battle Adonis in an abandoned warehouse.

The Titans didn't know why Adonis chose this place to steal from but that didn't matter to them. All that mattered was that Adonis was up to no good and it was up to them to stop him.

After a shout of "Titans, Go!" from their fearless leader Robin, The Titans jumped into action to stop the villain from whatever he was there to steal but after a while, it came down to Beast Boy and Adonis.

The battle was fierce as it was deadly and after some strange liquid poured on the two combatants; Beast Boy had suddenly become more aggressive and trashed the very weak teen in the robotic muscle suit until said suit was completely destroyed.

After that incident, Beast Boy had changed. He went from the easy going, funny jokester of the group to a more aggressive, rude and downright asshole version of himself, often lashing out at his team.

After a heated encounter with this side of the changeling, the dark member of the Teen Titans, Raven had been attacked and the attacker had her right between its teeth.

The battle/Chase that ensued after the titans saw this was one that went down in Jump City's history books. A lot of property was damaged during this chase and battle but at the end, the three members of the Titans had won. After managing to knock it out, the Beast then slowly changed to a form that the three Titans knew all too well.

Beast Boy

After binding the green Titan to a chair, Robin woke up the smaller teen and began questioning him about Raven's attack, Beast boy claimed he didn't have a clue what had happened to her and swore he didn't do whatever they thought he did but Robin didn't let up in his pursuit for the truth and after a few more seconds of this, Beast Boy began to change into the first part of his Codename.

A Beast.

The Beast had managed to escape capture once more but Robin and Cyborg were hot on its heels, using any force necessary to stop it from hurting anyone else but during this time, Raven had awoken to Starfire's worried face and after being told what had happened, Raven had told her that there had been a mistake. Beast boy wasn't the one that had attacked her; He was the one that saved her life from the real attacker.

After Cyborg and Robin had caught up to the Beast, another Beast appeared and tried to attack them but the Beast that the two Titans were so sure that had attacked their teammate defended them and defeated the second beast, which slowly changed back into the weak form of Adonis.

The victorious Beast roared as if it was asserting its dominance before its body changed back into the jokester teen they had accused of the heinous crime of attacking a fellow Titan and with a staggered step towards them, the drained Beast boy collapsed.

After Raven explained what had really happened between her and the two Beasts, Raven had joined the disheartened shape shifter on the rocks in front of the Tower and shared a heart-to-heart conversation with him before retiring to bed and after a few moments of going over what they had talked about, Beast Boy was asked to meet Robin alone in the living room.

He had thought that they were going to apologize for accusing him of hurting Raven but what he received instead was something he wasn't expecting. "Beast Boy, after the events of tonight, we all think that it would be better for you if you were to leave the Teen Titans, effective immediately."

At first, Beast Boy thought it was a joke. Some horrible, torturous joke but after looking around at Robin's "I'm talking to a criminal" Face that he and Cyborg had dubbed it one day, he knew it wasn't a joke.

"You can't be serious about this" Beast boy stated, unable to keep the panic and hurt from his voice as he tried to plea with his friend, his brother to reconsider but after a moment, Beast Boy asked "Why?"

As if he recited the answer a million times before, Robin stated "Because we feel that you are not in control of this Beast and despite Cyborg giving you the cure to get rid of it, we both know it's still there."

"But that isn't right! Neither Starfire nor Raven can control their powers fully and even Cy has problems with his weapons from time to time and yet when I have the same problem as them, you kick me out the first chance you get!" Beast boy argued while he watched his leader's face to see if he had gotten through to him but nothing changed.

"They have the most control of their power while you don't…"

"I morph into any animal I choose in less than one second and managed to keep that animal's instincts under control while using the animal's form. I have more control of my power than anyone else has in the tower does!"

"But they aren't a savage animal when their powers are out of control!"

Two horrified gasps were heard from Cyborg and Starfire at Robin's response while Beast Boy was left totally speechless as well as hurt. He had been called many things in his life but being called a savage animal made him nearly cry out in pain and to make it worse, it was someone he thought of as an older brother calling him this.

"Hand over your communicator Beast Boy…." Robin ordered quietly, holding his right hand out towards him, his voice almost as cold as ice.

Beast boy looked at his communicator one last time and closed his eyes tight, trying to hold the tears back and said "After all we've been through….You're just going to throw it away….Then so be it.." A scowl slowly appeared on his face and without any warning; he dropped it on the floor and crushed it beneath his feet, shocking all three titans.

"I officially resign from the Teen Titans…" With a dark look towards all three members in front of him, Beast Boy turned his back on the three and walked out of the room and headed towards the door, not even bothering to collect his things but before he left, he spared his former team one last look and said "I hope you're all satisfied…"

He then Turned back around and walked out the door, slamming it behind him, not aware that Starfire was crying her eyes out, Cyborg had punched a hole in a wall, Robin looked unaffected and Raven, who had saw the entire thing go down, bite her lower lip slightly with her eyes shining with unshed tears.

'Beast Boy…'


'I can't believe this…' Beastboy raged as he flew over the city he protected for so long. How could this have happened? Did none of them care at all that he had been kicked out of the Titans?!

It hurt him that Starfire nor Cyborg stuck up for him at all but they did look completely shocked. Maybe they could talk some sense into Robin so he could forget all of this...I mean hey, He was one of their founding members and yet this is how it was going to end?

If this was how it was going to end however, he would find his own way.

He had done so before when he left the Doom Patrol, he can do so again.

But as Beastboy flew, he felt an intense pain in his left wing, causing him nose dive towards the city below where he then crashed into a roof where he immediately morphed back into his human form.

What the hell had happened?

Looking at his arm, he saw that blood was flowing from it at a quick rate. Remembering his training from the Doom Patrol, Beastboy tore off his shirt and tied it around his wound but as he stood up, he heard a voice say "Well…I knew my calculations were off a bit…"

Turning around, Beastboy saw a light grey skinned teenage girl with a black circle shape around her left eye, red lipstick, dark slate blue colored hair with grey eyes.

And she was wearing dark slate grey skin tight leather suit which had various firearms on her body but the most damning of evidence was the fact she had a sniper rifle in her arms, with the muzzle of the gun still smoking.

Getting up on his feet, Beastboy held his left arm and circled around the mysterious woman but as he did, a bright light shined down from above him and as he looked up, he saw an insignia on the copter that had stunned him.

On the side of the copter was a golden shield but on it was a large silver "X" going across it and underneath the large silver "X", there was red lettering with a golden lining around the word that said "Force" on it. Beastboy knew that crest well.

They were known as "The X-Forces."

These people were the group that would take in the villains that proved too dangerous for normal jails and even had people with powers within it just in case the villains had awoken and freed themselves from the normal civilians. They were just implemented two months ago but they were pretty damn good at their jobs but what were they doing here?

Could it be for the girl that had shot him down?

Turning around, Beastboy looked at the girl and noticed that on her chest wore the badge of the "X-Force" which confused him greatly.

If she was with them then why did she shot him down? Was she a traitor or something because something really wasn't adding up here at all. "Hey!" Beastboy shouted out with narrowed green eyes.

"Who are you and why are the X-Forces after you?" Beastboy asked the girl before adding "And why did you shoot me dude?! That really hurt!"

The girl looked at him and gave a small grin and asked "You're Beastboy of the Teen Titans, correct?" Beastboy blinked. He hated when people questioned him while he was questioning them but shrugging, not sure of where she was going with this, nodded.

The girl then smiled and took off her badge and pointed it towards him and said "My name is Domino of the X-Forces and you are under arrest!"


What did she say?!

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