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Teen Titans: The Lone Outlaw

Chapter Nine: A picture from the past

Jump City

On top of Wayne Enterprises

Domino (Before Cyborg arrived)

Domino couldn't believe her luck!

All she had to do for this mission was to spy on Deathstroke's machines and see where they were going but of course, things couldn't go her way because as she was spying, she happened to notice someone crouching on the roof across from her, observing herwith piercing yellow eyes that seemed to glow beneath the orange and black helmet he was wearing.

The male had on an armless, skintight black and orange suit, revealing his indigo colored arms as well as the three fingers on each hand which looked as if the persons index and middle finger were combined as one finger, the ring finger and pinky finger were combined as the other finger then finally, the thumb was still the same but slightly longer.

And on the feet, she could see there were only two large toes, both of which was in black gloves on she could see a prehensile tail with a pointed tip swinging behind him and finally, there was a rapier strapped to his back and a small knife on the left side of his waist.

"Shit! He knows I'm here!" Domino exclaimed while pulling out two fairly large police issue handguns but these were different.

One of the pistols was black in color had a dark blue cross going from the hammer of the gun all the way to the barrel while the second one was a bright white with a red cross going from the hammer of the gun to the barrel but the thing that was on both guns were three lines which held grey LED lights leading to the barrel of both guns.

She affectionately called the white one "Vengeance" and the black one "Justice".

Without warning, the figure vanished in a plum of black and dark blue smoke only to appear before her, his rapier free and starting to come towards her. Domino blocked the strike with Justice and aimed Vengeance at the mysterious newcomer's stomach but once again, he vanished, midnight blue smoke to invade her vision, the smell of brimstone in assault her nose as well as a sound that sounded like "BAMF" to fill her ears.

"Shit…This is bad…He can teleport…" Domino said before heard the sound "BAMF" fill her ears once again and then she heard something slicing through the air towards her head.

Immediately, Domino ducked to avoid the sword that was now swinging to the ground, rolled away from the figure behind her, turned her body and began to fire Vengeance and Justice but to her anger, the figure continued to disappear and reappear all by teleporting, avoiding all of her shots until she was forced to block his rapier with Justice and Vengeance.

Pushing the blade away, Domino fired three shots at her opponent but to her surprise, he threw his body into a backwards bend and avoided the bullets but as he did this, his tail wrapped around the hilt of his knife, pulled it out of its sheath and stabbed her left side, causing her to gasp out in pain and stumble back.

The warrior moved his body forward with his rapier and began to thrust it into her direction rapidly, slicing her cheek, the top of the right side of her forehead and her right shoulder but all of these would have proved fatal had Domino not maneuvered at the right moment. Using Justice, Domino smacked the rapier to the side and fired a shot towards the fighter.

But the warrior was quick in teleporting himself to her side and kicking her in the chest, sending her slamming backwards into a bunch of wooden crates that were on the roof.

Domino shook her head and saw he was above her in the air with his rapier pointed down poised to strike, causing her to roll off of them and on her feet only to avoid three quick stabs from the tip of the rapier that was aimed at her head, leap to the side to avoid the knife, which was being held by the left hand of Deathstroke's fighter, before finally kicking the figure in head, causing him to fall back but to her annoyance, he disappeared with a "BAMF"

With a stony look, Domino looked around the roof to see where her opponent was before she heard that familiar "BAMF" sound from behind her and before she could say anything, she saw flashes of an alleyway, the sky, the Wayne building and finally, she found herself standing before the group of Death-Machines but as the arms removed themselves from around her, she felt weak.

As if all the energy she had before was gone.

"Take care of her," The figure behind her said, a thick German accent leaving his mouth before hearing "BAMF" from behind her then the smell of brimstone accompanied by the midnight blue smoke.

Despite being strangely exhausted, Domino held Justice and Vengeance tightly in her hands and as quick as she could, she dashed backwards and began to fire at the oncoming Death-Bots.

Seeing that her bullets were hitting their target but not taking them down, Domino pressed a small button beneath the trigger of the gun, causing the lights on her two guns went from grey to a bright green as it said "Armor Piercer Mode Activated" and with a pull of her trigger, more of the machines began drop like flies but there were simply too many.

One Death-bot had finally got close enough to grasp the Young X-force officer by the neck and began to squeeze but just as she was about to lose consciousness, A large fist slammed into its head, causing it to rip from its head. Domino fell to the ground and gasped heavily as she looked up at her savior.

"Y-You…?" The teenage champion of justice coughed as she stared at Cyborg, who stood strong before her, facing down the machines that ominously marched towards her.

Cyborg turned his head and said "Sorry I wasn't fast enough to stop that…I am pretty damn slow." Cyborg then gave a small chuckle and turned back to the machines and grinned before saying "Just sit tight X-Force, let the Titanic Titan slow these damn things down!" And with that shout, Cyborg launched himself into the group of machines, battling them intensely.

Domino forced herself to her feet while watching Cyborg tearing any Death-bot that came his way apart and using their limps to put as much damage to the activated ones.

There was no way she was going to let him do this on his own!

Holding Justice and Vengeance which was still in their armor piercer mode, Domino charged forward while shooting her targets, surprising Cyborg who was about to punch a Death-General when its chest exploded. When Domino stood by his side, Cyborg grinned and morphed his arm into its cannon mode and together, the two of them began to relentlessly fire upon their enemies, sending them to the scrap heap.

But then, two Death-Tanks came walking from the shadows but while the one on the left stopped its advancement, the one on the right began to charge towards them at a quick pace.

Seeing this, Cyborg aimed his cannon at the oncoming Death-Tank only for his shot to harmlessly evaporate on its body in a shower of blue energy while Death-bots were charging towards them quickly.

"Did these things get even tougher than before?!" Cyborg shouted in anger, his eyes glowing furiously.

Cyborg and Domino had been fighting off Deathstroke's machines for ten minutes now and for every three they took down, five more appeared in their place and it was slowly looking to become a horde battle that they would not win.

"Calm yourself Titan. No sense in losing control now," Domino told him, her voice straining as she forced her waving vision to focus. "Here is the plan, you are obviously the heavy hitter of the two of us so I will supply cover fire while you fight that damn Tank. Understood?" Domino commanded, the familiar feeling of commanding her squad on the X-force coming into play.

Cyborg nodded and charged towards a Death-Tank and tackled it off of its feet and slammed it on its back and slammed his cannon formed arm against its head and fired it, shredding its head apart.

Meanwhile Domino was firing repeatedly at the heads of the several Death-bots that were heading to Cyborg, causing them to sail backwards as their heads practically exploded from the bullets until she felt her vision began to blur.

Her body lurched forward as she tried to steady herself but she wound up falling to her right knee and soon falling on the ground, face first, drifting to the sweet embrace of unconsciousness.

Hearing the shots of Domino's guns stop, Cyborg saw she was unconscious and leapt up to his feet to go to her but was immediately grabbed by the neck by a larger, bulkier Machine that had glowing green eyes with led lights etched into its orange and black body but there was a large cannon attached to its back.

Cyborg was slung into the brick building of Wayne Enterprises, which led him into the break room where he skidded on the floor, knocking down all of the chairs and tables that were around him before finally crashing into a refrigerator back first, causing it to bend around his body.

Rising to his feet, Cyborg saw the machine charging for him and before he could do anything, he was tackled through the fridge and the wall then found himself being speared through several more walls until the two of them were right back outside, on the other side of the building, which was the front of the building.

Wayne Enterprises

Jinx and Raven

Appearing in a swirl of black and white aura, Jinx and Raven appeared on the street in front of the building and not a moment too soon, Cyborg's body came crashing through the large glass door, bounced off the stairs before them and landed on the ground hard. "Cyborg!" the two girls yelled simultaneously while leaning down to help him.

But to their surprise, Cyborg pushed them both away and forced himself to his feet and growled, his red eye glowing brightly as anger coursed through his veins. Before the girls could do anything, the large machine walked out from the remains of the glass window and roared.

"Oh no…The Death-Titan…" Jinx muttered with shock in her voice.

"You know what that thing is?" Raven asked in surprise.

Before Jinx could answer however, the Death-Titan roared and ran towards the Titans at a quick pace.

Jinx and Raven looked at each other in alarm before the two leapt into action. While Cyborg charged forward to attack it, Jinx infused her hands and feet with emerald flames and began to battle the machine.

Raven forced all of the cars into the air using her powers and launched it towards the machine but her attacks simply bounced off it. "Shit…" Raven asked herself with a scowl on her face, continuing to launch her magical covered items at the machine who had just punched Cyborg into the air and kicked Jinx away, sending her slamming into a light pole near Raven.

Suddenly, something jumped from off of the roof and slammed onto the Machine's head and stabbed through it with his green sword

It didn't take a genius to figure out who it was.

"Hunter! Thank god you came!" Jinx said with too much familiarity for Raven's taste.

Hunter was shaken off by the machine and into the air where Hunter recovered and landed in between Jinx and Cyborg with a "Thank you, Thank you, Far too kind."

Raven rolled her eyes at this and floated above the three of them and asked "What are you doing here Hunter?"

"What does it look like Rae, I'm helping you guys out," Hunter replied, his body crouched to the ground as the Machine continued to march closer, despite its head being impaled by Hunter's lance.

"Don't call me Rae," Raven said quickly only to blink.

Déjà vu.

"Stop flirting you two, we have bigger issues at hand," Cyborg said as he pointed his sonic cannon at the beastly machine

Seeing Cyborg charging his weapon, Hunter stopped him by lowering the cannon while saying "Don't shoot yet. It'll only absorb it."

At the shared confusion on Raven and Cyborg's faces, Jinx rolled her eyes and explained with "This things armor can absorb anything that's thrown at it. Even the force of attacks thanks to its armor. When it gets enough energy from it, it well….It locks itself on to the ground and explodes…It can wipe out half the city…"

"How do you know this?" Both Raven and Cyborg asked, looking at the Jinx with narrowed eyes.

Hunter and Jinx looked down at the ground in silence before Hunter answered with an edge in his voice "Because I'll never forget something so evil…So devastating… "

He paused for a second to gather his nerves while Jinx looked at him sympathetically before he said "I made an opening with my sword but we can't attack it from here. Cyborg, Head to the top of the building I was on while me, Raven and Jinx distract it. When you have a clear shot, take it."

"Who died and made you leader?" Cyborg asked with humor in his voice.

"Your absent leader did tin can now get outta here will ya?" Hunter replied, grinning beneath his mask.

"Ha, the day you become leader of me tall, dark and green is when Robin gets his head outta his ass and stops his dumbass remarks…" Cyborg suddenly stopped.

Why was he talking to Hunter like he was a longtime friend instead of just an accomplice?

But it honestly seemed so natural to banter with this man to the point he felt like he was speaking to his little brother Beastboy…

Did everyone he worked with had to remind him of his absent little brother?

Whose absence he felt was his fault in the first place?

Jinx placed her hand on Cyborg's arm in comfort when she saw the look she dubbed "Oh no, I'm blaming myself for Beast Boy's disappearance again" Look which was a mix of self-loathing, anguish and anger, something Jinx hated to see on his face and with a sigh, she said "Just do what Hunter asked ok Sparks?"

Cyborg nodded and ran off into the building, not aware that Jinx had given Hunter a pointed look that screamed "We'll talk about this later angrily" before turning her attention on the Machine that was marching towards them.

Pulling out its cannon from its back, the Death-Titan pulled the trigger and a barrage of missiles shot out from all parts of the gun and towards the Titans and Hunter, making all of them split up and avoid them but Raven simply used her powers to take control of a few of them and fire them back at the machine but that's when she noticed its eyes, which wasn't glowing before, glowing a bright red.

"Damn it!" Hunter screamed out in anger. "Those missiles shouldn't have filled up its energy like that so fast!" He said as he continued to dodge the small missiles.

"We were shooting at that damn thing before you showed up. Mr. Hero!" Jinx screamed as her emerald flame shield destroyed all of the missiles that were aimed for her.

Hunter changed into a burst of fireflies and quickly flew away as the missiles hit each other, causing a medium sized explosion. He then reformed on a ledge and said "Jinx, Does Cyborg have a clear shot yet?"

Jinx swiftly pulled out her communicator and asked Cyborg what Hunter had asked her and he replied "Nope but I will in a second!"

"In a second?" Jinx asked him but suddenly, the Machine stopped and locked its feet on the ground and slowly began to glow red then without warning.

"Shit, its detonation mode has been activated!" Jinx yelled out.

Without warning, Cyborg crashed onto the Machine's head, shattering his left leg in the process but he managed to climb up to the head removed the sword, replacing it his cannon where the sword was and shot into with so much power, it went straight through the machine and down into the ground beneath it before Cyborg leapt off of it and landed in between Raven and Hunter.

"Raven, shield it!" Hunter yelled when Cyborg was far away enough from it.

Raven complied and wrapped her aura around it and without a moment's notice, The Machine exploded but the explosion was so powerful, Raven could see her shield cracking slowly from it but luckily, the shield lasted long enough for the explosion to stop and not a moment after, she dropped to her knees in exhaustion.

She had put a lot of her power to hold back that explosion.

"Good job, Raven, Cyborg, Jinx" Hunter said after a moment, sighing in relief. "This thing would've killed us all had it not been for your shield Raven and your quick action Cyborg," He continued, visibly relaxing.

"Was this thing that dangerous?" Cyborg asked him, holding Raven in his large arms as she was too tired to stand under her own power.

"More than you could ever imagine…" Hunter replied in a haunted tone, staring at the few remains of the machine.

Suddenly, a motorcycle could be heard coming their way and from the scent Hunter was catching, he knew who was riding it but before he could leave, Jinx said "Wait! We need to talk about something…Alone…" Hunter nodded and wrapped his arms cloaked around her before both of them spread apart into fireflies and flew into the ai and quickly vanished but unknowingly to the two of them, Jinx had dropped something very important to her.

"What happened here?" Robin asked, taking off his helmet as he got off his motorcycle, surveying the area and the fairly large crater in front of them with suspicion.

"Well long story short, Big robot that could've destroyed half the city against us. We won…Barely," Cyborg said as he sat Raven down at her request but that's when he noticed someone missing and questioned "Where's Star?"

Without missing a beat, Robin said "Star's out for the night. She'll be returning tomorrow," Cyborg was very suspicious of this but he didn't say anything now.

He would wait until he got back to the tower to look into this more.

As Robin walked off, Cyborg's eyes widened when he said "Raven, we need to get to the alleyway, someone needs our help!" using a stick nearby, Cyborg hobbled as quickly as he could around the large building.

Raven immediately followed him, due to still being slightly weak from using her powers to block that powerful explosion but as she ran, she stepped on something which stuck to her foot. Looking down curiously, Raven realized that the object stuck on her foot was the back of a picture. She reached down and slowly picked it up and held it for a moment before turning around and that when she gasped in shock.

On this picture had a group of people on it.

She could easily recognize Hotspot and Argent hugging each other with a smile on their faces while Bushido stood with his back against a brooding boy with black hair, a faint "X" scar on his right cheek, crystal blue eyes and a black cape around him giving the camera a middle finger with a smirk and considering the Red X helmet being held in the boy's left hand, she knew who he was but when she looked at the other people in the group, she blinked in surprise.

She was surprised to see their enemy Flare on this picture but he had a small, shy smile on his face while a girl with white hair, an orange and dark blue face mask that stopped at her nose with one eye was leaning up next to him, kissing his cheek.

She then noticed a black teenage boy with dreads, yellow glasses on his head and a white face mask with his arm around a blushing Blackfire of all people sticking two fingers up behind Flare's head, both her and the boy wearing a knowing smirk on while looking down on two people that caused her heart to stop.

In Hunter's uniform was Beastboy, his cloak flowing against the wind as he was in a deep kiss with someone she viewed as a sister.


Jump City abandoned Clock tower


As silently as she could possibly be, Starfire opened the window and entered clock tower with a battered and weakened Red X hanging from her shoulders, seemingly unconscious after his ordeal with Flare, who, lucky for them, had lost them during their high speed chase.

Before X had dropped unconscious, he shot out a cellophane "X" from his palm, which wrapped around Flare's entire body, causing him to lose focus and fall down to the ground, cursing all the way down.

"This place looks so lonely…" Starfire said to herself as she walked to the small, king sized bed that was near the corner of them room she was in.

Carefully, she laid X down on his bed and looked at him for a moment, trying to figure out what to do next but then an idea appeared in her head.

"I know! Perhaps I should look for the supplies of Medical," Starfire clapped with a smile on her face before floating, trying to find anything that could help him. Luckily, she was able to find some medical wrap, peroxide and some bandages.

Floating back to X's sleeping form; Starfire was once again staring at him, trying to use the best approach to removing his suit to take care of the wounds there before she worked on his head.

Starfire sat the items in her arms down and began his disrobing by taking off his boots and once she got those off, she turned his body around so he was on his side and unzipped the suit and turned him back to his back and slowly began to peel the suit from his body, blushing heavily when she saw his athletic muscled chest, littered faintly with scars both old and new but once she hit his waist, she left the suit alone.

She didn't need to see all of that now.

She could easily see that the first thing she needed to do was bandaged his chest and stomach so with a small blush, she took the medical wrap and wrapped it all around his torso until it was on as tightly as possible, making sure to lightly dab some peroxide on the wounds on his chest beforehand to keep them from becoming infected.

Starfire then placed some bandages on the wounds all around his left arm, after dabbing it with peroxide of course and quickly bandaged his right shoulder and right wrist and then finally, it came to his head.

Starfire had to admit, when she looked at Red X without his helmet and only his red eye mask, he looked similar to Robin at the same time, he wasn't. His hair was black but in a certain light, it was a very dark blue, his face looked more refined and there was a very faint "X" scar on his right cheek.

Starfire felt a blush form on her face when she gazed at his peaceful, handsome visage.

Did Starfire think of her former enemy handsome?

Very much so…

He had that mysterious bad boy attitude going for him but unlike Robin, who had that same air, X seemed more laid back then her uptight leader and had no qualms about using his vast expertise and agility to steal or play dirty to win in a fight.

Seeing some blood rushing down the right side of his face, Starfire knew she had to remove the mask to clean it all up so with a hesitation on her part, her hand touched the edge of his mask but she jumped back when his hand touched her wrist, a light grin playing on his lips. "Bad Red…" He said, amused by her reaction

"Y-You were awake the entire time?" Starfire asked with a stammer, her blush returning full force as her emerald eyes gazed into his masked ones.

X chuckle a bit and leaned his body up off of his bed, wincing a bit in pain and replied "No, I woke up the minute you took off my suit."

He then chuckled and grabbed the towel she had dropped on his bed when she moved and wiped the blood off of his face before placing a bit of peroxide on the wound on his head and bandaged it tightly before asking her "So, did you like what you see, Red?"

Starfire didn't answer him but the blush on her face told him everything he needed to know which caused him to chuckle more. After a moment of silence, Starfire walked back to his bed and sat on the edge of it and asked the teen "W-Why were you and Flare fighting, Friend X?"

"Friend X?" He asked with an eyebrow raised before he shrugged but while he was nonchalant on the outside.

Inside however, his mind was racing.

Neither he nor Hunter wanted to give any information out to the Titans about any connection that he or their teammates have to Flare and especially to Starfire, considering that Flare is her missing younger brother and if she knew what they had knew, she would've died trying to protect him from them.

Only for him to stab her in the back and kill her himself…

She found out the hard way and both he and Hunter knew that they didn't want the Titans involved for that reason.

Plus, Hunter couldn't bare to see any of them hurt because of his mistake, even Robin.

But then again, Starfire did save his life from Flare so he had to at least tell her something. "Well, let's just say Flare made a lot of enemies during his lifetime," X said while frowning.

At least he told her half the truth.

It was better than nothing.

Starfire wanted to prod out more information from him but seeing his face, she knew that she wouldn't get any more out of him so she nodded.

"Wait…" X said after a few seconds, realizing something wasn't right with this whole situation.

"How did you know where I was and why did you save me?" He asked her with a small glare, causing her to shrink back a little but then she then gave a small smile.

"Well, whenever trouble breaks out in the city, The titans are the first ones to know due to all of the cameras in the city. All of us saw you and Flare fighting while also seeing Deathstroke's robots stealing something from Wayne industries." X's eye mask widened in surprise.

This was news Hunter had to hear pronto but he let Starfire continue, also stowing away how they catch the crimes for later.

"Me and Boy…I mean Robin went to help you fight Flare and get some information out of him but somewhere along the way, Robin figured it would've been better off having both of you die by fighting each other…I was told that if I h-helped you, I was expected not to go back home for the night but I didn't want you to die Friend X so I went to help you…"

Starfire let a wry grin form on her face as she finished her explanation with "But with how things have been there…I am happy that I don't have to go back for now…If not ever…" Starfire sighed sadly when she finished her sentence but then she felt a hand on her shoulder and that's when she looked up at X's face which had a genuine smile on it, compared to the smirks, grins, frowns and scowls she had seen during her time here, this was indeed a rare thing and it also made him more handsome in her eyes.

"Well then Red, Let me first tell you thanks…I would've died if you hadn't shown up," Starfire gave him a stunning yet tearful smile in return, momentarily taking his breath away but he continued with "Now, Tell me Red, Why don't you want to go back home?"

Unable to stop herself, Starfire spilled everything that had been going down at the Tower since the moment Robin had kicked out Beast Boy. From Cyborg's, Raven and her and obsession to finding her and Cyborg's "Little Brother" and Raven…Whatever he was to her to Robin's steady descent to jerkass territory and since Hunter's return, he had only gotten worse.

She then latched onto his shoulder in tears when she told him how cruelly he talked about Beast Boy whenever one of them bought him up in a conversation. Starfire then told him about how she felt so guilty for not standing up for him at all, even while he was there and it was only when she finally grew a backbone and defended Beast Boy and called out all the things Robin had done on their third and last anniversary.

Starfire then lamented that while she stood up to Beast Boy while simultaneously ending her and Robin's relationship, she felt guilty afterwards because it took her three long years to stand up for her missing friend and she felt that had she did that on that fateful night, Beast Boy would still be with the Titans, Cyborg wouldn't be so depressed all the time and neither would Raven.

"…It's only now that I realize that I wasn't a good friend. Not to Raven, not to Cyborg and definitely not to Beast Boy…Not to anyone. I'm such a bad person…" Starfire finished, sniffling at the end.

'And to think…Hunter truly thought they had turned against him so long ago…' X thought to himself before placing his hands on Starfire's arms and moving her away from him so she could look him in the eye.

"I'm not good at cheering anyone up so I'm just going to have to wing it," X warned, causing Starfire to giggle slightly, despite her depressed mood.

"Look, from the way I see it, You are a good friend Starfire but it was your relationship to the Boy Blunder that caused you to look over everything. I'm betting you spent most of your time fretting over him than your depressed friends, correct?"

Starfire nodded sadly.

"But before your relationship with him started, I bet that your friends held top place on your important list, I'm I correct?"

Starfire once again nodded.

"Red, Relationships are tricky. They can be the best thing in the world but at the same time, it can be damaging. Especially for one that follows their emotions freely like I know you do. Look, I'm a bad person, ok? I don't need to sugarcoat it. I lie, I cheat, I steal but hell, I'm honest about it but you Starfire are the epitome of good. Hell, you can be the spokesperson of kindness because tonight when you saved my ass from certain death, despite knowing you couldn't go back home, that proves how good of a person you are. And as for the Beast Boy thing, Better late than never and I'll bet you anything that he still thinks of you as his friend till this day and it's only a matter of time until he comes back."

Starfire wiped the tears from her eyes and stared at X. She was touched at the words he said to her and it showed with not only the small, bashful smile but with that faint blush as well. "A-Are you saying that to cheer me up or do you mean it?" Starfire asked, referring to the words he said about himself earlier.

She could feel how sincere he was but she needed to make sure.

In a move that Red X knew was risky, he removed his mask and laid it beside him and looked at her, crystal blue clashing with emerald green.

"I mean it…" X told her softly, gazing into her eyes.

Starfire was more touched than she was before. Not only did he mean what he said, but he took off his mask so she could see the truth in his eyes.

His real eyes.

Something Robin had never done, even when he was being honest. Combined his genuine honesty and feelings and the lack of affection she had received from her passionless relationship with Robin made Starfire feel a feeling she had not felt since before Beast Boy left the Titans…

Something she had thought she lost…

"You know something Friend X…Galfore always told me that the eyes were a window to the soul and a Tamaranean could tell any emotion from gazing into them…You are telling the truth…And I thank you for that…" Starfire told him softly, her hand touching his cheek softly, her emerald eyes shining brightly as her face glowed gently from the candles around the entire room.

Red X gazed at her with soft eyes, the words beautiful coming into mind as his head started to lean down while hers started to lean up and with a small "Thank you…" From Starfire, the two shared a tender, small kiss.

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