What's your all time high, your good as it gets?

Your hands down best ever make-up sex?

What's your guilty pleasure, your old go to?

Well if you asked me, mine would be you

What's your worst hangover, your best night yet?

Your 90 proof, your Marlboro Red?

The best damn thing you lucked into

That's easy girl, mine would be you

Mine would be you

Sun keeps shining, back road flying

Singing like crazy fools

Making up our own words

Laughing 'til it hurts

Baby, if I had to choose

My best day ever

My finest hour, my wildest dream come true

Mine would be you – Blake Shelton

Eric POV

I enjoy spending time with my family, with my entire family. However, I also enjoy spending some alone time with my wife and that is something I have not gotten to do yet tonight. And I have an important question for her.

After we say goodbye to our guests, Sookie and I look at each other and without any words we know exactly where we will be spending the rest of our evening, or the majority of it at least. She grabs a blanket out of the closet as I ask her, "Do you want to walk?"

We get outside and she looks at the sky, full with stars tonight. At this house, her Gran's house the stars seem more plentiful and bright than they do at our other properties closer to the city. "Can we fly?" she asks and I do not even give her a verbal answer. I simply wrap her carefully in my arms and launch us straight into the air.

The short flight is spent in silence, comfortable silence. We are just enjoying the time with each other and in each other's arms. Quiet times like this are becoming my favorite part of the evening. Oh, do not get me wrong; I love our conversations, but in my life, silence has been anything but comfortable. It is nice when even through the silence you can feel the love and caring from someone you love dearly.

As we arrive in the clearing, I see that someone has been here earlier today. There is a blanket set up with one more wrapped present. As I set her down I take the other blanket from her hands and ask her, "Was this one all for show?"

"I didn't want to ruin the surprise," she tells me playfully as she starts to pull me down on the other blanket as I wonder just what she has planned.

"Do you remember the last time we were on this blanket?" I ask her. The dreamy look on her face tells me that she does.

"I remember we didn't stay on this blanket for too long." She is right. Our rolling around on the first spot we took on our honeymoon made sure the blanket was not under us for long.

At that I can only imagine the look on my face as it starts to get her laughing. "Yes. I remember the sand in many uncomfortable places." I swear that I felt grains of sand on my body for the remaining weeks of our honeymoon.

"C'mon," Sookie said with another little laugh. "You loved it.

"I loved how it got there certainly," I tell her. "The first time, the second time, the third time…" I say to her trailing off.

"See, for all those repetitions you must have loved it."

"I was not, is not the sand I love, Lover," I say to her, trying to unwrap my gift, the mostly human one at least.

But she is not having any part of that, yet at least. "Don't try and distract me," she tells me. I realize how right her words are as I allowed myself to get distracted from my intentions this evening. She takes the gift that shows great time was taken in it's wrapping and slides it over to me saying, "One last present."

"You spoil me."

"You'll get used to it," she tells me with a smile on her face. "You are making sure that I do," she adds fingering the chain of the necklace that I got her.

"I suppose," I tell her, taking hold of the box and carefully starting to open it. I see the excitement building in her, as well as her impatience when she sees that I want to take my time with this. She is about to say something but I cause her mouth to close when I remind her whose present this actually is.

After that, she stays quiet, her eyes never leaving my face, watching for my reaction. And I really hope that she is happy with what she sees because I cannot describe my reaction when I realize what she had gotten me.

As I tear the paper away, I start to see the parts of a ship. I see the sails. I see the stern. I see the flags in as close in likeness that I have ever seen. I close my eyes as a memory of me directing a ship very similar to this comes over me. My happiness only increase when I see it is a wooden model and must be put together. I can get that feeling of building a ship, of working with wood again. Perhaps it is something that I can start to do more often now that things have calmed down, and have stayed calmed down.

When I look at her, I see tears starting to build in her eyes as she is holding out a piece of paper to me. I look at her confused as I take it. "It's the receipt," she tells me.

Now I am even more confused. "I did not think it was proper to reveal the cost of gifts."

"I ripped that part off. It's the date of purchase that I want you to see."

And it appears the increase in my confusion will never end. But I appease her and search the receipt for the date she purchased this. I find it in a second and when I do, the confusion leaves me and I can feel the tears building up in my eyes as they were in hers.

She bought this the day before Christmas Eve last year. The day after my words had left her hurt and confused. During the period of time where I had certainly not deserved her to be shopping for me; hell, I probably would not have even deserved the coal that Santa Claus brings to the 'bad' children.

But she had bough this for me during that time, during the time when I had broken my promise that I would never hurt her. She should have been cursing me, learning to despise me; certainly not buying me any Christmas gifts.

Her hand wraps around mine still holding the receipt, causing me to look up at her. "I still had hope, Eric. Even then. Even with all the evidence you were giving me saying otherwise, I still had hope and faith in you. I knew you. I knew the vampire you are, knew the man you are. I knew even when everything in my head was telling me otherwise, that you truly weren't truly capable of being that cruel. Not to me. So I still had hope."

I stare into her eyes, her eyes, with tears streaming out of her and I kiss her. I kiss her and I hope to whatever god has been listening to my prayers that she knows everything that I am trying to tell her in that kiss. But just in case I fail in that…

Sookie POV

I mean every word I tell to Eric. I saw how he was with me; I saw how he was with Pam. I saw that he was capable of love and that he did love strongly long before he even realized it. Even when I did not understand why he was pushing me away, deep inside I knew there had to be a reason, long before Pam's words suggested to me that there was. I knew he wasn't capable of flipping a switch just like that.

Oh I can feel what he's pushing into that kiss. I feel every emotion as it tingles its way down my body. In fact, I don't even realize he has brought me up to my knees until he starts to pull away. I try to hold him to me but he just let's out a chuckle and tells me, "Patience."

When my eyes open, I see him on his own knees, slightly slouching so he is impossibly lower than me. He then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a box and tells me that I have one more present to open too tonight. I know what I am hoping is in that teeny, tiny box. Maybe, just maybe, I will be getting what I want.

His position surely suggests that as he starts, "Your faith in me is astounding. When you should have simply thrown me away due to my behavior towards you, you had faith in me, much more faith than I have ever had in myself. You have taught me many lessons, when I thought I had learned it all in the past thousand years. But what I had learned in those many years, none of it was as important as what you have taught me in the last year. I look forward to all you will teach me in the future. We are married by Vampire standards, by Vampire rules. I want these future lessons to come while we are also married by human standards, by human rules. Sookie Stackhouse, Sookie Northman," he says before opening that little box to reveal what is inside of it. "Will you marry me again?"

This is certainly not what I expected tonight, or any night for that matter. We are married; I do not think any less of it because it was done by Vampire traditions. But as he stands there holding out the ring to me, I feel an overwhelming joy. This is something I didn't even know I wanted. But Eric knew. My vampire knew it is something I would appreciate long before I did. Looks like he still has some lessons to teach me too.

I only hesitate about a second, and I will say that is due to happy-filled shock, before telling Eric a simple, "Yes." I pull him up so he is at his true height on his knees and wrap my arms around his neck. "Any night of the year my answer would be yes," I say into his neck.

A bit of time later and we are back to lying on the blanket, falling into an easy conversation, discussing our future. "There are ways for you to expand our family," he tells me. "I will not stand in your way if you want to be a parent. You may have to teach me how to be a proper father but I will be one if that is what you want."

"I doubt I will have to teach you," I tell him. I know it would be much different than helping Karin and Pam through their early years as a vampire, but I see how nurturing he can be. I think any child he comes in contact with will have him wrapped around their little finger without even trying. We will see if I am right with Amelia's baby.

Hopefully, Pam stops referring to Eric as Grandpa so she has a chance to see the baby.

"Children are something I wanted but resigned myself to never having," I tell him, explaining my hesitance to pass down my telepathy.

"I understand," he tells me quietly. "But it doesn't have to be that way. If your child were to have that gift, he would have help. He would have the help and support he would need to learn how to deal with it, work with it. He would have you."

I think about that and have no counter for any of his words. But suddenly, having a biological child with telepathy doesn't seem so bleak. There are still plenty of obstacles to think about but the beauty of the situation is that nothing needs to be decided on for sure tonight. We have time, plenty of time.

"And if both parents sleep the day away?" I can't help but ask him.

I can see the joy in his eyes at my question. "A child is a highly adaptable creature and I am sure he would adapt. We have plenty of friends and family that will be willing and able to help." I can see the unasked question in his eyes and though it won't be tonight or even a night in the particularly near future, I want to give him an answer.

"You know, my biggest reason for saying no initially was that I wouldn't be able to sit back and watch all my friends and family die, that I was afraid to be all alone, to be all that is left. But at this point, the majority of my friends and family have much longer life spans than I originally thought." And it's true. Even Jason is doing some thinking of his own with Thalia. That would be quite a commitment for him.

"And if you don't have to worry about being alone in the world," he asks me, his arms getting impossibly tighter around me.

"Someone's got to be around to keep you in check," is my response. His response let's me know that my words make him very happy. "I can't trust Pam do it. The baby might make her soft," I add when he allows me time to breathe.

"I doubt there is anything that could make her go soft," he replies but I am not so sure about that.

With about an hour left before sunrise, we start to make our way back to the house. I am surprised to see what I do on the front porch but in reality, I should not be. When does family ever leave you alone? When do you ever truly want them to?

I hear Pam's squeal as my hand becomes unwrapped from the blanket and I look to Eric who looks confused. Pam seemed to have some idea of what was happening; knew well enough to look at my hand at least. "I did not tell her. The only one who knew was Jason when I spoke with him about it yesterday."

Just when I thought my heart couldn't melt anymore. "You spoke with Jason about it?"

"Of course. I asked for your hand, for his blessing. I know you have been getting along better with Niall but I had thought it would mean more with Jason."

And much like he kissed me to show me what he felt back in the clearing now it is my turn to do so. It's the sound of a cork popping and glass breaking that has me pulling away. "Don't worry. I'll fix it later," Jason says, talking about the windown he just broke with the champagne cork.

"Then I will re-fix it," Alcide says with a laugh before Jason says, "Hey!" incredulously.

"Well, if you told Jason, that would explain how they knew. That boy can't keep a secret," I say to Eric.

"Indeed," he says with a smile on his face.

"C'mon Sook," Jason calls out. "Champagne is open and we still have some time to celebrate."

I just look at Eric who says, "Well, we shouldn't keep them waiting."

So with the calls of congratulations, I walk towards the rest of my friends and my family, hand in hand with my vampire. We have much to celebrate.

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