Here it is, the Epilogue for my first fic! Thank you so much to those who have read my story, it has given me more confidence to write future fics! You are all amazing!

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The Next Day…

Nick was the first to wake up, he felt really tired due to the small hours of sleep he had. He couldn't help but smile, Images from last night were running through his head. He turned his head to the left and stared at Jess' peaceful state. He leaned in to kiss her right shoulder and trailed some more kisses up to her neck, he couldn't get enough of her.

He stopped kissing her neck when he heard her moan. Jess opened her eyes and was blinded by the sun. Her eyes finally adjusted to the sun rays intruding her room, she turned to face Nick while holding the sheet against her chest and she smiled widely noticing him staring at her, also smiling.

"Good morning handsome." Jess said while she leaned in to kiss him.

"Good morning beautiful." Nick placed his hand behind her head and returned the short kiss.

"How are you today Jessica?"

"Well to be honest with you Nicholas, I am feeling a little bit sore, but satisfied right now." She winked at him while laughing.

"Well there is plenty more where that came from Miss Day!" Nick chuckled while moving on top of her and planted feather kisses onto her collarbone to her neck, he could hear her giggle when his stubble tickled her.

Jess wrapped her arms around his bare shoulders and held him to her tightly.

"God I missed you so much Nick." Jess whispered as she cupped his prickly cheek once he finished his kisses and stared into his hypnotic chocolate eyes.

Nick closed his eyes and sighed. He held onto her hand that was on his cheek and kissed the inside of her palm.

"I missed you so much too."

They both stared lovingly into each other's eyes, enjoying their euphoric highs from their recent activities.

"Hey Jess?"

"Yeah Miller?"

Nick smirked. "Can we still name our kid Reginald? I mean I did make a bet with Schmidt and a bet is a bet."

Jess just stared at him in silence, until she turned them over and jumped on top of him giggling.

"Really Nick?" Jess questioned as she tickled him.

Nick couldn't help but laugh.

"I was just kidding!"

Jess took a break from tickling him as she couldn't help but laugh too. When she was caught off guard Nick took his chance and flipped them over again.

"Nick that's not fair I wasn't rea-" Nick cut her off as he kissed her deeply. She couldn't help but kiss him back.

Once he stopped kissing Jess, he looked at her face and chuckled.


He moved a piece of hair out of Jess' face and smiled at her.

"You were pulling my famous turtle face just then Jess."

Jess smiled back at him and gave him a quick peck.

"I love you Miller."

"I love you too Jess."

They both resumed to kissing each other passionately.

Coach, Schmidt and Winston arrived back at the loft the same morning, hungover.

"Well I am never drinking or hanging out with you again Schmidt." Winston muttered while rubbing his temple.

"I am with Winston on that." Coach said as he made his way to the kitchen.

Schmidt closed the loft door and took a fifty dollar bill out his wallet and placed it into the Douchebag Jar.

"I don't know what I did wrong to put so much money in the jar, we got to hang out with hip young people last night! You should be thanking me for making you feel young again!"

"Schmidt, you got drunk from Midori Sours and you yelled at the 'young' people, saying that their parents were probably too poor to buy them a belt for their, as you called them, saggy jeans!" Winston rubbed his temple, due to being hungover.

"Belts do not cost a lot of money Winston, they can just go to Tar-get and buy one for ten dollars." Schmidt tried to argue back almost whispering as his voice was strained from the shouting he did yesterday.

"Jar Schmidt!"

"What the hell do I do wrong now you heathen?"

"You pronounced Target, Tar-get, that's not how you say it man!"

Schmidt just sighed back in response and shoved ten dollars into the douchebag jar.

"I think I am gonna go bed and catch up on my beauty sleep. I hope Nick is on the top bunk because I do not have the strength to go on the top right now." Schmidt informed while making his way to his and Nick's room.

He stopped to a halt when he saw a wrinkled up, navy blue dress with polka dots on the floor. Schmidt was confused at first until he heard the sounds of familiar moans coming from Jess' door.

Schmidt spun around as fast as lightening and pointed at Jess' door, he mouthed something to Winston across the room.

"What's that Schmidt, Jess and Nick are getting fit?" Winston was very confused.

"Jess and Nick are doing it!" Schmidt exclaimed louder.

"Oh I can't hear a damn word your saying!" Winston walked over to Schmidt, but stopped when he heard the noises from Jess' room.

"Is that..." Winston stopped talking when he too noticed the navy dress on the floor. His eyes went wide, he knew who was making them familiar noises. He grabbed Schmidt and dragged him over to the kitchen where Coach was.

"Oh my God! Nick and Jess are doing it!" Winston screeched.

"That was what I was trying to tell you, you fool!" Schmidt screeched as he pushed Winston off of him.

"Wait a minute, Nick? And Jess? Are doing it?" Coach questioned.

Winston and Schmidt only nodded, giving Coach his answer.

"Well finally! Now we don't have to see them moping around the loft anymore. Good for them!" Coach grinned.

"Yeah it's good that they are back together, but I can't stay here listening to them going at it like animals while I have got this hangover." Schmidt muttered.

"Shall we get a coffee and some food then? And leave the lovebirds to it." Winston asked.

Coach and Schmidt accepted Winston's offer and made their way to the loft door.

Schmidt was the last one to leave, as he walked through the door, he turned around and looked at Jess' door.

"Bunch of animals." Schmidt smiled and closed the door, happily knowing that his two friends were finally together again.