Harry Potter: Peace is a Lie

A young woman of seventeen with beautiful silver blonde hair slowly walked through the halls of the ancient castle of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was wrapped in a light blue cloak that helped shield her against the ever growing cold of the night air. Her blue eyes shimmered lightly as she looked up at the pale moon that illuminated the landscape with a dim blanket of white light. A light gust of wind rushed over her petite frame and caused her to clench her teeth as she wrapped the cloak around her tighter. Her name was Fleur Delacour and she was an exchange student, along with many others, who were here at Hogwarts to participate in the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

Fleur rolled her eyes at the very thought of the dangerous competition and sighed as she weighed whether or not to join in. All her life she had battled with the jealously of every boy and girl she ever encountered. This was because she was a Veela, a magical creature of love, purity, passion, and sex. Veela were blessed, or cursed depending on your view, with a magical allure that attracted the male sex to them in an attempt to find the perfect mate. She could control it, but it was still a powerful ability that overwhelmed even the most learned of wizards. Her mother had been lucky and found one of the rare and few men that existed who could resist the allure.

Her parents had married within a year of meeting each other and had one of the most powerful relationships that she had ever seen. Veela mated for life, their magic demanded it and so it was a great burden when boy after boy asked her out. Her magic would scream at her to refuse and so she would. When many would not take the hint, she forced herself to adapt a cold persona that would drive anyone away who didn't wish to be cursed. This of course made her life very lonely and sad during the school year. Her home life was slightly different but with only her little sister Gabrielle and no friends to visit her, it made for a long summer.

Tonight, she was wondering the halls in hopes that a walk would help her find sleep but it continued to elude her. She found that all day she was restless and had difficulty staying concentrated. The teen shook her head in frustration as she leaned against the stone railing near the entrance to the courtyard and sighed as she looked out over the grounds. A gentle peace filled the air and she found herself smiling at the beauty that the night brought to this place. Fleur remained in her position for several minutes until something caught her eye


A quick flash of darkness had crossed in front of the black lake and slowed near the edge of the forest. Her eyes fixed on the obviously human that was looking around before it walked into the Forbidden Forest. Fleur felt herself become curious and quickly made her way down to the edge of the forest and found a path that the person had taken. Drawing her wand and quickly casting a notice-me-not charm on herself, Fleur slowly walked down the path. One of the advantages of being a Veela was that her eyes were naturally attuned to seeing in any circumstance. She continued for what seemed like miles until she stopped at a small hill. Crouching down, Fleur eased up and poked the tip of her head over to see the person from before standing in the middle of a medium sized opening that was surrounded by the hill on all sides.

The person was wrapped in a black cloak and had a hood drawn over their face. The person reached within their cloak and withdrew a small pyramid shaped object that was glowing a sinister red color. The person placed it down on the ground and quickly waved their hand over it before dropping their hood. Fleur had to stop herself from gasping at the sight of Harry Potter as he slowly bowed to his knees and waited as the pyramid started to glow brighter. Another moment went by and a pale blue light flashed and took form. Much like a Patronus would, the light swirled as it took shape and Fleur had to again keep herself from gasping as another man took form. This man however, was anything but normal. He was wrapped in a black cloak much like Harry was, with a hood drawn over his head to hide his face. The only visible from the hood were his voidless eyes that seemed to drill into her soul even thought she wasn't there. The area around them darkened and Fleur felt a wave of dark energy fly into the area. Any and all animals and creatures within the woods quickly ran to take cover from the pure power that was being released.

It was also in this moment that Fleur noticed that Harry looked different. The boy she remembered from the school was frail, pale, and sickly. This one was anything but that. His frame was powerfully built, obviously muscular, his hair was tamed and his features were pointed and handsome. Fleur's eyes darted to the strange image that was floating above the pyramid when it suddenly spoke in a voice that sounded as if it was thousands of voices speaking at once.

"The circle closes…the end begins." Harry looked up at the image, "Your training is almost complete my apprentice…soon you will all you need to rebuild our forgotten order and bring this world under your rule."

Harry slowly bowed his head again, "Yes my master. These past several years have made me stronger then I could ever hope for…the wizards won't know what hit them."

The image flickered as its emotions switched, "Do not presume anything apprentice. You may be more powerful than anyone on this planet but that doesn't mean you are immortal yet."

Harry looked up again, "The ritual?"

His master nodded slowly, "This planet is saturated in the force like nowhere I have ever seen. If your plans work as they should, then you should not need to drain this planet."

Harry nodded, "I do have an idea Master. Much like you did with the Sith Lords of old I know of a place that has a gathering of dark wizards and creatures in a high enough concentration that it would easily fulfill the needs of the ritual."

His master nodded, "Then you have not wasted time. Good."

Harry nodded, "I plan to do it on the next full moon."

The image nodded in approval, "Then you will need to make sure that the other holocrons are present so you can absorb the knowledge from them. Use Darth Revan's teachings as well. He may have been a thorn in my side, but his views on needing the light and dark are interesting."

Harry chose his words carefully as not to anger his master, "You never told me what exactly you did with Revan."

The image was silent for a moment, "I imprisoned him and used his unique connection to the force to help plan for the future invasion of the Republic. Through his connection with the light I was able to see visions of the future and what the outcome of certain events would be. It helped make our initial attack infinitely easier. Use the same abilities my apprentice, but do so sparingly. The future is always in motion a single act can overthrow everything you worked so hard to achieve."

Harry nodded, "Our time comes to an end. Speak with me after you have gathered what you need, rise Lord Sovereign."

Harry pushed himself off the ground and bowed again at the waist before his master finally faded out of existence. He used the force to summon the holocrons to him and put it back in his cloak before slowly turning around and facing the hill. His eyes flashed a powerful golden yellow as he drew upon the dark side of the force and leapt up the hill.

Fleur had ducked down when Harry stood up and was just about to peak when she saw him land in front of her and a second later a purple beam of energy was pointed at her neck. The beam was purple on the outside but the interior was a solid black that made the weapon overall look very sinister.

"Why are you spying on me Miss Delacour?"

She struggled to find her voice and suddenly realized that her throat was being grabbed in an invisible hand. Her own two hands rushed to try and release her throat from the invisible grasp but it was futile. Fleur found herself being raised into the air but an unknown power until she was eyelevel with Harry. His normally powerful green eyes were now glowing golden yellow and the anger she felt coming from him made her feel weak.

"I sensed you all the way back when you entered the forest…a beautiful pure creature such as yourself walking into the Forbidden Forest is easy to sense."

Fleur felt herself grow cold as his eyes swept over her body. Had she really followed him and walked into this area to get raped or killed? Harry's lips split into a sinister smile, "And you are beautiful."

Dropping his hand and releasing her from his force grasp, Harry looked down at her, "I'm almost tempted to kill you and let the werewolves finish your corpse. You have seen things that you shouldn't have and as my master said, a single act can overthrow everything…and letting you live might lead that to happening."

Fleur felt tears fall from her eyes, "Please Harry…I won't tell anyone I swear."

Harry looked down on her and then over her shoulder, "Swear it on your magic." The teen gaped at this but then looked at him and bowed at his feet, feeling like it was the only way to remain safe. The man before her was nothing like anyone had said he was. This man was a god in human form and the power and darkness around him only amplified this.

Fleur's Veela magic screamed for her to submit seeing as Harry was obviously the alpha…and a powerful one. "I swear to never reveal what I have seen here tonight or anything concerning Harry James Potter...so mote it be." There was a flash and Fleur felt her magic become bound to the contract and to Harry.

He nodded his head stiffly before deactivating the weapon in his hands and starting to walk back to the castle. When he was several feet away he called out, "I wouldn't recommend staying here…I'm the only thing keeping the creatures from attacking you."

Fleur's eyes widened and she pushed herself off the ground and ran forward until she was at Harry's shoulders. They walked slowly until he finally spoke near the edge of the forest, "Aren't you going to ask about what you just saw?"

Fleur looked up, "Will you answer?"

He turned and glanced at her, his eyes now back to their vibrant emerald green, "I have you bound to a magical oath…if you reveal anything, you die. It really makes little difference to me."

Fleur gapped at this, "How can you be so casual about my possibility of dying? Does the life of another mean so little?"

Harry continued his walk, "Not really. For one thing, I don't know you so your death wouldn't harm me emotionally. Even if I did know you…your death would only empower me."

He halted in his powerful steps, "I only know of you. You are Fleur Delacour, Veela Witch from France who has the power to turn the entire male population into nothing more than drooling idiots."

Fleur was about to protest until he continued, "You are also alone, lost, sad and looking for something or someone to help complete you before you become anymore broken."

The silver haired woman gapped at this and shivered. She had never felt so exposed and double checked to see if she was wearing clothes…she was. She swallowed the lump in her throat and forced a weak voice to come out, "How do you see this when we have never spoken to each other?"

She watched his eyes flash yellow again before he started walking, "I have my ways."

She took a guess, "This strange power of yours?"

Harry nodded stiffly. "Are you a dark wizard?"

Harry stopped and turned to her, "No…I am so much more." Before she could reply, Harry willed the force around himself and launched into the air and landed on the roof of the castle before rushing over the other side.

Fleur watched as Harry disappeared and found herself become curious about this power he held. The entity he had been talking to was obviously his mentor, clearly more powerful then Harry. Yet it seemed like he was almost encouraging Harry to become more powerful than him. Then there was the fact that Harry so casually cast aside the fact that she could die. This was nothing like the Harry Potter she had heard of, the one that selflessly saved other and did anything for someone in need. This one, was darker and a force to reckoned with. Fleur swallowed hard again before walking back to her room in the Beauxbatons Carriage. As she finally got into her room and crawled into bed, the French witch tried to comprehend what had just happened but found herself getting sick by the overwhelming swirl of emotions. She wrapped herself tightly into her blankets and made a decision to get to know Harry and if possible, try and understand this power he held.

Another week went by before Fleur saw Harry again and it happened to be on the night of the name selection for the competition. Fleur had entered her name on the last day of entry hoping that she could use this to prove that she wasn't just a pretty face.

Harry was sitting at the back of the room next to his fellow Gryffindors and was watching the cup intently as if waiting for something. His eyes shifted to a handsome boy at the Hufflepuff table, Victor Krum at the Slytherin table and then finally at her. Seeing that she was looking at him, the teen wizard slowly inclined his head to her before turning back to the Goblet of Fire. The intensity of his gaze made a ball of cold worry fill her stomach as she looked at the flaming artifact. Something was about to happen and for whatever reason, Harry knew.

The teen in question was looking at the Goblet as he waited for the results. Earlier in the week when he had been practicing his force techniques, he had been granted a vision of what was to happen. Just like his Master had said, the light yielded it fruit. The vision had shown him the three champions in addition to a fourth…himself. Someone had entered his name into the Goblet and he was going to be forced to compete in this competition. The only things he knew from the vision was that Voldemort was behind it. Harry snorted, as if you need to guess who was behind it.

"Can you imagine winning this thing? Several thousand Galleons and eternal glory."

Harry rolled his eyes before looking at Ron Weasley, "Better you then me."

Ron snorted, "Come off it Harry, you know as well as I do that you would win."

Harry remained silent and the girl that was sitting against his legs brushed her bushy brown hair away from her eyes as she turned around, "Ron you should know by now that Harry doesn't care about that stuff. He has only ever done dangerous things to help others. You'd think after being his friend for three years you would know everything about him."

Harry mentally chuckled, 'If only that was true Hermione.'

Ron scowled at her, "Oh really? So you are telling me that if you got chosen and won that you wouldn't keep the money?"

Hermione growled as she turned away from Ron and leaned back against Harry's legs to which he gently started to rub her shoulders to calm her down, "I'm not saying I wouldn't, but that wasn't the point I was trying to make."

Ron's face started to get red in anger which Harry began to relish in. The one advantage of keeping Ron and Hermione around was that there was always enough high emotions to feed off of. His eyes snapped open to the Goblet as it gave a sudden burst of energy. "It's starting."

Hermione's eyes were half open as she relished in her best friend's touch, "What is?"

Harry smirked lightly and moved his hands off of her shoulders to turn her face towards the Goblet. "The reason we are here."

She blushed lightly and mumbled, "Oh." Harry smile widened as his friend moved to sit next to him. He gently flicked her nose, "You alright there Mione?"

The girl blushed gently and groaned as she buried her face into his shoulder to which Harry simply chuckled and wrapped his arm around her and kissed her forehead. To many, this was normal behavior for the two friends.

Harry knew that Hermione had a powerful crush on him and while his Master had advised him not to get attached to anything, it was rather difficult when it came to Hermione. She was after all his first real friend. Ron was part of the group but in all honesty his jealously of Harry's wealth and fame made it troublesome. He was lazy, arrogant, a slob, and had the temper that rivaled a dragon. In truth, Harry had no intentions of ever becoming married seeing as that left too much of an advantage over him.

However, this didn't mean he would simply push away a female that was willing to love him. Many Sith Lords of old had concubines if not wives for their use. This idea intrigued Harry and the hormonal teenager in him screamed for him to use his powers to dominate the women of this school for his personal use. The trained Sith Lord in him however easily pushed these thoughts away. If he ever takes on concubines then they would have to be powerful so that he could assist in the rebuilding of his Sith Order with his own children.

Hermione turned her head so she was watching the Goblet and gasped when the normal blue flame erupted into powerful red. It flared again and spat out a single piece of paper that landed in Dumbledore's outstretched hand.

He turned it over and clearly spoke up, "The Champion from Beauxbatons is Fleur Delacour." The school erupted into cheers which Harry could sense were very hollow and forced.

The Goblet activated again, spitting out another paper, "From Durmstrang…Victor Krum." The Norwegian school representative pounded his fist onto the table and jumped up to the howls of his fellow students.

Harry felt a warning in the force as the Goblet again flared to life, spitting out another name. Dumbledore smiled as he read the name, "The Hogwarts Champion is…Cedric Diggory!" Hogwarts let out a loud cry as Cedric slowly rose to his feet and walked forward. Dumbledore clapped him on the back and gestured for him to make his way to the antechamber behind the head table.

He then turned to the mass of people, "Excellent, we now have our three champions. As of this moment the…" Dumbledore stopped when several students started gasping loudly. He turned to see the Goblet of Fire spitting out flames at an alarming rate. The fire jumped out and formed an arc before condensing and shooting out another piece of paper. Albus instinctively caught it and looked at the slightly charred piece of paper.

His eyes widened as he whispered the name, "Harry Potter." He turned and looked around, "Harry Potter." The student body started looking around and Harry himself smiled coldly as the force's vision came to pass, "HARRY POTTER!"

He slowly rose with the elegance that his Master demanded of a Sith Lord. He slowly moved forward and could feel the anger and hatred building up around him. He wasn't surprised at all when Ron was seething and actually stormed out of the Great Hall. Hermione's emotions were a swirling vortex of confusion. Harry reached Dumbledore and the elderly wizard simply gestured to the back room to which Harry gently inclined his head.

The Sith Lord moved and entered the room to find the other champion standing and looking at the trophies that were on display. Fleur looked up and saw Harry and knew that whatever was going to happen had come to pass, "Harry what are you doing here? Do they want us?"

He smiled in a way that made Fleur go cold, "The games have just changed." The chuckle that he let go after this dropped the temperature of the room and Fleur knew that she would see the power of Harry Potter by the end of this competition.

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