Chapter 10

Harry's eyes hardened upon the sight of the students sitting with Hermione. Fleur put a gentle hand on her master's shoulder to prevent him from lashing out. "What is all this Hermione?"

The girl in question stood up with confidence and spoke, "Harry it is apparent to many of us that you are using some kind of new magic that has pushed your powers to new heights. Some of us are worried that this new power is dark…others are curious about the sudden change by you."

Harry's eyes narrowed, "So you thought it was ok to take it upon yourself and invite others to this gathering?" Hermione's mouth opened and closed several times before she shrugged. "That is your best answer? Did I not say that I would speak with you? You question my loyalties and yet you are the one who has lied to me."

This was a low blow to all listening as Hermione fell into her chair with tear glistening in her eyes. Neville Longbottom stood up and walked over to Harry, "Look Harry, despite Hermione's lying to you, those of us here are interested in the knowledge you clearly hold. Everyone who questions that knowledge is power are fools."

Harry raised an eyebrow at this, "And what caused this change in thinking?"

Neville didn't back down, "Everyday life, this isn't known by many, but my parents were driven insane by Bellatrix Lestrange….one of Voldemort's top Death Eaters. She is currently locked in Azkaban but with all the issues we have had each of the past couple of school years I won't sit in the dark while Voldemort comes back."

The group was silent as Neville spoke. "You think he will be back?"

Neville nodded stiffly, "I do…someone as powerful as Voldemort wouldn't leave anything like accidental death to chance…he was obsessed with immortality."

A gorgeous blonde with a cold mask spoke up, "Neville isn't the only one Potter, whispers within Slytherin house suggest that something will go down by the end of the year….certain families have habits of boasting."

Harry walked to the girl, "And you are?"

She tucked her hair behind an ear, "Greengrass, Daphne Greengrass and the second year over there is my sister Astoria."

Harry nodded, "Interesting." In total, the group consisted of Hermione, Neville, Daphne, Astoria, Blaise Zabini, Luna Lovegood, and much to Harry's surprise, Cedric Diggory. The students present were some of the bigger families within the wizarding world, outside of Hermione of course.

"Explain to me why I should divulge anything to you…what do I gain from it?"

Blaise smirked, "Mind like a Slytherin Potter…I knew you were one of us."

Cedric chuckled, "Regardless of what his housing is; I believe he just asked a question. In truth Harry you gain allies. I may have acted arrogant at first but it was because I felt that my thunder was stolen when you became another champion. Given that the past few years something has attempted to kill you it is only natural that you train to become better. The increase in raw power has many seventh years stumped. I want to know what you have done and if I can learn it as well. Hufflepuff has been on the sides for too long."

Harry turned to Luna Lovegood who looked at him with dreamy eyes, "I know you wield the very essence that our magic is formed from…I wish to wield it in its purest form."

The Dark Lord of the Sith turned to his apprentice and then turned his back to the group as he meditated upon this. The dark side raged around him and without intention his mind touched his Master's.

Vitiate looked through Harry's eyes, "So…curiosity, lust for power, and a want of knowledge….they will be easy to break."

His eyes snapped open and he turned to the small group, "If I even consider it I demand a loyalty oath to me so that anything that might be uttered will remain only to me."

The Slytherins nodded immediately and pulled their wands out for the oath. Neville followed them, "Our houses have always been allies and I would be honored to continue this."

Cedric was silent before pulling his own wand, "Hufflepuff is about loyalty…I will uphold this trait."

Luna didn't say anything except pulling her wand. Harry's eyes landed onto Hermione, "Well?"

The Gryffindor was silent for a moment as she pondered the thoughts. Dumbledore's words echoed in her mind but her loyalties to Harry spoke louder. Hermione nodded slowly, "I will."

The Sith Lord smiled darkly, "Good…let's get to work shall we?"

What proceeded next was the beginning of the new Sith Order under the apprentice of the Sith Emperor. Seven students swore their secrecy and silence to anything Harry would reveal to them….once the magical oaths had been sealed with magic Harry put up silence and protection wards with Fleur's assistance. He turned to the group and stood in front of them with his arms wrapped behind his back, "What is magic?"

Astoria answered, "The energy that we wizards command and use…it is within us from birth and only rare occasions within none magical family, like Hermione."

Harry nodded slowly, "Yes and no…magic is energy that we use…but it is so much more. It is valid that it presents itself in families with long histories of magical use, but it can appear in none magicals as well. It flows all around us…penetrating and connecting everything that is on this planet."

Harry looked up at the star filled sky that the Room of Requirement had put up, "Even our cosmos is connected by this power."

Hermione spoke up, "I understand that magic connects us…but even the stars? Sure we study Astrology and its effects with magic but are you saying that it can be controlled?"

Harry smirked, "Yes."

Everyone present felt a sense of excitement jump within them at this, "Magic is actually nothing more than a sub category of a much more potent and powerful essence called…the force. The force is an endless stream that is never ending and connects everything from the nine of us in this room, to the very stone foundation of Hogwarts. This is the power I have come to know and wield and with it…there is no limit to the power you can achieve."

Hermione spoke up, "But is power really that important Harry? I mean, power doesn't give way to happiness and freedom."

Harry smiled at Fleur, "If only you knew Hermione. This power does in fact grant both of these things and so much more."

Reaching out with the force, Harry quickly grasped onto everything within the room including the people siting within. The girls all gasped and Cedric and Blaise latched onto their chairs as they were lifting into the air effortlessly by Harry who hadn't moved an inch.

"Power is only a moment away from you and if you are willing to suffer and struggle for it…it will be yours as with all the secrets of the galaxy." This caught Hermione's interest and they listened with open ears as Harry continued to instruct them on this newfound power called, the Force.


On the planet of Coruscant, Darth Plagueis stood looking out of his window within his temple. For weeks his mind had been toying with the words that the dark side spirit had sent to him. What was his passion? The words of the Sith Code had always been dear to him and his order but it was never really as paramount as the Jedi but the spirit had made sense. What would the Sith do once the Jedi were destroyed and no longer in the galaxy? Sure there was the ruling of the Empire but life was a limitation that would eventually lead to the failure of any Empire. When he would pass into the force, his empire would be left to his apprentice, Darth Sidious…that is of course, Sidious didn't try and kill him before the Empire rose.

The Sith Lord turned away from his window and walk towards his secret doorway that led to his hidden laboratory deep within the bowels of his temple. Here, Darth Plagueis worked on his personal projects, studying the deeper and long forgotten secrets of the dark side. Holocrons of every shape and size lined the walls of his haven, giving the room an ominous glow. At the center of the room, was what looked like a large operating room within a standard medical unit…however, this one, was here for a special purpose.

Near a large metal table was a huge bacta tank with an alien creature submerged within the thick blue liquid. Plagueis looked upon the being inside with disgust written upon his normally stone face, "Any changes?"

A light wiring sound came from behind the bacta tank and a personal medical droid known as 11-4D walked into the glow of the dimly lit room, "No Master Plagueis, subject Venamis is still in a deep coma…I would be surprised if he wakes up anytime soon."

The Munn Sith Lord moved in front of the tank and sat down in the lotus position to meditate, "I don't want him to wake up…I want to try this once more."

The droid's photoreceptors flashed, "Master I think that you have toyed with this being's spirit enough…I would suggest letting him go onto the afterlife." Plagueis glared at the droid and started to meditate upon the dark side.

Reaching out with the force, he easily locked onto the dim signature of Venamis, the former apprentice of his own master, Darth Tenebrous. When he had killed his former master, Plagueis had made the assumption that there were no loose ends to tie up, this of course proved wrong as Tenebrous had a hidden apprentice this entire time.

The thought that his Master had broken the Rule of Two frustrated him to no end, but then his thoughts turned to his own apprentice Darth Sidious who was training his own disciple in Lord Maul. The rule stated that only two Sith could rule at a time, one to hold the power and the other to covet it. Plagueis knew that Sidious was planning to try and kill him, his attempt during their argument weeks earlier had been evident of that, but much to Plagueis' anger, he couldn't pinpoint his choice.

Sidious had always been a very clever and secretive apprentice but The Dark Lord of the Sith was just now beginning to understand the true brilliance of his apprentice. Plagueis pushed his thoughts away and focused on his task at hand. Reaching deep within the force, the Sith Lord grabbed onto the signature of his rival and pulled hard. The force protested and fought back for control but Plagueis pushed more of his power until he finally broke the hold the force held upon his enemy. A sudden roar of anger came from deep within the bacta tank and Plagueis simply opened his eyes to see the enraged face of Venamis looking back at him, alive and well.

"Kill me!"

Plagueis got up and walked around the tank, reaching out with the force to judge his work and find any holes within the fabric of his reborn rival. Venamis turned and glared at Plagueis even harder, "KILL ME!"

The Munn Sith chuckled, "Oh I have done that multiple times and then some my old friend…I have been meaning to ask you how it feels to be brought back so many times?"

Venamis hissed within his breathing mask and attempted to attack with the force to which Plagueis chuckled again, "I'm afraid not, you see, you just confirmed my suspicions with what I have been trying to do. In order to control your spirit, I had to sever the connection with the force that your body and spirit held…this gave me complete control over everything to do with you…including your midi-chlorians. With me in control, I could manipulate the output of force energy that your body is allowed to receive or in this case, be starved of."

The Bith that was within the tank finally spoke, "So you managed to control the very force within me…what will this prove for you?"

Plagueis closed his eyes as he drew upon the force, "It will ensure my reign indefinitely."


The following months went as expected, the second task came and went, Harry winning and his disciples Fleur and Cedric coming in closely after. In fact, it was being noticed by teachers and students that the abilities of those who followed Harry had begun to improve greatly, this fact caused Albus great concern which he expressed to several of his close colleagues, "I grow concerned that Harry has taken followers into his fold, I fear that he is teaching them in the ways of magic that is very dangerous."

McGonagall looked at him, "Albus surely you don't think that Harry would be teaching dark magic to his fellow students?"

The old wizard nodded slowly, "I believe and I am concerned that he has advance into the darkness much farther than we first thought. The change I have seen in him this year is nothing short of shocking and distressing. I am still awaiting a contact to confirm our fears."

McGonagall raised her eyes in shock, "You put up a student to this didn't you?" This was said in a statement instead of a question, "You are playing a dangerous game Albus, you better hope that Harry doesn't turn out to be like Riddle, because with how little that boy has in his life, turning his very friends against him might be the final push he needs."

Albus was silent as McGonagall stormed out of the room, "It is for the best Minerva, it is all for the greater good.


Harry's glowing yellow eyes snapped open from his meditation, a vision was granted to him, and one of great importance. Events in the future would be moving quickly in favor of the traitorous Bane Sith Order and they would need to alter this action.

"You have felt the future shift as well."

Harry turned to see his master standing before him, "I have milord, it would seem that something major is about to happen."

Vitiate nodded, "Indeed, Darth Plagueis has made an error is his calculations and underestimated the ambition of his apprentice, Darth Sidious."

Harry's eyes widened, "You already know who the ruling two are?"

His master nodded, "Are you surprised? If you intend to rule the galaxy then you have to know all that goes all within it. But back to the matter at hand, I found myself intrigued with Darth Plagueis, while he holds true to the teachings of Darth Bane, he is very open to the teachings of the force as a whole, much more willing to listen than the apprentice."

Harry rose to his feet, "You intend to have him join us?"

The Sith Emperor was silent, "When we form the Dark Council it will need individuals with wisdom and power, not just one or the other. You have loyal disciples yes, but they are young and stupid."

Harry nodded in understanding, "The vision I had, was of a planet that was being blockaded by massive battleships. Two paths opened up before me. The first was to spearhead a mercy mission against the blockade under the flags of the Mandalorians; the other was to let the force play out its intended path. If that happens, then the hands of the Jedi will be left in the grip of the Bane followers. However, if we play our hand to early with having Jango invade this planet, we will be watched."

Vitiate was silent for a moment as he watched his apprentice. Harry's eyes moved back and forth before widening, "It would have the Jedi trust us and be focused on the Mandalorians while the armada grows in the background."

Nodding his head, "Yes, with us influencing things in the galaxy the finger can be pushed at the Bane followers and leave us free to move. I believe that these events will come full circle within the remaining school term…from what I was able to find out, the planet you are referring to is Naboo and they have been blockaded by the Trade Federation, which is a front for an invasion by their droid armies. Plagueis' apprentice Sidious is the one pulling the strings with this occupation. While I believe Plagueis is involved I sensed a great deal of arrogance and sense of pride coming from Sidious. I believe that he will attempt to overthrow his mentor very soon."

Harry spat at the ground, "The stupidity of infighting has always been a weakness of the Sith Empires of old, and this Bane Order is no different."

Vitiate nodded, "A wise observation, perhaps you will be able to train disciples whom are more willing to accept their roles as apprentice and not the master."

Vitiate paused before resuming, "At least not the Supreme Master that is reserved for only you and I."

Harry nodded in understanding with what his mentor was saying. "This leaves us only two months until things finalize, there isn't much time…I don't feel that my disciples will be ready for combat unless…" Harry's eyes narrowed in thought, "I have more time."

A dark smile parted his lips and he looked up, "I believe I have found a use for our little spy." Vitiate smirked along with his apprentice as he felt the force shift in their favor even more so than it already was.


Minister Fudge looked down at the request forms for Hogwarts and then back up to Albus, then back down to the forms. "Albus you can't be serious? Letting the Granger girl have one of these during the last year was risky enough but I can't very well authorize a dozen time turners to be loaned out to students that are underage…what in the name of Merlin would they even be doing with them?"

Dumbledore was silent for a moment debating whether or not to tell Fudge of their suspicions of Harry's turn and possibility of training followers? Hermione seemed to stress that Harry would take them into his fold if he was presented with more time; this meant that Harry was planning something big and it was almost upon them. Deciding to roll the dice on this Albus spoke, "I believe that young Mister Potter has turned to the dark and is beginning to train followers. The time turners are for him I believe."

Fudge's face grew a dark shade of red, "And you just expect me to authorize the usage of items that will assist in his quest?"

Dumbledore nodded, "I do."

The Minister's glare intensified, "Give me one reason as to why I would do such a stupid thing?"

Dumbledore smiled before replying with his characteristic twinkle, "For the greater good." Before Fudge could burst in anger the aged wizard replied, "Look at it this way Cornelius, if Harry has indeed turned to the dark your decision to assist would be paramount in bringing him back to the light or, if need be, bringing him to justice…a jewel in anyone's campaign crown."

Fudge was very apprehensive about this, "You would hand over Harry if he has turned? Why? Why would you hand over your golden child?"

Albus signed, "Again I say for the greater good. I can't have the world suffer at the hands of another Voldemort. We have a chance to do something about it so I say we do."

The Minister thought before slowly nodding, "I will consider this Albus, can I give you the reply tonight?"

The old wizard nodded, "I await your reply."

The room fell silent as Albus left before Cornelius felt a cold chill go down his spine, "A wise choice Minister, Albus has been forced to show his hand."

The Minister turned to see Lucius seemingly appear out of the dark corner of the room, "Lucius my friend, what are you doing over there?"

The Sith Emperor in disguise smirked, "Simply checking on the affairs of the Ministry and I saw Dumbledore so I figured that he was here for something, especially considering that he has so much going on at school this year. Now then, you are going to let the students have the time turners correct?"

Fudge was silent before slowly finding his words, "I see the reasons for it, but I can't justify handing something such as a time altering device to someone who might be going evil."

Vitiate chuckled darkly, "Your misguided views of right and wrong are almost amusing."

Taken aback by the blunt nature of the comment the Minister sputtered, "I beg your pardon?"

Vitiate sneered, "I have had enough with simply sitting in the backdrop, after five thousand years of waiting one gets restless." The Emperor's eyes flared to life with the dark side of the force with a menacing purple, "You are my servant, slave, weapon, and you will obey!"

The Minister quickly grabbed his wand, "I will do no such thing Lucius, and you are under arrest for treason!"

The Emperor started laughing as he opened his hand and seized control of Fudge's throat, "No I am not, you on the other hand are." The dark laughter of the Emperor filled the office as Fudge's mind was dominated to the point of insanity, being forever bound to a new master.


Jango Fett looked at the image of Darth Sovereign as he finished his sentence. The lust for battle was already raging in his veins and now it burned like no tomorrow, "You are certain this is the path we are to take?"

Sovereign nodded, "It is, with the eyes of the galaxy upon you and your return to power beginning, it will enable the Empire to continue our growth in other realms."

Jango nodded slowly, "We have monitored the situation closely and it shouldn't be difficult to break the blockade…the Federation has only left a single droid control ship orbiting the planet."

Sovereign's lips twisted into a menacing smile, "We shall crush them into the dust…can your men handle a few battle droids?"

Jango let a loose chuckle go, "They will do their jobs. We would consider it an insult if one of us died to anything but a Destroyer Droid."

The Dark Lord of the Sith turned his head off to the left, "Things are now in motion Mandalore, our time has come again, my students and I will be there in two months' time, make sure your army is ready."

Jango nodded again, "The Star Forge has proven beyond useful Lord Sovereign, the clans have never been so well equipped before and with the fleet continuing to grow we won't be stopped."

Sovereign nodded in agreement, "In just two years, Darth Revan had an armada that almost brought the Republic to its knees, we have the advantage of time…we will not fail."


A week later Darth Sovereign was sitting cross legged deep within the Chamber of Secrets, the eerie quiet that was normally present within the room only broken by the occasional drop of moisture. The Sith Lord was deep in force meditating on the coming events and for a moment he felt at one with his power. His moment of silence was broken by a warning from the force and his flowing green eyes snapped open. The next sound that joined the room was the snap and hiss of his lightsaber, igniting from both ends, becoming his deadly staff saber. With a quick swing around his side, Sovereign clashed his blade with the glowing yellow blade of Cedric before he used the force to blast his pupil back and turned to intercept Fleur.

His true apprentice brought down her own yellow blade and let sparks hiss and crackle from the clash before using the force to amplify a jump over her Master. The Dark Lord of the Sith sneered at the simple tactic and answered it with a burst of force energy that caused Fleur to freeze completely. Gathering the dark side around him, Harry waited a moment more before the remaining of his students rushed him as a group before he unleashed a weak maelstrom that sent them all flying back with their yellow training sabers flying out of their grip.

Harry rounded on his students and lifted up with the force, grasping at each of their throats, "Pathetic. Did you honestly expect to overcome me with such simple tactics? By numbers?"

The Dark Lord hissed as his lightsaber deactivated and returned to his belt, "I have trained against the greatest master ever, I am attempting to teach you as well, but if this is all you have to offer after all this time then I don't know if you are worth it." The depth of his words struck deep within his students and they all actually looked down in shame once they were allowed to breathe again.

In truth, Harry hadn't expected much, how could he when he was only teaching them the very basics until he was sure of their loyalties. Of the group, they all showed promise in certain areas, but they had to have the foundation of basics before even attempting greater objects.

Neville had deep hidden anger that Harry longed to bring out, his hidden power and lust for revenge would make him a powerful swordsman, whether that be a Juggernaut or Marauder remained to be seen…assuming he embraced the dark side.

Daphne, Blaise, and Hermione all had brilliant minds and lusted after learning greater forms of knowledge.

Cedric was a wild card, his mind was well sculpted and he was naturally talented in reference to magical skill, which would translate into abilities with the force. It is possible that he would end up as an assassin just as Harry himself was.

The final two were Astoria and Luna, the former of the two was just like her older sister Daphne, her want for knowledge was almost at dangerous levels, but it was her cunning mind and seeing three steps ahead that made her so deadly.

The final one was Luna, and Harry had high hopes for her, she was a seer, there were no halves about it and her dormant abilities in the force would be of great use to the Emperor. Seers were even rarer within the Jedi and Sith orders when compared to the Wizarding world, but to have one at his disposal would help greatly. If she proved to be of substantial power, Luna would be one of his inner circle for sure.

The Dark Lord turned back to his student who were all standing up and had summoned their training sabers to themselves. "I'm not utterly disappointed in you all; in a very short time you have grasped abilities that would have taken other pupils years to comprehend. My biggest worry is that we won't have the time to complete the important parts of your training…at least that was a worry. Hermione?"

The brunette walked forward and opened up a red velvet bag and revealed multiple time turners. "Good, now, place them at the following points that I indicate."

Hermione went on to put the time turners where Harry pointed before coming back to the group. The Sith Lord waved his hand over a cauldron and it ignited and a deep blue liquid began to hiss and crackle within. "I'm going to use an advanced variation of Force Magic that will create a temporary distortion field in which time will flow at a slower rate than outside. I have never attempted this before so I don't know the effects it could have."

Before the others could respond, Harry started chanting in the ancient tongue of the Sith and fired off several bursts of force lightning into the mixture. It hissed loudly before going completely still. The room was silent for a moment before blue flames erupted from the cauldron and consumed it completely. The flames exploded out wards, causing those present to gasp as the flames washed over them. They looked down as the flames caused no harm and quickly formed a large ring around them as it connected to the Time turners on the floor.

Luna smiled dreamily before looking at Harry, "We are now immune to time Harry…at least the lack of nargles suggests so."

The Dark Lord nodded with an amused smirk, "I'm going to limit our time in the time field to a couple of hours for now until we know the extent of its range. We started the ritual at 8:30 pm so in two hours we shall see what happens."

The Sith Lord looked to his students and drew his lightsaber, "Now, prepare yourselves." The assembled group pulled their training sabers and readied themselves as their master lunged.


Vitiate looked around the abandoned opening in the forest he was standing. He was deep within the Forbidden Forest, almost thirty miles away from Hogwarts, and all around him were dark creatures that resided within. Werewolves, Spiders, and even the Centaurs were present; all the creatures were looking at him with distain.

The Sith Emperor smiled lightly as one of the four legged horsemen walked forward, "You have no place here evil one, we give you but one warning, leave the forest."

Vitiate raised both his arms, "Now why would I leave when this planet is mine?"

The Centaurs drew their swords and raised their bows, "Nothing belongs to you."

Vitiate chuckled and let the full fury of the dark side explode from him. He rose from the ground and lightning shot out and slammed into the ground sending a powerful shockwave into the surrounding woods. Death instantly began to consume everything that the dark side touched as the immortal Vitiate once again began to consume the very force around him. Everything within a ten mile radius was instantly turned to dust as the living force was drained and added to Vitiate's power.

Once his small ritual was done, the Emperor looked down at the dust that was the Centaurs and smirked. "This planet, the systems around it, they are all mine."

He looked up into the night sky at the stars, "This galaxy is mine, it is time I claim it, once more." The Sith Emperor willed the dark side around him and shot off into the sky returning in physical form to the galaxy he once ruled.

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