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Chapter One: An Interesting Transformation


Kagome stretched her arms out above her head, reveling in the satisfying release of tension in her muscles. She was on her way home from the last day of school. She had just successfully completed her junior year, and she was looking forward to some fun during her summer vacation. She whistled a familiar tune as she walked, the sun just beginning it's descent onto the horizon. Apparently she had spent more time with her friends after school than she thought, due to the lateness of the day.

Kagome shrugged to herself, it didn't really matter anyway. Her grandfather had left the previous day to visit a long lost aunt, or something or other. Her grandpa was crazy like that, always on the lookout for something new to do. Souta and her mother had left just that morning for Cub scout camp, and Mrs. Higurashi was the proud cub-leader.

Kagome smiled happily. Since the rest of her family would be gone for awhile, she was left alone with the house to herself for at least two weeks, maybe more if she was lucky. Maybe I could throw a party? Kagome grinned, a party was definitely possible. She'd have to call Sango later and-

A low combination of whining and growling startled Kagome out of her train of thought. She looked around, wondering where in the world that sound was coming from. Spotting a nearby alley, she crept toward it. As she inched her head around the corner, peering into the darkness of the alley, a small gasp escaped from her throat.

There lay the biggest dog she had ever seen.

A pure white and slightly shaggy dog lay on it's side in the alley. A large ruff of fur around it's throat was slightly stained crimson from blood, and Kagome's eyes widened. Who had hurt this beautiful dog?

She crept closer to the dog, hoping to help heal whatever wound it had. As the rest of her body came in full view of the white dog, it's head snapped up and locked it's gaze with her own with startling clarity. A low and dangerous growl was coming from the dog, and Kagome stopped dead in her tracks. The dog's muscles tensed as though to attack, but it suddenly yelped in pain, slightly curling in a ball.

Kagome's expression softened, and she dropped her backpack on the ground. Kneeling next to it, she searched around for a bit. Smiling in triumph, she pulled out half a sandwich left from her lunch. Dogs loved any and all food, didn't they?

Kagome walked towards the white Inu, trying to look as non-threatening as possible. She held the sandwich out to the dog, and added a soothing note to her voice. "Here, eat this."

The dog bristled at the girl's close proximity, but stared at the sandwich with obvious longing. Kagome sighed in irritation, and tossed the sandwich to the dog. It hungrily snapped the food up without a second glance.

"Alright puppy, now let me see your wound."

She took another step towards the dog, but it growled fiercely and let out a sharp bark. Her shoulders slumped in defeat, and Kagome walked backwards away from the white Inu. Sighing, she picked up her bag. Wondering why she was wasting so much time on a dog, she looked back. "Fine. If you won't let me help you, then I'll leave. No sense in getting my hand bitten off." She started towards her home at the shrine, which was luckily just up ahead in plain view. She had taken no more than ten steps however, when a sharp yelp alerted her that she was being followed.

Looking back, Kagome saw the white Inu standing on wobbly legs. Splatters of blood marked his trail from the alley, and a wave of sympathy washed over Kagome. Smiling slightly, she pointed at her home up ahead. "That's my house. If you can make it there, I'll take care of you." Kagome shook her head. I've totally lost it- I'm talking to a dog.

The dog gave a slight growl, but then just gave up. It wobbled, then padded up to where she was waiting. Kagome bit her lip in worry. I'd carry the poor dog, but it's waaaaaaayyyy too big. It's even bigger than a Great Dane! Geez, just what kind of dog is this? Reaching over, she gave the dog a reassuring pat on the head. She walked firmly towards the shrine, slowing her pace for the injured dog. The dog was still very unsteady on it's feet, and it would occasionally bump into Kagome's hip, causing the girl to stumble slightly.

Kagome sighed in relief as she opened the door to her home. Dropping her pack onto the floor, she made her way to the kitchen. The dog padded obediently behind her, cautious of the surroundings. Kagome grabbed a spare blanket, and spread it out on the kitchen floor making sure that the dog lay on it. She smiled as the dog put up no resistance to her orders. That's better. "I'm going to go get some bandages. You can rest for now, but I'll need you to get up when I return." Turning her back on the dog and walking towards the bathroom, she shook her head. Man, I'm must be really lonely to be talking to dog. Oh well, it's not like it can talk back or anything. It'd probably call me crazy if it could. She smiled at the last thought, pulling bandages and disinfectant spray from the first aid kit. She glanced down at her school uniform, wondering if she should change. She shrugged, she wouldn't need the uniform for awhile and she could just wash it anyways. Gathering her supplies in her arms, she walked back into the kitchen.

And promptly dropped everything onto the floor.

In place of the huge white Inu Kagome had rescued, was a very, very attractive boy with long white hair and two fluffy ears atop his head. Kagome stared at the boy in shock, meeting his stare to find he had vibrant golden eyes. What the HELL?

The boy stared at the hastily dropped supplies, then back at Kagome. And his oh-so-clever response was-

"Keh. You really are a clumsy bitch, aren't you?"


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