"Hey aeris said leo.
"What" she replied angrily
"We should make out Aeris i think you're relley atractive" said leo
*Punch* she said and Leo was out cold and she was very embarrass
Aeris was never one liked Leo in that way but this made her though about it a little more and she realized she may have love leo too
"I'm sory leo" said aeris sorrily
"I forgive you aeris *kiss* i love you" he said
Aeris turned red like a tomato and kissed back on the cheek "i lov you too leo" said aeris lovingly
Pnatsman acame in and said "Wow what you guys dooing!"
And aeris and leo were shokked. Very scared and turned red
"Pantsman what you do her this is our house go away" they both said angrily and ebrassadedly
"NO i think this is funny ha ha ha" pantsman laughed as he showed his camrea "this will go on internet"
And then the 2 lovers came to thinking together how to stop him as he rannd away

2 be continue.