Professor Ozpin was in his office, going through the stack of manuscripts of potential Beacon students. Glynda Goodwitch was out on patrol in the city to look out for any dust robberies happening in the area, as they had received word that one was bound to happen tonight, and when there was a dust robbery, odds are it would be accompanied by a certain former huntress they had been trying to find for years.

His scroll began to ring, and sure enough, it was Goodwitch. Ozpin put down the manuscript he was reading and answered his scroll.

"How did it go?" asked Ozpin.

"The crooks ran away, but none of the dust was stolen," said Goodwitch. "They were also being helped by our old friend."

"Figures," said Ozpin.

"That's not all that happened. Take a look."

Goodwitch sent Ozpin recorded footage of the robbery. As the robbery was taking place, a girl in a red hood appeared and was fighting off the criminals. Despite her age, she was fighting them off with relative ease using a weapon far bigger and advanced for someone like her to be wielding. Ozpin was amazed at the level of skill this kid was capable of.

"Quite impressive," said Ozpin.

"Impressive and dangerous," said Goodwitch. "She could have made things far worse for us. I have her in custody for questioning."

"That seems a bit harsh," said Ozpin. Ozpin grabbed his mug to take a sip of his coffee. "Did you at least get a name first?"

"Her name is Ruby Rose."

Ozpin instantly stopped drinking upon hearing that name. No, thought Ozpin. Could that girl really be who Ozpin thought she was?

"Did you say...Ruby Rose?"

"Is something wrong?"

"Tell me...what color are her eyes?"

"Her eyes? I believe they were silver. I don't see how that's relevant."

Ozpin put down his mug and turned to a photo on his desk. The photo consisted of a younger Ozpin and Goodwitch, along with several of their classmates back in their time as students of Beacon. He focused on one classmate in particular: A woman standing by the front. She had her trademark white hood, light blonde hair, a wide smile on her face, and those shiny silver eyes. The memories of that woman came rushing back all at once.

"Is something wrong?" asked Goodwitch, snapping Ozpin out of his trance.

"Miss Goodwitch, I want you to keep this girl in custody," said Ozpin. "I want to meet her myself."

Ozpin grabbed his cane and scarf, all the while thinking about those silver eyes. Those beautiful, carefree silver eyes of one of the greatest huntresses the world has ever known.

The eyes that have haunted him for the past eight years.