Title: Congenero

Author: Knife Hand

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Spoilers: None. A few differences to both SG1 and Buffy Canon but they will be explained.

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I do not either SG1 or Buffy.

Summary: Family is very important to the Scoobies. Family is very important to SG1. It just so happens that the Scoobies and SG1 are family.

A/N: I have changed the birthdates for both Sam Carter and Xander to make this story work, making Sam about a year older and Xander a few months younger. Title is Latin for 'binds by ties of kinship', at least that is what the online translator says.

"Come on Carter." Jack called as he passed her lab.

"I'll be there in a minute, Sir." Sam replied before turning back to the phone. "No, that's ok. Right. I will be out of contact for the next few days but you can leave a message on the number I gave you. Thanks."

Hanging up the mobile phone that was plugged into the base's communications system, partly to get a signal and partly so that the base's computer could automatically screen the call for key words but it would not be recorded like an off-base call on her work phone.

Turning the mobile off and placing it in a draw, Sam ran her hand through her hair and then picked up her P90 off the table and made her way to the gate, allowing her mind to wander while she made her way to the Gate. Her thoughts constantly repeating those four words that Colonel O'Neil had said to Malikai on P4X-639 a few months ago.

"I lost my son."

She could still feel the overwhelming sense of guilt that had filled her when he had said those words. Gilt that he had lost his son while she had given her own up. Sure it had been an unplanned pregnancy and she had only fifteen at the time and had not been up to brining up a child, but the guilt still remained. Now she had made overtures through channels to inform her son that she wanted to make contact if he was interested.

Stepping into the Gate Room, she shook the guilty thoughts from her mind and began to focus on the mission at hand.

Buffy was sitting on a bench in the central courtyard of University of Sunnydale, studying for her next class when a pair of hands slipped over her eyes.

"Hey beautiful." A husky voice said from behind her. "Guess who."

"Xander." Buffy replied, swatting his hands away from her face and turning to face him.

Xander leaned down and gave her a big kiss, which she returned.

"How was your class?" Buffy asked.

"Not too bad." Xander replied.

Buffy smiled as she leant back into his chest and he wrapped his arms around her. Four years previously, Xander had asked her to the Spring Fling and for a few minutes she had considered rejecting him, but then she had taken a chance and had accepted. That had changed everything. Xander had giver her something to live for, so her life was not simply being the Slayer but now it was part of what she was and was not who she was.

With Buffy's encouragement and the support of Willow, Giles and Joyce, Xander had buckled down and began to work at both school and training to help Buffy. With both Buffy and Xander's SAT scores, Giles and Joyce had pooled together their resources to get both of them into Uni, Giles having taken Xander in once they had found out how Tony and Jessica Harris treated him about eight months after Buffy had come to Sunnydale.

After long discussions amongst the 'family' of Buffy, Willow, Xander, Joyce and Giles, the three teens had chosen their University Courses. Unsurprisingly Willow had chosen Computer Sciences. Xander had decided on a Mechanical Engineering, having found an aptitude with it in class and a fascination when helping his Uncle Rory, the only relative he ever gotten along with, strip down and rebuild car engines. Buffy, in the end had finally decided on Criminal Psychology, reasoning that it would help her in Slaying if she needed to predict what Vampires or Demons would do.

The Scoobies had gotten into the rhythm of College life, the three of them having gotten a two bedroom apartment just off campus but were more that welcome in both Giles' apartment and the Summers household whenever they needed advice or just one of Joyce's amazing meals.

Buffy was still relaxing against her boyfriend's chest when she felt his mobile phone went off, using her Slayer hearing to listen in.

"Hello." Xander answered.

"Is that Alexander Harris?" a male voice on the other end of the phone said.

"Yes." Xander replied.

"My name is Marcus Williamson. I am from the Department of Children's Services. I am contacting you because there has been a request from your birth mother to see if you would be willing to meet. As your adoption record is sealed, your contact details can not be handed out unless you give permission." The man said.

"Excuse me?" Xander said. "Are you telling me that I am adopted?"

At this, Buffy sat up and took Xander's hand, letting him know that she was supporting him.

"My apologies." Marcus said. "I was under the impression that you had previously been informed of you adopted status. Now I understand that this is an unexpected surprise. It is your choice if we allow your contact details to be released to your birth mother or if we are to inform her that you do not want to meet."

Xander looked down at Buffy who was providing support without trying to influence his decision. All the 'Family' knew that the Harris' had not treated Xander well, but then again his birth mother had given him up.

"Yes. You may give her my name and contact number." Xander said, with a heavy sigh. "May I ask what my birth mother's name is, so I know who she is when she contacts me?"

"Of course, Mister Harris. Her name is Samantha Carter." Marcus replied. "I will inform my counterpart to let her know that you are agreeable to being contacted."

"Thank you. Goodbye." Xander said, before hanging up.

Buffy waited for a few minutes for Xander to process the new information before she stood up and pulled him to his feet.

"Come on, let's go inform the rest of the family." Buffy said, leading him out of the courtyard.

Sam walked into her lab and dumped her backpack and P90 on the desk, running her hand through her dirty hair. The mission had been four boring days while Daniel had examined some ancient ruins, while she had taken some soil samples for the first few hours and then had joined Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c in sitting around bored.

Sam wanted a shower and to get her post mission medical done but first there something she had to check. Grabbing her mobile from the draw she turned it on and it seemed to take forever for it to turn on. She plugged it into the base communication system as it finished booting up and she immediately dialled up the message bank. There were three messages, one from a telemarketer, the second from one of the few friends she had outside of the SGC asking when she would be free for coffee. It was the last message that she was waiting for.

"Miss Carter, it is Katherine from Children's Services. I have received word from my colleague. Your son has been contacted and has agreed to allow us to release his contact details to you. Please give me a call so that we can arrange a meeting to go through some final paperwork before all the details can be released. I can tell you that his name is Alexander Harris. I will await your call as soon as you are available."

Sam stared at her phone for a few minutes, stunned. He wanted to meet her. Oh my god, he probably wanted to know why she would give him up. She would have time to think on how exactly to explain it to him, but for now she was simply happy that he did not hate her, and a smile crept across her face.

Twenty minutes later, after a quick shower, Sam walked into the infirmary with a smile still on her face.

"Ok, admit it. You pranked the guys didn't you?" Janet said almost as soon as she walked in.

"What?" Sam asked confused.

"Oh come on, the rest of SG1 all came in looking miserable and downtrodden and you practically floated in here with a grin on your face. So, did you prank them?" Janet countered.

"No!" Sam replied. "I just got some good news when I got back."

"Oh I know that look." Janet smirked as she started the medical tests. "So… who's the guy?"

"Janet! It's not like that."

"Oh come on, Sam. What's the problem. Is he younger?" Janet prodded.

"Something like that." Sam reluctantly admitted.

"Details, girl." Janet teased.

"Janet." Sam said, resigned. "It's my son."

That caused Janet to stare in shock.

"I had him very young. Gave him up for adoption. I just got word that he is willing to meet with me." Sam said, tears running down her cheek.

"Oh Sam." Janet said, giving her friend an engulfing hug. "Is that why you could not leave Cassie?"

"I guess. That and she was just so scared." Sam replied. "Do you think you could be with me when I meet him?"

"Of course." Janet replied. "You going to take the guys too?"

"I'll have to see." Sam said, wiping her eyes. "I'm going to have to go tell General Hammond."

Ten minutes later found Sam standing outside General Hammond's office. She hesitated for a second before knocking.

"Enter." Hammond called.

Sam walked in and stood in front of the General's desk.

"Sir." Sam said.

"Is there a problem, Major?" Hammond asked.

"Sir, I may be needing some personal leave in the next few weeks." Sam said.

"Of course, Major, SG1's schedule is fairly quiet for the next few weeks, and you most certainly earned it. When will you need the leave?" Hammond asked.

"I'm not sure, Sir." Sam replied. "I know you served with my father, Sir. Did he ever tell you much about my teenage years?"

"No, Major." Hammond replied. "Does that have bearing on your leave?"

"Yes, Sir." Sam said, before taking a deep breath. "I will be meeting my son for the first time since he was born."

"Very well." Hammond said. "Did you want me to dial the Tok'ra to inform your father?"

"No, Sir." Sam replied. "At least not until I have met him."

"Let me know when you need the time off." Hammond replied. "Dismissed, Major."