Title: Congenero

Author: Knife Hand

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Spoilers: None. A few differences to both SG1 and Buffy Canon but they will be explained.

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I do not either SG1 or Buffy.

Summary: Family is very important to the Scoobies. Family is very important to SG1. It just so happens that the Scoobies and SG1 are family.

A/N: I have changed the birthdates for both Sam Carter and Xander to make this story work, making Sam about a year older and Xander a few months younger. Title is Latin for 'binds by ties of kinship', at least that is what the online translator says.

Sam and Xander had taken a few steps towards the SGC people when Buffy stepped up besides her boyfriend.

"Do you mind if I come too?" Buffy asked.

Sam paused a second. She knew how intimidating her team could be and she could see how much Buffy cared about Xander.

"It's up to Xander." Sam replied.

Xander gave a relieved sigh and put his arm around Buffy. The three if them approached the Military team.

"Guys, this is my son, Xander Harris, and his girlfriend, Buffy Summers." Sam introduced. "Xander, Buffy, this is my team. This is my CO, Colonel Jack O'Neill."

"Hey." Jack said.

"This is Doctor Daniel Jackson, our resident Archaeologist, Linguist, Anthropologist and whatever else we need." Sam continued.

"This is Murray." Sam said, indicating to Teal'c.

"It is an honour to meet the offspring of such a capable warrior as Major Carter." 'Murray' replied.

"Thanks, I think." Xander replied.

"That was a complement." Sam said. "And this is my best friend, and the CMO of our base, Doctor Janet Frasier."

"A pleasure." The Doctor said.

"So… what do you do?" Jack asked.

"I'm at Collage, as is Buffy and Willow, that's the redhead." Xander replied. "I won't bother asking what you do. With two Special Forces, a Linguist who is also an Archaeologist and Sam, who Willow reliably informs me, is in the top five smartest people in the world, I don't want you to lie with your cover story."

"Top five, Carter?" Jack asked.

"Well…" Sam said, embarrassed.

SG1, hell the entire base, knew that she was the smartest person on the base, but she had never revealed how much of a Genius she really was.

"Number four, wasn't it?" Buffy asked, getting a slight nod from Xander. "That's very good. Willow herself is, what? Seven?"

"That's what the CIA, NSA and DARPA recruiters said when they tried to get her to sign up." Xander replied to Buffy. "You do know that DARPA offered her a five million dollar signing bonus, right."

"Wait, wait, wait!" Jack said. "One, what makes you think any of us are Special Forces? Two, she turned down a five million dollar singing bonus from DARPA?"

"It is obvious that both you and… Murray, are Special Forces." Buffy replied. "The way you stand, the way you move. The fact that the both of you have a pistol in the waistband of your pants, under your shirts. The only reason you would need a scientist like Sam and a people expert like Doctor Jackson, is if you are after some form of technology in a foreign country. That means Covert Operations, which means Cover Story."

"As for Willow, she has a moral objection to the CIA and NSA, and well, DARPA kind of pissed her off when they stole some of her coding, though they did not know it was her." Xander added. "Funny thing is, they wanted to hire Willow to track down Willow, not that they knew that."

"Why were they looking for her?" Sam asked, in concern.

"Because she used a back door to disable the coding they stole from here, and made it delete itself." Buffy said with a shrug.

"But if DARAP needed that program…" Jack began.

"Then they should have paid the licensing fee, rather than stealing it and trying to wipe her entire system with an attack virus." Xander replied calmly.

"Shit!" Jack said. "I thought the DARPA guys were smarter than that."

"They used to be, sir." Sam replied.

"Oh, right." Jack said.

There was a slight pause in the conversation.

"Sir, I think you should…" Sam began.

"Right, campers, let's go see if we can find some food." Jack said.

"I do believe there is a steak house in the vicinity." 'Murray' said.

"Sweet." Jack replied.

"Buff. Why don't you take the family back to the Hotel. And tell Cordy and Faith they don't need to keep lurking around." Xander said.

"You got it, Xand." Buffy said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Sam watched as Buffy made her way back towards Xander's group, and made gestures at a tree and a nearby rotunda. The SGC personnel missed the newcomers as they were walking in the opposite direction, but Sam was surprised when two young women, both dark haired, emerged. One in black leather pants and a black tank-top dropped out of the tree with ease and seemed to stalk over to Xander's family, while the other, dressed in casual but stylish clothes, smoothly rose from behind the rotunda and seemed to glide over to the group.

"Cordy and Faith." Xander commented. "Old friends, but they live here in LA now. They just wanted to make sure that we were ok."

"Wow." Sam said. "We swept the area before you got here and did not even see them."

"Well, they do run a PI firm and this is their home turf if that makes you feel any better." Xander said.

"Aren't they a bit young to be doing that kind of work?" Sam said.

"Cordy grew up amongst the rich elite, so she works the high end contacts. Faith grew up in a rough part of Boston. She saw more action just staying alive than most veteran Cops see in their entire career." Xander replied.

"You have some interesting friends." Sam said.

"You're one to talk." Xander replied, with a slight grin.

Sam thought back over all the adventures she had while with SG1 and chuckled at the comment.

"You're right." She replied.

"So, do you… do we have any other family?" Xander asked after a few moments.

"Well, there is my brother Mark and his family. He has a wife and two kids, a boy and a girl. They live in San Francisco. I don't speak to them that much because Mark hates the Air Force." Sam explained. "My dad, your grandad, is an Air Force General. He mostly works overseas. I get on well with him, and I am sure he would like to meet you. He took time off when I had you and looked after you a few times before… well, you know."

It was still hard for Sam to talk about giving Xander up when he was a baby.

"You have to understand how momentous him taking time off was." Sam continued. "I mean I can only remember one other time he took time off and that was when my mother died."

Xander just stood, lending quiet support as Sam was deluged with the memories of her dead mother. He did not give the platitudes most people gave when they heard someone had died. They both knew what it was like for those close to them to die.

"So…" Xander began nervously. "Do you really think he would want to meet me?"

"Of course he would." Sam reassured him. "Look, next time he is back in the country, I will talk to him."

"That sounds great." Xander replied. "How about we go and get some coffee over there and talk about what our lives are like. The non-classified stuff."

"That sounds nice." Sam replied. "So how long have you known Willow and Buffy?"

"Willow and I grew up together. Kindergarten, primary, the whole bit. I think we were even in the same nursery at the hospital." Xander said. "Buffy though, I met her in sophomore year."

"Jacob. Welcome back to Earth." General Hammond said as the wormhole disengaged.

"What's up, George." Jacob Carter replied. "Your message said it was important but not urgent that I, specifically, come to Earth."

"Yes. This is not a Earth Tok'ra matter, Jacob. It's about Sam." Hammond replied.

"Is she hurt? Is she ok?" Jacob asked, going into father mode.

"Physically, she's fine." Hammond reassured him. "She is waiting for you in the briefing room."

Slightly confused, Jacob made his way up to the briefing room. General Hammond stayed in the control room, which Jacob found slightly odd. When he reached the top of the stairs he found Sam sitting there, obviously nervous but also both excited and scared.

"Hey Sammie." Jacob said. "George said you needed to see me."

"Dad." Sam said, getting up and hugging her father. "Sit, please."

Jacob took a seat across from Sam and waited. He knew his daughter well enough to know that she was working out what she needed to say.

"I found him." Sam blurted out after a few minutes.

"Found who, honey?" Jacob asked, still confused.

"It started during a mission. Something Colonel O'Neill said, it got me thinking." Sam continued, ignoring her father's question. "I mean, I know it was a long time ago, but I just had to know. But now I found him and it is great, but it is also confusing and sad."

"Sammie." Jacob said, making sure to catch her attention. "I have no idea what you are talking about."

"Oh, right. Sorry, Dad." Sam said, running a hand through her hair. "I found my son."

The memories washed over him. Sure, at first he had been angry and hurt that his little girl had gone and gotten pregnant. He had thought for sure that it would ruin her chances of a good education, and he had wanted to find the little punk who had gotten her pregnant and pound him into the pavement. Of course he should have known better. Sam had knuckled down and even with the time off school during the latter stages of the pregnancy and the birth, she had still come in top of the year. In the few days his little grandson had been around the baby had managed to worm its way past all of his defences. He had been devastated by Sam's decision to give the baby up, but he understood it and gave his little girl his full support. The only time in that entire year where Sam had not been up to the challenge was in the weeks following giving the baby up. She cried for three days, and was like an automaton for almost a week afterwards. She had slowly recovered but she was never quite the same, and was a bit more reserved around people after that, dedicating herself more to science than she had before.

It had turned out to be the right decision, as just after the end of that year he had been posted to another base on the other side of the country and had spent twenty-two of the next twenty-four months deployed overseas. Mark and Sam had been able to take care of themselves, with some help from the wives of some of the officers under his command, but they would not have been able to handle a child.

"That's brilliant, honey." Jacob said in support. "What's he like?"

"He's all grown up." Sam said, wistfully. "He goes to UC Sunnydale, doing Mechanical Engineering. Lives with his Girlfriend and best friend, also female, in a small apartment off campus. He gets on well with his girlfriend's mother, and has a strong male role model in his life. He is happy, but I don't know that he needs me."

"It's not about need, Sammie. He's family." Jacob replied.

"That's what he calls them. His family." Sam said. "But he still wants to keep in contact with me. And he wants to meet you."

"Of course he does." Jacob noted. "They are where he going; we are where he has come from. You need to know both to be truly happy."

"Thanks, dad." Sam said, wiping a tear from her cheek.

"You still haven't told me his name."

"Sorry, dad. It's Alexander Harris, but he prefers to be called Xander."

"So, they kept his first name." Jacob said with a smile. "Told you it suited him."

"Of course it did, dad." Sam replied. "I named him."

Jacob chuckled at that and moved around the table to give his daughter a hug.


A/N: You will note in this chapter that Buffy did not react to Teal'c. Unlike most Buffy/SG1 crosses, I am not having a Slayer able to detect a Goa'uld. The Slayer detects demonic energy, and while the Goa'uld are Evil, they are not demonic. It would be like having a Slayer be able to detect Cancer or a tapeworm, so no snakehead detector for the pointy stick club.