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Maddie's POV:
The cold air whips at my face as I step out of the station wagon. I lend a hand to my younger sister, Mackenzie. She stands beside me, marveling at the magnificent sight ahead of us. Thousands of people bustling around the dock, some with whining toddlers, and others keeping close with their lovers. Mackenzie and I are here for a different reason, and I can't possibly wrap my mind around the fact that I, Madison Nicole Ziegler, was offered to dance with the most prestigious dance group in New York. It just blows my mind every time I think about it.

Mackenzie interrupts my train of thought with, "Maddie, are you forgetting something?"

I snap back to reality, and say, "Right, the bags...and the tip!" I hand our chauffeur a mere three pounds and pick up the two bags that belong to me, and Mackenzie does the same with hers.

Mackenzie is full fledge excitement as we stroll across the busy square, trying to avoid collisions with others, and avoiding anyone that seems to be riding third class, as my dance instructor directed me to do.

"Do you see that? Maddie!" Mackenzie squealed.

"Sorry, I was just focusing on maybe, I don't know, getting on the ship?"

"Fine, we'll get on the ship, and then you'll have to listen to me."

I roll my eyes, and continue on my way, making sure Mackenzie stays close behind me.

We walk for about five more minutes before coming across the loading dock. I stare up at the ship, and just marvel in its existence. The Titanic is just absolutely gorgeous, just wading in the water, waiting for its many passengers to come aboard.

Mackenzie, once again, jolts with, "Are we going to get on or...?"

I laugh, and then answer, "I guess we should, shouldn't we?" So, I grab her hand, and we make our way towards the counter where we would verify everything.

Once we are able to talk to the man, he asks anything that you would expect; name, age, class, etc. I handed him my ticket, and then, it was Mackenzie's turn, and she was able to pass through, also.

We stand right before the doors, and together we make our way up the ramp, starting our new life together.

As we walk through the ship, there are so many people its unreal! There's families with children, some large, and some small, and there's lovers sweet talking to each other, and then there's people like Mackenzie and I, without any parents, and trying, desperately trying, to find their way around on this massive ship.

I'm fiercely gripping the pocket map that was provided, and I swerve down countless corridors, all streaming with people bustling around, trying to find their rooms. By now we aren't encountering any third class passengers, so I don't have to worry about not glancing towards them.

Finally, we come across our suite; number B60. I turn the key in the lock, and we enter the room, the door closing with a slight thud. My hands are stiff from carrying my heavy bags across so many hallways, and I set them down atop of the sofa in our room. I hadn't even began to look around, when Mackenzie shouts, "Maddie! Come look at this room!"

I pick up my two suitcases, and as I make my way into the bedroom, I am amazed by all of the glamour that exists in this very suite. Just think, this isn't even the nicest of the first class rooms, and it still must've cost a fortune!

When I reach Mackenzie, I see that she's sitting on a double bed, that has a gorgeous headboard that must've been made of the finest of wood. And the flooring was hard, but still extremely soft under my feet.

"I call this room!" Mackenzie said. I roll my eyes, and claim the next room over, which was still very marvelous. I set my bags down beside the foot of the bed, and I think to myself, "This will do."