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"Elsa, be a good girl and listen to what the teachers say, Mama will pick you up later in the afternoon, okay?" asked the Queen.

The little girl was not listening at all, she did not want to come here. Those years in her little town, she was happy, she lived in a small cottage near the lovely woods, wind would often visit the place and she could hear its calm whistling. The grass would sway gently and a couple of hares would stand straight and twitch their ears. The squirrels that were perching on the tree braches would pop their heads out of the quaint tree holes. The birds would fly from one tree to another, and finally found a place at the wooden beams under the eaves. Wild ponies would occasionally drop by and lower their heads, grazing while ticking their ears and swinging their tails at ease. Down to the path, there were a couple of houses with grey smoke coming out from the brick chimney near the evening, the children would gather in the field and play until their parents called them for dinner. Once a while, the grandparents would come and visit her and bring her different kinds of treats.

But one day, she was taken out of the cottage, and the next moment she found herself locked in a large room, dolls were neatly placed at the far end corner and books stood on the shelves and cases. At the right, the quilt and pillows were spread tidily on the four poster pastoral bed. The white curtains were almost translucent, vaguely showing the other side of the bed. The lights penetrated into the room through the clerestory windows and everything looked different from what she wanted. She missed the room that she used to have. There would be a bowl of cornflakes with sugar and cream on the bed, the books stood on the shelf by the bed, leaning together with always two or three laid flat on top because she had not put them properly. Though the books were not placed orderly, they were never dog-eared or scratched. She read about the winged ponies and the farm boy, how the March sisters find their true love, how the little red-haired girl live with imaginations and the funny adventures of the little teddy bear in his blue coat and red hat. Everything was all right, everything was fine and friendly.

"Mrs. Andersen!"

"Your Majesty…"

"It's alright, my girl is having her first day at school, and the teachers should be notified that…"

The school iron gates were tall and jet black, with beautiful and regal French design patterns on the top. The school name was embedded below the patterns but this did not make Elsa feel comfortable.

"Okay, Elsa," said the Queen and she bent down, hugging her daughter. "Just listen to what Mrs. Andersen says, okay? Mama will come back in the afternoon."

"Mama, I don't want to," whimpered Elsa and she ringed her arms on her mother's neck, trying to hold back her tears. "I'm scared…"

"No, it's okay, it's okay, and I'll be back soon."

She watched her mother got back into the limousine and the vehicle disappeared around the corner. Mrs. Andersen held her little hand and led her through the gates and entered the building. All the children and staff eyed on her as she walked in the corridor, making her felt uneasy. Surely, she was just only a child?

Mrs. Andersen led her to a room and the children inside looked at her curiously, some looked puzzled while some of them looked surprised. Elsa stood in front of them and frowned while looking up at Mrs. Andersen.

"Now children, this is Elsa, I want all of you to be nice with her and make her feel home," said Mrs. Andersen. "Elsa, you can sit over there with Mia, okay? Oscar, can you get her the workbook please?"

"Yes, Mrs. Andersen."

Mrs. Andersen smiled at Elsa and she began to write something on the board. Oscar came to Elsa and gave her the workbook. Mia, a little girl with brown hair and dark eyes grinned at her and helped her flipped over the page.

"Today, we're going to learn numbers," said Mrs. Andersen. "Some of you may have learnt that already. Now, let's see if you know the numbers by heart. What is the number after four?"

"Five!" chanted the children, Elsa smiled, after all it was the same as the school I had been in.

"And before two?"


"Very good, then after nine?"

"Ten," answered the children, and Elsa joined in the chant too.

"Excellent, you're getting started, Elsa," said Mrs. Anderson. "What about after two?"


The lessons were enjoyable, and it was exactly the same as she had had back there at the cottage. The lessons ended at twelve, the children hurried to the playground and ran around. Mia invited Elsa to their game and Elsa accepted.

"You go first, you're the princess," said Mia as they arrived at the hopscotch.

"What're you saying? I'm not the princess," said Elsa. "I'm just Elsa."

"Everyone knows you're the Princess Elsa of Arendelle."

"But I am not a princess, I don't have wear gowns and have tiaras."

"But that's what it says on the television," said Mia. "My Mama and Papa tell me that yesterday your parents had become the King and Queen."

"But how come I don't know anything?" asked Elsa.

"I don't know…"

"Hey, are you the princess?"

A group of boys come over to the two girls and smirked.

"I'm not a princess, I'm just Elsa," said Elsa and she knew something bad would happen.

"Oh, really? Let's see if the princess is better or we boys are better."

"Hey, don't be bullies!" said Mia and she went in front of Elsa.

"We didn't, we're just inviting her to play with us."

The boys got closer and the girls backed away, until they were pressed against the wall, panic-stricken. Mia whimpered but still she tried to be brave.

"I'm not afraid," said Mia.

The boys laughed and mimicked what she had said. Mia bit her lips and did not know what to do. Elsa was frightened and she wanted to see her parents, but they were not here yet. In fear, she did something that she would not want to do it again.

Snow flurries shot out from her palm and hit the boys. Mia gawked at the sight and the boys staggered backwards, crying as they saw ice on their shirts.

"Mrs. Johnson!" wailed the boys and they sat on the ground.

The Queen arrived in time and knew what had gone wrong. She spotted Elsa hiding in the corner and couched down, weeping over her mistake. Mia wanted to make her feel better but she did not know how.

The school day seemed to be so long that Elsa did not want to go back to school again. She asked if she could go back to the cottage but the Queen said no for an answer.

The next day, she was given a pair of gloves to wear, though Elsa often took them off, the teachers were reminded to eye on her in case her power went out of control again.