Klaus hadn't explained anything over the phone. Instead he had hung up once Elijah had agreed.

In his arms, Damon continued to shake. Despite the coolness of Klaus' body his temperature was increasing and Klaus grew worried as more feathers began to fall from his wings. While he had been on the phone, Damon had woken slightly, his eyes focusing on Klaus' face for a fraction of a second before he closed his eyes once more. He hadn't reacted when he'd seen Klaus so close. Any reaction, even one of terror, would be preferable to this incoherent state.

He reluctantly moved from the bed, a slight burst of happiness forming when he saw Damon unconsciously reaching for him. Damon needed to feed. Before his illness, the Angel had barely eaten anything and refused to even look at the food in Klaus' presence.

Klaus returned to the basement with water and yogurt. In the short time Klaus had been away, Damon had rolled onto his side and he could clearly see the sweat droplets rolling over his skin. His breathing was laboured and it only calmed and became regular as Klaus neared him. At that, Klaus smirked to himself. When Damon was awake he might pretend to hate him but for now, his body needed him. Could there be some hope?

He sat behind Damon, moving the Angel gently until Damon's back was to his chest. Damon's skin felt damp on Klaus' naked chest and his smirk grew as he felt Damon shiver against him and lean into his touch. Klaus was careful not to touch Damon's sensitive wings, the result of last time rushing through his mind. They clearly created orgastic feelings within Damon's body... He could just imagine how Damon would react, given the situation, to the stimulation of his wings. Klaus could almost hear the cries that Damon would release...

He stopped his thoughts abruptly. He couldn't think like that. If he did and Damon didn't want him... Instead he raised some of the yogurt to Damon's lips, parting them slightly to let the cool food slip between them. Klaus raised his fingers to massage his throat so he could force Damon to swallow. At the action, Damon's eyes fluttered open and for the first time in days, his eyes focused on Klaus face.

Damon turned his face away from the spoon of yogurt and instead tucked his head into Klaus' chest. As he did, he attempted to spit the yogurt out.

"No," Klaus said softly but firmly. Using a finger, he cleaned the yogurt from Damon's chin. "You've got to eat it."

In response, Damon closed his eyes and Klaus thought he had lost him to the fever once more. Instead Damon opened them a few moments later and swallowed thickly before speaking. "What is it?" The words were raspy and appeared painful to say so Klaus reached for the glass of water and raised it to Damon's lips. Thankfully he accepted the water and only moved his head away when he'd had enough.


"What type?" Damon's voice sounded smoother now and his eyes were lighter.

"Strawberry," Klaus replied slightly confused. He looked at the light pink food on the spoon, wondering if he'd made a mistake with the flavour.

"Good." Damon reached for Klaus' hand and put the finger that was covered in yogurt into his mouth. Klaus could feel his tongue on his finger, flicking over the surface to make sure that every tiny bit was off. Klaus watched him, seeing the obvious pleasure the food was giving Damon and he doubted the Angel knew how erotic the act looked. He looked away, refusing to watch the innocent being any longer. But that was worse. Images flooded Klaus' mind so instead he looked back to Damon who had now moved away and was leaning back against Klaus' chest once more. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Damon cocked his head to one side, curiosity evident in his voice.

Innocent. Klaus swallowed thickly. Over the centuries he had yet to meet any supernatural beings with no experience. Being on the earth for decades wore thin... It was a rarity to find one as pure as Damon. "Like what?" Klaus replied and he saw Damon's cheeks blush red.

Damon tried to hide his face and Klaus let him, needing a break from those blue eyes. "Like you want to eat me."

Klaus grimaced at his choice of words, memories of the attack coming to the forefront of his mind. "Hasn't anyone ever looked at you like that?"

The Angel shrugged, obviously self-conscious. "Not really. Or I haven't noticed. We don't normally notice or pay any attention unless it's from our ma-". Damon cut off abruptly and his cheeks flushed even redder at his mistake. He tried to move away from Klaus but his illness made him even weaker than normal. With no effort, Klaus kept him held to his chest. "Why am I even talking to you?" Damon asked to himself. He sounded shocked at the notion. "I should hate you...but I don't. I don't know why..." His ramblings trailed off and Klaus chuckled lightly.

"Why should you hate me?" Klaus took the opportunity with grasping hands. If the only time Damon would willingly speak to him was when he was ill, then Klaus would take it. Maybe the illness made Damon relax somewhat, and become careless with the things he was saying?

"Because you're a vampire," Damon said confidently as if his explanation was the most obvious thing in the world. "You proved earlier that you want to eat me, and you looked at me the same way not a few moments ago." Klaus' eyes widened a fraction in shock as he realized just how little Damon knew. The way he looked at him hadn't been in blood lust... His arms subconsciously tightened around Damon at yet another sign of his innocence.

Damon allowed Klaus to feed him more of the yogurt. This time from a spoon, and not from his fingers. Klaus didn't know whether to feel annoyed at that or relieved.

Deciding it was best to not tell Damon about his Hybrid status - another battle of wills, tears and arguments was to be avoided at all costs - he continued with their conversation. "Why would you hate me because of that?"

"Because it's not natural," Damon said as he took more yogurt from the spoon.

"Says the man with the wings sprouting from his back," Klaus stated before he could stop the words.

In his arms, Damon tensed and pushed the yogurt away from him. When Klaus offered it to him he shook his head and turned onto his side despite only finishing half of the bowl. "Damon?" Klaus questioned. He let the Angel move away from him, noting how his wings twitched slightly.

"Just go," Damon whispered and his voice shook with tears. Once more his wings curled around him. Effectively dismissing Klaus.

Klaus stood to leave and took one last look at Damon before he shut the door behind him.

He made his way to the library, cursing his own mouth for his stupid words. Lost in his own mind, he barely noticed Elijah sitting in the arm chair by the fire, a glass of scotch in one hand.

"So you finally decide to greet your brother," Elijah said calmly as he twisted a piece of broken glass in his hand. Klaus vaguely remembered throwing it against the wall only days ago.

Klaus looked towards him as he poured himself a drink before taking the seat opposite the other vampire. "Elijah," he said calmly.

"To what do I owe the pleasure, brother?" He took a sip from the glass while studying his brother's face intently. Klaus' hazel eyes were dull and skin seemed paler than usual. All signs of no sleep and a lack of feeding. "You don't look so well," Elijah added quietly. "Are you feeding?"

"Nothing tastes the same," Klaus said. It was the first time he'd acknowledged that he had a problem. Before he had refused to admit it, even to himself. Ever since the first taste of Damon's blood, nothing else had matched with it. As time had passed, his body had come to reject all types of blood. He had even resorted to animal blood and that had had the same effect. "His blood, it's so pure...nothing can describe it."

"I guess 'he' is the reason you called?" Elijah saw the spark of hope in his brother's eyes and knew instantly that this person was the cause. Even if Klaus should try to lie or deceit him like so many times in the past.

His brother nodded in reply. "He's ill. I don't know why." Elijah noticed the way Klaus schooled his features - the slight hardening in his eyes gave him away, even after centuries.

"What else happened?"

"I attacked him," Klaus admitted as he drank the remainder of his scotch. He went to get more. "I fed him my blood and it healed his physical injuries but not his illness."

Elijah leaned forward, his elbows coming to rest on his knees. "Tell me more about him," he demanded.

"He's an Angel," Klaus began. He looked to Elijah, expecting his brother to scoff at the notion and deem him 'love sick' or some other variation of the term. Instead Elijah simply nodded and appeared to relax slightly. "I take it by your lack of surprise that you've met one before?"

"Only one. Back in 1854 in Mystic Falls. It was only a child though." Elijah thought back to the event. It had been years since he'd let the memories resurface. "He was about ten years of age at the time."

Klaus watched his brother silently. Another Angel in Mystic Falls? He found the coincidence to be unlikely. "What did he look like?"

"Dark hair, the darkest I have ever seen in this part of the world. And his eyes, so blue...In all my years I've never met anyone with eyes like that..." Klaus bristled at his brother's words - Damon's hair and eye colour coming to mind. Surely, Elijah couldn't have?

"His wings?"

"He didn't have them at the time. After meeting him I researched their species and found that they receive their wings and immortality at the age of their maturity - 20 years of age. Which would have been in 1864."

Klaus thought back to the scars on Damon's back. They were long an thin, their edges jagged and still pink as if fresh. Damon's scars must never heal correctly, which would allow him to hide his wings with the minimum of discomfort... "How did you know he was an Angel then?"

"Tears of blood. I didn't know at the time but after years of research I found that they were the only species able to do so." Elijah sighed loudly, a sound Klaus had hardly heard from his brother. He saw Elijah's eyes glaze over and he knew his brother was searching through centuries of memories to find the one he was looking for. "His father had beaten him. His body was covered with lacerations and bruises. I found him in the forest - just past Wickery Bridge."

Chills ran down the length of Klaus' spine. It had been a long time since he had felt anything like them. "It's not a coincidence..." He murmured, temporarily forgetting about Elijah. "He's here for a reason." Klaus stood, placing his glass on the side table. "I think there's someone you need to meet."

Wake Me Up

"It's him," Elijah said with disbelief. He barely noticed the sickly pallor to Damon's skin or the feathers on the floor. All he could focus on was the black hair and the cerulean blue eyes that looked around the basement without focusing on anything. "Its really him..." He walked towards the Angel, ignoring the glare that Klaus gave him. Elijah reached a hand out and carded it slowly through Damon's sweat drenched hair.

When Elijah touched Damon's hair, Klaus barely restrained the jealously that threatened to boil over. He took a step forward, intending to tell Elijah not to touch the Angel when Damon leaned into his brother's touch, seeking the coldness of his skin in the same way he had Klaus'. "Why is he ill?"

Elijah, thankfully, moved away from Damon. "He's a creature of nature," he started. "And you've kept him sealed in a tomb, Klaus." Elijah looked at him with hard eyes, his tone unforgiving. "Why? He needs to be out in the open, in the manor grounds at the very least!" Elijah looked back to Damon to see his wings trembling and his body shaking.

"When I found him, I needed him," Klaus said with such conviction that Elijah knew he couldn't be faking it. "There was a pull guiding me to him, for a month I had a dream about him in the forest...just lying there motionless. I couldn't let him go, not until I knew more about him."

Both brothers sat down on the sand bags and Elijah ran a hand over his forehead is exasperation. "And so you killed him with your curiosity."

Klaus snarled at his brother, his fangs flashing. Elijah regarded him calmly. "Then do something about it," Klaus growled lowly. "He's still alive, cure him!"

In response, Elijah stood and walked over to Damon and picked him up. He was uncaring about the Angel's wings and Klaus smirked in relief that Damon hadn't responded to the touch. Instead, Damon's wings appeared to shy away from Elijah's touch. As he followed his brother, Klaus collected the unworn clothing he had brought for Damon days ago. Waking with dignity was the least thing Klaus could do for Damon.

Elijah had taken Damon out to the manor grounds. As Klaus followed them, he watched as Damon began to wake in his brother's arms. The Angel struggled slightly and Klaus frowned in concern. If he woke panicked with Elijah would he hate them both? But then, as quickly as he had awoke, Damon became limp in Elijah's arms once more. They walked further away from the manor, into the wilder, less tidy sections of the grounds. Elijah placed Damon on the floor beside a small clump of trees.

Klaus looked at Elijah as the other vampire moved away from Damon, sensing his brother's possessive nature. He turned away as Klaus pulled the blanket back and began to dress Damon.

"So what now?" Klaus asked as he took a seat on the grass beside Damon. "What happens?"

"We wait," Elijah murmured as he took a seat a safe distance from Klaus. If those dreams had led Klaus to Damon, then it meant only one thing... And he couldn't help but be a little envious. If Klaus knew of this then he would become possessive of Damon, harming anything that stood between their bond. It had already showed When Klaus had glared at him for touching Damon's hair and the deathly look he had been given just moments ago. "What did you say to him?"

Klaus looked away from Damon to meet Elijah's eyes. "I've said a lot of things. Be more specific, brother."

"He had tears on his face. Fresh ones."

At the reminder of his earlier comment to Damon, Klaus swallowed.

"What did you say to him?" Repeated Elijah. He looked over to Damon and saw that he was motionless.

He looked away from Elijah and saw the red tears that stained Damon's cheeks. "I told him he wasn't natural. A freak in other words."

Elijah expelled a sharp breath in exasperation and shook his head sadly. "No wonder," he whispered to himself. "Don't you understand anything about them? Or him for that matter?" Elijah paused for a moment, wondering where to start.

"Angels are born into human families from 'normal' human parents. There's no genetics involved like there is for witches and werewolves. So when an Angel is born, they're obviously different. Centuries ago, and even in some countries today, they were treated like freaks, beaten by their families for being different. Having an abnormality in the family was considered a disgrace, a sign from God that the family weren't pure... You remember how father treated you?" Elijah paused for a moment, allowing Klaus' memories of their childhood resurface. "Damon would have been treated like that every day, the child with the blood tears. And you called him that. His own mate, you called him a freak."

Klaus' head snapped up to look at Elijah. "I'm his?"

"Mate. And what you said would have seemed like a rejection to him."

He shook his head in disbelief. "Damon hates me; he would never look at me like that."

"How do you explain the dreams?" Elijah asked.

Tremors rolled through Klaus' body. He couldn't believe it. Damon was his mate. He reached a hand out to stroke his face, and traced the tears that he found there. With a tender hand he wiped them away. "I'm so sorry," he murmured and he brushed Damon's hair from his eyes. Under the touch of his hand, Damon moved towards him, seeking the coolness that his body provided. "What if he doesn't survive?"