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In my opinion, that's pretty darn fast for seventeen-ish year old kids...

Not to mention that I discovered that Nora and Ren apparently don't have any parents... which is sad. And I will not accept that so I will do the one thing that most fans fictionist will do.

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Then there's the romance portion of Jaune and Nora! So far, the huggable, lovable duet currently is on a friendly acquaintances level and are at the point of stagnation. Now in order for them to advance into their partnership, certain events must occur which will further solidify their chance of love, hearts and all that doki~ doki~ stuff.

One is for the two friends to actually be interested in one another in more of a romantic setting than just as siblings loving each other like family, which will not be occurring in a while.

None of that incest stuff...

Just No.

The second is to obtain the blessings of Lie Ren... which is not that easy than one would think. Sure most folks would be all like, eh, Nora and Ren are a thing so we can't go for her and vice versa (In everyone else's opinion that is) but they are both very protective of one another! So until Jaune can prove him that he has what it takes to make sure that he can keep Nora happy through thick and thin, then their chances will be stumped.

Finally, but no doubt the hardest trial they will face, will be Pyrrha... the apparent tragic love interest of said blonde knight (DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN!). Mind you she won't take this with her hands down for she will have her attempts to catch the eyes of the oblivious blonde knight as well as many others of the RWBY cast. Fortunately, despite their special charms and quirks that make them unique and quite the catches, our lovable blonde idiot will somehow manage to not only endure the trials of women, but do so in a way that they're still the bestest of friends (acquaintances), which in itself, is pretty darn impressive since most can take em down pretty easily with their levels of skill (especially Weiss since she's got her ice attacks and stuff, fortunately, she doesn't know that she has such advantage).

So...yeah! I've said all I've wanted without trying to spoil all that much so let's get down to business and let's begin the long awaited chapter of Nora's Arc! So Enjoy!

Pass Me Some Catch-up

A week had passed since that fateful day where we find Jaune sitting and mending his tired body on one of the cafeteria tables with a burger and fries being eaten at the pace of a tortoise Faunus. He took this moment to reflect the several different training regimes that his team as well as a few others had created in his behalf to teach and improve his every growing list of (apparently) important skills.

Some he knew were necessary like learning how to wield his sword, a skill he really wanted to know wield it. Like, he sort of knew how to from all the times he played with his siblings, but never to the extent of most of his colleagues. It was fortunate that Pyrrha had taken it upon herself to instruct him in the ways of the blade… but man was she brutal! Of course he was thankful that what they using were only wooden blades which had been brought by her very fast speaking uncle, though it didn't do much to soothe his insecurities whenever they sparred. She might call it training, be for him it felt as if he was being flung around like a rag-doll around the entire roof every time they practiced.

At one point, she accidentally put too much strength in her strike that it sent him over the edge.


In fact, he could remember as if it was only yesterday when that had happened.

… Wait a minut- it was yesterday when he almost fell to his death!


"Keep going Jaune!" Pyrrha encouraged as she deflected her leader's rather crude swing with ease. "You need to pay more attention to where you swing!"

"G-got it, uh I-I think?" Jaune complied as he attempted to recover from his most recent attack before attacking once more.

It was a normal evening at Beacon academy as two young hunters were clashing blades beneath the starry sky. The two had decided to commence the blonde knight's swordsmanship training high above the rooftops for the past few days with Jaune making leaps and bounds-



in not making much progress in his swordsmanship.

"Sorry!" Pyrrha apologized from afar. "Are you okay?"

"N-no, not really." Jaune groaned as he rubbed the newest bump to the collection that was already forming on his head after yet another swift defeat against his teammate and instructor. "How come I can never seem to get the hang of doing this?"

"Well we only did start sparring with the swords recently." Pyrrha reminded as she twirled the wooden blade in her hand with ease. "Not to mention that you need just to keep practicing."

"Easier said than done Pyrrha." Jaune sighed as he began to pat away the dust from his pants and wipe the forming sweat from his brow. "Are there anymore hints or something that I should know before we start again? I want to at least be able to last a bit longer than now." A minute at least would be fine, thirty seconds would work too but that would be pushing it...

... ten seconds? Now that's just embarrassing.

"Well… when I was younger, my instructor always told me when facing against an enemy, one must wait for the opportune time to strike." Pyrrha recalled the wise words of her sensei before cringing at all the injuries she sustained during her time in the Mistral Mountains.

"… Soo, hypothetically speaking." Jaune asked trying his hardest to be subtle to not clue her in on what he was scheming… sadly Pyrrha had caught on to what he was plotting seeing as she did that exact trick way back when she was younger. "If someone, w-who was totally not me mind you, were to fight against someone, who was not you by any means at all, doesn't seem to have any… umm openings thanks to how good they were with a sword, what could they do to possibly get around that?"

Pyrrha could not help but try to hold her laughter at her leader's obviousness and pretended to act clueless to what was going to happen next. "Well, if we're speaking hypothetically on the matter… that is what we're talking about right?" She received a rather shaky nod of agreement before continuing. "So, if this person were to face someone like that, I would say that they would... create their own opening."

The blonde knight blinked confusedly at what she was suggesting. "Create an opening?" He repeated trying to make better understanding of what she said. "H-how would I- er, they do that?"

"A distraction is most often the best case." Pyrrha recommended with a mock shrug of her shoulders and turning around to face away from the leader and to face the orange sun. "Catching them when they least expect it also works best as well."

Jaune soon considered that information into mind before making a quick realization that this was the perfect opportunity to strike seeing as she was currently facing away from him. She wouldn't know what would hit her.

Pyrrha at the time had a nostalgic grin on her face as she remembered in fine detail on she pulled off the exact maneuver that his leader was about to attempt. She could remember how she was quickly disarmed in a span of seconds, hoisted up off her feet before being thrown in such a fashion that made her crash into a tree. It was a very important lesson she learned that day which had saved her from many close calls back during her tournament days in which-

"SURPRISE ATTACK!" Jaune cried out charging towards her position in hopes of startling her even more. It was evident that he had thought of this plan very thoroughly since no one would have expected such a direct assault after being given such an amazing hint just recently. No doubt, that she was unprepared for what was going to happen next and he would actually be able to land a hit!

Sadly, Pyrrha was all too aware of what was going on and was quick to act accordingly. With well-trained reflexes, she quickly disarmed the blonde knight making his ocean blue eyes shrink in surprise and fear that his well thought out plan was a major dud before utilizing the ancient art of Judo and sweeping him off his feet and tossing him into the air at a rather alarming rate behind her.

and accidentally off the roof.

"Jaune." Pyrrha called out, as her eyes were closed shut and turning towards her leader. "It's better to be a bit subtler than just shouting out your attack like that… Jaune?" She then took the opportunity to blink and realize that the blonde knight was apparently nowhere to be seen… then realization struck.

"Oh m- J-JAUNE!" She cried out as she dashed to the edge of where the two were training. She couldn't believe what she had done… she had just committed a crime! She had just killed her leader by sheer accident and committed murder! The worst of the worst of offences! What was she going to happen to her?

Even worse, what was his PARTNER going to do to HER?!

That was when she could hear the sounds of her legs snapping echo in her ears making her skin pale in fear. She knew that she had to turn herself in! O-or maybe he was still alive? The fall couldn't have been that far down… right?

Oh who was she kidding, he couldn't survive a fall like this! When he had been sent launching at the beginning of their initiation, he looked as if he didn't even have a landing strategy which was the reason why she had to intervene in the first place!

She could already feel the tears form in her eyes before the most unexpected *Pfft!* was heard making her jump in surprise. That was when an object that looked a lot like a white cloud began to rise from below before revealing a certain blonde someone dangling under what she saw was a large white balloon coming out from his rear end.

"I-I'm okay!" He reassured from his floating location. "Um… you wouldn't happen to have something like a rope to pull me back would you? I don't like heights."

Flashback Ends…

"She hasn't stopped apologizing about that." Jaune chuckled after recalling one of her more recent apologies. He had already forgiven her for the near death experience since he was used to so many close calls in his life. He was just fine with only one apology…

"Jaune?" A familiar voice called out making him slowly turn his head… and by turn his head, it was more so trying to drag his face that was flat against the mahogany table and turn it towards what was an all to familiar pair of silver eyes belonging to a certain someone that he knew.

"Hey Ruby." Jaune greeted with a quivering wave before resuming to his original position. Behind the young leader he could see her teammates closing in, their respective dinners visible on their serving trays. "Yang, Blake… Weiss."

"What happened to you Vomit Boy?" Yang questioned as she set herself down next to her fellow blonde, a plate with a medium rare steak, a serving of vegetables and mashed potatoes placed in front of her. "We haven't really seen you for like a week besides our classes together."

"Yang does have a point." Ruby agreed as her tray was filled with a milk carton and chocolate chip cookies of various shapes and sizes. "By the way, where's the rest of your team?"

"Nora's with her grandpa Graham doing some sort of weird experiment with her grenades." Jaune started out as he attempted to recall the whereabouts of his teammates, unaware of the heiress who flinched and almost dropped her meal at the mention of the blasphemous perverted old man. "Pyrrha's in the library working on an another assignment with Ren."

"… And you are?" Blake wondered with a gesture in one hand and a bottle of water in the other.

"Recovering." Was all Jaune mumbled as he reached out to grab another french fry.

"From what?" Ruby persisted with a tilt of her head. "You're not getting bullied are you?"

"Wha- no!" Jaune shot upwards before wincing painfully and returning back to his original position, a bit too forcefully as he we now cupping the most recent bump on his forehead. "Ow... What makes you say that?"

"Well for starters you're lying here on the table all alone." Blake started out with a deadpanned look.

"Your hair has seen better days." Yang gestured towards how several tips of his hair was singed before quickly returning to her own stroking it in a caring manner. If someone ever decided to harm her hair in any way, they wouldn't be able to see the next day!

"You look like you're in pain." Ruby added before turning towards her partner in hopes of her to complete their trains of thought… the silence grew when they didn't get a single reply. "Uh, Weiss?"

"Pyrrha's been training you hasn't she?" Weiss deducted making everyone around her blink and stare at her in surprise. Jaune on the other hand could only wince at the phantom pains and simply nodded his head. "I thought as much."

"Wait… what do you mean by that?" The young leader questioned her bested friend in the world.

"It's exactly how I said it." The heiress explained in a prime and proper tone. "Pyrrha's been training him on their spare time which would explain his absence throughout the week… and why he looks worse for wear at the moment."

"Training Jaune?" Blake wondered as she tapped her chin. "He wasn't that bad in his spars though."

"Blakey's right!" Yang agreed recalling the battle that took place in the Holo-Dome over a week ago. "For his match against someone like Pyrrha, I wouldn't really think he would need to be trained. Like, if he can take on Nevermores without needing his Aura, I would say that he's pretty good at being a huntsman."

"I wasn't referring to his current skills." Weiss clarified with a roll of her eyes. "I was talking about what he's trying to obtain with the assistance of his teammate."

"… And that means?" Ruby sheepishly asked her fellow leader in hopes of deciphering what the heck her partner was saying.

"… I'm trying to learn how to use a sword." Jaune answered making the others say "Ooooh…" in unison.

"Wait a minute." Yang called out in confusion to poke his hair once again. "If you're trying to use a sword, how the heck is your hair singed? Last I check, swords usually don't do that."

"She's got a point though. Unless… did you upgrade it?!" Ruby jumped forward with sparkles of excitement in her eyes unaware that she had knocked over her older sibling… fortunately away from her dinner. "What did you add?! Did you install a fire crystal to the blade? How about some sort of explosive whenever it makes contact with something? Oh! OH! Did you add a flamethrower?! I always wanted to add something cool like a flamethrower to my sweetheart!"

Weiss could only wince at the thought of her partner adding something as dangerous and unnecessary as a flamethrower. It was thanks to her that the Emerald forest has a new clearing. "Ruby, that is a horrible idea." The heiress reprimanded with a frown. "Just because it's 'Cool' to have, doesn't make it a smart decision to make."

"Ah come on Icy-Weissy." Yang teased with her signature smirk, much to the heiress's displeasure. "You gotta live a little! I say Ruby's idea is pretty hot."

A synchronized groan of pain could be heard as the younger sibling slumped her head against the lunch table. "Yang…" Blake sighed not even wanting to look at her partner. "Don't just agree with your sister for the sake of a pun."

"You guys don't let me have any fun." The blonde brawler huffed before returning to her delicious dinner. The food in front of her had a better sense of humor than her teammates sometimes, and that's saying something!

"Well, to answer your question Ruby." Jaune mumbled out as the young reaper had several cookies in her mouth. "Pyrrha isn't the only one helping me out."

"Hu el if hewpin yoo?" Ruby asked in a garbled tone with a few cookie crumbs escaping her mouth.

"Ruby." Weiss reminded with a frown. "Please don't talk with your mouth full." She soon turned her head towards the blonde boy also quite curious about the extra curricular activities the blonde male dunce was taking.

"Well first there's Pyrrha and you girls already know why." Jaune listed as he used his fingers to help him recall the teachers that had taken their time to assist him in his training. "Then there's Ren with Aura control, um, there's our history teacher-"

"Whoa hold on there Jaune." Yang called out with the new information making the others look very confused. "What do you mean Oobleck is teaching you? Isn't he already teaching us history class though?"

"Well... It's kinda complicated." Jaune mumbled as he remembered a particularly unforgetful memory of his partner doing something rather irresponsible.

Another Flashback (One Week Ago)...

"Nora... what are you doing?" Questioned a curious Ren as he was staring his childhood friend as she began to pick apart at her leader's sandwich that was now on the ground.

"I think I found the secret to how Jaune-Jaune's brand new super power!" Nora exclaimed as she found what she was looking for in her hands. Said object was currently two uneaten red peppers which seemed to glisten with false promise of power just begging to be eaten.

"I don't think that's how it works Nora." Pyrrha called out as she was attending to their recovering leader and offering him a carton of Udder Satisfaction white milk.

"Miss Nikos is correct!" Doctor Oobleck agreed with a new pair of glasses and a clean rag to wipe his face. "The main component within those small peppers is called capsaicin which causes the heated sensation the moment an individual such as mister Arc eats something spicy like the discarded, tampered sandwich. It is unlikely that the pepper that you hold in your hands would cause such an effect like it did to your leader."

"Ah, but you're forgetting something important doctor!" Nora proclaimed making the doctor stare in confusion. "What you don't know is that these peppers might not be ordinary peppers but instead some sort of super magical type of pepper that can actually cause people to breathe fire like Jaune-Jaune! We don't know whether or not these little thingy's could possibly be able to make other people be able to do what Jaune-Jaune can since I found them in a very sealed up glass jar that was no use against my super strength! Not to mention that they're in the shape of a smiley face so obviously they're exactly what I'm talking about!" She could already imagine how cool it would be to stop her enemies by lighting them up with her new fiery superpower.

"It seems a bit illogical for that to be true." Ren counter argued as he held a deadpanned look at the bubbly bomber.

"...But she isn't wrong either." Mused Doctor Oobleck while everyone was staring at him as if he had a second head.

Not Nora though since she was happy that someone was able to understand her logic.

"That is indeed a possibility that what you hold in your hand must be some sort of genetically enhanced spice requires plenty of research if we wish to find the result of this mystery." That was when he quickly pulled out a small notepad from his coat pocket along with a small green pen. An audible click could be heard signifying that the doctor was ready to solve a mystery. "Right miss Valkyrie! I'm presuming that you will be the volunteer?"

"Okie dokie doctor!" Nora saluted with her free hand before tossing the small crescent spices into her mouth.

"W-Wait Nora! DON'T!" Jaune warned a second too late as a very audible *Crunch!* echoed within the infirmary room.

Needless to say, the results were not even close to her liking.

"... It appears that your theory was incorrect miss Valkyrie." Oobleck stated as he jotted down the results while Nora was currently occupying the other bed in the infirmary room with Ren seated beside her; his palm making contact with his face as he shook his head left and right.

"Nora, why?" Was all Ren asked to the bedridden bomber.

"I wanted to breathe fire like Jaune-Jaune can..." Nora whimpered before sipping out of an 'udder'ly delicious brand milk carton which Pyrrha, bless the kind soul, was able to supply. "Those smiley spice things don't make people happy at all! It was all a lie Ren... A LIIIIEEE!"

Back To The Present...

"...Let me put it this way," Jaune summarized hopefully in a way that didn't outright mention his new fiery power. "Ruby, remember that sandwich that you helped make with Ren and Nora?"

"Yep!" Ruby chirped with a smile. "That was so much fun! Especially when Nora started throwing the ingredients high into the air and stuff and I got to use my sweetheart to slice them up and look super cool and stuff and then Ren was all like-"

"We get it." Weiss sighed interrupting her partner from going on another long tangent. An unimpressed grumble could be heard from Ruby as she muttered something along the lines of 'I was getting to the best part...'

"I think I remember sis talking about something like that." Yang recalled with the tap of her chin. "Though, what does a sandwich have to do with it?"

"Well... Nora did something to the sandwich, which wasn't a good thing at all since she's not even allowed to cook in the first place." Jaune soon brought a hand towards his poor hair twisting some of the burnt ends recalling his latest session. "...And thanks to that, I'm sorta being volun'told' to weekly sessions for the infirmary in order to take care of my... condition."

Blake was still rather on the fence in the matter as she stated the obvious. "That still doesn't explain why you asked Professor Oobleck to help train you. You mentioned this medical condition you have and yet it doesn't even connect to why our history teacher is involved."

"Of course it does!" Exclaimed their history professor making all but Jaune jump at his sudden arrival. His large circular glasses catching the reactions of his students around the mahogany table.

"P-Professor Oobleck?" Weiss stuttered trying to compose herself. "What are you doing here?!"

"Why I'm here to bring this of course!" Oobleck announced before pulling out a small brown paper baggy and placing in front of the blonde knight. "I apologize for our most recent lesson getting so out of hand. I got a bit carried away with the experiment that my weapon had overheated causing such a terrible accident to occur. Hopefully, the moisturizer will take care of most of the damage as well as give your hair quite a healthy sheen!" He then combed his hand over his own wind-swept hair, no doubt gained from zipping all over Beacon Academy at breakneck speeds everyday. "Just be sure to be well rested for our next lesson, hopefully the next time will prove to be a better success. And before I forget-"He turned around and leaned very close to meet the heiress's gaze. "It's Doctor Oobleck… I didn't just spend eight years earning my PhD thank you very much!"

"Uh… thank you Doctor Oobleck." Jaune nodded while the professor in question stood upright to acknowledge his reply. Weiss on the other hand, had released her held breath looking mildly disturbed at such close proximity while Yang couldn't help but whistle at the hair brand her fellow blonde had received.

"Say um, sir?" Ruby called out catching her teacher's attention. "What happened to Jaune in the first place? I-If you don't mind me asking."

"That, Miss Rose, is classified information that I am not allowed to disclose unfortunately." Oobleck sighed as he shook his head. As much as he would begin his lengthy discussion of discovery and wonder, he did solemnly swear with his pinky that he would keep what he had learned a secret to those not of team JNPR. Not to mention that it would be a bit embarrassing if everyone know of his most recent blunder. Peter would no doubt keep teasing him at his carelessness before telling one of his long boring tales about how he escaped a burning building with nothing but the clothes on his back, and his fists.

"Is there an actual reason you can't tell us or are you just fooling with us." Yang smirked with her elbow on the table and her hand cupping her chin. "I have a feeling it's the latter."

Now Oobleck couldn't help but step back at his student. "Shocking suggestion!" He replied almost losing the grip of his coffee cup. "Doctor-patient confidentiality is a sacred trust! To betray such trust on a whim is something I would never dream of mocking!" He soon turned around facing the entrance to the cafeteria, his glasses glinting in the light. "Now, if you don't mind me, I've still got papers that need to be graded, experiments that need to be completed and a flamethrower that needs re-calibrated! FOR SCIENCE!" And in just a blink of an eye, he had vanished, the doors swing violently after the teacher's quick exit.

Before anyone could get a chance at speaking, Ruby had slammed both of her hands onto the table, startling her teammates and friends at such a sudden display. "…Jaune." Ruby growled with her bangs covering her face.

"Y-yeah?" The blonde knight in question asked a bit fearfully. Was she angry at him for some reason? In all his time in knowing her, she had never used this tone of voice before! It was as if she was ready to explode like a Vacuo volcano with a stomach problem!

"Did. He. Say…" She asked as a single silver eye twinkled in a rather uncomfortable way towards his direction. "Did he say that he has a flamethrower?!"

An awkward pause would be what Jaune had felt that day as he registered what his fellow leader wanted to know. "… Yes?"

"Wait, is that why your hair's like that?" Blake deducted in a mildly disturbed tone. A single nod was his reply making all around him wonder what sort of events took place that would require a weapon so dangerous for the sake of his appointment.

Unfortunately, Team RWBY was unable to ask for why seeing as their little leader was back in her daydreaming land imagining herself with her beloved Crescent Rose spewing glorious fire against the dark and evil grim and saving all of Remnant. Those around her sweat-dropped at the scene as they had to rub their eyes from the strange glowing effect that fluttered around her.

"Ruby!" Weiss shouted breaking her leader and best friend in the whole wide world from her imagination. "We've been through this. Adding something as dangerous as a flamethrower to your weapon is a horrible idea."

"B-but how come Professor Oobleck gets to have a flamethrower while I can't?!" Whined Ruby as she pouted towards her partner. Her eyes slowly growling larger with each passing second. It just wasn't fair!

"Because he is an adult!" Weiss answered back as if the answer was obvious. "He's more responsible with how he handles things since he's a professor at Beacon! Especially when you compare him to someone like Ruby here."

"… I wouldn't be so sure about that Weisicle." Yang wondered aloud questioning her teammate's answer while her sister shouted out a 'Hey!' in the background.

"What do you mean?" Weiss frowned at her teammate. "And stop calling me that!"

"Have you seen Jaune?" Blake pointed out towards the disheveled blonde who currently reading the instructions on how to fix his hair from the product label.

"Blake's got a point there." Yang agreed nodding at her partner. "If lessons with teachers ended up with my hair turning out like that, I wouldn't exactly call him very responsible."

"Well… It was probably an accident then!" Weiss defended trying to make a point.

"Weiss is right in it being an accident." Said Jaune surprising the four girls, the heiress most of all. "Since I was there and stuff."

"See?" Weiss smirked as she crossed her arms triumphantly. "I told you that he is a responsible adult who knows exactly what he's doing-"

Before she could finish, Jaune interrupted before telling the truth of what had actually happened. "He was actually using to his weapon to heat up his coffee halfway through my session and the curtain caught on fire. It took a while trying to put it out and then clean up the mess afterwards."

A twitch was evident on Weiss's face as she slowly started to losing her composure. "… What?" Jaune asked looking at the heiress clueless at the fact that he was the reason for her current predicament. "It's true!" The rest of team RWBY however were different seeing as how Ruby and Yang were trying not to laugh while Blake held her book up to cover her mouth.

"You know what, fine. Just- FINE!" Weiss cried out in frustration. "Go ahead and attach a flamethrower to your weapon!" She quickly stood up and began to pick up the remnants of her dinner. "I'm going back to our dorm…"

"Oooooh I'm so excited!" Ruby gushed with excitement clearly evident in her eyes. "I just know that this is going to be the best idea EVER!"

The Next Day…

"That was the WORST idea EVER!" Ruby screeched as she took apart the terrible attachment from her beloved Crescent Rose in one of Beacon Academy's workshop rooms. Why oh why did she think this was a good idea?! "Why didn't you warn me Weiss?!"

"I told you." Weiss sighed cupping her forehead. "I told you that something like this would happen. But did you listen? Nooo! You said you knew exactly what you were doing!"

"Well, you did say that after all Ruby." Blake nonchalantly agreed as she sat on one of the workshop stools. The heiress nodding her head from the support she was receiving.

"This is mutiny I say!" Ruby wailed from her position. "MUTINY!"

"Ah don't make such a massive deal about it lil sis." Yang reassured as she ruffled her sibling's hair, much to her ire. "At least your cape's gonna be as good as new!"

"You can count on me!" Jaune exclaimed in the affirmative on a different table, with a various amount of sewing supplies scattered about its surface. "By the time you finish with whatever your doing, this cape will look just like it did before you burnt a hole through the middle!"

Ruby couldn't help but smile at having such an awesome friend. At least he was on her side when her teammates were not. "Thanks again for doing this Jaune." It really meant a lot to her having the last gift her mom gave her to be restored to its former glory. He was like, one of the two best guy friend she knew!

… Well he was one of the only guy friend that she knew seeing as all the other boys were scared off thanks to her dad and sister. The second guy being Ren since he was good with helping her on homework.

"Ah no biggie." Jaune smiled as he continued to work diligently at his newest repair job. "It's the least I can do for what you're doing for me. I'm just surprised Yang's paying it for you."

"… Wait, really?" Ruby questioned seeing as she had never heard that her older sister would cover the cost. "Thanks sis!"

"Daaaw~! No problem…" Yang smiled before it turned into a teasing grin. "… Crater Face."

"Wha-? J-JAUNE!" Ruby screeched quickly turning towards the blonde knight in betrayal. "You told her?!"

That was when Jaune pulled out from beneath the table, the latest of X-Ray and Vav comic book with a look of guilt evident in his eyes. "I couldn't resist… I'm sorry Ruby." He apologized bringing his gaze back towards his work.



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Now before I get a head start on the next chapter, I need help on finding the focus of what the next chapter's direction. Currently there are two paths… One such path includes the part of the show where they it goes over the ordeal with team CRDL and forever fall while the other skips that part entirely and goes straight for when the gang heads for Vale to greet Sun, Penny, and all that complicated stuff with Blakey and the White Fang.

So for the first path, you all remember how Jaune got his butt served by the slick haired, explosive mace wielding leader Cardin and all that bullying nonsense… Well that wouldn't exactly be happening in this story due to the small alteration that Team CRDL are actually nice guys. Cardin ensuring that his team is strong and giving them all amazingly muscled figures (O.o), Dove Bronzewing having a simple hobby of drawing the scenery around him (which I highly approve of by the way since I too am an artist), Sky Lark being part exorcist (I wasn't very sure what I was thinking at that moment but I guess that'll be a thing now), and Russel Thrush being a gamer who has a side hobby of gardening! Now with that said, the chapters ahead would most likely be everyone's interactions with that team and how they work together to take out that evil bear! If this path is chosen, it'll take like 2-3 chapters to be done and it'll continue the story and stuff.

The second path is different because It will just downright skip the first path entirely and continue on with the storyline of the show with my silly twist on it! To elaborate further, Team JNPR will be with team RWBY when they traverse the Vale streets following the storyline along with how they interact everyone, especially Penny since she plays an incredibly important part for the two student council members. As for what she dues, it's all hush-hush since I wanna make it a surprise!

Now why I'm super conflicted with these two paths is because I just don't know which direction I want to go towards! Seriously! I want to go for the forever fall path though at the same time, I really REALLY want to get to the second season! It's taken me like two years to do the first season and then there's like two more seasons! So just post a review or send me a private message to which path I should take and ill tally it all up by the end of the next day.

Also, if you enjoy reading this, feel free to follow, favourite or post a review or any constructive criticism since every comment I read leads to making this story not just a good story, but one that's gonna be lasting a really long time!

Right… I've said all I can for now so this is Nutshop saying:

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[P.S.] I'll just post the chapter now and write on the side my responses to what you guys said for the last chapter… It may take a while since that's like four months of reviews… I've read each and every single one that you guys have posted and It always makes me smile on how you like my story and how I can learn from previous attempts to make it better! :D