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The head Gamemaker Lilywater Brooksfield walked into the president's office.

"You wanted to see me, President Baxwell?" She asks.

"Ah, Lilywater," Baxwell says. "Please, sit down. As you know, the last Hunger Games was a Quarter Quell, a successful one, I may add. Congratulations."

"Thank you," she says. "The Capitolites seemed to enjoy it."

"Well, you probably don't know this, having only been a Gamemaker for 12 years, but after each Quarter Quell, we have somewhat of a... secret twist to the games, just for the Gamemakers and myself to know about," he informs her. He takes a sip from a glass of wine sitting on his desk. "This year, to show that we in the Capitol are in complete control, we are selecting the tributes for these Games. Each Gamemaker is to fill out a form after doing some research on a District. The best and most interesting tributes will be chosen for the games. I trust you, as head Gamemaker will come up with someone interesting, or pay the concequences."

"Of course, President," she says, wearily. "What kind of information will be on these forms?"

"Quite a bit," he says. "Their name, age, district and gender, along with some other things, like their appearance and personality. You may submit up to three tributes."

"Will it be first come first serve?" She asks.

"No," he responds. "Only the best will be chosen."

"Well, what about the Careers?" she asks. "There is usually a volunteer from districts 1, 2 and 4."

"To lessen the suspicion, we will be sending letters to the tributes that we wish to volunteer," the president replies. "The letters will be quite... convincing."

"And can I reserve a tribute spot?"

"Absolutely not. As I said, only the best will be chosen. Here are the forms, I'd like for you to start thinking about your tribute soon. You have less than two weeks."

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