And The Beat Goes On

Summary: Jake knew the odds weren't good. Giant lizard villain out to destroy the city…check. Your best friend is now a strange mutant frog…check. God, he hoped that this antidote worked. He didn't want to be on the phone with Chance's mother if it didn't. Tag to Mutation City

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If Jake could just breathe, it would be alright.

He hasn't had a chance to take one since this whole mess started. First, it is some crazy virus that turned the entire city into some crazy version of Planet of the Apes. Of course, there are no apes but killer wild life and plants to match.

It was close enough for him.

There is a little fact that his best friend is now a mutant frog that he had to pin down to the wall. So, he wanted to make sure that Chance won't hurt himself or others. But it left him flying solo and with anti-mutagen that may or may not work.

He really needed to start think positive thoughts.

It didn't stop a little voice from whispering that the odds weren't good. There was a giant lizard tearing down the city. His best friend is currently spending time as a mutant frog slash cat thing. God, he hoped that the anti-mutagen worked because he didn't want to be on the phone with Chance's mother explaining that her son is now a mutant frog.

That is definitely not a conversation he wanted to have.

Most of all, he was alone.

And it felt…weird…off. He has done solo-missions before as an Enforcer and SWAT KAT. This was different. There was no Chance mumbling in his ear about odd thing he saw on tv or just breathing into the mike just a little too long.

There was nothing but silence now and he hated it.

He pushed the trigger and watched as the missile hit its target.

A few moments later, he felt his body fly through the air. He had no time to progress what just happened. Was he hit or did the missile come a little too close? What happened?

He wished…..


He felt something strange. He was kind of floating and there was this odd pressure on his chest. It didn't hurt at first. Slowly, it began stronger, persist, and painful. He wanted to make it go away but his body felt heavy. He couldn't move his arms.

He was confused. Why couldn't he move them?

Then he started hearing a voice.

Come on, buddy. Don't do this to me.

He knew that voice from somewhere. He couldn't place it but it felt familiar to him.

It felt important to him.


The pressure in his chest grew and grew until it became too much. He felt something rush out of his lungs and throat. He started to cough and gag as the water rushed out of his mouth.

He coughed until his lungs could get rid of the foul water. He didn't want to think what was in that water. Slowly, Chance's face came into focus.

A sense of relief washed over him. His best friend was alright and no longer a mutant frog. Apparently, Chance being a mutant frog taught him to swim.

He almost wanted to laugh but his chest hurt.

But that is okay…because Chance was alright and he was alright.

Right now, that is enough.

End of Jake's POV

Next Chapter: Chance's POV

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