Magnus: i had always hated runes. The swirling intricacy of the delicate black lines that separated the angels from the humans, that defined a persons strength and ability, that bound two people together in such a beautifully cruel way. Brushing my fingers softly across the parabatai on Alecs lightly muscled arm as he slept peacefully in a circle of my arms, considering that it was as easy to separate the rune from its power with a single disfigurement as it is to separate a mortal soul from the body. I never resented Jace for his tie to my Alec, but the unbearable pain of knowing that there is no bond strong enough that could tether Alec to this world. Murmurming in his sleep, he rolled over in my arms to face me, his face inches from mine. I wanted to kiss him. But his mouth was twisted in a frightened grimace, closed eyes sealed tightly, flickering as if he were having a bad dream, and he flinched away from the fingers that touched his cheek, fitfully crying out. I held onto his restless, tattoed body, but no amount of soothing words or stroking his fine, inky black hair comforted his sleeping form.

"Alec, it's ok. Im here...' I willed him to wake out of the dream that trembled through his whole body. "Alec, i lov...'

"NO!" He cried, gasping, sweating, hauling himself up and me with him, until he sat with his head in his hand, tears streaming down his cheeks, shivering like ice had enveloped his heart. "Alec love," i cooed "it was just a dream. What happened? Your safe, love. Youre with me." At that, alexander turned his face up to mine. His liquid eyes were blue, wide, hopeful and desperately afraid, before he buried himself in my shirt, fists clenched around the material, his bare muscled flexed and strained as he soaked the cotten with silent tears. After what couldve been hours, i disentangled myself from his, raised his beautiful face to mine, long fingers gently lifting his chin, and instead of the words that always come so naturally, i simply lowered my mouth to his trembling lips and kissed them so gently, but the kiss deepened as alec stroked his arms down my back. Against my swollen lips he murmured "Never leave me, never let me be alone. Never be lonely, Magnus"

I gasped and felt my cat eyes gleam with unshed tears at the sincerity in his words.

"Alec, you are the only..."

"Please, no," his fingers laced through my hair "dont say it. Just promise me you will remember our love after..." After you die, i finished soundlessly...

"Alexander i have something I want to ask you." I breathed a shaky breath and took a chance.


Alec: In a circle of his gentle, long arms, i dreamed. I dreamed of an abandoned subway tunnel, worlds away from the life im living now, comfortable in the warlocks embrace.

Witchlight flickered and danced across the walls, as Magnus whispered in indonesia to me, and i dreamed of watching him disappear into the shadows and standing for a long time, watching the shimmering darkness. I knew subconciously that this was a memory, but as i fell into a deeper sleep, memories drifted into surrealistic dreams. I was walking down the tunnel, for what couldve been miles or a few meters, but soon enough i reached the end of the gloomy passageway, and light engulfed me as I strode out into the marble room with high ceilings, pale, glass floors and stone pillars. Against one of them lent a slim and elegant figure in a strapless red dress that empahsized the curvy body that did nothing for me. Blonde curls bounced around her shoulders, framing a face with cruel, beautiful eyes.

"Camille." It didnt sound like the cool, contained voice I had expected from myself, but more of a resentful accusation. Her smile widened to a harsh grimace. "Alexander, I hadn't expected to see you here so soon?" "Here?" I countered her patronisation with bitter anger, "you're dead Camille, Maureen killed you... And magnus loves me! You didnt win, stop smirking!" I shouted, ferious out her obvious glee to find that my subconscious had wondered here.

"You think you won, my dear Alexander, but there can only be so many winners of the same game. You forget that for more years than you have lived yet, I had Magnus, and is he not the prize?" She leant forward, pressed her cool, pulseless forhead to mine, and cupped my cheek. I flinched away from her touch, simply because where her icy fingers touched me, I felt the life pour out of me. I cried out as she grasped both my cheeks, her vampire grip like a vise as years seeped out of me. I felt old and tired and alone. "You are trivial, my dearest Alexander, like every other mortal. You will die, soon. He will go on and love another. Traivial and forgotten." Her luminous eyes were as unforgiving as snakes. I began to crumble away, crumble until nothing was left of me, the words trivial and forgotten ringing in my ears like the wind on a stormy day. I thought of gleaming cat eyes, and breathed my last shaking breath...

And woke up in Magnus's apartment. Magnus's bed. Magnus's arms. I let him hold me for a while, just until i was convinced i wasnt about to disintergrate like my dream, the words still singing in my mind... Trivial and forgotten, trivial and forgotten, trivial and forgotten.