So, Nagisa Chiba and Kyoshiro Tohdoh. I ship 'em. I'm sad to see that there's little about them, so I've taken the honor and pleasure of writing about my babies, with the hope that you'll enjoy the results. I'm going against the trouble and stress of writing in strict chronological order; I'm sorry if the narrative flow seems jumpy.

Two Swords (1)
Chiba's Near Proposal

The chattering hubbub of fellow nearby Black Knights was barely acknowledged by Nagisa Chiba as she busied over her superior, Kyoshiro Tohdoh. The former Lieutenant Colonel sat still and silent with his eyes closed as Chiba carefully dabbed at his face with her makeup brush.

"Where's C.C?" someone asked. "I haven't seen her lately."

"I heard she wasn't feeling well," someone else replied.

Shinichiro Tamaki's voice, heavily tinged with one too much swig of bottled sake, burst out, "Must be having morning sickness, eh? Congrats to Papa Zero!" He proceeded to drown out the hubbub with an unapologetically loud guffaw.

"Tamaki-san, I think you've had a little too much to drink..."

Chiba resisted the urge to roll her eyes. "A little too much" was an understatement. Her annoyance with Tamaki nearly rivaled her dislike of Zero. Only the promise of her liberated homeland and her utmost devotion to Tohdoh kept Chiba within the ranks of the Black Knights. Otherwise she'd be the first to jump off the ship.

In the midst of Tamaki laughing, she nearly missed what Tohdoh said: "A soldier wearing's disgraceful."

Despite his quiet disgruntled remark, he made no further objection, nor did he voice any beforehand. A chuckle slipped past Chiba's lips.

"I have to make you look good." 'You already look good...' What she said aloud, coupled by what she really thought, made her blush. Putting makeup on his face gave her a good excuse, and a rare opportunity, to admire his features from up close. She always liked how strong he looked. She delicately swabbed the brush down his long chin, across his sharp, chiseled the great master Michaelangelo sculpting David...

Chiba bit her lip and blushed. She mustn't let herself get carried away with flighty thoughts like that. Once she finished, she pulled back the brush and mirror away from his face. 'All right, I'm going to say it,' she thought as her face burned. Her stomach twisted into a knot. She took in a deep breath before saying as boldly as she could: "U-um sir, once the current situation is over...I'd like to propose a request to Kyoshiro Tohdoh..." She opened her mouth to say more, but sheer nervousness fizzled out all confidence she had worked hard to muster. Her throat clenched and nothing came out.

Tohdoh remained silent and looked away uncomfortably.

Asahina's loud greeting to Ohgi made Chiba jolt and Tohdoh turn his head. The former lieutenant colonel rose to join them, his voice wry with amusement.

"Ohgi, you overslept again?"

Chiba was left standing alone in defeat, and she sighed. "Too slow," she muttered to herself. Then again, now probably wasn't a good time to tell him. She sank into the chair Tohdoh once sat in and gloomily stowed away her things in her cosmetic kit. She swore she could feel a thundering rain cloud loom over her head to reflect how dejected she felt. Diethard, Ohgi and Tohdoh went through the sliding doors, leaving Asahina to come over and clap her on the shoulder.

"Hey Chiba, did you tell him yet? Come on, I'm dying to know!"

She deterred his excitement as she replied, "Sorry to disappoint you, Asahina, but it didn't happen. I tried, though." She cracked a tiny grin in an attempt to make a weak joke. "It was kind of your fault."

Asahina took that with sincere dismay and regret. "Oh, I'm so sorry! I was the one who actually managed to convince him that he needed some touching up before the big event." He smartly adjusted his glasses to look clever. "It was all to set you up with him, you know."

"Yeah, I know." Chiba rose and put a hand on her friend's shoulder. "Don't worry, it really wasn't your fault. The problem was me. I didn't have the guts to finish what I had to say."

"Didn't finish, huh? So he didn't reject you."

"No, not exactly. But..." She clenched both hands tightly on her lap. "I have a feeling he knew what I was going to say, and he took the first chance to walk away. That might as well just be rejection right there."

Asahina frowned. "Chiba, Colonel Tohdoh would be out of his mind to walk away from you without good reason. I'm sure he didn't mean to hurt you on purpose." The bespectacled young man chuckled. "If anything, I'm sure that Colonel Oblivious is too busy to even notice!"

She couldn't help but smirk at the nickname. "Colonel Oblivious?"

"Everyone in the Black Knights knows how you feel about him. Well, except for Tohdoh himself."

"E-everyone knows...?" Mixed embarrassment and shame colored her cheeks. Was it really that obvious? The strong feelings she had for him...?

Her fellow Holy Sword winked. "Don't worry, we're all keeping a lid on it because we want you to make the jump on him yourself. I can see why you like Tohdoh so much. He's Japanese through and through...he's dead serious, unwaveringly devoted to his duty, and more than ready to die for his country." Asahina chuckled and cocked his head. "Well, maybe he can be a little too serious. I think after this whole mess, once we get our Japan back, he can finally loosen up. Then he'll be ready for whatever you have to say."

Hope flared in her chest. "You really think so?"

"Think so? I know so. I have faith in you two. Tohdoh is lucky to be fighting alongside an amazing woman like you."

Had it not been for years of being a soldier and experience in reining her emotions, that would've moved her to tears. Chiba gave her friend a grateful smile. "Thank you, Asahina. I'll try again, and next time I won't falter. I'll tell it to him straight."

He beamed at her. "That's the spirit. Now let's get this UFN thing done and over with."

Chiba followed after him as the Black Knights milled about assuming positions and getting ready. As one of the four Holy Swords, now only two due to the loss of Urabe and Senba, Chiba pushed aside her personal feelings as everyone prepared for the momentous UFN conference. Country came first.

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