Title: The Soulmatchers

Author: Sunglow999

Pairing: Spike/Buffy

Rating: R (Just to be on the safe side)

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss Whedon & Mutant Enemy, except Cassie and Orion – they belong to me.

Spoilers:- Up to Dead Things, things are different from there on in. Crossover with Angel later on. This is my first ever fanfiction so reviews would be helpful, email me at sunglow999@hotmail.com

A/N Okay, final chapter. Once again, thanks to moonglow11066 for being my beta reader. If anyone wants a sequel you'll have to let me know and I'll see what I can do (if I can think of a plot).

The Soulmatchers

Epilogue. See You In Three Years

It was late morning before anyone stirred in the Summers household. Anya was the first to wake and woke everyone else with her panicked cries that she was missing taking money from her customers at the shop. She dragged Xander, still half asleep, out of the house with her flinging the invitation to meet up in the Magic Box after it closed that evening over her shoulder. Breakfasts and showers were taken in shifts until finally everyone was feeling more human, or demon in the case of Spike and Angel.

Cordelia and Fred had packed everything ready to depart that evening and Gunn and Wesley loaded everything into the pickup and Angels car.

"I'd better go over to Spike's crypt to see if Cassie and Orion need anything, and to let them know what time to meet up at the Magic Box." Buffy said, getting her jacket.

"There was enough blood for 'em both but Orion may need a bit more." Spike said.

"I'll stop by Willie's and pick up some more blood then." She kissed him. "See you later."


It didn't take her long to pick up the blood and soon she was knocking on the door of Spike's crypt. She smiled to herself as she realised that this was the first time she had ever knocked before entering.

Her footsteps echoed as she went down the steps but the noise didn't bring the two vampires up from below.

"Cassie? Are you here?" She called down the ladder.

There was no response so she climbed down. Only one large candle was burning and it looked like it had been lit some time ago as it was half gone. After searching the room she checked the tunnels leading off but there was no sign of the two vampires. It was only when she came back into the room where Spike's bed was that she noticed the letters and packages on the pillows. She picked them up and found one of the envelopes addressed to Angel and one addressed to her and Spike. The packages were labeled similarly but with the warning that it was not to be opened before the letter had been read. She picked them up and debated whether to open hers but decided to wait for Spike to be present as well.

Putting them in her pocket, she left the crypt and headed home.

"Where's Cassie?" Dawn was the first to notice she was alone.

"Can't find them. I found these though." Buffy handed Angels letter and package to him and pulled Spike over to an armchair where she sat him down and plunked herself down on his lap. She handed him the package and opened the letter.

Dear Buffy and Spike,

By the time you find this, Orion and I will be long gone. I'm sorry we couldn't say goodbye in person but

we felt it was better this way. Orion knows Dawn in only fifteen and is understandably upset. He realises

that she needs to grow up a little bit more before she meets him, after all, what's three more years to someone

who's been around for over fifteen hundred years.

Buffy, I suppose by now Spike has shown you our little gift, it means you can get married if you want to. Spike

will know how to get hold of me, he knows who my soulmate is, so I'll expect an invite.

You can open the package now.

Be happy.


PS. Orion says 'See you in three years'

Angel had finished reading his letter at the same time as Buffy and Spike and was opening his package. Spike tore into his and found that it contained a small box. He flipped open the lid and stared, open mouthed at the contents.

"What is it?" Dawn bounced over to them.

"It's a ring." Buffy said, gingerly taking it out of its box and holding it up to the light. It was a typical Spike ring, heavy platinum gothic style, the setting almost completely obscuring the gem which was a blood red stone.

"Oh my god!" Cordelia was inspecting Angels ring, which was different in style but again the gem was obscured by the setting. "Do you know what this is?"

"The Gem of Amara." Spike was still shocked to the core.

"But we interrupted the ritual." Buffy said, turning it to the light to catch the glow inside.

"Luv, Cassie made them." Spike made no move to touch the ring.

"How? We were here all together. We would have seen her make them." Willow said.

"W.willow, we were pretty drained last night." Tara said. "She could have done it when we were out of it."

"I fell asleep as well." Dawn said.

"Or we were put to sleep." Willow frowned.

"I can't use this." Angel was staring at the ring, remembering how he had destroyed the last one.

"You are so not destroying this one." Cordelia snatched it out of his hand.

"I can't get over you destroyin' the last one, you pillock." Spike clutched Buffy to him possessively but still made no move to take the ring from her.

Buffy frowned at Angel.

"I sent that ring to you so that you could walk in the sun again, to continue your fight for good whatever the time of day."

"I didn't fancy becoming a target for every vamp out there once it became known I could walk in the sun. You know all about that, don't you Spike?"

"Yeah, music to me ears, your screams." Spike grinned. "Ow!" Buffy had slapped him upside the head.

"Here, let's try it out." Buffy took his right hand and slid it on his finger. She got up and pulled him to his feet. She led him over to a patch of sunlight coming through the front door and he tentatively stuck his hand out. The sunlight bathed his hand and he turned it this way and that.

"No flames." Buffy hugged him. "Want me to stake you?"

"No ta, luv. Hurts like buggery."

"I thought you said it tickled."

"I was lyin'." He grinned at her. "What can I say? I'm evil."

"Does this mean Spike can drive me to school?" Dawn hugged Spike as well. "He is so much more cool than Xander."

"'Bit, just about anyone's cooler than the whelp." Spike smirked.

"Angel? Are you going to put yours on?" Buffy asked.

Angel hesitated and finally placed it on his finger. Cordelia opened the curtains and both vampires flinched on reflex as the sun hit them. They straightened almost instantly and pretended they hadn't, for just a few seconds, been scared witless.

"Great, we don't have to wait until dark." Cordelia picked up a sleeping Connor in his car seat and headed for the door. "Buffy, it was great seeing you again, look us up next time you're in LA." She sailed out of the door and into the sunlight.

Everyone scrambled to get their coats and their goodbyes were hurried. Angel was the last to leave.

"Goodbye, Buffy. Take care of yourself." He nodded to her. She disentangled herself from Spike and Dawn and hugged him.

"You too, Angel." She ignored Spikes warning grumble as Angel hugged her back.

"Spike." Angel's eyes flashed yellow and Spikes flashed back. An unspoken warning had been given and a warning had been returned. Spike wouldn't hurt Buffy and Angel would stay out of their business.

Buffy, Spike, Dawn, Willow and Tara stood outside the front door to see them off and once they were out of sight, Spike slung his arms round Dawns and Buffys shoulders.

"Right, my lovelies, who's for a day at the beach? I wanna see if I freckle."

"Beach! Yay!" Dawn dashed inside and Willow and Tara followed, leaving Spike and Buffy alone.

"You okay, luv?" He asked as a pensive expression settled on her face.

"Remember when I first told you I was in heaven?" She asked, turning to face him.

"Yeah, a day like today, it was, nice an' sunny." He looped his arms round her waist.

"I think I'm back there." She sighed and laid her head against his chest.

Spike laid his cheek on top of her head and closed his eyes. He was a demon who may never go to heaven himself, but at this moment, with Buffy in his arms, he knew exactly what heaven was like.

"Me too, luv, me too"

The End.