Author: Writie

Description: When Trish wishes to be closer to Jeff, she gets her way, in a way she never expected which causes more trouble than imaginable. Tension gets worse between Matt and Lita.

Characters: Jeff Hardy, Trish Stratus, Matt Hardy, Lita, Torrie Wilson, Maven, Nidia, Jamie Noble, Molly Holly, Stacy Keibler, and more. Rated: R

Trish stood in her locker room looking in the mirror. Once again, she was thinking about Jeff Hardy. It had been months since she had kissed him in the ring after his match and for a while it seemed like she would get what she always wanted, To be Jeff's girlfriend. But then she got injured and she was out for a few weeks. When she came back it was like nothing had happened. The kiss, the flirtation, nothing. She still wanted to be with Jeff, but she couldn't think of anyway to get closer to him. Sometimes she had almost wished she were Lita. Although she didn't think Jeff ever really looked at Lita that way she knew Lita was close to him , she even got to share a locker room with him! As Trish thought about all of this she got ready to go out to the ring. Tension had been boiling between Matt and Lita since her neck injury. Since she was out of action they got to see even less of eachother, and there were some of the other Divas, such as Stacy, she didn't trust.

"Look I told you, you getting better is what's most important! Right now don't worry about everything else!" A frustrated Matt said.

"You don't know what it's like to have an injury that puts your career on hold for 9 months!" Lita yelled.

"You should be at home resting!" Matt offered.

"Oh so now I can't even visit my own boyfriend?!" Lita yelled.

"No I didn't mean..." Matt tried to explain.

"It's bad enough that I can't get in the ring but now you don't even wanna see me?" Lita asked.

"I didn't say that!" Matt pleaded "Why are you taking this out on me?" he cried.

"Taking it out on you! Oh poor Matt! Everybody feel sorry for Matt!" Lita cried.

"Well what do you want me to say?" Matt asked

"Nothing! I want you to say nothing! Your a really supportive boyfriend Matt!" Lita yelled as she stormed out of the room.

"Lita!" Matt yelled. He didn't run after her. He let her go. He figured she needed some time to cool down. He walked out of the locker room himself and walked in the opposite direction of Lita. The last thing he wanted was round-2. Trish was walking in the direction he was coming from. She was still thinking about Jeff. "I wish there was some way I could get closer to him" she thought. Matt and Trish bumped into eachother.

"Sorry" They both said.

Suddenly Matt realized he was walking in the direction of the Hardy Boyz locker room where he had originally been coming from and Trish also noticed she was walking in the opposite direction.

"What the.." Trish said in a man's voice.

Suddenly she turned around and she was staring at herself and Matt was staring at himself. They walked towards eachother.

"Is this a mirror or something?" Matt asked in a women's voice. Trish was mortified. They had switched bodies.

"Oh my god" Trish murmured[in Matt's body] Matt[in Trish's body] ran down the hall and flung the Hardy boyz locker room door open and looked in the mirror.

"Trish!" Jeff screamed. He had been in the middle of getting dressed. He pulled on his shirt.

"What are you doing?" He asked. He had no idea why Trish would burst into his locker room like that. Suddenly Trish[MB] ran in.

"Oh my god!" Matt[TB] yelled.

"What's wrong?" Jeff asked puzzled.

"What the hell?" Trish[MB] asked.

"Oh she came in here but it's not a big deal." Jeff replied. He thought Matt was pissed to see Trish in their locker room.

"I think we should talk outside..Matt" Matt[TB] said.

"OK" Trish[MB] agreed.

"Uh Matt is everything ok?" Jeff asked. Trish[MB] didn't answer. Trish and Matt looked at eachother.

"Yeah, right Matt?" Matt[TB] asked.

"Um, yeah" Trish[MB] answered. They left the locker room.

"How did this happen?" Matt[TB] yelled.

"I don't know" Trish[MB] answered.

"Well we can't just walk around like this!" Matt[TB] replied.

"Well it doesn't look like we have much choose." Trish[MB] answered.

"Well we can't just walk around in each others bodies forever!" Matt[TB] replied.

"I know but until we figure out what to do there's nothing else we can do. I just don't understand how this happened. I thought stuff like this only happened on TV and in movies." Trish[MB] answered.

"Well this feels pretty real to me." Matt[TB]sighed. Trish[mb] got up and started walking down the hall.

"Where are you going?" Matt[TB] asked.

"My locker room." Trish[MB] answered.

"Whoa! Your locker room is my locker room and my locker room is your locker room is my locker room, at least until we figure this out." Matt[TB] answered.

"But Jeff shares a locker room with you." Trish[mb] replied.

"Yeah, and so does Lita." Matt[TB] said. "look, just try to act like me as much as possible. Oh and Lita and I have been fighting, just tom warn you." Matt[TB] added.

"Oh, ok, but oh god! I have a title match tonight against Molly Holly, and I really want that title back!" Trish[MB] replied.

"I thought you were women's champ?" Matt[TB] asked.

"I was until Molly cheated. Watch out for her big ass, she uses it as a weapon!" Trish[MB] warned.

"What?" Matt[TB] asked.

"Nothing, just try to act like me and always deliver 100% Stratusfaction. Oh and Bubba Ray Dudley is my friend and I know the Hardyz have quite a past with him so don't be mean to him." Trish[MB] replied.

"Ok let's hope we can pull this off!" Matt[TB] replied Trish[mb] didn't know what she was gonna do or how she was gonna handle this. She had to deal with Lita and Jeff. She was also a little worried about how Matt[tb] would handle being her. She could only hope he didn't do anything stupid. Matt[tb] walked into Trish's locker room. It was much different than the Hardyz locker room. Suddenly Molly Holly opened the door.

"I just wanted to talk to you about our match tonight. There's no way your getting this title back. The people finally have a wholesome, innocent women's champion and that's what they deserve. The women's champion should be some bleach-blonde slut!" Molly ranted.

"Matt[tb] was caught off guard, and didn't know how to respond.

"Innocent and wholesome? When you were known as Mighty Molly weren't you screwing the Hurricane?" Matt[tb] asked.

"Uh! I have never! I am a virgin! I'm pure! Pure, unlike you!" Molly exclaimed.

"That's not what I heard, ya know? Locker room talk?" Matt[tb] joked.

"Uh! You disgust me! I'll show you tonight when I retain the title!" Molly yelled as she walked out.

"Trish[MB] walked into the Hardyz locker room. Nobody was in the room. She seen one of Jeff's shirts and she couldn't resist. She picked it and smelt it. It smelt just like him.

"What the hell are you doing?" Jeff asked as he came out of the bathroom. Trish[mb] dropped the shirt and froze. She tried to speak but nothing came out.

"Hello?" Jeff asked.

"Oh, um sorry I was just seeing if it was clean." Trish[mb] replied quickly.

"Why?" Jeff asked.

"Cause I was gonna ask if I could wear it out to the ring tonight." Trish[mb] answered.

"Oh, um, sure. You've been acting kindof weird." Jeff replied.

"Well, everything that been going on with Lita, and I'm a little nervous about our match tonight." Trish[mb] offered.

"Oh well, remember team extreme knows no fear. We Live for the Moment." Jeff said with a pat on the back.

"Yeah." Trish[mb] said nervously. All of the sudden the door flung open. It was Lita.

"Oh. Matt I'm glad I found you. I know we really haven't been getting along lately but I think we should try to talk this out. I mean I'm going through alot right now with my neck injury and everything and it's all just an emotional roller coaster. I'm sorry." Lita apologized as she kissed him! Oh god! Trish[mb] quickly pushed her off.

"Oh that's great I know you've been through a lot and once you get better I know you be more strong and extreme than ever." Trish[mb] replied.

"That's right, I'm gonna be more kick-ass than I've ever been. I also plan on becoming the new Women's Champion." Lita smiled.

"We'll see." Trish[mb] said.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Lita asked.

"Nothing, just that there are other women wrestlers who want that title just as bad." Trish[mb] explained.

"So what are you trying to say? That I couldn't do it?" Lita asked.

"Of coarse you could." Jeff answered trying to help.

"Well at least someone actually believes in me!" Lita said as she stormed out of the room.

"I think you just managed to dig yourself into an even deeper hole right before Lita was about to forgive you." Jeff replied.

"I didn't mean too." Trish[mb] sighed.

"Don't worry she'll cool off" Jeff said as he began to get undressed.

"What are you doing?!" Trish[mb] yelled.

"Getting changed. This is our locker room ya know? Are you ok? Your acting really weird?" Jeff asked.

"oh yeah I'm fine." Trish[mb] answered. She[mb] turned her head as he got dressed. She knew he didn't realize that SHE was really the one that was looking at him and that made her feel too guilty to watch.

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