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"Happy anniversary, partner! Three years of babysitting!" Gabriel cheered happily as he entered the office Riley and him shared at CyberCom and leaned against the door, hands behind his back.

Riley raised her eyes from the file she was studying on her tablet and threw him a bored look.

" Yeah, yeah... three years. Apparently everyone and their mother knows about it. What are you hiding there?" she asked him leaning in her chair and trying to peak behind his back.

" Well..." he smiled at her, dimples and all. He leaved his spot against the door and came closer and closer to her desk. " I thought I should give you a little present to mark this special day. I mean, our partnership resisted more than a few marriages I know." he added smugly.

" Very funny Gabriel. So, what did you get me? A new cup of coffee?" she inquired. "As you drank mine this morning and every other morning in the past three years I may add. The last two so called anniversaries included."

" Of course not partner. I may be a widow but I am not all rusty. And I have a chip that comes in handy for this kind of things. Actually, I got you a spa voucher for whenever you want to use it. A full week-end of pampering or whatever you women call it. No work, no chip. No me. Just for you." Gabriel presented his gift grinning like a big kid.

She was a bit shocked but thrilled as she needed a short vacation. Unfortunately, she had no idea when she may actually put that voucher in use. There is no rest for the wicked, she thought.

" Wow partner! I am surprised. And thank you, I like it! Not rusty at all Mr. Vaughn" she approached him and acting on an impulse, she reached out and gave him a little kiss on his right dimpled cheek.

The action surprised them both. For Gabriel it was strange but nice to feel her body against him in a personal manner and not because she was pushing him around to protect him from enemy bullets. And her lips. Riley had such soft lips. He wondered for a second how would they feel like against his own.

" Gabriel!"

He shocked his head, running away from the errant thought and refocused on Riley, who was calling his name.

" Sorry, just thinking. What did you say?"

"Must have been one hell of a thinking. For a moment I thought you were cyber- rendering, but your focus was a bit different. I asked you if wanted to go out tonight, eat something, have a beer or more. Tomorrow is Saturday so you can sleep off your hangover." she said with a ghost of a smile tugging at her lips.

" Me? Hungover? From a couple of beers?! Miss Neal, I thought you knew me better after all this years. But if you really want me to have a hungover I say we change the drinks. It happens to know that a new mexican bar was opened recently and they serve the best tequila in town. You in?" he challenged her. " We can even practice your cha-cha" he winked.

Riley loved a challenge and after all these years she learned that drunk Gabriel was usually a funny Gabriel. A hungover Gabriel was a different story though. Aside of his hungover recipe, which was more lethal than a terrorist cell, Gabriel turned into a big, whinny baby when recovering from alcohol overindulgence. But he mentioned dancing and that spiked her curiosity. Gabriel drunk on a dance floor, latino dancing, hips moving, friction...

" Hello, Riley! Where did you go? Thinking about my dance moves? "

His commentary snapped her from her day- dreaming. What was wrong with her? And the kiss earlier? Shacking her head, she returned his devilish smirk with one of her own.

" Challenge accepted partner!"

Their banter is interrupted of Riley's phone buzzing.

" Doctor Cassidy is calling us in the lab. Time for your check-up."

" Again?" Oh man..." Gabriel complained.

" Gabriel..." she warned him " Stop whining."

" Fine. You know I hate when Doc and Nelson start asking questions about unusual behavior, mood swings, crying fits... I mean crying?! Who asks that?! I am a former soldier for Pete's sake! Stop laughing! " he frowned displeased by Riley's mocking laugh.

" What can I say Gabriel? You are so mature right now. Should we ask doctor about the chip's capacity of revealing your inner child?" Riley snorted.

"Yeah, funny. Let's do this! The sooner I finish, the faster we can go celebrating." he left the office with Riley following him.

" Hmhm... If they let me walk into a bar with an overgrown baby." she mumbled.

They entered Doctor's Cassidy lab where he was waiting for them accompanied by Chris and Nelson, the latter rubbing his hands and grinning like a fool.

"The celebrating couple is here. Three years guys! And to think you didn't want Riley to be your protector, Gabriel." Nelson grinned at them."And how are you going to celebrate?" He asked looking curiously between the two agents.

" Wouldn't you want to know little brother?!" Gabriel smirked and Riley rolled her eyes. Men... she thought.

" You're mean! But I have to ask: candle light dinner, clubbing, a week-end for two at a five stars hotel? Which is it? Come on! I am sure you have something planned. I saw you searching for..."

" Calm down Nelson and let's do our job. If they want to tell us, they will." Doctor Cassidy interrupted his son's rant.

" OK dad" he pouted, "but I will find out" he clapped his hands, his glasses covered eyes dancing with mirth.

Gabriel met Riley's eyes for a moment while getting ready to sit on the check-up table placed in Doctor's lab and his heart skipped a beat. It wasn't the first time he noticed her beauty, her full lips, soulful green eyes and slender but lethal body, but he didn't dare to pursue her. At first, he was too focused on finding his wife, then, after her death he felt the need to mourn her loss. After more than two years he was ready to finally move on. But he wouldn't dare to pursue Riley. She deserved better and considering that there were times when she would rather shoot him than the enemies, probably they were better of as friends.

A few hours later they left CyberCom. Riley did the usual check-up and then went to her apartment to get ready for their night out. She had no clue about what she should wear. It was just a simple evening out with Gabriel just like they did every night, the only difference being that usually they went out right after work, grabbed a bite, a beer or two, went to Gabriel's apartment to check it for tampering and then she went home. They never went out together after that. Well... she smiled to herself, excepting the week-ends when they had no plans and they would go for a run, have lunch, see a movie or simply talk for hours about everything and nothing. Just like... friends, she thought with a strange ache in her heart.

She knew she trusted Gabriel with her life and he told him that years ago. He was good, caring, loyal, sweet, charming, protective. Anything she could wished for in a man. The revelation was like a punch in her gut. She fell for Gabriel. Hard. And now she had to conceal those feelings from him. It was for the best.

With a shaky breath Riley started to get ready for their night out. After a long shower she started perusing her wardrobe searching for something that was adequate for a friendly night out in a bar, that won't look like her usual work attire but which also shouldn't scream "date" or "I am free, come and get me!". In the end she settled for a knee-length black dress, with a v-neck that allowed her to show a little cleavage, accessorized with a wide red belt and paired with a four inch black heels. Her make-up was light as she hated feeling all those products on her skin, but she opted for smokey eyes make-up that brought out her green eyes and a soft pink lipstick. She opted for a natural hair style, with loose curls flowing free down her back.

Choosing one of her many black leather jackets and a small over the shoulder bag, she considered herself decent enough for a friendly night out with her partner.

Riley grabbed her keys and dialed Gabriel's phone on her way to her door, to inform him that she was ready. She opened her door only to collide with a hard surface and almost lose her balance. A strong hand circled her slender waist and she found herself held tightly against Gabriel's hard chest.

" Wow... easy there partner!" he teased her " hope you didn't start partying without me."

" Very funny, Gabriel." Riley struggled a little to regain her balance and took a step back from Gabriel, who was still holding her by the waist. " What are you doing here?"

" What do you mean, what I am doing here? Riley, you wound me!" he took his hand that was circling her waist and placed it over his heart in mock hurt. "My mama taught me to be a gentleman, you know. So, of course, I came to pick you up for our night out. Nice outfit by the way. You are cleaning up nicely without the jeans or the protection vest." he added with a smile.

Riley took a moment to regain her composure. Feeling Gabriel so close to her outside their missions was breathtaking. During their assignments, even though Riley's job was to keep him safe, Gabriel was always there looking out for her, touching her arm, putting a protecting hand on her back, checking her for injuries. He made her feel safe. Now she felt so drawn to him. She cast a glance over his attire. Dressed in a dark blue button down shirt, black jeans and a black leather jacket and with his crazy spiked blonde hair, he was the real definition of sex on legs. And he smelled so good, all man, soap and a rough musky perfume. Riley couldn't help but feel disappointed when he let go of her waist and she shook her head slightly to chase away her errant thoughts.

She now knew that her feelings for him crossed way over the friendship line and, even though Lillian gave up the fraternization rule the year before, as she realized that it wasn't productive to lose her agents because they fell in love, Riley didn't feel too keen to try dating a co-worker, the relationship between her and Charlie Griffin years before, causing her nothing but trouble.

She was also sure Gabriel had no such feeling for her. He never showed more than friendly affection towards her and she still had no idea what was happening between him and Mei Chen, his nemesis, in their cyber- renders. He told her once about a year ago that he let Amelia go and she expected him starting dating after that confession, but the moment never came, much to her relieve, she realized now.

Right now she only hoped that their tequila overindulgence from tonight won't make her spill her new acquainted feelings to him.

Regaining her composure she thanked him for the compliment and closed the door behind her.

" No compliment for me partner? I really tried to look dashing tonight for our anniversary."

" You have a huge ego, Gabriel. How is that for a compliment?" Riley throw back.

" You wound me, Riley, you wound me. Again. Nice legs by the way. I will probably have to chase your potential suitors with my gun." he devilishly smirked at her.

They opted for a cab to the bar and they didn't stop their banter until they entered the place and Gabriel lead Riley to a secluded table.

Out of habit Riley scanned the room for possible threats and searched the nearest exit door in case of a possible threat.

" Relax Riley, there is no threat. I already checked them out and all seems legit." Gabriel told her. He knew she would be searching the area as soon as they arrived, never being off the clock and wanted for her to relax and enjoy the evening.

" Still I had to make sure we have a way out in case something happens." she answered.

" Nothing's going to happen. Shall we order that tequila?"

" Bring it on!" she challenged him.

While Gabriel left to bring their drinks, she undressed her jacket and made herself comfortable in one of the heavy plastic armchairs from around the table. The music was nice, she noticed and there was even a small dance floor where a few couples were moving on one of those Top 20 latino songs. Her body started to sway slightly, feeling the low bass and she started humming quietly.

" I see you started the party without me." Gabriel teased her, as he returned to their table with a bottle of tequila, two shot glasses and sliced lemons.

" Is nice here. How did you find this place?" she was curious to know. They drowned the first glasses.

" Sometimes when I can't sleep I chip the cameras around the city. This place looked nice." Gabriel admited.

" That's... creepy."

" It's fun. There are many interesting things happening out there. I even saw a Before he cheats thing once. " he smirked.

" Really?"

" Yeah. It wasn't too nice. Thought about you."

"Me? Why?"

" I was curious what would you do if your boyfriend cheated on you."

" A black eye, four broken fingers and he spoke like a soprano for a couple of days."

Gabriel has shocked.

"Riley Neal. You didn't?!"

"Yes I did. The bastard deserved." she winked at him.

" You are a dangerous woman partner. I am glad I am not your enemy."

Riley smiled, her eyes daring him to do something.

She is so beautiful Gabriel thought. He realized that after three years of working together, he still had to learn a lot of things about her. And, oddly, he wanted to know everything.

He started rendering about earlier that night when she almost fell into his arms. She felt so good next to him, her soft curves against his hard body. He wanted to move his hands to through her silky hair, to taste her pink lips... His rendering was stopped short by a punch to his shoulder. He smiled at the familiarity of the hit. Riley did it every time he was losing himself in his renders. Turning his head towards Riley, he saw her worried expression and felt a little bad for that.

" Sorry. I got a little lost. Nothing to worry about." he tried to calm her with his best smile.

" Ok. If you say so." Riley was still not convinced he was all right.

Gabriel raised his glass: " To our partnership, Riley. And to many years to come."

" To our partnership!"

Couple of glasses later, they were laughing and sharing memories from their childhood to their early missions. As the evening went on they got closer and closer, their chairs glued to each other, both of them being attracted to another like magnets.

Gabriel took a look over the surface of the location and saw that the dance floor became a bit crowded and he decided to be brave for a night and invite Riley for a dance. The music was good, rhythmic and he knew she liked to dance.

He raised from his chair, took a shaky bow and offered his hand to Riley in what was supposed to be a dance invitation.

" Would you give me the honor of dancing with me, my lady?"

Surprised, Riley accepted his hand and Gabriel lead her to the dancing floor, holding her close to him. They started moving to the tempo, laughing and getting closer and closer to each other. Gabriel had to admit Riley was a good dancer. Her body moved fluidly against him, the high fuck me heels she wore adding a few inches to her height. As the music changed to a slow, seductive tune, Gabriel threw all the cautions in the wind and sneaked his hands around her waist and Riley felt her body colliding with his hard chest. She shivered slightly and looked questioningly in his blue eyes.

" Gabriel..." her words died on her lips under his scorching gaze.

" Shh... Feel the music Riley." His voice was rough, dripping with desire.

The music pumped through their veins as they moved as one on the dance floor. Feeling bold, Riley turned her back against Gabriel, swaying and grinding against him. Gabriel removed his hands from around her slim waist and moved them slowly from her arms to her fingers, leaving a trail of fire on her skin. They interlocked their fingers and Gabriel moved their hands behind his neck and leaving Riley's there, while he resumed his trailing down her arms and circled her waist again. Riley let her head to lean against his shoulder feeling like she always belonged there and her fingers started playing with the small hairs at the back of his head. Gabriel let himself feel the gorgeous woman he held in his arms, dancing together on the now crowded dance floor. He wanted so much more with her, from her. It was such an intense feeling that he didn't remember having with his wife: all new and still, oddly familiar.

He dropped his head on her shoulder, his lips ghosting over her cleavage, pressing them at the juncture between her neck and shoulder. Her skin was so soft and he could feel her pulse racing beneath his lips.

They continued to dip and sway to the beats, with every move her backside pushing into the hardness of his body. Riley could feel Gabriel getting hard, his desire for her obvious with every touch of his hands on her heated body. She felt an inner hunger for him that she never felt for another man before, she wanted to devour him and be devoured by Gabriel's hard lips that were teasing her skin. She needed to kiss him like she needed the next breath.

Maybe it was the tequila she had earlier or the feelings that she held inside for so long, but she knew she had to have this man, her partner, her protectee, even if it was for one night. She will deal with the consequences later. With a bold move, Riley turned into Gabriel's arms, put her hands on his chest and raised her eyes meeting Gabriel's dark gaze where she saw the same feelings she battled herself with. She glued herself to his muscled body and with a strangled moan she voiced the words they both yearned at that moment:

" Kiss me, Gabriel!"

Her plea was all he needed to hear. Leaning closer to her, Gabriel brushed her nose to hers, feeling her hot breath over his lips and inched closer, trailing his lips over her right cheek until he reached the corner of her lips and deposited a small peck there. He started teasing her by trailing his lips over to her chin and softly biting his partner's heated flesh. Groaning in frustration, Riley placed her palms on each side of his face and drew him closer to her aching lips. Their kiss started slowly, their mouths getting acquainted with another, lips moving in perfect sync just like they did in every mission for the past three years. Riley slowly bit his plump lower lip, his taste making her want more. Desire pooled in her belly, burning her insides and soon tamed kisses were not enough. With a groan, Gabriel grasped her silky hair and deepened the kiss, his tongue plunging in her mouth and fighting for dominance with Riley's. Their kiss lasted for seconds, minutes, they had no idea. It was a slow burn for both of them and now that the fire burst they couldn't stop until it consumed them. When they felt their lungs burning for lacking of air, Gabriel disentangled himself from the sweetness of her mouth, only to place small open-mouthed kisses along her jaw to her ear, slowly biting her earlobe to test her skin's sensitivity.

It was more than Riley could handle. Taking a step back from him, she smiled seductively and interlacing their fingers, she looked in his eyes with burning desire.

"I want you Riley! I am burning for you, baby!"

"Let's go!"

Holding their hands and laughing like two teenagers they left the bar together. Hailing a cab, they reached Riley's apartment within minutes, thanks to Gabriel chipping the traffic lights in between the sweet kisses he stole from the beautiful woman he was holding in his arms.

Usually calm and collected, Riley was having a hard time concentrating on unlocking her apartment door with Gabriel teasing her neck with heated kisses and urgent caresses. In the end she managed to unlock the door and get themselves inside.

Pushing Riley against the door, he stole her another heated kiss. Riley sneaked her hands underneath his jacket and scratched her nailes slowly over his back, driving him crazy with desire. She took his jacket off and started unbuttoning his shirt slowly, feeling his heart racing beneath her hand.

"You're so sweet baby. I want to feel all of you." Gabriel spoke to her roughly.

" I want you too Gabriel. Let's continue this in the bedroom."

"Mmm...Good idea sweetheart. Come here!" he told her hoarsely. Riley squaled in surprise as Gabriel took her in his arms bridal style, crossing the living room while her lips were nipping and biting playfully at his neck. Opening her bedroom door, he entered slowly, depositing his precious cargo at the end of the bed and started to shed her clothes urgently. Riley's hands mimicked his own as she tore down his dark blue shirt, revealing the delicious contours of his muscles. She walked her hands down his pecs, to his abs, feeling his muscles tense under her touch and reached down to unbuckle his jeans. Unable to stay away from each other they began to kiss urgently, Gabriel managing to open her dress and belt, which fell in a pool to her legs. Left in only in lacy black bra and a matching pair of skimpy underwear and with her shoes still on, Riley was perfect. Gabriel wanted nothing more than tore every barrier they had between them and bury deep inside her heat.

" You're wearing too much clothes Mr. Vaughn." Riley told him seductively.

" And what you gonna do about that Miss Neal?" he challenged her.

Smirking one to another, Riley reached between them and opened Gabriel's jeans all the way, the offending piece of clothing falling at their feet. Feeling bold, she started to rub his cock slowly through his black boxers. He is really packing she thought.

They continued kissing each other sensless, while ripping the last pieces of clothing, his hard body meeting her soft curves without any barrier.

"God... You're so beautiful Riley. Can't get enough of you baby."

"Then have me!"

With a fluid move given by her years of Martial Arts practice, Riley pushed his body on her bed, where he landed with a bounce and she climbed slowly over his naked body. She is a temptress, Gabriel thought. With her burning green eyes magnified by her sexy make-up, lips swolled by his kisses and her perfect naked body, she was perfect and he wanted nothing more but bury deep inside her heat and lose himself in her for the rest of his life.

Riley started kissing and nipping at his chest as her right hand reached between them and started pumping his pulsating sex, playing with his heated flesh, making Gabriel growl with pleasure, his hands playing with her hair. His sounds were getting her wet, her own sex seeking the much needed friction while rubbing herself against Gabriel's muscular thight.

Gabriel flipped her over with a groan, attacking her mouth with a fire she hadn't felt before. He palmed her breasts roughly but sensually, enticing wanton moans from Riley. His lips trailed down ner neck sucking and bitting at the soft flesh he met in his way and his burning mouth replaced his hands on her breasts, licking them and sucking her sweet nipples.

Gabriel's hand trailed down Riley's abdomen, feeling the fading indentations of the scars she gained while working in the Secret Services and while protecting him, and reached at the end of his journey, cupping Riley's mound in his hand and slowly tracing his fingers over her soft inner lips, teasing and driving crazy with want.

"Gabriel" she moaned through gritted teeth "stop teasing me or I will kill you."

"So bossy baby." he retorted with a smirk, but complied to her wishes and parted her folds, slipping one finger inside her heated core, moving slowly.

" So tight, so perfect!"

Riley trashed beneath him, the ache inside her so powerful. She gripped Gabriel's hair, tracing her fingers through it, trying to reach something she never knew it was possible. Encouraged by her response, Gabriel returned to her delicious lips, devouring her like it was his last meal, and added another finger inside her, Riley's desire for him coating his fingers. He felt his member protesting with need but Riley was his priority.

Riley felt her climax building inside her belly, her hands trailing down his muscular back, leaving red marks in her way. Breaking their heated kiss, Gabriel let his lips wander over her gracious neck, sucking, biting her warm flesh, marking her as his. He knew there will be hell to pay for them in the morning but didn't feel himself to care.

Gabriel felt Riley's heat constricting around his fingers, her moans of pleasure reaching a new intensity.

"Gabriel... Ahh...I am cumming!"

"Let it go baby. I am here to catch you."

Her orgasm hit her like a wrecking ball.

"Gabriel... Gabriel" she chanted his name like a prayer, writhing under him, reaching for his hard body, holding him close to her.

Gabriel's resolve was wearing thin. He needed to feel Riley in the most intimate way, to bury himself in her heat, to posses her completely.

Parting her legs wider, Gabriel seated himself between them. Meeting Riley's gaze he saw there the permission he needed to continue. Keeping their eye contact, Gabriel coated his steel heat with her wetness and pushed slowly inside her. The feelings of fulfillment and rightness surprised them both. They felt that there was nothing more perfect than their union, woman and man, together as one. Gabriel remained still, gazing at her beautiful green eyes full with desire, rosy checks and swollen lips. He wanted to memorize every feature, every sound falling from her delectable mouth, every curve of her gorgeous body.

Riley reached for Gabriel's lips, whispering hoarsely against them "Please move baby!"

It was the encouragement Gabriel needed. Interlacing their fingers above Riley's head, they moved each other as one, none of them knowing where one of them ended and the other began. The intensity of their climaxes shook their worlds, both of them clinging to another as Gabriel spilled his seed deep inside her core.

For minutes the only sounds resonating in the room were their heavy breathing, their bodies spent but sated by their lovemaking. Gabriel realized his weight is crushing Riley so he disentangled from her inviting body, feeling her loss immediately and rolled on his back taking Riley with him.

Naturally, Riley placed her head on his chest, his strong heart resonating against her ear. None of them said a word, the latest events too overwhelming for both of them. At some point, Gabriel reached down and pulled the sheets over them and started tracing calming circles over Riley's shoulder.

The peace of their union combined with their soft breathing lulled them both to sleep.