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Jenny had never been a romantic girl. She had always considered romantic gestures over-rated and a bit strained. But her husband wasn´t like her at all in that regard. He was extremely romantic, but he knew Jenny didn´t appreciate it very much and had accepted that since long. She still loved him and thus she did what he wanted to sometimes – this day was a day like that.

They were going to spend all day together, eating out and taking romantic walks, etc... Luckily, it was already afternoon.

Taking their seats at the couples restaurant, Jenny looked around the terrace. It was rather empty at the outdoor seating, other than themselves, there was only one other couple there – a young couple some tables away. The girl was smiling brightly at the boy, holding her hand out in front of her with the back of her hand facing him.

"Oh no."


"We got to leave."

"What are you saying Jen? We just got here." Jenny moved her head discretely towards the couple. Her husband stared at them blankly and then looked back to Jenny. "So?"

"You saw it too, let´s go before they start to ruin things", she was about to rise but he put a hand on her shoulder and pushed her back down.

"Don´t be ridiculous, it´s nice that such a young engaged couple still go out like this."

Jenny rolled her eyes. "It´s nothing special about that. We go out too, don´t we?"

He just raised his eyebrows. "Just because Fairy Tail´s members are here doesn´t mean things will be destroyed", he said in lowered voice. "I´m not surprised a new member like her need a break from the guild once in a while, they have to be all over her. Especially since she´s the first girlfriend Natsu-san have had. Ever."

Jenny narrowed her eyes. "I´d rather not take any risks", she said and rose.

Her husband sighed. "Honestly, Jen. You´re being rude."

"I´m sorry but I would like to enjoy this day too", she snorted.

He didn´t say anything, just followed her out of the restaurant. "Where do you want to go then?"

"I´m not especially hungry now, how about we continue on?"

He nodded and intertwined his fingers with her.

"Let´s go."

They walked to a big pound and sat down on a bench close to the shore of it. Another rather young couple were close by, playing by the shore with their young boy.

"Simon get back here!" the blue-haired father said and picked up the boy so he wouldn´t run away.

The scarlet-haired woman laughed and put a hand on her stomach. "You better behave, your brother would miss you if you weren´t here when he arrives."

"… don´t you think?"

"Hm?" Jenny turned to her husband. He was looking towards the family as well.

"That they seem happy?"

"Well yes."

At that moment she saw their guild marks.

"We better move along."

"Are you serious? Just because of…"

"Yes. I´m sorry but I can´t handle it."

He just sighed and rose from the bench. "Let´s go then", he heaved another sigh.

They were making their way back to the centrum. A few people passed them, including a black-haired man. The thing that made him stand out was that he all of a sudden stripped out of his shirt while walking. Jenny could barely believe her eyes. And then he just dropped the shirt on the ground, as if it didn´t matter to him. She wondered if she should tell him, but before she even got the chance to pick the shirt up, a blue haired girl with pale skin already had.

"Gray-sama!" she yelled and waved the shirt over her head. She ran after the man and when she passed them Jenny caught a glimpse of the dreaded mark.

She decided not to mention it to her husband and they continued walking.

"Where would you like to eat?" she asked him.

"That place looks rather nice, doesn´t it?" he said and pointed.

"Sure", Jenny answered and they went through the door.

The inside was empty other than two very different people. A man with black, ragged hair and piercings was sitting across from a cute, small woman with blue short hair. She was scolding him for something but he didn´t look troubled at all, rather like he was enjoying it which only made her scowl more of course. The girl who could be the reincarnation of a fairy rose and stretched her arm up so she could flick the man in the forehead with her finger. When she did, her guild mark became visible and when he grabbed her arm Jenny could see his too.

"They´re everywhere today!" she hissed to her husband.

"You know what?" he said to her. "Let´s just go home, I can´t take this anymore."

He turned his heel and went outside without waiting for her. She scurried after him, but there was no need to hurry because he waited right outside.

"I´m sorry", she said and wrapped her arms around his torso. It was rather unusual for her to show her affection like that so he knew she really was sorry. "I´ll make it up for you when we come home, I´ll cook you whatever you want and…"

He laughed. "That sounds great. Let´s go."

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