Sup people that been reading my other story's no worries I dealing with Writer's block :/ anyway this been in my head for about...three day's ehhh but anyway I bring my new Story Little Spark hop you enjoy

"I carry the weight of you in my heavy heart And the wind is so icy, I am numb" Cher Lloyd; Sirens

My story may seem to be Clingy but it isn't …it's about what fate gave you and how you deal with it. I deal with it in my own little way and yet in the end people die because I couldn't do it right the first try because of my mistake. People use you, manipulate you, LIED to you…Seem where I'm going…No? Well here something…..Power.

People love power and will do anything to HAVE it! Right? Of course. why wouldn't they? It's funny how that power can be control in your hands with a simple flick of your wrist. But…I don't like being controlled… I don't like people fighting for what I am…I don't like being used, lied or played. I rather fight back then sit there and being told what to do…Maybe it's my childish ways or something. But one thing is for sure…I'm taking my destiny and taking control of it…Nobody will ever tell me what to do or say I can't do that or what's on my mind.

It's funny how most people would just say that if you fight what you believing in that anything is possible. But even the bravest or the most Noblest can fall and need someone to pick them and hear that saying from someone else.

I am the New All-spark vessel

I am N.B.A. 10

I Am Oceana

My story starts that isn't sweet and kind….There's blood and energon on my fleshling hands that cover my Protoform…. I will fight back.

They wanted a Weapon

They got it

Now it's no turning back

And they will pay for what they did…

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