She's done it! In case you didn't know by now, JKR's publishers have announced that the fifth book will be released on June, 21st.

Here's the link:

It's one third longer than Goblet of Fire!!! The article also features two extracts from the story:

"The hottest day of the summer so far was drawing to a close and a drowsy silence lay over the large, square houses of Privet Drive … The only person left outside was a teenage boy who was lying flat on his back in a flowerbed outside number four."


"Dumbledore lowered his hands and surveyed Harry through his half-moon glasses.

'It is time,' he said, 'for me to tell you what I should have told you five years ago, Harry.

Please sit down. I am going to tell you everything.'"

Though there's not much in it about the actual story, finally things start to get moving.  Yay! Can't wait for it, and she'd better have loads of Remus (she said he'd reappear!) and Sirius in it…

Join the celebrations, it's only 158 days more to go if I've counted right!

Okay, here's the promised preview to my newest plot bunny. But beware, it might take some time until the story is so developed that I start posting, and it is possible that I still change the parts here.

First: It's an AU. Alternative Universe. Something happened that didn't happen in JKR's books. Or – in this case the other way around. Something didn't happen that happened in the books. Harry didn't go to the Dursleys. I'm sorry, but for the details you'll still have to wait a little, but I guess you'll get a good impression of where Harry went from reading those pieces here.

I also tried a different approach in writing: The story will be set around Harry's third year, but there will be flashbacks. A lot of flashback. They'll be written in italics, so that I don't have to write 'flashback' on top of them all the time. You'll soon see that though big parts of Harry's life at school (Philosopher's stone and Basilisks) remained the same, mainly because I couldn't think up an entirely new life for Harry, large parts of canon have changed. But as for that – you'll also have to wait.

What I give you here are three random pieces out of the story (which is not written yet), in the later story they won't be necessarily in this order or even close to each other. I guess a lot of things will come in between these scenes, but I liked them and so I give them to you. Hope I didn't confuse you yet.

I just want to make one thing perfectly clear: In my story, things might be different from the books. Characters, events and stuff like that. No drastic changes in everyday life, and certainly no mysterious new powers or stuff like that, but let's say it like that: I won't just repeat writing Prisoner of Azkaban here.

Before you ask – YES, there will be Sirius in it, but maybe not the way you would have imagined. Can't say more. Maybe he already is in the parts I give you here, who knows?

Two major things: The story has no title yet (I'm awfully bad with titles) and I haven't decided yet whether it will be slash. I'd like to hear your opinion on that, though I can't promise to write as you please. But your opinion might help me make a decision.

And now:

Get yourself confused and enjoy!

Remus woke up with what was probably the worst headache in his entire life. He instantly knew that the transformation last night had been one of the worst for a long time. Though he could not remember much, he still felt that the wolf was feeling restless, it was disturbed by something, but by what Remus could not tell.

He carefully opened his eyes and was surprised to find himself in his bedroom. He was sure that he had not managed to get up here alone, so somebody must have brought him here. His first guess was that it had been Sirius, but usually Sirius stayed by his side until he had woken up. And hadn't Sirius told him only yesterday morning that he would not be able to come over?

Remus carefully sat up and tried to find out what had woken him up, but as he contemplated about this he realized that somebody had put on his pyjama pants and wrapped up his chest and forearms in bandages. The wolf must have raged last night if his injuries were that bad. He could still feel the wolf's anger and restlessness.

Raised voices from downstairs made him look up. That must have woken him a couple of minutes ago. Curious as to what was going on in his own house, Remus rose from the bed, pulled on a wide robe and opened the door.

Three voices were arguing downstairs, two of them Remus didn't know. When he stepped down the stairs, he saw that his father was arguing with two other wizards, Ministry officials by the look of their robes, and was trying to make them leave again.

"I told you already that he is in no condition to talk to you right now. Leave and come back tomorrow, then he should be able to speak to you."

The taller of the two Ministry wizards made another step into the hall, despite Richard Lupin's efforts to close the door in his face.

"You don't understand, Mr. Lupin. We have urgent business with your son, this can't wait until tomorrow."

Richard let out an exasperated sigh.

"He is sleeping and I won't wake him up just because you think your business can't be delayed by a day. Leave now!"

The smaller of the two others suddenly interrupted.

"I don't think there's the need to wake him up anymore."

Remus found himself suddenly watched by three pairs of eyes as the other men realized his presence in the room. Richard immediately walked over to his son's side and held out an arm for him to lean on. He sighed.

"You shouldn't be up. I told them to leave, but they didn't listen to me. Sorry that we woke you up."

Remus shook his head.

"No, it's alright."
He turned towards the two Ministry officials.

"You wanted to speak to me?"

The taller man nodded.

"Remus J. Lupin? Yes, we need to speak to you on an urgent matter."

"Why don't we go over into the living room then."

Remus allowed his father to support him on the way into the living room, where he sat down on the sofa with exhausted sigh. Richard handed him a blanket which he took gratefully. It was already quite cold for beginning of November. Remus looked at the two Ministry wizards expectantly, his face not betraying the inner turmoil that had started as soon as he had seen them. Something was not right here, something had happened.

"Well, and you would be?"

The taller of the two wizards looked up.

"I am Auror Stevens, and this is Auror McMillan. Ministry Department of Capital Crime."

Remus frowned his brow. Why on Earth would the Ministry send two Aurors who investigated crimes like murder into his house? What had happened last night?

Stevens realized Remus' distress and continued to talk.

"We need to speak to you concerning the events of last night."

He pulled out a file from his briefcase.

"We first need to confirm the information in our files. You are Remus Jonathan Lupin?"

Remus nodded.

"Yes I am."

"Date and place of Birth?"

"February 20th, 1960 in Egerton, Kent."

"Recent occupation?"

"I'm about to finish my doctor's degree in Defence techniques and the specialized literature concerning this topic in January. I'm employed by the London University of Magic, I'm teaching classes in Defence."

Stevens nodded and began the questioning.

"Is it correct that you know Sirius Black?"

Remus nodded and swallowed against the lump that formed in his throat. They had come because of Sirius? Where was Sirius anyway? Had something happened to him? He didn't even notice that Richard returned from the kitchen with a tray of tea and forced a large mug of the hot liquid into his hand.

"What is your relation towards Mr. Black?"

"We are friends. We went to school together, Hogwarts, and after graduation we shared a flat until the beginning of this year. Why? Has something happened to him?"

Not even reacting to Remus' question, Auror Stevens continued while McMillan wrote down everything Remus said.

"Do you know where Mr. Black was last night and what he intended to do?"

Remus shook his head.

"No. No, I don't know. What is this all about?"

"What is your relation towards Mr. and Mrs. James Potter and Mr. Peter Pettigrew?"

Remus shook his head in confusion.

"The same. We all went to school together, we're close friends. What has happened?"

"Do you know if Mr. Black stands in connection to You-Know-Who and the Death Eaters?"

"No. I mean, we knew that somebody was passing information to them about James and Lily, but Sirius? No, no he wouldn't do that."

"Is Mr. Black a Death Eater?"

"Since when has Mr. Black been a Death Eater?"
"Don't you listen to me? Sirius is no Death Eater, never. Now would you finally care to tell me what this is all about?"

Still, Stevens ignored Remus' questions.

"Do you know anything about Mr. Black's plans for last night or for the near future? Has he planned a journey lately? Talked about leaving the country?"

Remus shook his head.

"No, never. What has happened?"

"One last question. Where have you been last night between ten in the evening and seven in the morning?"

Remus let out a harsh laugh.

"I'm fairly sure that directly beneath my name in the Ministry files there's the remark 'werewolf, male' in bold printing. And if you care to check the lunar chart, yesterday night was full moon. I've been in the garden shelter, protected by countless wards and charms, since five o'clock yesterday afternoon, throughout my transformations, and until my father brought me back into the house after moonset this morning. I don't recall the time of that because I was not conscious. Now would you finally tell me what this is all about? Why all those questions about Sirius and my other friends? What has happened?"

Remus was close to being frantic now, so shortly after his transformations it normally didn't take much to upset him and the way those two Aurors had been avoiding all his questions so far had not helped to ease his mind in the slightest.

Stevens leaned back and gestured McMillan to answer Remus' question. The smaller Auror put his quill back into his briefcase and looked up.

"Last night, Mr. and Mrs. James and Lily Potter were murdered in their house in Godric's Hollow, supposedly by You-Know-Who himself. In the early morning hours, Sirius Black was obviously cornered by Mr. Peter Pettigrew in a street in Muggle London. Witnesses testified that Pettigrew accused Black of having betrayed the Potters to the Dark Lord, then Black blew up the street with a curse, killing Pettigrew and twelve by standing muggles in the process. When our units arrived there minutes later, we found Black still there, standing in the middle of the destruction and laughing about his deed. He is being brought to Azkaban for association with the Dark Lord and thirteen cases of murder as we speak."

Remus just stared, trying to process the information. James and Lily were dead. It could not be, could it? He knew that they had performed the Fidelius Charm only a week ago, that they had chosen Sirius as their Secret Keeper. If Voldemort had found them, that meant that Sirius had given their location away. No, Sirius wouldn't do that, would he? But then again, they had known that one amongst their small group of friends had given away information about James and Lily, and hadn't his growing suspicion towards Sirius been the reason why he had moved out of their flat? But Sirius wouldn't betray James, would he? James was like a brother to him, how could he have done that? And Peter…Sirius had killed Peter and twelve innocent muggles. Remus could not imagine it, but it had to be true. Sure, Sirius was able to do perform such a strong curse, he was a very powerful wizard, but Remus had never believed him capable of such a crime. But then, what other explanation was there? Voldemort could only have found James and Lily if Sirius had given them away, and there were witnesses who had seen Sirius kill Peter and thirteen muggles. It had to be true. But why?

Remus literally felt his world shatter at the moment he realized what this meant. James, Lily and Peter were dead. Sirius was on his way to Azkaban, and after what he had done he had died for Remus as well. His whole world, all the people he had cared for since they had met at school, were gone. Gone in the blink of an eye. Last night, before he had gone into the garden shelter for his transformation everything had been alright, and now only hours later, his life lay in pieces at his feet. Moony was howling in pain, but Remus knew that as soon as the wolf would realized the implications of it all, it would be furious.

Completely oblivious to his surroundings, Remus didn't realize his father coming back into the living room, the morning copy of the Daily Prophet in his hands and all colour drained from his face. Seeing the distressed condition of his youngest son, Richard ushered the Aurors out of the room.

"That's enough, you've asked him what you needed to. Now leave, before I personally throw you out."

Stevens and McMillan got up from their chairs and left the room, moments later the sound of the front door closing shot sounded through the suddenly all too silent house. Richard put the paper onto the table and sat down next to his son. Remus was staring unfocusedly ahead, his whole body shaking. The tea in the cup he still had not realized he held spilled all over his hands.

Richard took the cup from Remus' hands, put it onto the table and then took Remus into his arms.

He held his son, gently rocking him back and forth while Remus tried to understand what had just happened to him. Suddenly, realization dawned.

"They're dead!"

He managed to choke out before he completely broke down. Richard could not remember when he had last seen Remus cry like that. Normally, self control was Remus' most urgent instinct, he didn't let himself go like that. Richard decided that he would not allow his son any chance to fall into depression, he knew fairly well what possible outcome this could have after the next full moon.

"Not all of them are dead."

Remus looked up from red-rimmed eyes and Richard handed him the paper. Not quite understanding what his father was driving at, Remus took the paper and looked at the front page. The pictures were the first thing to catch his eye and nearly made him throw up. One large picture showed the debris that only hours ago had been the Potters' home at Godric's Hollow with the Dark Mark floating in the sky above. But what made Remus feel sick was the second picture on the page.

It showed Sirius, the man Remus thought he had known better than anybody else, standing in the middle of a devastated street, debris and other things Remus didn't really want to know what exactly they were all around him, and he was laughing. His face was a mask of madness, nothing resembling the fun loving prankster Remus had known for years and he laughed even as the Ministry wizards took away his wand and apparated him away.

"Don't look at the pictures. Read."

Remus heard his father's voice from far away, but it took him long moments until he managed to take his eyes away from the moving images that proved his friend's betrayal. When he looked at the headline, his jaw dropped.

The Boy Who Lived defeats He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

Last night, the wizarding world was finally freed from the threat that You-Know-Who has posed upon all of us for the past decade. The Dark Lord vanished as he attempted to murder Harry Potter, fifteen months old infant son of James and Lily Potter, both Ministry Aurors. The Potters had been killed only minutes before in an attempt to save their son, but miraculously young Harry did not only manage to survive the Killing Curse, but also to destroy You-Know-Who. The precise circumstances remain unknown for the time being…

The paper fell from Remus' hand.

Voldemort had fallen last night? Harry had defeated Voldemort? Harry was alive? Oh god, Harry was alive…


Moony was pacing. Literally.

Remus Lupin would, if asked, have been the first to confirm that the wolf was always a part of his personality, of his mind, no matter what phase the moon was currently in.

And normally Moony was ore or less successfully fighting for the control of Remus' mind, but throughout the years he had gotten used to being fought into the background for most of the month.

The next full moon was still one and a half weeks away, a time during which Moony was normally caged somewhere deep in the back of Remus' mind.

But not today.

Moony had control over his human's mind like he normally only had shortly before the monthly transformation. Something was not right, Moony could feel that.

Something was about to happen, something was not the way it was supposed to be. Moony could smell it. Anticipation was in the air. Something was different tonight.

The last time he had felt like this had been…

Remus Lupin sighed and made his way from the living room into the kitchen. Inwardly, he was scolding himself that he had allowed the wolf to surface so strongly. He had even been pacing on the rug in front of the fireplace, mimicking the urges of his canine self in his own actions.

Remus filed the water kettle and boiled it with a well-practiced wave of his wand. While he prepared his tea with automatically carried out actions, he couldn't help but allow the wolf to finish his thoughts.

…seventy moons ago. More than seventy times the moon had come and waned again since Moony had last felt this restless and excited when full moon had still been so far away.

Seventy moons ago, Moony had not understood yet. He had not understood yet the full impact of what had happened to him. Of what had happened to them.

Seventy months ago, Moony's pack had died. The only pack Moony had ever known. Oh, not all of them were dead, but the stag was gone and so was the rat. They were dead, but the wolf's favourite had not died. It had taken Moony a long time to understand that the dog was worse than dead.

Long months of restless longing later had Moony finally understood: his pack was gone, he'd never see, hear, feel or smell any of them again.

During those months of realization Moony had been just as restless, he'd tried to pace away the anticipation so see his pack mates again. He had not believed then, had not wanted to believe, that he would never see any of them again.

But why did Moony behave like this, especially right now? Remus thought of himself that he understood the wolf after so many years, but he didn't understand Moony's current behaviour.

Why did he behave as if he was restlessly waiting for his pack mates? As if his pack mates were near? His pack mates were dead, and Moony knew that. He had learned it the hard way.

It had been hard and painful for Moony to learn, but his pack mates were gone. The were out of his reach and they would never return. Never again would they run under the full moon together.

Worst of all the dog. His favourite. Padfoot. His mate.

But something was not right tonight, Moony could feel it, could smell it so strong in the air that he was surprised his human self didn't seem to feel it as well.

All of his instincts were heightened, every alarm bell inside of him was ringing.

Maybe something was wrong with the last member of his pack. Had something happened to the pup?

Remus sighed and put down his cup of tea. He should have known that it would come to this, that the wolf would think along these lines.

And now Moony wouldn't let go until he had been shown that the pup was alright.

With another deep sigh, Remus got up from his chair and walked over towards the staircase in the hall. The wards that separated the ground floor from the upper floor were still in place and intact, and Remus already wanted to turn around again. No way could anybody have gotten upstairs since he had set up the wards.

But Moony wasn't pacified so easily.

'The pup', he screamed, 'look after the pup. Go and see if the pup is alright.'

So Remus took down the wards with a wave of his wand and a few muttered, well chosen words, then he climbed the stairs to the upper floor and opened the second door to the right. One look inside the room confirmed that everything was alright. The window was closed and the small form on the bed was breathing evenly, obviously fast asleep.

The pup was alright, Moony could smell it. It was lying in its bed, and taking in a deep breath Moony found that there was no other smell in the room than his own and that of the pup when it was content and peacefully asleep. Nothing had dared to attack the pup tonight, not even one of the nightmares it still suffered under from time to time.

Though the wolf wasn't pacified, he now at least knew that his restlessness was not caused by the pup being in danger. Nobody had come near his most precious pack-member.

For some long moments, Remus stood next to Harry's bed and watched his seven year old godson sleep.

He gently tucked some loose strands of hair out of Harry's eyes, revealing the lightning shaped scar on his forehead. The scar that still connected him to the night in which he had lost everything, just like Remus and Moony had lost everything that night.

And just like the huge scar on his right shoulder branded Remus as an outcast, especially without his pack, did the lightning shaped scar mark his godson and outsider. He might be considered a hero, the golden boy, saviour of the wizarding world, but an outsider he was nevertheless. An outsider who needed to be protected from the long shadow that his own fame threw upon him.

Remus pulled up the discarded blanket and tucked Harry in. A kiss on the forehead and a whispered 'Good night, pup' later he turned around and left the room again.

He went downstairs to at least try and get some of his word finished. On his way, he once more set up the wards on the staircase that protected the pup upstairs.

Moony was getting more and more excited as they went downstairs again. He felt a presence he had not felt for many moons, a presence he had thought impossible ever to feel again. And it wasn't even full moon.

Remus stepped into the library and stopped dead in his tracks. The room wasn't illuminated except from the faint moon- and starlight that fell through the window, but Remus didn't need to see what was going on to know that something here was not right. On the contrary, something was awfully wrong.

Moony was howling in joy because of the presence he felt. A presence Remus now felt too, but he knew that it could not be true. Could it?

Remus turned towards the wall on his right, but before he cold even draw his wand he was interrupted.

Moony howled as he heard the voice of his old pack mate again. How long had it been since he had last heard this voice, since his human self had laughed about a joke it had made, since he had last heard his human self talk with it until dawn had risen? When had he last heard this voice speak encouraging and consoling words before and after he had once more taken over his human's mind?

But something was wrong, somehow his pack mate's voice now didn't sound encouraging and friendly at all. It had a menacing quality Moony had never heard it hold before.

Moony flinched and howled in pain when he realized that his pack mate's intention this time wasn't to help, but to harm.

His pack mate's cold voice said just one word, one word that made Moony's world collapse once more in the blink of an eye.

His pack mate's voice said 'Crucio'.

Remus fell to the floor and screamed in pain.


Twelve year old Harry Potter leaned back into his seat on board of the Hogwarts Express with a sigh. His second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had just come to an end and he was on his way home again.

And to say that it had been an interesting year would be an understatement, but that had become normal for Harry.

You see, Harry Potter was no ordinary twelve year old boy, not even from wizarding standards. When Harry had been fifteen months old, his parents had been killed by a Dark Wizard named Voldemort, and only the protection his mother had left in him by sacrificing her own life for her son had saved him from suffering the same fate. Voldemort had been hit by his own curse that night, getting reduced to a mere and weak spirit.

The wizarding world had already celebrated Voldemort's defeat, but during the last two years since Harry had started attending Hogwarts he had had to realize that Voldemort's spirit was still seeking for his old power, trying to get strong enough again to finish what he could not have done eleven years ago.

During Harry's first year at Hogwarts, Voldemort had attempted to get hold of the Philosopher's stone, a token that would lead him to immortality. He had failed, but this had not saved Harry from encountering him again.

And then, during the last year, Hogwarts had nearly been closed because an ancient Basilisk had haunted the school and petrified students. Harry had known that he was a Parselmouth since he had been very small, but he had not been able to draw a connection between this ability and the voices he always heard emerging from the castle walls, threatening to seek blood and kill. He had believed that if he admitted hearing voices nobody else could hear, he would soon have his own comfortably cushioned room at St. Mungo's, therefore he had remained silent. Only after Ginny Weasley, the little sister of his best friend Ron, had been kidnapped Harry had been able to solve the mystery about what haunted the school. To be bluntly honest, it had been his studious friend Hermione who had figured it out, but at that time headmaster Albus Dumbledore had already been removed from his position and Harry and Ron had had to make an end to this on their own. Nobody else would have listened to what they had found out.

In the end it had become clear that a diary with the conserved spirit of Voldemort's sixteen year old self Tom Riddle had started it all to happen, and Harry and Ginny had barely escaped with their lives from the confrontation with Tom Riddle's incarnation and the Basilisk.

Again, Harry had spent over a week near the end of term in the Hospital Wing, embarrassed an unnerved by all the people that were fretting over him. Not even talking about the lecture he had received from his frantic godfather who had been called to Hogwarts immediately after Harry had been brought to the Hospital Wing. Fifteen minutes, Harry had listened to how foolish it had been of him to seek out the danger on his own, risking his life without telling anybody about it. An experience Harry didn't want to repeat very soon, but somehow he could not help the feeling that he had not heard the last of it yet. In the Hospital Wing he had heard the 'concerned version' of the lecture, but at home with some distance to the incident surely the 'serious version' would follow suit. Trust him to ground Harry for sneaking around in the castle on his own.

And of course he had had to take his End of the Year Exams as if nothing had happened, and though he had passed nearly all subjects with average or good grades, he had nearly failed potions.

But Harry didn't want to think about that right now. The school year was over and he was going home, two and a half months of summer holiday before him. He would surely visit Ron and his family at the Burrow for a week or two, and maybe his friends would also be able to spend some time at his place. With another sigh he pulled himself out of his thoughts and back to his friends and what they were doing.

Ron, Dean and Seamus were engaged in a game of Exploding Snap, while Hermione and Neville were still discussing their Herbology exam. A loud explosion signalled the end of the game, and judged from the dust in Ron's and Dean's face, Seamus had won. Ron grinned.

"Another game? Harry, are you in?"

Hermione interrupted.

"We'll be arriving at King's Cross in a couple of minutes, better get ready."

Dean packed the card into his bag while everyone else in the compartment also began packing up their belongings. The train was already slowing down, when suddenly Ron remembered something.

"Hey Harry. Will there be someone to fetch you, or shall my parents apparate you home?"

Harry frowned his brow and thought for a moment.

"Well, I didn't get an owl telling me that nobody would be there, so I guess someone will be there to fetch me. But just in case there's nobody, I'd be glad if your parents could give me a lift."

"No problem."

The train slowly came to a halt on platform 9 ¾, and Harry and his friends made their way out of their compartment. When Harry stepped out of the train, he immediately saw Mr. and Mrs. Granger standing there, having a conversation with Neville's grandmother. Hermione and Neville went over towards them while Harry took a closer look around in search of somebody waiting for him. Over to his left stood Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, and with them was…


Harry grinned and walked over towards his godfather and guardian, who at the sound of his voice had turned around and started smiling.

"Hello Harry!"

Remus engulfed him in a warm greeting hug, then after some moments held him at arm's length and looked up and down, as if searching for any injuries he had not seen while he had been at Hogwarts after the incident with the Basilisk.

"How are you Harry? How's your arm doing? Any pain?"

Harry smiled, though Remus' over-protectiveness could sometimes take on extreme extents. Blasted pack instincts of the wolf.

"I'm fine Remus, really. Otherwise Madam Pomfrey would not have let me out of the infirmary at all. You know how she is. It's alright, it's only been a bite."

Remus made a choking noise.

"Oh yes, only a Basilisk bite, nothing to worry about."

While Remus kept on making sarcastic remarks about the harmlessness of Basilisk bites in particular and Hogwarts' safety in general, Harry took a closer look at his guardian himself. The reason why Ron had asked him if somebody would be there to fetch Harry was that full moon had only been yesterday night, and Harry wanted to see what the latest transformation had done to Remus. His guardian looked tired and pale, there were huge shadows under his eyes as if he had not slept enough, but other than that he looked fine. Harry had seen him in worse states after full moon more often than he wanted to remember. But nevertheless he knew that Remus had a tendency to hide any sign of uneasiness.

"And you? How has it been last night?"

Remus stopped his rant and looked at Harry, a somewhat pained expression on his face.

"It was alright. I've seen worse. Let's go home, shall we? I think there are still a couple of explanations you owe me concerning why you nearly lost your life, alone, somewhere in the dungeons of Hogwarts."

Harry sighed and nodded.

"Alright, I just want to say goodbye to Ron and Hermione."

Remus nodded, and while Harry went over towards his friends, he turned around to the Weasleys again.

"Molly, Arthur. I'm sure we'll see each other again quite soon. Knowing the kids, it won't be two weeks until they start planning to visit each other again."

Molly smiled.

"Yes. Ron already said something about Harry coming over and about him and Hermione visiting Harry near the end of the holidays."

"Well, as long as they are strategic in choosing the time, I won't complain about it. Though I think I'll need to have a couple of words with a certain Mr. Potter first, but I don't think I'll ground him for too long."

He grinned again, but Molly only shook her head and laughed.

"Give it up Remus. As if you could ever be strict with Harry. We'll be in contact. Good bye, Remus."

"Bye Molly, Arthur."

Remus turned around, shrunk Harry's trunk and pocketed it, then picked up Hedwig's cage.

"Ready Harry? Hold on tight."

Harry nodded and took Remus' hand, and with a low *pop* they apparated away, not knowing yet what they were about to experience throughout the following months.