Seduction Games.


Clary is her artsy, funny, stuborn, witty 16 year old girl and her best friend Jace has been there to witness her hot headedness from the age of five. They've been inseparable ever since. With them being the oppiste sex from each other people are led to think things, even their closet friends. What if those friends make a bet between the two, of which of the two would cave first under the pressure of seduction.


Chapter One : How We Came To Be

Chapter songs

Flowers In Your Hair ~ The Lumineers

Riptide ~ Vance Joy


Clary's Pov

We were sitting in Central Park, I was trying to gather up some creative passion in myself, but as always, I had failed terribly because of a certian some one. A certain some one with a wlid mass af golden blond hair, golden skins, golden eyes, and yes, you could pretty much sum up this certain some one golden. Jace. Jace is my best friend, always has been since I was five and him being six.

We had met in this same exact park, yep , 11 years ago in this exact park. Jace had been with his father, Stephen Herondale, and I had been with my mother while she was painting the scene in front of her. Jace and his father were passing a ball. When I was sketching, a ball hd hit mein the head. You may think, oh it was just a little kid it couldn't of hurt that bad, no the exact opposite don't let the looks trick you, that kid had one hell of a throw.I had let my eyes slide close and fallen back to the grass from the current sitting postion I was in at the time.

I had opened my eyes to a small golden figure in front of me. At the time I thought of the small golden figure as cute, despite the current predicament of boys having cooties. I could hear my mother calling my name seeing if I was okay, but the little boy beat her to me.

"Oh my gosh, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry'' said the figure I am now calling golden boy.

''Are you okay?'' golden boy asked.

I was so puzzled because I had forgtten all about the football that had tackled my face. I was to distracted by his pretty-ness, yes I said pretty-ness, need I remind I was five!

I managed to get out "uh-um''. I know, I know pretty smooth for five. Anyway the golden boy held out a hand to help me to my feet. He must of thought I weighed a lot more than I did because when I came up I almost made the both of crash back down to the floor. But the golden boy caught us both before we both back in the predicament I was just in,which was on the floor.

The golden boy looked flustered.

"Hi, i'm Jace" golden boy.

'' I'm Clary" I said not really knowing what to do next, and i'm pretty sure I shared those same thoughts with gold-Jace.

"I'm sorry again about the ball, maybe I can make it up to you with ice cream?'' Jace said. Yes I know what your'e thinking, Jace such a flirt even back then.

I couldn't help but feel excitement bubble up inside me. I mean I know this migght not be such a good idea but hey i'm five, how could I turn down a offer like that.

We ended up having a lot in common and we became really good friends, best friends, insepaarable ever since.

And here we are today, 11 years later, never going to leave the others side.


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