Riding With The Dragons

A/N: There ARE indeed Dragons in this story!

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Summary: Bulma, Chichi, Goku, Krillin, Yamcha and 18 move from West to North City, and visit the Ultragon Highschool there. They soon find out that half the school's population is gothic, including some of the hottest guys around. One group of Goths seems to be different from the others, and Bulma gets the hots for the leader of their little gang.

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Chapter 1
Bulma watched as the movers brought all of her belongings into the house, a rather angry look on her face. She still couldn't believe they'd been forced to move in their senior year. There was one bright spot, that being that her friends (and long-time boyfriend) had gone with her to make it at least half-bearable. The school she was now supposed to visit was Ultragon Highschool ©, which wasn't too far from her new home, which was just as big as her old house.

Bulma's mother didn't really like to move either, but she had held on to looking on the bright side of things. So, finally, Bulma decided to too.

"So, you're the new neighbor girl?" a calm voice asked, and when Bulma turned, she was face-to-face with a girl that was around the same age as Bulma, with blonde hair and icy blue eyes.

Bulma shrieked with joy as the two girls hugged each other.

"Juu! I can't believe you're here too!!" Bulma said once they were an arm-length away.

Juuhachigou, called Juu among friends, had left their group of friends a few years prior due to her sick grandmother, who lived in North City. Juu had staid there, not really desiring to keep moving, but had been too busy with her homework, that she never had the chance to tell the gang how she was doing.

"Yeah, last time I checked, I was still here," Juu said with a smile.

Bulma asked Juu how it was at Ultragon, but Juu told her she had to figure out for herself.

That night, the entire gang was together once again, and talking about one thing or another. There was Yamcha, Bulma's boyfriend, whom she'd met during their 6th year. They had never been away from each (too long). Goku and Chichi, a rather cute couple. Goku was pretty dumb, but had a pure heart, and Chichi was a terrific cook, sweet, but when angry, one heck of a bitch. Krillin, who had been Juu's boyfriend. Jay was there too. Jay was Juu's twin, but instead of blonde hair like Juu, Jay had hair of a dark ebony black, but the same piercing blue eyes.

They were on Bulma's bedroom, which was (surprisingly) much bigger than her old one.

"The kids on school aren't too bad," Jay commented.

"But you should stay away from the Dragon Riders, they're practically heartless," Juu added.

Bulma was confused, and asked: "Who are the Dragon Riders?"

"They're a motor-cycling group, causing mayhem if they get the chance. It's a miracle they passed their tests," Jay explained.

"Yeah, I heard them discuss something about a break-in one time. But, don't tell them I told you or I'm dead!"

Everyone promised, but no one noticed that Yamcha had his fingers crossed.

Juu nodded.

"Okay, well, it happened a few weeks after we just moved here…"


Juu was just outside, enjoying the fresh air of the trees around Ultragon Highschool, when a sudden cold and maniacal laugh made her stop. More laughs followed the first, and Juu began shivering involuntarily.

"Did you get the ice?" one voice asked.

"Oooh yeah, and the best part is, this ice doesn't melt!" a familiar male voice said as Juu heard something that sounded like jingling glass and small pieces of metal, like earrings.

"By Miden © and Mijana ©! Looket those things sparklin!" a feminine voice said.

"How'd you get it?! Did you get caught?!" another female asked.

"Me? Get caught?" the male asked, then gave a hoarse laugh. "Oh please, as if they could ever catch me!"

"What are you going to do with them?" a new voice asked.

"I don't know yet, I might thought I'd sell them…"

Silence, and then, they all said: "Naaaaaaaah!!!" and laughed maniacally.

Juu gasped, but that had been enough to make the group turn in shock and anger. As fast as she could, Juu turned and ran, but she didn't get real far.

She tripped over a foot, and landed flat on her face, after which a rather large hand grasped her fragile neck. Juu became really scared now, as the leader of the Dragon Riders stepped up to in front of her, his arms crossed defiantly over his chest.

"Well, well, looks like we've got a little spy."

One of the feminine Dragon Riders stepped up, an angry sneer on her face.

"I know her! She's tha lass that came here few weeks prior! And she'll blow our cover if she gets the chance!"

She turned to the leader of the gang.

"Can we get rid of her? I needa real work-out for once!"

Juu gulped nervously, which was hard, due to the fact that she was nearly being choked.

"No, I think I have a better idea," the leader said as he smirked evilly at Juu, who became really scared now. "Tell ya what girl, you follow our orders for two months, and swear not to tell anybody what you've heard, and we'll let you live. Do we have a deal?"

Juu looked at each of the Dragon Riders, who were all growling angrily, teeth bared, which were pretty sharp.

She just managed to nod, and the hand that had been holding her neck instantly released her, making her fall to her knees.

"Tell anyone about this, and you're as good as dead, understand?"

Juu nodded hastily, and the Dragon Riders instantly stalked away, their hair whooshing about them.

End Flashback

"They did what?!" Chichi shrieked.

Juu was rubbing her neck as if it still hurt.

"Just don't mention I said this, or I'm in real trouble!" she begged.

Everyone agreed, and still, no one noticed the devilish glint in Yamcha's eyes.

The next day, everyone arrived at school, and Bulma stared up at the large building in wonder.

"Wow! This place is huge!" Chichi exclaimed.

Juu smiled and said: "Think this is cool, wait until you see the inside!"

Outside, was a fountain with in the center a stone feminine figure with large claws, horns and Dragon wings, and strange markings on her face. All around the school, were statues that were almost the same.

One was that of a boy with fierce hair that spiked in every direction, a ribbon around his head, a bandana around his neck, wearing very plain clothes, and a set of Angel wings coming from his back.

Another held a young girl with Fairy wings on her back, and smiling gently.

Then, there was one of an Elf, with a wand in her hand.

The fifth was a cat-like figure, with sharp claws, a feral grin, and stripes on her face.

The last one, was a Vampire in long trenchcoat and curling hair.

Suddenly, Bulma noticed something. She looked around, and saw that half of the people were dressed in nothing but black.

"Goths…" Krillin mumbled. "And a lot too."

Jay sighed and said: "Yeah well, half the school's population consists out of Goths, while the rest is neutral. Other groups are easily thrown off of school by the Goths, so it's wise to stay on the neutral side."

Bulma looked shocked and was about to retort, when something else caught her attention.

What had caught it, was a group of males and females, each leaning against motorcycles shaped like Dragons. Every one of them was dressed in black, wearing spiked collars around their neck, wrists, and ankles. The females wore army boots that reached their knees, which was partly hidden by their torn open pants legs, and they all wore gloves that had the fingers cut off. There was a large fire-breathing Dragon on the back of their leather jackets, and almost everyone had at least some sort of Dragon jewelry.

But what really caught her attention, was one of the males. His hair was spiked and stood up like a flame, he had ebony eyes scrunched into a frown, and wore the same as everybody else, besides the fact that he had a quite some gold rings in his ear and one on each hand.

"Hey, Juu," Bulma asked.

Juu came over.

"Who's he?"

Juu paled.

"That? That's Vegeta, he's the leader of the Dragon Riders, three guesses why."

Bulma gulped. If that Vegeta was as bad as Juu had said he was, than she'd be better off staying away.

Two highly slanted sapphire blue orbs carefully studied the blue haired girl walking around with Juuhachigou, asking about them. The golden haired girl wiped a lock of hair from her eyes, revealing the black marks on her face and the large diagonal line going from above her right eye to below her left. Around her right hand was a ring of pure diamond, and in her right ear, she had two chains in her ear with a Dragon dangling from them, and wore a black shirt with a red Dragon on it.

"Yo, Vegeta," she said, and Vegeta looked at her. "Looket tha newbie over there, talkin ta tha 18 kid."

Vegeta looked at the girl, a little confused. He noticed that the girl was surprisingly slender, and looked extremely fragile.

"Ch, she won't last long in your dad's class, Laze ©."

The golden haired girl, named Laze, nodded knowingly as a spiked redheaded boy also looked at the blue haired girl.

He had a black ribbon with a Dragon emblem on it around his forehead, a Dragon dangling from his left ear, and a Dragon necklace around his neck. Also, his gloves were a lot more spiked than the others.

His eyes scrunched together as he said: "You know, she reminds me of that kid that moved in yesterday, in that house where that Marron used to reside."

Laze turned to him and asked: "What were you doing there?"

"Just riding around, I was bored, so I got out."

Laze nodded.

Vegeta looked at Bulma again and said: "We need to keep an eye on that one. She could be tricky."

All Dragon Riders agreed full-heartedly (if they had a heart).

Bulma picked up her schedule, and looked at which she had first.

"Oh great, History!" she mumbled.

A strong pair of arms suddenly encircled her waist.

"What a coincidence," Yamcha's voice whispered, "so do I."

He started nipping at her neck, and Bulma melted, when a cold feminine voice said: "Hey ya two! Getta room or get the Bloody Hell outta here! Ye're not at home ya know?!"

Yamcha and Bulma looked up to see Laze glaring at them as she was leaning against the wall, arms crossed and one leg poised over the other. They didn't know that her name was Laze, yet, but they instantly noticed that she belonged with the Dragon Riders. Bulma became pretty angry about this.

"Why don't you get out if you don't like this?!" she screamed as she wrenched herself away from Yamcha, who'd been trying to restrain her.

Bulma poked Laze against her collarbone.

"It's not as if you've got somebody to do the things we do! You just hang around with that bunch of hooligans that you call a gang!!!"

A little too late, Bulma realized the mistake she had just made, and the instant pressure on her neck was immensely painful.

With a low and menacing voice, Laze said: "You know nothing of me or my life!! So stay OUT of it!!" With an easy throw, Bulma crashed into a wall, and slid down to the ground.

Laze gave a sigh and rubbed her temples, before stalking away with an angry stride. Bulma groaned painfully as she rubbed her neck. She looked around for Yamcha, and noticed, sadly enough, that he was flirting with some sort of ditzy girl. This girl also had blue hair and eyes, but seemed more than willing to do anything a boy told her.

Tears began to well up in Bulma's eyes, and she ran to her class, crying.

She looked around the room, wiping the tearstains away. Bulma knew that she had to find a spot where Yamcha would never… AH!!

'Okay, slow and easy, control yourself!' she commanded as she walked over.

She cleared her throat, and the golden haired male looked up in confusion. His counterpart, whom was female, simply turned her head a little. The boy was a few inches taller than the girl, but had the exact same eyes, built, and wore a nearly similar outfit, besides the fact that he had his left ear pierced (twice), with the same Dragon amulet dangling from his ear. Bulma easily figured out that they had simply bought one pair, and shared them, and that they probably did that more often.

"Um… could I please sit here?" Bulma asked, trying not to stutter.

The boy blinked and the girl hardly moved.

"What? Yer cheatin boyfriend not 'nough for ya?" she asked.

Bulma choked.

"You-you knew?!" she demanded, then calmed.

"He had tha look, every boy tha cheats on his girlfriend has tha look," the boy said, as if he knew as well.

The girl suddenly leaned forward a little to look at the door and said: "There he is."

Bulma's head whipped around in shock, and indeed, there was Yamcha.

"Siddown," the boy murmured as he got up and moved one seat, so that Bulma could sit in-between.

Bulma didn't waste time, and sat down hurriedly. After awhile, she saw Yamcha shrug, and he took a seat somewhere in the back. Bulma sighed heavily.

"Thanks, I don't think I could've handled with him right now," Bulma said to the two people sitting on each side of her.

The girl snorted, and the boy said: "No sweat."

"If he were me boyfriend and he'd to that to me, first thing I'd say is 'go fuck yerself'!."

Silence for awhile between the three, until Bulma asked: "By the way, I'm Bulma, who are you?"

"Norak ©…" the boy said.

"…and Laze," the girl finished.

Bulma looked from one to another, and asked: "Why do you two finish each other's sentence?"

"Because we're twins," they both said at the same time.

They suddenly leered at each other and said, again at the exact same time: "Will ya cuttet out?! No! Ya cuttet out!"

Bulma found this rather amusing, but tried to fight her laughs. Just then, the teacher came in, and everyone prepared for a full day of torture.

All right, first of, Dragons are personally, my favorite mythological creatures. They're magnificent creatures, but I know but a few facts. If anyone knows a site where to get info about Dragons, please tell.

Most of the DR gang, are actually characters from a different story of mine. Oh, and don't worry about Laze being such a bitch to Bulma; Laze is a bitch to almost everybody.