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Sitting on top of a hill, was a young girl, no older than 17, 18 years of age. She had deep blue, almost silver hair, with eyes of the same color that twinkled merrily when the light fell on them just right. She was dressed in some easy clothes, a short skirt with a shirt that had the sleeves cut off and some flashy high heels, all in the color red. It was often said to her that red suited her well, as it clashed with her hair, which only made her stand out more.

As she looked up to the sky from the top of the hill, watching the clouds pass by at their usual leisured pace, her face held a strange, yearning look, as if she was missing some lost part of herself. Which, to her feeling, was very much true. Ever since she had moved along with her parents from West to North City, she had been unable to contact her friends, who had been unable to move as well. Not to mention her long-time boyfriend.

But then again, she figured the last might be the best, as he had always had had a roaming eye. And the rest of his body tended to roam along as well. Breaking up with him was what hurt the most, but she had managed to get over it. It was the goodbye that was tearing her up.

She and her parents had moved there during the weekend, in the last week of summer vacation, so she still had some time to get to know the neighborhood, and the people living there, before she had to go to school again next week.

Giving a short sigh, she stood up, making sure to dust herself off thoroughly. She made her way down the hill, before walking to her current place of residence.

"Mom, I'm going to go meet the neighborhood! Okay?" she shouted as she walked in through the open back door.

"Okay, sweetie. Don't make it too late," her mother shouted cheerfully to her.

"I won't mom!" Bulma said, and headed out again.

Calmly, she started walking, not walking in a specific direction, but going any which way to try and get to know the place. So, humming to herself, Bulma started exploring the place. In all honesty, though, she was hoping to see her old friend Juu somewhere.

It'd been quite a few years since she had seen the girl, who had also been forced to move when her grandmother had grown terribly ill. Juu and her family had immediately packed and had gone for her grandmother's.

After that scenario, Bulma hadn't been able to get in touch with Juu, or her brother Jay, at all. She had tried, but she didn't have much luck. You could even say she had had no luck at all.

It took Bulma a minute to notice, but she had at some point crossed the border that brought her into one of the darker sections of the city. Not that it was odd, as every town had a section like that, but there was just something odd about this one.

For one, the place didn't seem as filthy as most places she had seen, and there was the fact that hardly anyone was out. As she took a good glance around, she realized the streets were littered with obstacles, as if someone didn't want something to pass through. But upon closer inspection, she realized that for every obstacle was a clear path over or under it, and for some reason, it reminded Bulma of the motor-races with obstacles she had seen once on TV.

She smiled a bit, as she had always enjoyed seeing those kind of stunts being pulled. She knew that the chances of an accident during that kind of stunting were high, but that's what made it all the more exciting. There were times when she would sit on the edge of her seat, praying silently for the stuntpeople to make it through. And whenever things went okay, she was cheering loudly, applauding them as they would yell to the world that they succeeded.

As if someone had heard her thoughts, Bulma started to hear the sound of approaching motors, making her turn in surprise. The headlights of the motors blinded her for a mere second, before they suddenly spread out, each motorcycle heading into a different direction. One of the bikes zoomed straight past Bulma, but the only thing Bulma could see as the bike did, was the bike itself.

A massive black dragon with burning red flames all over it. Stuck between the teeth, was the headlight, whereas the eyes probably showed directions. The entire bike gave off an air of rage and confidence, giving it the impression as if it were really alive. It also seemed like it would last a pretty dang long time.

Suddenly, the bike swerved and went to the ground, skidding across the pavement and sliding straight toward a massive truck placed in the way. Bulma gasped in shock, holding her hands in front of her mouth as the bike, and its rider, skidded straight toward it. But it soon became clear that the rider of the bike was experienced in pulling that kind of stunts, as he almost easily steered the bike as it skidded, making him slide underneath the truck almost easily.

Bulma could only see the wheels on the other side from under the truck as it spun once and back to its wheels. A set of heavy leather boots was placed on the ground, and for a moment, the bike remained there, before it was once again off, practically tearing up the pavement with the speed it was going.

The blue-haired girl stood frozen for a long time, before a hand suddenly landed on her shoulder, making her whirl around with a yelp.

"What are you doing here?!" the person behind her asked sternly.

The girl standing there seemed to be just around Bulma's age, with chin-length blonde hair and icy blue eyes. She was dressed rather simply in some blue jeans with some easy step-in shoes, and with a black shirt to finish off the attire. Even so, it didn't take Bulma long to figure out who she was.

"Juu! How have you--" Bulma started, only to get herself cut off.

"Let's talk later, first we need to get out of here! Now!!" Juu said, and started to pull Bulma along.

Bulma stumbled as the blonde pulled her along, but after finding her balance, she began to walk on her own. Even so, Bulma kept looking back, as if trying to catch a glimpse of any more of those riders.

But Juu wouldn't let her watch as she was pulled along almost violently.

Finally, they wound up back at Bulma's house, where Jay, Juu's twin brother, was waiting. Unlike Juu, Jay had pitch-black hair, but he still had the same icy blue eyes that Juu had. Jay was dressed in some easy blue jeans that were torn a bit above the left knee. Jay wore some easy sneakers, and a black shirt, with white sleeves starting at the elbows. He also tended to wear an orange bandana around his neck.

"Juu! Bulma! Thank God… where were you!?" Jay asked when they approached.

"Bulma wandered of to the Dragon Riders' territory," Juu said, and Bulma could feel a shiver running through the other girl's body.

Jay instantly paled, and his eyes widened in what seemed to be horror. It was obvious that these "Dragon Riders", whoever they were, had really scared the twins, very much so. That much was clear by Jay's reaction.

"Who are the 'Dragon Riders'?" Bulma asked, not really understanding what was so frightening.

Juu turned to Bulma, sighing softly. "How about we get inside first? They might just be watching our every move as we speak."

"She looks… awfully familiar… doesn't she, bro?" a calm, composed voice asked, turning to the figure beside him, whom was only two inches shorter than they were.

"Yes, that she does," was the equally calm response. "Hmm… I wonder if… No. Can't be…"

"Bro?" the taller figure asked softly, placing a hand on the shorter's shoulder.

They could feel the other's tension, though it was barely visible in their stance. A gentle wind brewed as they stood there in uncomfortable silence, connected only by hand on shoulder. The silence thickened, making the taller figure squirm slightly, not enjoying this piercing silence.

So they broke the silence.

"Do you want to talk to me about it?"

"…Maybe later. Just… not now."

The two figures stood for a little longer, before the taller figure pulled away, stepping back.

"Well, you know where to find me, should you change your mind," was all they said, before heading out.

The shorter watched them leave, before lowering their gaze to the ground. Even in the darkness of the room, the gems being shed from their eyes could clearly be seen.

"All right, spill it! Who are these 'Dragon Riders'!" Bulma demanded once they were in her room.

Juu sighed, sitting down on a chair, while Jay leaned against the wall, arms crossed, but still looking awfully tense. Bulma herself was sitting on the bed, a deep frown on her face as she waited for Juu and Jay to explain themselves.

Finally though, Juu opened her mouth.

"The Dragon Riders are a motorcycling gang. The biggest, and just about strongest, one of all of them around. Most other groups are either really small, or have been wiped out by the Dragon Riders. Other non-motorcycling groups are almost non-existent as well, as they tend to try and stand up to the Dragon Riders. They always pay for it, but to what extent, no one knows, as none of the victims desired to talk about it. The only thing they said was not to stand up to the Dragon Riders."

Bulma gaped, unable to believe it. For a moment, she said nothing, before she spoke. "Hasn't anyone else other than students ever tried to stop them?" she asked.

"No. The adults are just as afraid as the rest of us are," Jay said with a soft sigh. "Only a few tried, and after that, no one ever did."

Bulma was silent for a long moment, but then she asked: "Are they really that bad?"

"You'll see for yourself at Ultragon Highschool ©."

And see it, she did.

"So… she is also joining Ultragon…" a calm, composed voice asked, completely monotone. "Interesting…"

"Maybe so," a younger voice said. "But we oughta keep our eyes peeled. She coul' spell trouble fer us."

"Agreed. So no matter what, keep your guard up around her. Any questions?"

"Juzt une. What zhould we do when zhe becomez une problème?"

"…The same as always. Make no exceptions just because she's new. And a girl to boot."

"Heh, do we ever make exceptions, bro?"

"True. Now, let's go. We got a job to do."

"I hear ya, mate."

By the time it was time for school, Bulma was practically shaking, partly in fear, and partly in anger, though it was mainly fear. Fear for whatever those Dragon Riders had in store for newbies, like herself, and anger for the things they had done.

Whatever that had been in the first place.

However, the thought stopped dead when she arrived at school.

Ultragon Highschool, the school she was currently visiting, was unlike what she had expected of a school. The building's architecture in itself could be considered as not from this world on its own. It was hard to determine which culture must've designed it, but it was a magnificent sight to see, nevertheless. Not to mention that the building was impressively large, and could easily fit all of the students with room to spare.

The school held some sort of strange attraction, seeming to hold an ancient, hidden meaning behind the building. But whatever it was, Bulma couldn't tell.

She walked through the gates, watching all the other students rush about. It was a sea of different people, each of them talking, and pretty much enjoying themselves.

"Hey Bulma!" Juu called, walking toward Bulma. "Quite the turn-out, ne?"

"You can say that again!"

The blue-haired girl couldn't help but smile, and she turned her head this way and that…

Before her eyes landed on a rather large group of students.

What caught her attention first, were the bikes they each seemed to have. The same Dragon-like bikes she had seen almost a week prior. Each of the people standing there owned the same bike, but each had several different aspects added to it. Not that it was really worth mentioning right now, as the riders of the bikes were a tad bit more interesting.

The group consisted out of both males and females, but they all had two things in common; one; they were all dressed in black; and two; they each looked capable of killing someone without a sense of remorse. Some more so than others, but they each had that look and air about them.

Bulma looked over them, watching them all converse to themselves, some laughing almost mockingly at what another would say, and others seemed to be either flirting or just plain teasing. They all seemed to have been training since childhood; even the females. If Bulma would ever be forced into battle with any of them, it wouldn't be hard to determine the victor.

And another thing; even though they all wore black, they all seemed to like a tad bit of variety, each having adjusted their clothes to their own fashion, as they all must've bought the same kind of clothes at once.

Upon suddenly getting the feeling she was being watched, she let her gaze roam, before her eyes stopped dead on one of them -- and she gasped.

Deep gold eyes, set in a stern frown, were looking straight at her, poised in a face seemed to be carved out of rock, with pitch-black hair spiking up on his head to form something akin to a flame. He really seemed to be fit for the "leader" type, by his body's posture and stance. His clothes consisted of pitch-black leather pants, with the same type of boots to go with it.

The shirt he was wearing was sleeveless and bore a bone-Dragon on the front, making Bulma wonder if it had any solid meaning to him. The jacket he wore was of the same leather as his pants, and shielded his upper-arms entirely, but left his muscled forearms bare. The gloves covering his hands barely passed his wrist, and there were spikes in between the knuckles, which could give anyone meeting the guy's fists a few extra airholes.

There was a necklace with a circular pendant hanging around his neck. The pendant held the emblem of a sun on it, or something that looked very much like it.

But even so, it was clear that he meant business, if the glare he sent her was one thing to go by. His eyes narrowed dangerously, before he turned away, having been addressed by one of the other males. Though this one seemed a tad bit more on the friendly side (no doubt only around his friends) he also appeared to be just as dangerous.

His ruby-red hair was a spiked mess, not like all those punkers you always see with gel and stuff, but much like her friend Goku, only this guy's hair was wilder, and it didn't seem as thick as Goku's. His eyes were a deep emerald-green, and ablaze with some kind of emotion that Bulma couldn't distinguish.

He wore just about the same as the flame-haired male, but he'd made several adjustments to his clothes. For one, his shirt had sleeves that came to the middle of his forearms, and his gloves ended just five millimeters away from it. He too held a Dragon emblem on his shirt, only his had had wings and skin, yet no frontal legs.

His leather jacket was currently in his hand and slung over his shoulder at the same time, giving him a bit of a casual appearance. His pants and boots were identical to the other male's, but the spikes on his gloves were sharper, and there were more of them. Also, he had a black ribbon tied around his forehead, the ends of it moving gently in the wind. And he had a simple Dragon necklace around his neck.

As the two males conversed, Bulma turned to Juu, who'd been talking to one of the other students for the time being. When Bulma nudged her a bit, Juu looked up curiously.

"Who is that? That guy talking to the redhead over there," she asked, pointing to the two.

Juu looked over, and Bulma watched the skin-color fade from her face almost immediately. Which could only mean that they were as bad as they appeared to be. "The guy with the black hair is Vegeta. He's the leader of the Dragon Riders, so you'd better steer clear of him. The redhead is Elvor ©, and that's about all we know," Juu explained.

Jay walked up to them upon hearing Juu's explanation. "Vegeta's usually seen around another of the Dragon Riders. There have been several rumors going around that the two are in some sort of relationship," he added. "She won't be easy to miss. She's the only girl around here who uses facial paint."

Bulma nodded a bit, though she glared at Vegeta, as she made a mental note to have a 'chat' with him later on.

But Bulma didn't realize that another of the Dragon Riders was watching her. The female Dragon Rider crossed her arms over her chest, tapping her fingers on her arm quietly, remaining in the same position for some time.

She had pure golden hair that was tied up on top her head in a loose ponytail, and still reached her rear-end easily. Her eyes were as blue as the most valuable sapphires, and were mercilessly chilling and cold, but there seemed to be a light mist swirling around behind those almost glassy orbs, one that signified that she could, indeed, feel emotion like all others.

Around her neck was a plain necklace with an odd pendant hanging from it. It was a deep red, and carved from some sort of rock that, when held in a different light, shifted to blue. Her pants were ripped just above the knees, and her boots reached mid-shin. Her shirt had a V-neckline, nearly exposing what really shouldn't be exposed, but she also wore a red undershirt underneath her normal shirt.

Her leather jacket was loosely hanging around her shoulders, and hers was sleeveless, while the shirt had sleeves that barely passed her shoulders. The gloves she wore nearly reached her elbows, and were spiked at the knuckles as well as the entire side of her arms. It was as clear as day that this was the girl Jay had mentioned a bit earlier, as her entire face was covered in pitch-black markings, and she even had them on her arms, by what you could tell from the bared skin.

One last thing worth mentioning was that she had a massive line running across her face, going from above her right eye to just below the left.

The girl scoffed, then walked over to Vegeta and Elvor. "Tha girl migh' not go down as easily as we thought, mates," she whispered, nodding to the girl. "She looks like the type ta fight back."

Vegeta gave the blue-haired girl a look, then returned his attention to the golden-haired Dragon Rider. "Then I suppose we'll have to up things a little around her. But only if she truly fights back. Spread the word," he ordered her quietly.

"I hear ya, mate," the girl said and walked off, beginning to spread the word like Vegeta had told her to.

Elvor frowned a bit, then turned to Vegeta again. "So, we try again tonight?" he asked quietly.

"Yes… they've become way to repetitive… and that's never a good sign…"

"You're right, bro, it's not…" Elvor confirmed with a soft nod. Finally, the redhead shrugged on his jacket, seconds before the bell rang.

"Showtime…" Vegeta said quietly, but even so, all Dragon Riders bore a vicious smirk, each of them ready for the hunt.