Seahorse Alternate: Todokanai Koi

Ranma 1/2 created by Rumiko Takahashi

Sailor Moon created by Naoko Takeuchi

Cameo: Ah! My Goddess created by Kōsuke Fujishima

Readers: Huh? What the- Dubya Tee Eff! Didn't you just have a comedy one not to long ago?! What the hell going on here Vahn?! Rabble Rabble!

Vahn: Why yes, this was actually written first and I made the comedy one because this got soo...emotional. As for why? I watched an anime called White Album 2 and then I read up on the game. Well after watching how it could elicited those emotion from me I wanted to craft something similar as a test of my skill as a writer. SO yeah! This is me flexing that Romance muscle and making it romance and suspense? Mystery? I am not sure how to classified it yet!

As for what does Todokanai Koi Means? The literal translation means Unreachable Love, if you were to look for that song and listened to it , (Ironically the 'Setsuna Ver'), that is what I am tailoring this fic after. The emotion conveyed in that moment.

I will give those of you actually took the time to read this fair warning. This will not be the clean love like in Seahorse nor would it be the super funny and cracky like Lost and Found. This is an attempt at messy love. You have been warned.

Special thanks to Vandenbz and Azaggthoth who worked hard and diligently to smooth this fic out! :D

Chapter 1:Faded Memories

*** Nerima Ward, Tokyo ****

Ranma crashed down into a coffee shop hard, startling the patrons of the establishment with his flashy entrance. Sitting upright immediately, he let out a loud groan. "Ugh, fuck me..." He mumbled in aggravation as he glared at the reason why he in the coffee shop in the first place.

"Moof!" Pantyhose Taro growled as he flipped Ranma the bird while still in his cursed minotaur form, hovering high in the sky.

Ranma Put his left arm across his right elbow to return a ruder gesture to the flying bull creature. "Kiss my ass," he snapped back.

"MOOFFFF!" Taro roared as he dive-bombed Ranma.

Dusting himself off, Ranma noticed that the patrons looked kind of afraid. Feeling bad, he put on his best winning smile. "It's gonna be alright folks, shit like this happens all the time around here. We'll be outta your hair in no time!" He said as he cupped his hands together, even as Taro closed in on him.

"Moko Takabisha, asshole!" Ranma shouted as he shot a full-powered ki attack into the diving bull. The impact caused it's body to double over and the force sent it flying off.

Flipping the bird to the now distant bull Ranma exhaled and turned around to the still scared patrons. "See! Nothing to worry about, no one's getting hurt on Ranma Saotome's watch," He declared confidently.

Ranma made for quite a sight, today he was wearing his navy blue Chinese silk shirt with his trademark kung fu pants... Which he was wondering if he'd need to replace after that fight. He had saved enough money to maybe take Akane on a date before this mess. After Jusendo he had decided that maybe it was time to give it a real effort regarding Akane or Ukyou. He could appreciate Shampoo but there was no way in hell he would go with her due to her grandmother.

Sighing because his clean shirt was now filthy, Ranma made to get out of the shop when he was stopped by a tug on his sleeve. Turning to look at the impediment, he noticed that a feminine hand was grasping at his shirt. Tracing the hand he noticed that the owner of said hand was a very pretty girl. Dressed in causal jeans and a t-shirt, the girl had a toned figure that most girls would envy though her bust size was nothing to write home about. Still, Akane was going to kill him if this turned out to be another fiancee.

"Ranma!" The girl with long ash gray hair addressed him familiarly.

Yep, he was a dead man.

"Who?" Ranma asked, looking at the girl that had her hand on his sleeve. She was shorter than him, reaching up to his neck only. He was about to tell her to let go before a certain uncute tomboy caught them in such a compromising situation but something about her coloration and the way she carried herself tickled at his memory.

Of course that was when Akane walked in and saw red. "Ranma! You jerk, here I was thinking you were hurt and you are flirting with some floozy!" She said angrily while giving the other girl a death glare.

To Ranma's surprise the other girl looked at Akane and then glared back, surprising both her and Ranma.

Looking apologetically at the grey haired girl he motioned with his head over to Akane. "Sorry, my fiancee usually likes to JUMP to conclusions before hearing MY side of the story or... I dunno, read the damn SCENE!" Ranma said as he narrowed his eyes at Akane.

Akane however glared right back at Ranma and stalked even closer to him with the intent of causing him great bodily harm. "Well, if someone wasn't a perverted playboy I wouldn't have to jump to conclusions, now would I?!" She growling out testily.

The two engaged teens glared at one another before turning away with a mutual "hmph".

"Fiancee? Ranma? Really?" The girl asked in surprise as her eyes darted back and forth between Ranma and Akane. "Excuse me for saying this but you don't act like it."

"It's not my idea, our parents engaged us before we were even born, hell I didn't find out about it until a little over a year ago." Ranma explained with a glare at Akane as he brought back old grounds to be tread on.

"Please, as if I wanted to get engaged to you," Akane said, trying to counter Ranma's argument and masking the hurt from Ranma's words. Sure she didn't want the engagement then but now... now she didn't mind it all that much truth be told.

For some reason the grey haired girl looked a bit relieved at hearing that. "So you didn't date or anything?" She asked as if the answer was very important.

Ranma gave the familiar girl an exasperated look. "You must be new around here. I hardly have time to date anyone. Everyone and their mother is out to get me engaged to their daughters." He complained, happy to have a sympathetic ear and a girl who actually seemed to be siding with him.

"Please, you exaggerate! Not EVERY girl wants you, you know. It's not as if you are that great and most of the engagements came from your father, they sure packed up quickly when they met you though." Akane huffed. Truth be told those girls liked Ranma but she wasn't going to let Ranma get a big head and let him think he was god's gift to women or something.

"You see what I deal with?" Ranma said, looking from the girl to Akane. "Every damn day."

Just as the familiar pattern was about to get underway with the two arguing, the second official fiancee made her presence known.

"Ran-chan! You're okay!" Ukyou cheered as she tackled Ranma in a hug. "I saw you flying off on top of Taro, figured you'd need some back up!"

"Ukyou!" Ranma protested at the girl's affectionate hug as he pried the girl off of him.

Ukyou pouted as Ranma detached her from his body but then noticed the pretty long haired girl next to Ranma, hand on his sleeve and looking at the scene in fascination. "Another one?" Ukyou said with a sigh. On looks alone this girl was pretty high caliber. Although stylish, her dress style suggested a very active person.

"No!" Ranma protested right away as he saw Akane nod. At the moment he was trying to figure out why she looked so familiar, so turning around he faced the girl who looked at him with a hint of fondness but nothing like Akane or Ukyou or... heck, any fiancee really. It was like she knew him and trusted him with the way she positioned herself near him.

"Umm, who are you anyway?" Ranma asked bluntly, while Akane face palmed at his rude manner and Ukyou waited patiently with her arms folded.

"You don't remember me?" The grey haired girl asked in surprise and quickly pouted.

Ranma looked her up and down, making the other two fiancees jealous as they thought that he was checking the girl out. The girl in question however was turning left and right like a supermodel as if trying to jog his memory.

"Ah!" Ranma said, his eyes widening and causing the girl to smile. "I have no clue!" He said snapping his finger and pointing at her.

After Ranma's two fiancees recovered from their face fault they were about to say something when a guy, pretty cute and who looked like he was in college, stood next to the girl. He was an older boy with glasses making for a cool look on him while he was wearing a suit and tie.

"Ranma-san?" The man said as he looked at Ranma with respect and fondness. "Still as powerful as ever I see."

Ranma however looked at how the man was standing next to the girl with fondness while looking at him. He looked familiar too.

"Ah, sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier, I was quite… startled by everything. We simply don't see stuff like that every day." The man said. "My name is Akira Mashiro, you probably don't remember me."

Now Ranma was really bothered, something about that guy looked and sounded familiar, he then looked at the grey haired girl again who was looking at him expectantly.

"Hmmmmm!" Ranma said as he started to massage his temples, hoping to jog his memories. "HMMMRRRMMMMMM!" Ranma groaned louder.

"Ranma, you know these two?" Akane said, curbing back her attitude a bit now that she was certain that the new girl was not after Ranma. Still, this couple was not the usual type who hung out with Ranma. Number one they dressed fashionably, number two looked rich and three they were well-mannered to boot. Not to mention the most glaring flaw, they didn't look much like fighters.

"Ranma honey?" Ukyou prompted.

"Akira-san what happened to the shop!" A gentle voice grabbed the man and the girl's attention. The girl's eyes widened as she smiled before looking back at Ranma.

"Ok, I might not be that memorable to you but surely you remember her!" The gray haired girl said as she pointed at the door.

Ranma and his two fiancees turned around and saw a normal looking guy who appeared kind of wimpy at a glance accompanied by an amazing black haired beauty. Red eyes, slim figure, the girl was dressed primly and conservatively. Once again something tickled at his memory as he stared at the girl.

In contrast to Ranma's confused face, the girl took one look at Ranma's face and her own lit up with happiness. "Ranma-san!" The girl smiled and went up to him, and much to the fiancees' shock hugged the even more confused boy like a dear friend. "It's been too long, how have you been?"

Akane and Ukyou however were not pleased. If the first girl was already pretty and high caliber, the new black haired beauty was on another level. Not only that she also looked pretty damn well off, so why would she even know Ranma?

"Ranma?" Akane growled. "Another one?!"

"Something you want to tell us, Ranma honey?" Ukyou demanded darkly as she folded her arms tighter around her body.

The black haired girl was startled by the killing intent from behind her and like the grey haired girl familiarly hid behind Ranma for protection as if she was confident that Ranma would protect her from all harm.

"Huh?" Ranma said, looking even more confused now as he looked behind the girl who had taken shelter behind him. The girl in question was suddenly pulled into her friend's embrace as she whispered something into the black haired beauty's ear, making her eyes go wide with shock and realization.

"So you two are Ranma's fiancees who are engaged to him that he didn't know about?" The black haired beauty asked as she peeked out from behind Ranma's back, the wimpy guy moved close to the black haired beauty's side a moment later and held her hand affectionately.

"I'm his cute fiancee!" Ukyou said in a friendly manner. Clearly these girls were taken so no need to be hostile.

"I am his official fiancee that has a bigger claim over a second one," Akane said also relaxing as she realized that the second girl was coupled up with the wimpy looking guy. "I'm also the only one that counts." She said defensively.

"Shinji-kun, you remember Ranma-san?" Akira said as he beckoned the young man over to him who was dressed in casual slacks and looking at Ranma as if seeing an old friend.

"I don't think I can ever forget. After all if he didn't bail us out that day…" Shinji said and then shuddered at the horrifying memory.

"Me too, that was why I took some self-defense lessons, to never be that helpless again," Akira affirmed, looking at the weaker young man beside him.

"Shin-ji?" Ranma mouthed. Now it was pissing him off big time. Akira, Shinji, the girls, they all sounded so familiar yet why couldn't he remember…?

"It's good to see you again Ranma-san," Shinji said, extending his hand to a dumbfounded Ranma as he shook his head in confusion.

"Uh… you too?" Ranma said, a bit lost as he shook the hand. "Ok, I give up who are you people?" He said as this was bugging him to no end.

"I guess there is no help for it." The black haired beauty said playfully to her friend.

"Well I can't really blame him. Back then you know who he only had eyes for, I wouldn't be surprised if he only saw us as background noise." The ash grey haired girl said with a dramatic sigh.

The two girls stood in front of Ranma and smiled fondly at him. "My name is Igarashi Tomoi and my friend name is Jun Kasaragi." The black haired beauty now identified herself as Igarashi said with a smile.

The two fiancees saw Ranma's eyes widen and his body stiffen as he looked incredulously at the two girls. His gaze flicking back and forth between them as if seeing them, really seeing them for the first time. It was amazing how his expression went from shock, fondness, familiarly and then strangely enough sad and sorrowful before perking up.

"Ah yes, sorry I didn't remember," Ranma said in a familiar tone as if greeting old friends. "You two grew up to be really pretty." He complimented, causing the two girls to blush.

"Ahem, well, yes, you didn't grow up half bad yourself. What's it been, three years now, four?" The ash grey haired girl, Jun, asked as she recovered.

"About then… yes…" Ranma said softly as he appeared to be lost in other memories. Shaking his head he turned to look at the two boys he now remembered also. "You two, sorry I didn't recognize you… you doing okay?"

Shinji and Akira smiled at Ranma and nodded. "We are not on your level but we are not as weak as we were back then, Ranma-san." Akira said firmly.

"Good to hear man," Ranma said as he patted the man on his shoulder.

"Okay, how about explaining for the people who don't know what's going on?" Ukyou with a very anxious looking Akane said as they looked at the group of what could only be old friends.

"It's," Ranma started and looked at his two fiancees, "Complicated. Besides, Taro is still on the loose. I need to make sure he doesn't make a bigger mess." He said, not wanting to bring up... her… around his two fiancees.

The two girls looked at each other and then at Ranma with a nod. "Ranma," Jun said, tugging on the pigtailed boy's sleeve again to prevent him from going. "Akira's company is holding a grand opening for their new mall in Minato, with party to celebrate an everything, it would be great if you'd show up so we could catch up on old times. That is, if you're not doing anything important..."

Ranma looked at the card given to him by the pretty girl and pocketed it. "Sure, I'll be there, be great to catch up right?" He said, nodding. "It was nice seeing you all again, really." He said as he sped out of the building and, to the two boys' surprise, jumped up high onto a rooftop to dash across it.

Akane and Ukyou however remained behind and looked at the two girls. "Okay, how do you two know Ranma and how come you were acting so chummy?" Ukyou asked bluntly as she watched Ranma's back disappear in the distance.

The two girls looked at one another before nodding. "We knew Ranma from our middle school days. Shinji went to the same school as Ranma," Igarashi explained as she took a good look at the two.

The first one was as short haired girl that was pretty cute looking, not pretty but cute. The second girl was actually pretty in a tough girl kind of way but her outfit seemed more like a cosplay costume and if she didn't know better she swore that was a giant sized spatula holstered on her back.

"Our school, St. Louise Academy, was an all-girls school located in the same district as Ranma's," Jun continued for her friend who was eying the two "fiancees" with curiosity.

"Wait, if you went to an all-girls school then how did you even get to know Ranma?" Akane asked, curious. Ukyou, who had gone to an all-boys school, nodded as she knew how rare it would be to meet girls.

The two girls exchanged a look before nodding. "It was because we were friends of Ranma's girlfriend." They said and watched the expressions of shock ripple across the two "fiancees" as if confirming something.

"Wait? Girlfriend? As in a GIRLFRIEND, girlfriend?" Akane asked incredulously. Ranma with a girlfriend, a real live girlfriend? No way!

"Depends, what do you define as a girlfriend?" Jun asked as she looked at Akane in amusement.

"Like… holding hands and stuff, go on dates?" Akane said lamely. Now that she thought about it, she didn't know what being a girlfriend truly entailed. People called her Ranma's girlfriend sometimes... she should know.

"Oh they did all of that and more," Jun said offhandedly which made Ukyou and Akane's eyes bug out.

"Su-su-surely no-no-not- not ki-ki-kis- kisssing too?" Ukyou stammered out as she felt butterflies in her stomach.

"Hmm, didn't we see them kissing one another quite hotly out in front of the school once?" Igarashi asked as if trying to recall a memory.

"Yeah! We did!" Jun said in a manner that said she had just recalled the memory but clearly she remembered it quite well. "Yeah, that was one of the few time we saw them kissing."

Akane looked like she was going to hyperventilate. Ukyou had fallen to her knees and looked lost.

"You... You girls... you girls are trying to rub this in our faces," Akane said suddenly as she realized this was a girl's attack. "Why?" She demanded.

It was Jun who answered as she looked at Akane coldly. "Because, you clearly have not made Ranma happy." She said in an aggressive tone.

"Jun!" Akira said firmly as he put his hand on his girlfriend's shoulder while looking apologetically at Akane.

"No, this is bullshit!" Jun shouted as she pointed at Akane. "She doesn't deserve to be with Ranma, you saw how she acted with him and she's his fiancee? Are you kidding me?"

"Hey what about me?" Ukyou said defensively. She knew how Akane and Ranma acted but she was quite friendly with Ranma. "I'm not like Akane at all, her temper is all her!"

"You have clearly been friend zoned and just haven't realized it," Jun said, glaring at Ukyou too.

"Jun! That's enough!" Akira raised his voice, causing the girl to look subdued. "I'm sorry for her outburst but Ranma-san is very dear to the girls." He said while looking at Igarashi and Jun.

Igarashi however looked at both Akane and Ukyou. Since she was not Akira's girlfriend she could say what she wanted. "A long time ago, if Ranma-san had not saved us, we would have suffered a fate worse than death. We want him to be happy, though it is not my place to judge, I want you two to know this. We have seen Ranma-san in love, we have seen how he looked at the girl he loves, those eyes do no look at you two that way."

With a polite bow Igarashi left followed by Jun and then Akira, only Shinji was left looking at a stunned Akane and Ukyou. "Please forgive my girlfriend's outburst but if it were not for Ranma-san's timely arrival three years ago... a group of thugs would have had their way with the girls. A few of us boys had been beaten down, if Ranma-san had not shown up..." Shinji trailed off softly. Bowing deeply once more the boy left the two stunned girls.

++++ Outside ++++

"You didn't see how that girl and Ranma fought Igarashi, they were like cats and dogs!" Jun said through gritted teeth.

"Well, what can we do? He is engaged." Igarashi replied.

"A bullshit engagement," Jun denied vehemently. "It was arranged by his parents, he had no say in it!"

"Yet we all know how much Ranma values honor, maybe that's what keeping him there?" Igarashi deduced.

The two boys in the back, one in college while the other inherited a family business, listened in on their girlfriends' conversation. Akira had told Shinji what he saw and what Ranma did. A few years ago he'd have thought that was amazing, now he could accept it thanks to how weird Japan had gotten. Why, there were even those Sailor Senshi in his district.

"Ranma belongs with Michiru," Jun said firmly in a tone that brooked no argument.

"Jun, Michiru is… taken now." Igarashi said looking softly at her friend. "She's happy, content."

"Michiru settled and you know it." Jun said, looking at her friend who was unable to rebut her. "I have not once seen Michiru look at that other girl like she did when she looked at Ranma, not once. It's fondness and familiarly but not the same kind of happy giddy love we saw."

"True but she's happy now and adopted a daughter also," Igarashi replied as she looked at her friend sadly.

"Is she really?" Jun said challengingly. "And from what I understand that girl was adopted by that other woman too. What was her name, Setsuna, so technically there were multiple parental figures for the girl."

"Don't interfere," Igarashi warned her friend giving her a look that conveyed her thoughts on the matter.

Not meeting her friend gaze, the gray haired girl appeared in deep thought for a moment before suddenly perking up and said. "Okay how about this, if you say their spark has died out and they are no longer in love with each other then let's have them meet."

"I don't think this is a good idea." Igarashi with a worried look and place her hand on her friend shoulder. "I don't think we should meddle..."

"Look, if they feel nothing then nothing will happen when they meet right?" Jun said firmly. "Besides, the way it all ended, it left a bad taste in my mouth. You clearly saw Ranma when we mentioned her, he still feels something for her."

"But he was the one that fell out of contact with her, not the other way around," Igarashi argued. "If anything it would be Ranma's fault that Michiru... moved on…"

"Maybe or perhaps Ranma couldn't get any his hand on any paper or all of his letters got lost. The point is she moved on and Ranma... Ranma is in a bad relationship." Jun said softly her eyes looking downcast for a few second before she pressed her lips together to show her resolve. "If that's what he wants I won't stop him but if it's just for honor then I say fuck that!"

The two were silent after that, neither saying much to one or the other.

"Well this is where Akira and I part, sorry the Cafe we decided on was trashed..." Jun said apologetically.

"Not a problem, see you at the party then?" Igarashi said softly.

"Oh yes, don't forget to make sure Ai comes from her office lady job!" Jun reminded her friend.

"I believe it's some kind of Disaster Relief office, not a regular office lady." Igarashi corrected her friend. Truth was she was not sure what Ai did. The girl had graduated and went to work somewhere she was not supposed to disclose.

++++ With Igarashi shortly afterward ++++

Watching her friend walk away she picked up the phone and dialed her friend, listening to the ring tone three times before an audible click could be heard. "Goddess Relief office, Ai Morisato speaking." A gentle voice said on the other end.

"You're silly!" Igarashi said with a laugh. "Goddess Relief office, really? Someone has a mighty high opinion of herself now huh?"

"Iga-chan!" Ai said joyfully on the other end of the phone. "How have you been?"

"Been okay actually, Jun and I met up for coffee but the place was in shambles when I got there," Igarashi replied warmly as she leaned into the phone. "Oh, you'd never guess who I saw at the cafe!"

"Who?" Ai asked excitedly. "A celebrity? Please tell me it was the Three Lights!"

"Ugh!" Igarashi said rolling her eyes. "Ai seriously, the Three Lights were like last year's news!"

"Never! They will always be number one in my heart!" Ai proclaimed loudly over the phone and was told to shut up harshly by someone in the background. "Ah, that was my aunt… heh heh."

"Well, anyway, I saw someone much, much better than the Three Lights." Igarashi teased, smirking over the other girl's protests over the phone. "It was… Ranma!"

There was complete silence on the other line before a loud whooping yell was heard through her receiver that made Igarashi pull the phone far away from her ear. For the next two minutes all she could hear was loud whooping noises over the phone.

"You saw him really? How was he? Did he grow up to be a super hottie?!" Ai said loudly over the phone, still clearly excited.

"Okay, I like Ranma as much as the next girl in our group but seriously you just acted like he's the second coming of... what's that westerner deity? Right, Jesus or something." Igarashi said archly at her friend.

"Don't be silly, that's not due for anoth-OW! Why did you hit me Auntie!?" Ai asked to someone clearly over the phone. "What do you mean restricted informa-oh heh heh, sorry."

"Hah hah! You're so silly!" Igarashi said fondly. Ai had become a lot more eccentric over the years. Fairies, different pantheons ruling different sections of Earth. She was a mythology fanatic that was for sure.

"Geez... some people..." Ai said over the phone before her voice clearly focused back onto her friend. "So... tell me, how was Ranma?" She asked excitedly.

"From what I saw, he's grown a lot more handsome and powerful than before. He's also engaged, though the girl he's engaged to kind of gave me bad vibes." Igarashi said softly as she gave her friend the news.

"Oh…" Ai asked softly over the phone line.

"I know that you always had faith that Michiru and Ranma would get together again but what's done is done." Igarashi said softly. "However, if you want to meet up with him again Jun invited him to Akira's grand opening party for his family's new mall."

"Oh, I would love too!" Ai said, instantly cheering up again. "I will definitely be there!"

"Jun had this crazy idea for Ranma and Michiru to meet up again though I think I talked her out of it." Igarashi explained uncertainty. "However, why don't you go talk to her and make sure she doesn't do anything crazy."

"Roger that," Ai said over the phone. "Oh! Hey, I got a call that I have to take so I'll see you next weekend!"

Igarashi smiled at her boyfriend who was patiently waiting for her to get off the phone. Shyly she intertwined her hand with his and leaned on his shoulder as the couple walked toward Shinji's cousin's home.

++++ With Jun ++++

The moment Igarashi was out of sight was the moment Jun took out her cell phone and speed dialed her friend.

"Hello?" A soft voice said on the other end. In the background sounds of a television could be heard.

"Ah, is this Hotaru-chan?" Jun asked politely. "Is Michiru home?"

"Ah, hi auntie Jun!" Hotaru said softly in delight. " One moment please, Michiru-mama, phone!"

"Hello Jun," Michiru greeted her old friend warmly. "It's been a while hasn't it?"

"And whose fault is it that, always canceling at the last minute?" Jun chided her best friend. "Hell, we can't even get coffee without being interrupted by one of your friends calling you or a family member taking sick or something. Honestly, sometime you act like the world was at stake or something."

"Oh it was Jun, it really was," Michiru said in a dead serious tone.

Jun paused in shock for a bit before the two friends suddenly laughed together through the phone. "AS if, you saving the world? Yeah and next thing you'll tell me is that the Sailor Senshi are all teenage girls!"

"But they are," Michiru answered flatly.

"Ahahaha! Stop it! You're making me pee!" Jun said as she laughed heartily at her friend's joking manner. Ah she missed this. Michiru actually wasn't so cold, only she and the other three could get her to open up like this.

"So what's been going on with you?" Michiru asked softly.

"Oh, this and that… oh and Akira's dad's company is throwing a grand opening party for their new mall in Juuban. Igarashi and Ai are coming, so you HAVE to come," Jun demanded of her friend. "Feel free to bring your friends and family and no excuses this time!"

"But what if a monsters attack and I need to sneak off to transform into a magical girl to fight them?" Michiru asked seriously.

"Oh my god, seriously! Stop, my stomach can't take it anymore!" Jun said, laughing hard before composing herself. "Look if a monster shows up, I"LL take care of it. You are staying your butt with us and we are all going to catch up. Understood?!"

"Yes, Drill Sergeant Jun," Michiru answered with an amused tone. "I'll be there."

"Good," Jun said as she hung up with her best friend. Closing her eyes she wondered if she was doing the right thing. Hearing Hotaru's voice cast some doubts but she wanted to be sure that they were with who they deserved to be with, not who they should be with...

Akira slowly placed a hand on her shoulder for comfort.

++++ With Ai ++++

Ai was excited. Finally, FINALLY she had the chance to act. The ban on Ranma had been lifted! "So, Auntie, Mom, you heard Igarashi." She addressed her two direct supervisors.

"Yes, Ranma-kun has finally made contact with one of you four," Belldandy said with a small smile.

"And the Saffron problem was taken care of by Ranma-kun just like grandpa wanted." Ai said while looking at her Aunt. "So, can you blind that meddlesome bitch now?"

"Ai!" Belldandy said in shock. "You are not too old for a spanking, young lady!"

"Sorry but you know what Pluto did and you let it happen!" Ai retorted. She had been so angry when her mother and aunt refused to correct Pluto's interference.

"Father's orders," Belldandy reminded her sadly. Ai had cried for weeks, unable to face her friends and Michiru in particular, after the interference by the Demi-goddess of Time. "Ranma-kun gave us the best chance to neutralize Saffron without directly interfering. As you know if we went to Saffron..."

"Yes... Granny Hild would have sent someone, thus neutralizing the two and leaving Saffron unchecked. I heard it before, doesn't mean I like it." Ai grumbled, still clearly not pleased with the whole situation to begin with.

Ai looked at the original file pertaining to Ranma and Michiru, they were originally supposed to be together. To be happy, have kids and have a happy ending. However, that did not lead to crystal Tokyo. A Ranma-influenced Michiru would trickle down to Haruka, then Hotaru and then the Inner Senshi.

In other words, it was not the future Pluto wanted. So she went back, found them at their most critical juncture and isolated them from each other.

With Ranma not showing up at Michiru's dorm that one final time to promise to come back and then his abrupt disappearance, Michiru had thought she had been abandoned.

Then all of Ranma's letters to explain the situation to his girlfriend were directed, by Pluto, to go to the Kaioh household where they were then kept from Michiru herself. So from Michiru's standpoint, she had been abandoned by the boy she loved. No letters, no contact.

For Ranma, he had forced his father to stay in one place long enough to try and get a letter from Michiru but no letters ever came. However he had still been hopeful that one day he'd meet her again and get the chance to explain to her why he'd suddenly had to leave.

However on the day Ranma went to Jusenkyo springs, his father had made a pit stop by a local village for supplies. An old T.V. had displayed news about one of Japan's best violinists being flown to America for an unprecedented tour, as a collaboration of rising stars.

Ranma had recognized Michiru right away as one of the rising stars, she had left the country unknowingly denying him the chance at reconciliation? That had left him distracted, so much so that he got cursed and did not even think to use the Spring of Drowned Man to cure himself.

Then when the cursed father and son arrived at the Tendo dojo. With no promise to come back to Michiru and with Michiru clearly out of the country Ranma was, for all intents and purposes, isolated.

Just exactly how Pluto wanted it.

Ranma, lost on what to do, latched onto the first person that showed any him warmth thereby ensuring his stay at the Tendo Dojo.

The thing that made Ai angry most of all was that her Aunt Skuld, of all people, had said that they should leave everything as was as it would benefit Asgard and later Ranma.

Ai had not understood at the time why her aunt would betray her like that but she did now.

Saffron would have caused a global fire and the only thing that could halt a fire of such magnitude was a great ice, summoned by a powerful woman who was not used to wielding such powers with precision. Thus she encased the world in ice and was considered the savior of the world.

The only grace that Ai was allowed to give Ranma was to remove him completely from Pluto's sight. So even after the battle at Jusendo the Time Guardian saw nothing.

Of course there was a stipulation from Kami-sama. If the two were meant to be together, despite the magic performed on them by Pluto and Asgard; if somehow Ranma found his way back to Michiru then Ai was allowed to lock down Pluto or, more specifically, her aunts were.

"You realize that a lot of people will be hurt by this, right?" Belldandy asked her daughter.

The only thing that would or could de-fang Pluto was Ai's two aunts. Lock down the future, lock down the past and Pluto would be only able to experience time in a linear fashion.

"Their happiness will never erase people's sadness," Ai said softly. "But their sadness shouldn't have to be a requirement for other people's happiness."

"Then no matter the outcome, you will accept it, correct?" Belldandy asked while looking at her daughter.

"I only want to give them a chance," Ai said softly. She remembered her most favorite couple. "If it doesn't work out then it doesn't work out. But they deserve that chance at the very least."

"Then Skuld-chan, Urd-chan," Belldandy said as she looked at the computer terminal and then at her two sisters who were also by theirs. "Do it."


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