Seahorse Alternate: Todokanai Koi

Ranma 1/2 created by Rumiko Takahashi

Sailor Moon created by Naoko Takeuchi

Cameo: Ah! My Goddess created by Kōsuke Fujishima

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Chapter 2: Reunion

**** Juuban District, Minato Ward, Tokyo ***

Michiru, aka Sailor Neptune, looked into the mirror of her vanity as she put the finishing touches on her makeup.

"Mmm, you look absolutely lovely." Haruka, aka Sailor Uranus, voiced smoothly as she came from behind her lover and wrapped her arms around her waist, taking the chance to kiss her neck.

"Stop it, I don't want to get chewed out by Jun for being late," Michiru answered in a teasing tone. She had to admit to herself that her reincarnated lover did look quite dapper in her tuxedo.

"Oh, and why would we be late?" Haruka said, trailing light kisses all up and down Michiru's neck and causing her to moan.

"That's mmmm, why mmmm," Michiru gasped in pleasure before the door slammed open and revealed a pretty Hotaru, the sometimes Sailor Saturn, dressed in a modest skirt and night patterned shirt.

"Michiru- Mama! Haruka-papa! How do I look?" The teen asked as she twirled around proudly for her adoptive parents.

"Very pretty!" Michiru said before she palmed Haruka's face and gave it a shove, particularly away from her neckline. She herself was wearing a pretty teal colored one-piece, slit up on the side.

Haruka, quick on the uptake, rolled on the bed and went to finish doing her tie.

"Ohh Michiru-mama, can I borrow some of your jewelry?" Hotaru asked hopefully. She was at the age where she wanted to look pretty.

"Help yourself," Michiru said as she slid her jewelry box over to her adopted daughter.

"So Setsuna declined along with Ami and Makoto, who said they had to visit a relative today." Haruka confirmed as she finished off her tie, even if it was a bit tight around her throat. "Naturally since it's a mall opening, Rei, Minako and Usagi will be coming."

"Of course." Michiru said, no longer surprised by the girls.

"Ohh, this one is pretty! Can I use this one?" Hotaru squealed in delight.

"Of co-" Michiru was about to say as she turned around, then she saw the item in Hotaru's hand. It was... THAT item. For some reason she felt fourteen again, her heartbeat sped up once more at the sight and what memories it stirred.

"Michiru-mama?" Hotaru asked as she put the beautiful carved Sapphire seahorse pendant around her neck and looked at herself in the vanity.

"Oh that's a nice one," Haruka said, looking admiringly at the Seahorse pendant. "How come I've never seen you wear that for any of our dates?"

Michiru closed her eyes and sat down on the bed to calm herself. It was over, what happened between them was over and he'd left her. He'd left HER, so she shouldn't be this affected by seeing it again.

"Michiru, are you okay?" Haruka asked, concerned upon seeing her lover's paling face.

"I'm- I'm fine," Michiru answered and was surprised by a slight wavering in her voice.

"Maybe we should stay in if you are not feeling well," Haruka offered.

Closing her eyes, she drew upon some of the meditative techniques HE had taught her and calmed herself. "No, we're going, Jun would have my head if I don't."

"Ohh, it looks better on you Michiru-mama!" Hotaru exclaimed as she had held the pendant up against her adopted mother's neck.

"No," Michiru said softly while looking down at the pendant. "I think it looks better on you, here let me help you put it on."

Hotaru turned around and felt the intricate gold string wrapped softly around her neck. "Thanks Michiru-mama!" She said, looking down in fascination at the pendant, completely charmed by its beauty.

"Well, looks like this fine looking family is ready, shall we go?" Haruka asked her lover and smiled.

+++++ Nerima +++++

"You sure I can come?" Akane asked anxiously.

"Yeah, I don't see why not." Ranma said as he tried to find a more formal Chinese style shirt to wear. "I mean, it's a mall opening, not a fancy wedding."

"You ready Ran-chan?" Ukyou said, dressing up in a suit and tie as she walked into Ranma's room.

"You invited her too?!" Akane shouted indignantly. Here she'd thought Ranma was going to take her on a date but now it was just another gathering of his damn fiancees. Why couldn't he just be brave and take the first step?

"Of course he did!" Ukyou said while hugging Ranma and rubbing her cheek against his. "Why wouldn't he want to show off his cute fiancee after all?"

"Ukyou~~~!" Ranma groaned in protest, not even trying to push her off.

"And you are just letting her drape herself all over you!" Akane said as she pointed at the duo.

"Well, if you don't want to go then I guess it'll just be me and Ran-chan here," Ukyou said while clinging onto Ranma some more.

"Like hell I'll leave you two alone!" Akane answered sharply as she wore her causal dress to what she thought was supposed to be a date.

Ranma's protests could be heard as Ukyou kept clinging to him even as they left the house.

**** Juuban, Mashiro Mall Grand Opening ****

"This is so awesome guys!" Usagi, Princess Serenity reincarnated, aka Sailor Moon gushed as she looked all around the crowded area. She was dressed in a simple white and blue blouse in contrast to most of the people in attendance.

Contrary to popular belief a grand opening of this size and the first shoppers were ALL V.I.P's. It was an exclusive event and Michiru had gotten her in!

"Yeah! I am so hitting that Kenneth Cole first!" Rei, aka Sailor Mars, said while looking at that shoe store hungrily. She was wearing a little beanie hat with a black plaid skirt and red blouse with ankle high boots.

"Hmm, maybe something from Vicki's Closet for my boyfriend," Minako, aka Sailor Venus, said lecherously. She unlike her friend let her hair flow freely behind her with a big red bow tied in it. She was dressed in shorts that weren't too high and a simple white t-shirt.

"It's Victoria's Secret," Hotaru corrected and then a thought occurred to her. "And you don't even HAVE a boyfriend!"

"Not yet," Minako said with a smirk but then waved to the crowd of men in the area. "Bet you there's a single rich hottie here somewhere."

"You're such a gold digger!" Rei told her blond friend. She knew it wasn't true, Minako had plenty of money from her idol days but still her criteria were a tad gold-digger-ish.

"You're just jealous." Minako said as she swayed her hips.

Usagi, however, was now eying the buffet table and all the exquisite high class food spread out on it before looking imploringly at Michiru.

Michiru gave a sigh. This was supposed to be their future queen and she didn't know any high society etiquette. "Yes you may BUT no more than five items to a plate. You don't want to appear unladylike."

Usagi took that as a signal that she could can now dig in, it was at a slower pace of course but she could still dig in and immediately rushed the table.

"Michiru, you made it!"

Michiru turned around and smiled at her friend, her smile only got bigger when she saw two very familiar faces flanking her friend.

"Damn Michiru, I forgot how hot your friends we-ouch!" Haruka had started as she eyed all of the three incoming girls only to feel a sharp elbow to her ribs.

"Hands off and they're taken," Michiru reminded through gritted teeth before turning to her friends. Jun, of course, was the first that torpedoed into her arms.

"It's been over a year since we've seen you!" Jun said accusingly. To her surprise the normally cold and aloof Michiru looked a bit embarrassed. This was the girl that she knew.

"Sorry, I've been busy-"

"Yeah yeah, saving the world and all that. I know, I know, you told me," Jun said dismissively.

Haruka, Hotaru, Rei and Minako's eyes bugged out as they stared at Michiru.

"But it's true," Michiru said with a serene smile over the strangled noises of her present Sailor company.

"Yeah uh huh, and I'm the Dalai Lama," Jun said with a huff. "Pull the other one Michiru!"

The Sailor girls recovered as they realized that this was all familiar banter and that Michiru had not revealed her night job to her friend.

"Hello Auntie Ai, Auntie Igarashi and Auntie Jun," Hotaru said shyly.

The three girls looked at Hotaru in shock. "Uhh, is this Hotaru? She's..." The last time they had seen the girl she was like... a lot smaller.

"She had a growth spurt," Haruka cut in swiftly and decided to take the attention onto herself. "And might I say you ladies look ravashi-urk!"

Michiru took her elbow once more out of Haruka's ribcage and smiled apologetically to her friends. "Down girl," She lectured.

"Yes dear," Haruka said and leaned in for a kiss that Michiru accepted with a roll of her eyes.

Jun, Ai and Igarashi looked away from the scene before turning back their attention to their friend.

"So lemme give your friends a little gift," Jun said as she passed out 50,000 yen gift cards to Minako, Rei and Hotaru. "When it opens after the ribbon cutting, help yourselves!"

The three sailor scouts looked at Michiru's three friends with wide-eyed shock before hurriedly saying their thanks.

"Think nothing of it!" Jun said easily. After all, compared to what she had it was a drop in the bucket.

"Do you mind if we steal her for a bit?" Jun asked Haruka who gave a gesture of giving up. "Thanks!"

"I'll be by the bar!" Haruka said as she went to get some drinks. She arrived only to find another person of interest already at the bar but she was not nursing an alcoholic drink. "Sup, name's Haruka, Haruka Ten'oh."

"Ukyou, Ukyou Kounji." The person, who was also in a tux, saw the figure next to her and introduced herself.

There was a bit of silence as Haruka ordered something also nonalcoholic before eying the other figure.

"You're not really a boy are you?" They both said in unison before laughing.

"I guess it takes one to know one right?" Haruka said with a grin as she toasted her fellow cross-dresser.

"Tell me about it," Ukyou said, thinking about another annoying cross-dresser named Tsubasa as she returned Haruka's toast. "Damn I hate shopping." She said after a moment.

"Then why are you here?" Haruka asked in a puzzled tone. To her it was simple, if you hate shopping then don't shop.

"Because of her," Ukyou said as she tilted her head over to a dark haired girl who could almost pass for Ami but she was clearly more fit.

"Ah, I understand. My girlfriend also wanted to come here, although mainly for her friends" Haruka commiserated.

"What? No! I'm not... I... I like boys!" Ukyou said hurriedly in a flustered tone. Her and Akane, like that? Ew! She'd take Shampoo before that would happen.

"Oh, so-sorry!" Haruka said, reddening also. Clearly her gaydar was off because she could have sworn there was a kindred spirit in Ukyou. "I had assumed with the way you were dressed and… sorry."

"Ah, it's okay, it happens..." Ukyou said, but she really did feel more comfortable in boy's clothing after all those years spent as a boy.

"So who is she then?" Haruka asked, changing the subject.

"Oh uh, my rival," Ukyou said darkly. "I couldn't let her go on a date with my fiancee!"

"What? Your fiancee's cheating on you?" Haruka said in shock. Righteous feminine anger writ clearly on her face.

"Well, no, he's not. Because she's his fiancee too," Ukyou said dejectedly. She didn't want anyone to think badly of Ranma.

"Wait, two fiancees?" Haruka asked incredulously.

"Three, four, who knows how many more…" Ukyou sighed. "It's not his fault though, his parents arranged the engagements for him without his knowledge."

"Oh, then why doesn't he just break them off and you know… pick one?" Haruka asked in curiosity. Who'd ever heard of being engaged to multiple people at once?

"Something about family honor," Ukyou grumbled. "Same reason why I am a boy too."

"Tell me about about it," Haruka said as she ordered two more drinks for her new friend.

+++ At the Buffet +++

Usagi was slowly partaking of no more the five portions per plate but she couldn't help the fact that five measly items a plate was not cutting it. It was going too slow! "Arrgh!" She whimpered as she saw that some of the premium dishes were disappearing already.

"You know if you want the stuff just take it," A male voice suggested from next to her, startling the twin pigtailed girl.

Turning around Usagi noticed that it was a handsome boy, older than her, with deep dark blue eyes that were very alluring in a way. "Ah, umm, hi!" She said lamely. Of course her love was Endymion aka Mamoru Chiba but there were no rules against window shopping.

"Ranma Saotome," Ranma introduced himself as he started to pile food after food item onto his tray.

'He's not even using a plate! What a boss!' Usagi thought in awe. The older boy was taking what he wanted however he wanted, despite the people looking at him. 'Urgh Michiru, why did you have to tell me I can't?!'

"Usagi Tsukino," Usagi introduced herself and eyed Ranma's tray of food enviously. "I was told that I could not have any more then than five items per plate... It wouldn't be proper."

"Who gave you that stupid ass idea?" Ranma said, offended. "If you're hungry, you're hungry, not good to starve yourself."

"My friend is not stupid," Usagi halfheartedly defended. It was the idea that was stupid she conceded mentally.

"Well tell you what," Ranma said as he took another tray. "Load this up with the stuff you want and I'll take it, that way I'm the one with two trays. This way I'm the one that looks bad."

Usagi looked at her new hero with shining eyes. "Thank you! thank you! thank you!" The girl gushed. Even Mamoru would not do that for her!

+++ With Rei, Minako and Hotaru +++

The girls were just mingling when they spotted a familiar figure from behind. Minako placed a hand her friend's shoulder and grinned. "Ami! Why didn't you tell me you'd be here?!" Only to be surprised a second later as the figure that turned around was clearly not Ami.

"Ah, Ami?" The Ami-like girl asked.

"Sorry," Rei cut in as Minako was looking extremely flustered now. "You look almost exactly like our friend from behind, except for maybe a lighter blue shade for her hair..." And maybe being able to bench press her, Rei added to herself silently as she noticed the girl's athletic nature.

"Oh!" The girl exclaimed in surprise at the mistake and waved off their apology. "It's fine, my name is Akane, Akane Tendo."

"Rei Hino," Rei introduced herself. "The blond is Minako Aino and the shy girl over there is Hotaru Tomoe."

"Nice to meet you,"Akane said warmly as she noticed that the girls were dressed very fashionably.

"So you excited for the mall opening?" Minako asked the Not-Ami girl. "I am so hitting up Victoria's Wardrobe!"

"It's Secret and you will not!" Rei said harshly to her friend, causing the new girl, Akane, to giggle.

"I was actually here on what I thought was a date but my fiancee has obviously left me to my own devices, the baka…" Akane said softly.

"Oh?" Hotaru asked sensing the other girl agitation. "Would you like us to find him for you?"

"Nah," Akane said waving it off. "He might be with his 'Cute' fiancee and I don't want to interrupt." She said sarcastically.

"Wait, I thought you were the fiancee," Minako said, confused.

"He has another one other than me," Akane explained and saw the look of anger on the girls' faces. She thought about letting it ride but decided against it, best to clear up the misunderstanding. "It's not his... fa-faahhh-fa- fault, there I said it, that he has multiple engagements."

"What? How can it not be his fault!?" Minako said indignantly. As the Sailor of Love and Justice and with Venus being the avatar of love, she would not stand for this kind of behavior! "He proposed to you!"

"Actually he never did," Akane corrected with a sigh. "Our engagement, like his others, was arranged by his parents. His father really, without his knowing in most cases."

"Oh," Rei said in understanding. As a shinto priestess she was more than familiar with Japan's ancient traditions. "That must have sucked for you both."

"Yeah... we didn't really get along at first…" Akane admitted to these girls. She didn't know why but she felt comfortable with them and they were the only girls her age around her.

"Can't you just break if off if you don't like him?" Hotaru asked as she looked at the girl, who was clearly looking miserable.

"He's… he's not that bad." Akane admitted softly, mostly to herself. "But I just found out recently that I hardly know him. In the two years we pretty much lived together I did not know him as well as I thought I did..."

"Oh? Was he a bad person or something?" Rei asked as she folded her arms over her chest and glanced around for a thuggish individual.

"Oh no, nothing like that," Akane said softly while looking at each of the girls. "I just found out that he had a girlfriend before me and he never told me... or anyone."

The three sailor girls looked at one another and nodded as they started to flank the dejected girl.

"Maybe he didn't want to talk about it because it's a bad breakup," Minako said softly. She knew all about bad breakups, why she broke up with boy bands constantly!

"Nah, I think he just doesn't trust me enough to tell me… like I said... we didn't exactly start off on the best of terms and most of the time we are at each other's throats." Akane sighed. "But I've seen his softer, gentler side... there's just so much I don't know about him that I thought I did. Like today even, the invitation to attend this grand opening, I didn't know he had friends that could invite him to events like this..."

Minako held both of Akane's hands and nodded. "I think everything would work out for you two if you persevere." She said firmly.

"Ah, this is so depressing and we're at the mall to boot," Akane said as she looked at the nearby clothing store. "Nabiki is going to be so jealous when I bring home some new dresses."

The three girls talked with one another as they watched the ceremony start to take place and crowded in closer to get a head-start on shopping.

Akane herself was surprised by Jun who was hostile to her before giving her a 50,000 yen gift card to spend. Ukyou received the same while Ranma was given a different card that didn't even have the yen amount label on it.

++++ The Four Goddesses ++++

The four girls who had been busy with school, life, saving the world and other duties found themselves in the VIP lounge, chatting in a very relaxed manner.

"And then I told Hikaru that he better clean up his act or else Auntie Skuld was going to beat his ass down!" Ai said with a laugh. "He was so scared, even though my Aunt was a lot shorter than him!"

The girls laugh at Ai's recounting of her boyfriend's antics.

"So did it work?" Michiru said mirthfully, she remembered Hikaru, the bad boy.

"Yes, he got into Toudai and is currently studying computer encoding and base line codes," Ai said with a sigh. Her aunt had turned her bad boy into a computer geek!

The girls were silent for a while, each lost in the past.

"So Michiru, are you happy?" Jun asked suddenly. "Ow! What gives Igarashi?!"

Igarashi had given Jun a hard glare as she stomped on her friend's foot.

Looking at Jun strangely she nodded. "I am very happy." Michiru replied.

"You know, back then, I always thought that you'd end up with Ranma," Ai said bluntly, causing Igarashi to turn to her and give her a hard look.

Michiru's body stiffened at the mention of her ex-boyfriend and she looked at her friends with a soft hint of betrayal. It was an unspoken rule to never talk about Ranma in front of her, much less mention him. She had spent many months crying over the boy who had abandoned her and they were all there for it.

Still, maybe it was time for her to move on... Ranma was... Ranma was special. He had forced his way into her heart at a time when she forced herself into his own. The bond they shared, the intimate moments, she would always recall fondly. He was literally the first boy she had ever loved and the only boy she could love. She had thought the same held true for him regarding her. That was a mistake on her part, one that she did not intend to ever make again.

Losing herself in her past life and her past love's arms was a blessing. It was less painful, Haruka was just as wonderful as she remembered in their past lives. She was… safe.

Still she was an adult now and it had been years, maybe it was time to address Ranma as a memory and not some boogeyman in her heart. "I- I did also," Michiru replied evenly as she contemplated sipping her tea. "I just didn't realize that he didn't feel the same."

Igarashi glared at both her friends, she had thought Ai was on her side but was very surprised when they told her that Michiru was on her way here. She had half hoped that Ranma would be unable to show up or Michiru would have one of those convenient family emergencies again. But to her ever-increasing anxiety both had shown up, although at different times.

Still if she could somehow get them to go the whole day without meeting one another then she will have won against her two meddling friends. She cared deeply for Michiru, partly out of guilt for the hazing back in middle school but mainly because she was a dear friend. Seeing her come with her family and friends only affirmed that they should not rock the boat.

So Igarashi was able to extract a promise from her two friends. They were to under no circumstances force a meeting between Ranma and Michiru, if it happened, it happened. It was Ai who had strangely convinced Jun to back off and agreed. So here they were isolating Michiru in this room, thus making it an impossible task for the two to meet.

"I still think that there was something seriously fishy with how the whole thing went down." Jun insisted, once more casting her doubts on the situation. Michiru had at one time believed her but weeks turned into months, and months turned into years and still nothing.

"The only thing wrong was me placing my faith and trust in him but he couldn't even be bothered to send me a postcard. Nothing." Michiru said in a hard tone of voice before embracing the calming seas of her power. "But what's done is done, Ranma is in my past."

Jun frowned while Ai looked a bit sad at what she heard but sighed. Igarashi exhaled softly. Poor Ranma.

Michiru nodded as she felt the need to get a bit of air and be held safely in Haruka's arms. "I'll going to check on my friends, I'll be back." She said politely before going out of the V.I.P. lounge.

The moment Michiru left Igarashi smacked Jun on the back of her head.

"Ow!" The ash blond protested. "That hurt!"

"Good! It was supposed to!" Igarashi said, meaning it. "You heard her, it's over."

"It's not over until the day is over!" Jun said halfheartedly.

"Let's go mingle." Ai said as she got up and followed after Michiru.

++++ Outside +++

"That's just insane!" Haruka said as she stared at her new friend at the bar as the other cross-dresser was telling her about some of her training. "Man, what's your shop's name? I gotta swing by sometime."

"Having fun I see," Michiru's voice cut in, the origin of which was looking at Haruka and the clearly cross-dressing girl.

"Oh hey!" Haruka said as she threw a hand over Michiru's shoulder. "This is my girl that I was telling you about, prettiest girl here bar present company of course." She said in a flirty tone.

Ukyou grinned at her new friend. "You better, I may dress like this but I was told I was pretty dazzling in a dress," She teased before turning her attention to the stunning green haired beauty next to the blond. "The name is Ukyou Kounji."

"Michiru Kaioh," Michiru replied politely as she looked at the cross-dressing girl and tried to picture her in a dress. She was right, girls clothes would definitely give her some feminine appeal.

"Hey check this out, this girl had her own business at sixteen, can you believe that?!" Haruka exclaimed in an impressed tone of voice.

"Oh how impressive," Michiru replied politely. It was a feat at sixteen to open your own successful business. "Maybe we should stop by sometime since you two seem to be getting along so well."

"Sure thing. It's in Nerima though, so I'm not sure how far you'd have to travel." Ukyou pointed out as she asked the barkeep to give her a napkin so she could write down the address to her place. "First one's free on me when you get to Ucchan's!"

Haruka felt Michiru stiffen in her arms and looked over to her past time lover worriedly.

"Uh, you alright sugar? You're looking kinda pale there..." Ukyou asked with concern, seeing that the girl appeared strangely rattled when she mentioned her restaurant's name.

'It's just a coincidence, just a coincidence.' Michiru thought firmly to herself. 'Elegant, ladylike, proper.'

"Sorry, I had heard a name like that... once before is all… a long time ago." Michiru explained politely and was proud that her voice sounded normal also.

"Hey Michiru, Haruka, made a new friend too I see!" Minako said cheerfully as the group of girls walked up to the trio.

Hotaru instantly went back to stand next to her guardians while Ukyou looked at the new girls who were accompanied by Akane.

"He ditched you too sugar?" Ukyou said as she toasted Akane with a Shirley Temple, virgin of course.

"You know if there's free food..." Akane said exasperatedly as she made to stand by Ukyou, the only other familiar face here despite them being rivals. The evil you know versus the evil you don't. Besides, the girls in her presence were making her feel inadequate, why did some girls have all the luck?!

"Akane Tendo." Akane introduced herself to the blond and teal haired couple.

"Haruka Ten'oh and Michiru Kaioh," Haruka introduced easily. "So this is the other fiancee right?"

"You told him?" Akane said, surprised at Ukyou just telling strangers about their situation.

"Him?" Ukyou said while giggling at Akane. "After being around me, Konatsu, and Tsubasa I figure you could be able to tell male from female."

Akane whipped her heard around and to the blond haired guy again and really gave him a hard look.

"Hey, the show's free but if you want to play it's gonna cost you," Haruka flirted, making the Akane girl blush only to be elbowed a second later by Michiru. "Sorry love."

"Love?" Akane said as she looked at the pretty teal haired girl and the blond cross-dresser. Wait… were those her arms around the other girl... perverts she instantly judged.

Ukyou groaned as she face palmed upon seeing the expression on Akane's face change. What was she thinking, of course she would be a prude when it came to things like this. "Akane, they are a very nice couple and will be visiting Ucchan's in the future."

"So-sorry," Akane said apologetically but just to be polite. "It's just that I've never seen… a… a…"

"A couple of raging lesbians?" Haruka said proudly before cupping Michiru's face and kissing her in front of the homophobic girl.

"Eep!" Akane said as she blushed and turned away just as she heard a loud smack.

"Ow! Why?!" Haruka said in a whiny tone as she nursed her stinging cheek.

"That's for showing off," Michiru chided while turning to Akane and offering a hand. "Sorry, she likes to shock people."

Akane shyly took the pretty girl's outstretched hand and shook it. Maybe lesbians weren't bad after all. Still perverted though.

Ukyou was then introduced to the other girls and extended them the same offer if they visited Ucchan's.

"Wow, poor meatball head. Missing out on a free meal, she'll be so devastated!" Rei said evilly.

"Hey now, it's not nice to leave your friend out, bring her along and I'll give her the introductory special also," Ukyou said magnanimously.

"Where is she anyway?" Minako asked even as Rei groaned and face palmed.

"Don't tell me she's been at the damn food table all this time!" Rei cried out. "That girl always thinks with her stomach, it's a wonder she's not a chubby little blond ball of fat!"

"Hey!" Usagi's voice said from behind Haruka who was standing in front of Michiru and shielding her. "Insulting me and after I brought you a nice little present too!"

Snapping her head to the side she was about to retort when she saw who was with her blond friend and started drooling.

"Rei, what are you looking - WHOA BABY come to momma!" Minako said as drool also leaked out of her mouth upon seeing the boy next to Usagi.

"And there he is," Ukyou said, pointing behind Haruka and Michiru and causing the two to turn around.

The moment they turned the boy in question's eyes widened and he stopped abruptly, startling Usagi.

Usagi, concerned, turned to talk to Ranma but noticed that his eyes were riveted in the direction of her friends. Turning to her friends she saw Haruka looking at Michiru who was staring right back at the boy. 'What's going on, wait is he staring at Michiru?' She wondered.

Akane and Ukyou's eyes widened as they recognized Igarashi and Jun along with a third divine-looking girl who looked back and forth between Ranma and the green haired girl. 'No way!' She thought as she put two and two together.

Ukyou herself also saw Ranma's middle school friends and noticed how Ranma's expression of shock was still glued to the aqua-tressed girl. Then he surprised everyone further with what he did next.

Eyes softening, an intense look came over his usually bright cheerful eyes as he looked at the teal haired girl and opened his mouth. "Michiru..." He breathed, the tone of his voice caressing the name in an intimately familiar manner.

Haruka's eyes widened as she felt Michiru shiver from being called in such a manner, by a boy no less! "Michiru you know him?" She asked her lover only to see that her lover was still busy examining the boy as if trying to burn his image into her mind. She did not like that at all.

'You're Ranma's ex aren't you?' Akane thought to herself as she stared at the beautiful green haired girl. How could she even compare to a girl like her? No wonder Ranma kept on calling her a tomboy or uncute, his ex was everything she was not and high caliber to boot.

Then to everyone's surprise Michiru's eyes hardened. She stepped out of Haruka's embrace and walked up to the pigtailed boy. What happened next surprised everyone present as she raised her hand and gave Ranma a loud resounding slap before pulling her hand away in pain.

To their surprise Ranma's arms shot out and grabbed the teal haired girl's wrist. "You really should know better by now that it hurts you more than it does me," Ranma said softly in a caring tone as he channeled his ki to heal the hand of his... one-time girlfriend.

"Oi oi! What are you doing?" Haruka said, stepping in close to her reincarnated lover.

"If I don't heal her hand it will be broken and bruised." Ranma pointed out as he stared at the guy who was standing protectively near his one-time girlfriend. He was smart enough to figure it out.

Michiru however wanted answers, she'd deal with Haruka later but right now she wanted answers. "You left me!" She accused him.

Ranma couldn't deny that he did leave her. "I did."

"You bastard..." Michiru whispered in a harsh tone as all her fears were confirmed. "You -!" She started to raise her voice again but instead opted to slap Ranma once more, leaving a small cut on his face due to her nails raking against his cheek but to her ire she was still unable to even get his face to move. Though her hand print was starting to show up.

"I'm going to leave now," Ranma said as he looked at Ukyou and Akane who were looking at him strangely. He then turned to the blond and nodded. "Take care of her." He advised the short haired blond before turning around and walking away.

Igarashi, Ai and Jun watch the scene unfold and felt their hearts break at the sight. Jun in particular had tears sliding down her cheeks as her plan to reunite the two lovers had failed horribly. Igarashi was right, all she did was cause them more pain.

Haruka was confused, as were the Inner's and their adoptive daughter but still kept a comforting hand on her lover's shoulder.

Michiru however was shuddering badly before she glared at at Ranma who was slowly walking away. Like hell she was going to let him walk away without getting answers. "Why didn't you at least tell me? Why did you not even let me know? Did I mean so little to you?" She said the last in a soft, hurt voice. She was surprised when she felt dampness on her cheeks, tears... she thought she was done shedding tears over Ranma.

It was then that Ranma turned around and looked at Michiru, confusion written as plainly on his face as ever, as if he didn't know what she was talking about. It was the same look he wore when he asked her about things he was unfamiliar with or wanted to know how he'd done something wrong that he didn't know about.

"You meant everything to me Michiru," Ranma said softly and heard the gasp from the younger girls next to Akane and Ukyou. "As for not at least telling you, I don't know what you are talking about. I sent you letters... you never replied." He said before looking at Haruka and letting out a sigh. "Though I can see why now."

With that last statement Ranma bled into the crowd and disappeared from the sight of the Sailor Senshi and one very confused but distraught girl.

"Michiru are you okay, who was that?" Haruka asked again as she tried to get her lover to focus on her.

Michiru however was staring at the ground, trying to figure out what Ranma was talking about. What Ranma said did not make sense, it did not make sense at all! The only letters that Ranma could have sent would have been to her middle school who would have had to forward them to the P.O. service she had set up otherwise her parents would have gotten them. After all, her parents disliked Ranma.

If there was one thing that Ranma was, it was that he was a horrible liar. He couldn't lie worth a damn when the stakes mattered.

His confusion was clear, Ranma HAD written her, yet she had not received any of the letters. Which meant that, if she had analyzed this situation correctly, Ranma had not forgotten about her. He had tried to contact her, for good or ill.

Her letters should have been forwarded to her new apartment at Infinity High rather than the Meioh household. Something was not right, something was going on.

"Michiru!" Haruka said loudly as she shook the green haired girl as she had been unresponsive for the past couple of minutes.

"Haruka," Michiru said as she gazed at her lover once more and felt the old reassuring feeling, yet... with that one line from Ranma her old feelings for him were threatening to surface and overwhelm her with happiness.

He had NOT forgotten about her!

Suddenly guilt struck her as she sank to her knees. What was she thinking about? She was with Haruka now. Why was she so happy?

Still... misunderstandings happened with Ranma all the time, could this have been one more misunderstanding between them? Michiru had to know, the need to know was overwhelming her senses.

"I'm, I'm fine..." Michiru said softly while trying to compose herself. "I, I just need a minute." She said as she walked off and left behind her stunned group of friends.

Michiru saw Ai, Jun and Igarashi look sympathetically at her before they flanked her even as she made her way to their V.I.P. room.

"I'm sorry Michiru, it was my idea to have you and Ranma meet," Jun said looking down at her feet unable to meet Michiru's eyes.

"I also wanted you two to meet," Ai said guiltily. "It was never my intention to cause you two even more pain."

Igarashi just held onto her friends but they were surprised by the cool and calm demeanor of their friend who had a determine look on her face.

"It's okay," Michiru said softly before her friends let her go and followed her inside to the lounge.

As the three girls filed in Michiru looked at her old friends and nodded. "I- I am going to need your help." Michiru admitted, looking at the three girls. "I need you to help me find out why I never received Ranma's letters."

Her stalemate surprised her three friends. "Letters?" Igarashi tentatively asked looking at her friend in confusion.

"Yes, Letters," Michiru said as her mind started to focus on the tasked at hand. "He said that he sent me letters. I am inclined to believe him, after all he never could lie convincingly. I want to know why I did not received them."

Only Jun and Igarashi gasped at Michiru's declaration. Ai however was beginning to have a sinking feeling that things were about to get a lot messier before all was said in and done.

Michiru wanted closure, as a Senshi she was content with her past life's persona. Yet her present life, the one that she had lived for the first 15 years of her life, was refusing to quiet down. She would have to put it to rest by finding out the truth.


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