Chrono Cross+
Mastermune's First Master

By AnimeGamer

*Some story concepts taken from the Story FAQ at made by Crono228 and Terrageist

"Sire? Are you sure you want to retrive Serge's weapon yourself?" The Guardia soldier asked.
"Yes. I must show graditude to him. I have my reasons. Besides, It'll be a good exercise on my old fighting skills. I havent fought since my Adventure 20 some odd years ago." Crono said, and walked out of the castle.

Crono walked on, using the sword he used before he received the rainbow sword that was stolen with the Masamune 15 years before to easily kill the monsters that attacked, and scared off the ones that wanted to try. Finally, they reached the spot where the Mastermune was planted. Crono only touched it when it resonated red.


Melchoir begins forging a red knife, a knife Crono can use to stop Zeal's plans, and to have Crono's hopes and dreams, as well as his own, embued into the knife.

Crono plunges a red knife into the Mammoth Machine, disrupting Queen Zeal's plans. The red knife becomes a sword.

This sword is found by someone and put away somewhere.

The sword is found by Sir Cyrus, who uses the sword to save Guardia from the Mystic kingdom time after time again. That is, until he and a companion, Glenn, go forth to face off with Magus, the savior of the Mystic kingdom. Cyrus is defeated, the sword shattered into two, Glenn is turned into a Frog.

Crono and friends face off against Masa and Mune, hereby they defeat them and gain the hilt of the sword.

Crono and friends receive the other broken half of the Masamune from Frog, and head off to their own time to repair it.

The Masamune is fully repaired, and given to Frog.

The Masamune is split into Masa and Mune again, and Cyrus gives his hopes and dreams to the sword, making the sword even stronger.

Frog before he dies somewhere in 600AD gives his hopes and dreams to the sword. The sword is then put to storage in Guardia castle

The Masamune and Crono's Rainbow sword is stolen from the castle. A killing spree ensues involving the Masamune and the sword turns evil. Crono's Rainbow sword turns into the Einlanzer, and flys off in the direction of the El Nido.

The Masamune ends up in a cave, where Radius picks it up and kills Garai. The sword is then placed at the Isle of the Damned.

Dario picks up the sword and becomes evil, and fights Karsh, who manages to defeat him.

Dario touches the sword again and fights Serge and friends, Dario is defeated, and Doreen drops by and the Masamune becomes the Mastermune.

The Mastermune is used to defeat evil Serge.

The Mastermune is used to defeat the dragon god.

The Mastermune is used to defeat the Time Devourer, where upon just before the white battle magic is cast to use the Chrono Cross, Lavos uses a black spell that makes himself self-distruct, killing Schala as well.


Crono falls on the ground, dazed, but gets back up with the help of his Guardia soldiers.

"What was that?" Crono moved his hand toward the Swallow, and it glowed red again. Suddenly, in broke into three.

3 children stood in front of Crono. Masa, Mune, and Doreen.

"Crono!!!" They all yelled out at once and hugged him.
"Masa, Mune, Doreen. You 3 helped Serge in his quest?"
"'cept these two didnt act like a holy sword when their supposed to!"
"Were glad to see our first master again!"
"Were glad to see our first master again!"
"Stop repeating each other!"
"Err...yeah...but how am I your first master?"
"You were the first to use us when we were a tiny knife plunged into some machine!"
"You were the first to use us when we were a tiny knife plunged into some machine!"
"Stoop it! It's not Fonny!"
"Anyway you three, we should head back to Guardia castle now."


Serge slowly awoke, and began to get up when he felt a hand hold him down. Sitting by his side was Queen Leene, and Lucca.

"...Kid...what happened to Kid?"
"I dont know, maybe if you can tell us what happened, we can help." The queen said.
"Well, after we left the table Queen Leene we--"
"Please refrain from using my formal name when we are not presiding over the people."
"You can call her Marle, Serge." Lucca added.
"Well Marle, I chased after Kid, when I got to her, a blue sorta like portal opened, and she went through, and--"
"The time portal to 65,000,000BC opened to Kid?!?!?!?" Lucca said suddenly.
"Time portal?"
"Yes. We used Time Portals to travel through time. The portals are usually set to one time however."
"Not excatly Marle. If Kid has the Astral pendant, then she could've went to any time she wished to go."
"Dang it! If only I was able to get in that portal!" Serge yelled out, and looked away from the two.
"It is not your fault Serge. You were attacked by a monster while you were defenseless. You cannot blame yourself for what happened. All we have to do is figure out where Kid went."
"I Know!"
"I Know!"
"Shut up!"

Masa, Mune, and Doreen came running in, with Crono coming in behind them.

"Is Sergey alright?"
"Is Sergey alright?"
"Stop saying the same thing you two!"
"Crono! Doreen is being mean again!"
"Crono! Doreen is being mean again!"
"ARRRGGGHHH!!!! I dont even know why I joined up with you two idiots!"

"Huh? Who are you three? Where is Kid?" Serge said with a confused look.

"Im Masa!"
"Im Mune!"
"Im Doreen!"
"Together, we are the Mastermune! The 2nd holy advent of the Holy Sword Masamune!"

"2nd advent?" Marle asked.
"2nd Advent!"
"These two couldn't shake off their evil, so I had to come in and pull it out of them myself. With the help of Sergey of course."

"Err...yeah...anyway, can we be on our way so we can save Kid?"

In a far off distance, about miles away from Guardia Castle, a floating woman looked over to the castle.

"My dear dear Serge. My daughter may love you, but I cannot allow her to change what has happened. You'll see..."

Ah! Getting good, eh? Well, okay, I thought I was gonna scrap out much of the S+K, but it seems I can fit it around places here and there. Let it be known now though, it's gonna be S+S soon. (No, im not refering to Syaoran and Sakura of Card Captor Sakura. Guess again.) Again, I like to thank those two wonderful people who wrote that very long but very informative Story FAQ at I made up the Einhanzer part though, but hey, it's possible, right? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter! start work on the next chapter...I already got pictured in my head what is going to happen...

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