It had been 17 years since Castiel and Dean had lost the bond they had shared, but even so Cas never disappeared from Dean's side, no matter how many times Dean told him they didn't need him.

The apocalypse had been over and done with, and Lucifer had been once more, locked up in his cage in the darkest pits of hell. Although, even with Lucifer gone, a lot of his demons and followers remained on earth. They had been causing trouble in every little corner on earth, and it was their job to take them down.

It was there fault after all that they had even stepped foot back on earth.

At the moment, they had just come back from a job in Oklahoma. The demon there had been their biggest job since Lucifer, and both Dean and Sam were hurt badly. Castiel had healed them the moment the demon had been sent back to hell, but Dean had put up a fight.

Castiel was sitting on the couch, pondering about their next job. Bobby had called Dean yesterday while they were still on the road, just hours from Boddy's house. It wasn't the job that bothered him, he was more than happy to help, but the location was just a place he never thought he'd ever have the chance to go back too.

Beacon Hills, California.

He frowned to himself as he looked aimlessly at the farthest wall. He wasn't really listening to the details Bobby was sharing with the Winchesters. All he was getting was, Lucifer had brought back another psychopath during his world domination scheme.

Bobby looked over to the small living room as he picked up his beer. "What's wrong with angel cakes?" He asked as he pointed his beer at Castiel before taking a sip at it.

Dean turned around in his seat and looked back at Cas, he was frowning. "Dude's been moping since you called," He replied as shrugged his shoulder as he picked up his beer.

Sam looked at his brother, the man had clearly stopped caring for the angel to some degree, but that didn't change anything. The angel was still like family, heck, he is family. "Here, I'll take him out and make him feel better," Sam said as he handed his beer to his brother.

Dean watched his kid brother walk over to Cas. He had more than half expected Cas to decline Sam's attempt of comfort, but he didn't. Cas gave Sam a small smile and got up before they disappeared out the front door. He couldn't help but frown. Sam and Cas have been grown clos over the years.

"If you're so worried why didn't you go? Idjit." Bobby said as he got up and smacked Dean's head.

Dean rolled his eyes as he rubbed the back of his head. "Why would I care? I'm just concerned about Sammy, He's been hanging out with Cas a lot lately."

Bobby went to the fridge and grabbed another beer, "Did you get your ass dumped, princess?"

Dean rolled his eyes, "Why does everyone keep saying that? There's nothing and never was anything, going on between me and Cas! We're just friends, if we even are that anymore." His voice died out in the end.

"Well let me think, oh yeah, maybe it's cause you always get that stupid look on your face every time he's with Sam." Bobby said as he popped the bottle cap off with the edge of the counter.


Castiel let out a sigh as they walked down the side walk.

"Cas, are you worried about the job? Or the other thing?" Sam asked as he pushed his hands into his pockets.

He was silent for a moment, contemplating on whether to say speak his mind or not. He had gotten good at lying to the Winchester, well to Dean at least, ever since their last moments together as what they used to be.

"Cas?" Sam said getting him to focus back on him. He couldn't help but frown. Cas's secret hadn't been something he had carried on his shoulder's all on his own. He had been there for him every step of the way and protected his secret with everything he had.

"It's been 17 years, Sam, and we're going back." Castiel said as he turned to look at the ridiculously tall man, "I know we must because it is our job, but I had convinced myself that I would never see him again and I just don't know if I can control the urge to see him."

"Hey, it must have been faith…" Sam offered as he shrugged his shoulders. "Besides, I think it would be kind of cool to see how the kid turned out."

Castiel couldn't help but smile, he knew Sam had hoped he would have told Dean about the child or at least decided to keep it. But he knew how Dean and Sam felt about growing up in this hunter business, and Cas wanted more for the child then this life.

Beacon Hills had been the safest place on earth, 17 years ago. The small town had been surrounded by a very special spell that protected its people from harm.

So, finding out this was where the biggest trouble was at the moment, had worried him for the safety of his child. Which was why he was moping, so many thoughts had crossed his mind.

"We cannot expose him," Castiel said as his features relaxed into a disappointed look. He knew his child had to remain a secret. He was a nephilim, which was not fully accepted by his brothers and sisters. He didn't wish to stir his son's normal human life by coming in contact with him, after sacrificing so many years of his life to protect him.

"Cas, it's been 17 years I want to see the kid. I think I deserve that much, he is my nephew after all." Sam pleaded as he gave Cas a look that would not take no for an answer.

"I don't know." Was all Sam got, well at least it wasn't a straight up 'no'. He'll take it for now.