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After a few day they had quickly fallen into a routine, and by night fall the remaining members of their family would gather around in the study, doing their own thing but still together.

"Ha! Eat four Kira!" Malia had let out with a grin as she slammed her card down at the center of the table.

"Why you little… just you wait I will get my revenge," Kira had grumbled under her breath as she shifted forward to grab four cards from the deck. She wasn't anymore happy when the cards had turned out to be all yellow, except the one red card which she had put down.

"Now, Now, Malia you shouldn't be so hard on her," Noshiko had cooed before getting an evil glint in her eye as she slammed a reverse card on the table, "Reverse!"

"Waah! Why are you two being so mean to me?!" Kira had whined out as she kicked her feet and slumped in her chair.

"Not our fault you suck at this babe," Malia had said with a grin as she motioned towards the deck of UNO cards.

Faith was rearranging her 20 cards according to color as she said, "You're not the only one who they're picking on."

They had been playing an intense game of UNO since they had sat down, and Kira and Faith were losing. But they weren't the only ones playing a game with such intensity. Stiles eyes had gone to his uncle Balthazar, Uriel, Scott and Jackson. They had been talking about Nuketown with such intensity, and teaching his uncle Uriel the wonders of the game before they had actually decided to show him how to play.

"This game is vulgar!" Uriel had let out with a huff before he had let out, "Watch your right, idiot!" Uriel had quickly moved his avatar to shoot at Balthazar's avatar who had been about to shoot at Jackson's.

"Thanks," Jackson said before moving his avatar to move heading towards the bus. "Scott's in the blue house!"

"Hey! Keep your eyes on your own screen man!" Scott had yelled out as he shoved Jackson with his elbow before moving his avatar in time before Uriel could try and shoot at him.

"Ha! Gotcha!" Balthazar had let out gleefully as he began to shoot at Uriel.

It was rather hilarious to see how easily they could influence his uncle Uriel into playing the game, despite his previous complains on how completely violent and idiotic the game sounded. Atleast he seemed to be having fun. His eyes had gone to the floor just off to the side where he was sitting, and smiled when he saw Isaac and Samandriel laying on the floor with a thousand puzzle pieces scattered all around them.

The two had managed to put the boarder together, but it was everything in the center that was proving to be the real task for them. They probably were the quietest among everyone else who was gathered in the room. Well except for Derek, the alpha was always quiet.

And speaking of Derek, he was currently reading through the paper in silence. He didn't seem to mind that because of Stiles sitting on his lap, the paper was nearly pressing against his face. "Find anything interesting?" Stiles had asked as he tapped at the top of the paper.

"Nothing, yet," Derek said as he flipped the page. "The only odd thing I found was a man going missing, but that doesn't exactly stick out as odd."

"Yeah, that's true," Stiles had said as he bent forward to lean his elbows on the table before going back to his own book.

"Hey Stiles, what do you think about something like this for curtains?" Lydia asked as she held out a magazine over her head to show him what she was talking about.

"But we don't even know if the babies will be boys or girls," Stiles said with a pout before completely ignoring the fact that Derek was very much still reading. He just wanted to lean back to slouch a bit against the alpha.

"Stiles!" Derek had let out with groan, but either way the alpha couldn't fully bring himself to be angry at his mate. Instead Derek had brought a hand over to place it over Stiles' growing stomach.

"That's why we are picking neutral colors," Lydia had pointed out before adding, "And besides, I wasn't referring to the color, I was talking about the style, Stiles." Lydia had tapped her finger on the image a few times before turning to look at Castiel and asking him, "What do you think, Cassie?" Lydia had taken it up from her uncle Gabriel to refer to his mom as 'Cassie'.

"Hm, I don't know. Dean doesn't really like these kinds of patterns," Castiel had said thoughtfully as he took the magazine from the girl to carefully examine the image further.

"If not, then what about this one?" Melissa had pointed out as she laid her own magazine down on the table in front of the angel.

Melissa and Lydia had somehow talked his mom into looking at baby books with them and letting them take charge in decorating the nursery for them. He hadn't even known his mom was going to have another baby until they had mentioned it earlier over supper.

"Derek," Stiles said as he turned his head to look at the alpha who was grumbling a bit, "Was there any donuts left?"

"I don't know," Derek said before patting Stiles thigh, "Let me go check."

A big grin had settled on Stiles face at how much Derek was complying with his cravings, "I wanna go check too." Despite how he felt about the situation, he was enjoying the fact that Derek was behaving like this was just any normal pregnancy and taking good care of him as if they had no other worries. It made the situation feel a little better. Just a little.

They had just stepped out of the study when they saw his Uncle Gabriel running towards them while holding a large box over his head, "Stiles! Stiles! Guess what Sammy and I got everyone?" He hadn't waited for his nephew to answer before running into the study yelling out his mother's name, "Cassie~!"

Derek and Stiles had watched a little astonished as the hyper angel dashed around before sighing. "It makes sense the more I see it," Derek had said as he looked at Stiles. His mate didn't have ADHD, he had inherited that trait, like freckles, that he had gotten from his family. Not that he had minded it at all, he rather loved that side of him.

"Rude!" Stiles had let out with a huff when he had caught on to what the alpha was talking about. "Just for that, I'm not going to share a donut with you," Stiles had said as he stomped away. He hadn't gone very far before he came face-to-chest with his Uncle Sam. "Whoa! You guys are back early. Didn't dad say a month atleast? And what's in the box that's got Uncle Gabriel so happy go lucky?" Stiles ended asking before looking up towards the stairwell when he heard the loud ruckus.

"He does make it seem that way, but he's upset," Sam said with a sigh before looking towards the door when he saw everyone falling into the bunker. "Hear him out atleast," Sam said as he patted his nephew's shoulder before following Gabriel into the study where everyone was gathering around him.

Stiles hadn't understood what had brought that on, but it all just fell into place when he noticed the woman trailing so closely behind his dad Dean. What the hell was she doing here?! They were supposed to go on a hunting job and return with the same number of people they left with, not bring more people, especially not HER.

"Dean has a lovely lady and son, waiting for him at home. Why do you think he's so eager to get the job done?" Crowley's voice rang in his head, making that seed of doubt flourish in his head. Just one look at the other stranger besides Dean had hit him like a pang in the heart. Crowley's words coming to life in his head as he glanced at Ben. How could he not be Dean's son? Ben looked so much like Dean, even more than himself.

Stiles had turned on his heel and moving his hand from Derek's reach, more than ready to run away before he was forced to meet the woman and her son.

"Stiles, what's wrong?" Derek had said being too quick to grab onto his mate and halt him from further movement. He had smelt the distress and anger coming from him, that it had worried him.

Stiles hadn't had the chance to answer before he was hearing his dad Dean calling out at them, "Hands off!"

Derek narrowed his eyes at Dean but had let go of Stiles. He wanted the hunter's approval, after all it was important to Stiles that they'd tried to get along, but seriously the hunter was making it difficult. John had given them their blessing and so had Castiel. It was just Dean that Derek couldn't seem to win over.

"Dean?" Castiel had called to him as he had walked out of the study. The fact that Gabriel was acting overly happy had told him something was wrong, and Sam had only confirmed it when he asked him to go check on Stiles. He hadn't expected to find both Lisa and Ben at Dean's side. Castiel had only ended up frowning before looking at Hieronim who looked just as uncomfortable. "Was this the reason you didn't want me to go with you?" Castiel had ended up asking as he turned his eyes back towards Dean.

"No!" Dean had let out almost immediately before stumbling on the right words on how to explain himself. "Anyways, Lisa, Ben, this is Derek, Cas, and my son Stiles. I'll introduce you to the rest later," Dean said as he looked at Lisa.

Lisa looked surprised to hear Dean say he had a son, when the man she had met long ago was opposed to the idea. Her eyes had gone to the crowd of people gathered by the entrance to the study. They're were very few woman gathered, she couldn't help but wonder who his mother was.

Ben on the other hand had pushed forward and came to stand in front of Stiles. "Cool, I didn't know Dean had a kid," Ben said holding his hand out towards Stiles, "I guess that makes us kind of like brothers."

Stiles was fuming with Dean's lack of proper introductions. It didn't help him feel any less angry to hear Ben say what he had. "As far as I know, I'm an only child and I rather it stay like that," Stiles had retorted not bothering to be subtle on how upset he was and how unwilling he was to accept Ben being related to him in anyway.

"STILES!" Both John and Dean had let out in a scolding manner. Why the hell was he acting like this? Atleast, Dean was the only oblivious one to this, while John understood Stiles was upset, but still that didn't mean he had to be so disrespectful. He had taught him better than that.

Rufus, who was enjoying the little spectacle, like Peter, had decided to give Dean a little break and walked over to the angel. "Cas, good to see you're still alive and kicking. I gotta hand it to you, that's one amazing kid you got there," Rufus said patting the angel on the arm before looking at Stiles and saying, "You kid, and I are going to get along just fine. Now, where's the kitchen I need a beer." Rufus had ended up disappearing down a hall. He'd already watched more than he had wanted on Dean's little family drama and he was worn out.

"Idjit," Bobby had mumbled under his breath as he shook his head and followed after his old friend to join him for a drink.

When they had left Castiel had looked at the duffle bags on the floor by the stairwell before looking at Dean, "I take it they will be staying. Should I give up my room?" He asked as he looked at Dean angrily. Of course he was angry, after everything Dean still found the need to hide the fact they were more than friends.

"Cas…" Dean had started to say as a frown had appeared on his face. He knew he had messed up, and bad.

"This is unbelievable!" Stiles let out with a huff as he threw his hand up in defeat and turning on his heel. He was more than pissed off, he needed to get away from Dean for the moment before he started to say things that he'd regret. Although right now he doubted that if he did spit out nonsenses he would regret it. A few days ago Dean was telling him how much he loved his mom and was unwilling to share him. But now his old girlfriend and his other son suddenly appears and suddenly those words don't matter anymore? What kind of bull is that?

"Stiles!" Dean had called after his son but had stopped when Castiel had come to stand in the way.

"Just leave him alone, Dean," Castiel said firmly before disappearing from in front of Dean.

"This was my fault, huh?" Ben said sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck with discomfort at what just had happened.

"It's not your fault son," John had assured Ben, before going to pat Dean on the shoulder, "Let me talk to him." Honestly, he wasn't sure Stiles would even want to talk to him, but he would listen. Whatever was going on with his son, he'll find out.