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Coming out of his sleepy daze, Kal could feel something warm and wet sliding up and down his rod. It was a sensation he was familiar with; a pair of soft lower lips stroking him off. Kal fully woke up when he felt another wet sensation on the other side of his cock. What he saw confused him a little. It looked like there were two Kara's kissing each other as they slid their cunts against his cock and one another. While they looked similar, one had short hair while the others long hair fell down her back. He recognized the short-haired beauty after a moment of hazy study.

"Galatea?" Kal asked in a confused yet pleased voice. He watched the two blondes beautiful peach lips pressing against the other, engaged in a passionate lip lock with saliva dripping down their chins.

"Mhmm. Your little cousin has been a bad girl." A silky smooth voice cooed in his ear. Reluctantly ripping his eyes off the hot teens grinding his cock, he looked over to see the woman who could pass as the teens hotter older sister. Power Girl curled up closer to Kal's side and started to sensually run her hand over his chiseled chest. Her blonde hair falling over her shoulders, obscuring the view of those awesome tits. "Your cousin broke into Argus last night after we had our little fun. She found where Galatea had been entertaining some of the guards and convinced her to join us." Karen told her lover while slowly licking his neck.

Power Girl started to move up from where she was laying and straddled Kal, placing her pussy above his face. Kal watched as she started to touch herself. One hand lifting her breast up, so she could suck on it as the other hand played with her lips. "I've just been laying here watching as those two played with each other. Their young cunts grinding up against you cock just kept making me wetter and wetter." She said spreading her lips and teasing him with her dripping cunt just inches from being devoured by his strong tongue.

"Then I guess I should do something about that." Kal said and leaned up pressing his lips against her cunt. The alternate dimension Kara moaned as he started eating her out. Her hands immediately going to his hair to hold him close as his tongue lapped at her juices. Kal responded by grabbing onto her large, strong, hips and held her close as his tongue lapped at the inside of her legs and around her wet center. He tasted her insides well and groaned while lapping all that wondrous pussy juice. Kal would make sure to cover her body in his seed and her juices.

Behind her the two girls continued to kiss each other. Galatea's hands massaging Kara's breasts as the other girl, after ending the steamy lesbian kiss, took her time kissing a line from Galatea's mouth to her neck and back up to her ear. "It's big, isn't it?" Kara said licking the outside of Galatea's ear. "I bet it's bigger than any of those cocks you took while you were with Argus, isn't it?" She asked, causing Galatea to moan and speed up her hips.

Galatea had tried to mock Kara with the fact that the prison guards liked to dress her up like supergirl and fuck her. But all that had done was cause Kara to find all the tapes of the events and bring them home so that she and Kal could enjoy them. Power Girl groaned and started to slowly thrust her hips as Kal teased her clit with his teeth and tongue. "Ohh yes Kal eat me out! Make me cum for you!" Power girl cried before letting out a low moan and erratically jerking her hips.

Kal happily lapped up the juices from Power girls climax though he felt himself ready to blow. He could hear Kara talking to Galatea. The sound of his cousin's voice encouraging Galatea to start stroking his cock was too much to handle for the last Son of Krypton. Kara and Galatea were surprised as Kal's cock twitched and started shooting his cum into the air hitting them in the chest and stomachs.

"Did you like that Kal? Did you enjoy having two wet little teen cunts grinding up against your cock. I bet you would like it even more if you got to stick your big hard cock in one of their little pussies, wouldn't you?" Karen teased with a large blush on her gorgeous face.

Power Girl shifted off him, revealing Galatea kneeling behind his cock. The head of the massive rod poking her belly button. "You see that? That's how far Kal's cock is going to go inside of you." Kara said rubbing Kal's cock against Galatea's stomach. Galatea rose up a bit as Kara guided the cock between her legs. Kal watched as Galatea started to sit down, her small lips starting to spread over the large head of his cock. "Mhmm yeah feel that? Feel his cock stretching your cunt?" Kara said rubbing her hand over Galatea's lips before moving it down and stroking Kal's cock. She felt herself getting wetter as she watched the tight snatch take his powerful tower.

Galatea whimpered as more and more of the huge shaft was forced into her. Kara continued to stroke Kal's shaft with one hand. Her small fingers struggling to reach fully around his member. "Please it's too big." Galatea whimpered as more of Kal's cock slid into her. She had never had such a massive cock inside her and it was as painful as it was pleasurable.

"You can do better than that. I saw the way you spread your legs for those prison guards." Kara said behind Galatea. "Why don't I help you get the rest of it?" Placing her hands on Galatea's hips, Kara pushed down forcing the last half of Kal's cock into the young girl. Galatea's eyes rolled up in her head as Kal's cock thrust into her womb and pressed against her walls. "Ahh!" She let out a pained/pleasurable wail as she bottomed out. She had never had such a big cock splitting her apart. Galatea now realized why he was called Superman.

"That's right slut, ride his cock just like you did those guards'." Kara said playing with Galatea's breasts as the girl bobbed up and down with her tongue hanging out. "I bet you liked them dressing you up as me and raping that little pussy of yours, didn't you? I know I loved watching it." Placing a hand in Galatea's hair she held the girl still as Kal's cock was fully inside her. "And now I get to watch my master turn you into just another little fuck toy." Kara sultry licked her lips as she watched the two fuck. Since Galatea was a clone of herself, it wasn't hard to image herself in the position the whore was in. Kara smiled as she heard Galatea moan. The girl had caused her a lot of pain both physical and emotional and now she was getting her payback.

Kal grabbed the young girl's hips and held her close as he started to thrust his hips up, causing the young girl to bounce up and down on his prick. A high pitched yell coming out every time she came down on his huge shaft. Kal leaned up and took one of those sweet nipples between his lips and began to nurse on them. He kept his other hand stationed on her hips while banging his hips up, getting deeper into the sexy female.

"You look so good on my cousin's cock." Super girl said sliding down to Galatea's ass. "I can't wait until her dresses you up in my clothes and I get to see what it looks like when he fucks me." The blonde beauty sensually licked her lips as she watched the bitch fuck herself on and off the biggest cock in the world. Kara grinned and started to noisily lick at Kal's cock when it came out of Galatea's pussy. "Or maybe he will dress both of us up and have us play with each other. That would be fun to." She proposed, getting wetter with every scenario she proposed.

Kal groaned as his cock spread the young teenage villain's cunt. It seemed like none of the guards had been half his size, so it was like she was being fucked for the first time. The ideas Kara was coming up with were sending him closer and closer to the edge as he watched the cute girl that could be her twin bouncing up and down on his cock with a pleasure filled face. His teeth continued to gently bite her sensitive nubs. The walls constricting his member tightened with each playful flick of his tongue.

Galatea was in a new world of ecstasy as she was getting fucked by Kal. The guards had nothing on this Godly man. 'I need this cock…inside me…forever!' She thought in ultimate lust while bringing her giant ass back against his lap. The sweaty flesh clapping against the other turned on all the participants.

"Fuck her master. She's another full blooded kryptonian slut for you to breed." Power girl said, crawling over to where Galatea was and rubbing her hand over the girls toned flat stomach as she moved her hand down to run her fingers over the girls' stuffed cunt. "Spread her little teen snatch with your huge cock. Dump your cum into her sweet little pussy." Power Girl said leaning down to kiss the tops of Galatea's breast.

Kal was in heaven as he watched Power girl kiss and tease Galatea as Kara sucked his balls. The feeling of Kara's lips and Galatea's pussy pressing him past his edge. Letting go of those sweet orbs, Kal captured those sweet lips in a passionate kiss as he let out a loud grunt before emptying himself into Galatea's pussy. His thick white cum filling up her womb until it gushed out of her pussy and ran back down his cock to be claimed by Kara's tongue.

Galatea screamed into the kiss as she felt her womb getting the biggest creampie she's ever had. Beautiful eyes rolled to the back of her skull as she shook on his mighty cock. Her mind fogging fast as Kal blasted rope after rope of hot cum inside her. The young villainess passed out as she felt Kal cum in her, the pleasure from his cock too much to handle as her body convulsed. When she was finished, she whimpered when she was taken off her new pleasure tool.

Kal let her fall to the bed beside him, his cum flowing out of her pussy as she laid passed out on the bed. Kara didn't waste a moment to mount Kal's still hard cock. Her lithe, yet firm, body laying on his as he grabbed onto her toned ass to hold her still as he pounded his cock into her. Kal silenced her musical screams with a strong tongue duel. Even though her mouth was covered, her moans of bliss were still heard by the awake members.

Power Girl contented herself with crawling over to Galatea and licking up the white hot cum that was slowing leaking out of her pussy. Tasting the combined juices of her master and new harem sister greatly aroused her. The room was soon filled with moans of pleasure as Kara bounced back against Kal's cock, her firm breasts in his mouth after ending the taboo kiss.

The two women not passed out, spent the next half our riding Kal again and again as he filled them, over and over. Eventually, Kal knew he had to get up and start the day. Reluctantly getting up from the bed, he smiled at the scene below him. Power Girl lay in the middle of the bed with Kara and Galatea curled up on either side of her asleep as his cum leaked out from multiple holes. Gently running his fingers through their hair, he went to take a shower before going to his throne.

Kal sat on his throne enjoying the sight before him as his beautiful Tamaranian slave danced for him. Starfire's long red hair billowing out behind her in a trail of fire as she danced. Her hands running over her neck and breasts, showing off her seductive curves. His slave was now half naked, having abandoned her top to allow her breasts to bounce and sway as she danced. Starfire moved her hands down to her hips as she gyrated, her stomach and ass on full display as she twirled around.

As she came to a stop the thin cloth covering her pussy fell to the grown leaving her totally bare in front of him. Kal smiled as she bent over to get it exposing her large spread ass and her juicy cunt to him as she took her time picking up the cloth. Kal took his time running his eyes over her ass and down her long legs. And while he wasn't really a foot guy, he had to admire how beautiful Starfire's manicured feet were.

Once she stood up Kori started to dance again. Her hand dragging the cloth over her body, using it to tease her master as she slowly moved it over her breasts and back down to her pussy. Kori smiled as his eyes followed the cloth. She then bent over again before slowly floating up into the air, dancing sexily in the air now.

She enjoyed dancing for Kal and could tell, from the way he was looking at her, was enjoying her show as well. Kori continued to dance in the air as she slowly worked her way over to Superman. Her eyes landed on that giant cock that ruined her for any other male. Kal spread his legs to give Kori room to land as she came down. turning around, she pressed her plump bottom against his hard dick. The Kryptonian moaned lustfully as he felt the red-skinned whore's ass rubbing him.

Kal groaned as she started to move, her large ass cheeks grinding up against his cock. Reaching out Kal grabbed a large handful of her hair and pulled it causing her to arch her back. Reaching forward with his other hand Kal started to massage one of her large orange breasts, his fingers teasing her nipple as she ground her ass against his cock. His black eyes landed on those sweet melons as he played them like an instrument. "You are such a good dancer slave. Did the Gordanians have you dance for them?" He asked while teasing her nipple with his fingers.

"Ohh yes~." She moaned, enjoying the feel of her master's cock pressing up against her ass and the emotions coming off him in waves. Kal's hands and body turned her on like none other. Kori wished she had his cock inside her all day, every day. "I would dance for them every night. Then they would have me use my body to pleasure them." She said speeding up her hips. The pleasant growls from his lips made her happy. "But they have nothing compared to you, my Lord." Starfire told her master with a sultry smile over her sexy shoulder.

Kori moaned harder as she felt herself being pushed forward and Kal's large cock pressing up against her ass. "Ohh yes, just like that. Take me master, take my ass." The beauty begged her master while shaking her giant backdoor against his massive manhood. "I've been waiting for this for days." Kori said with drool coming down her beautiful face.

"The Gordanians trained you well slave. I will have to thanks them when I am conquering their planet." He said before thrusting into Kori's ass. Kori let out a loud yell as her ass was spread and fell forward. She would have fallen straight to the floor if Kal didn't hold her back by the strong grip he had on her lustrous locks. Kal groaned as he slid into her tight ass. Her butt was one of the best of his many lovers. Those Gordanians truly did wonders with training her to pleasure a male. "Damn! You've been keeping this ass nice and tight for me!" Growled the Kryptonian into the sexy alien's ear while tapping that beautiful ass and palming her titties. The feeling of her walls pressing against his cock sending shivers of pleasure down to his balls.

"Y-Yes, my Lord! I make sure to keep everything tight for you!" Kori told her master. Turning her head to the side, she let him see her sex driven face and orbs. "Please kiss me." She begged.

Unable to say no to such a beautiful slave like Starfire, Kal swooped in and started another passionate game of tongue twister of his favorite orange-skinned alien princess. Staring into one another's eyes while they continued to rut, both knew they wouldn't last that long. The passion for each other was too great to contain. With one last brutal thrust, the raised human shot his goo straight into Kori's anal passage.

Kori moaned happily as her butt was sprayed in her master's potent semen. Her eyes rolled to the back of her skull as she shook around the powerful prick. Being anally creampied was something she had grown to love since the first time she was plugged by him.

Kal groaned in pleasure as he pulled himself out of Starfire's hot ass. Starfire turned around and smiled appreciatively at him. "Does my master require anything else?" She cooed, her hand going down to his cock. It was stopped by Donna's hand suddenly grabbing onto it and pulling Starfire to her. Kori smiled into Donna's lips as their lips pressing gently against each other as they took their time making out right in front of their master. It got the desired effect of him growing harder than before.

Ending the kiss, but keeping her close, the young beauty whispered huskily into Star's ear. "Can I have some alone time with Kal, Star? He promised me that we would tell me how he took my mother." Donna said as she rubbed her hands over Kori's back. Kori returned the favor by grabbing Donna's ass and playing with it through the fabric of her suit.

"Mhmm would it be ok if I stayed and listened Donna? I love hearing and watching Kal's other conquests." She said grinding her body against Donna's. Donna placed a hand on Kori's cheek and started kissing her again as the two slowly ground their bodies against each other.

"That would be fine Star." Donna said breaking away from the kiss and looking over to where Kal was sitting. "And you could finish servicing our master while you are at it." She said looking pointedly at Kal's erect cock. The two girls broke apart and walked over to the chair. Kori was quick to drop down between Kal's legs and take his shaft into her mouth. Donna however slowly climbed into Kal's lap and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Donna immediately offered her lips up for Kal to kiss. His tongue entering her mouth and dominating her tongue. She felt his large hands release her breasts from her suit and start to fondle them. "So you want to hear about how I conquered you mother?" Kal said in a dark voice. He was incredibly horny from the two kissing each other like that. "How I threw her on the bed and raped her pussy again and again until she was begging me to fuck her? How your dirty sister set on the ground and played with herself as she watched?" The man asked, still palming her large soft breasts.

Donna moaned as one hand squeezed her tit. Her body already on fire for him just from the sight of him fucking her former teammate. Spreading her legs she invited his other hand to start playing with his pussy. "Yes master. I want to hear everything. I want to know how you made my mother submit to you." She pleaded. Like his other lovers, Donna loved hearing about Kal's other conquests.


Laughter rang down the hallway as Diana and Artemis turned the corner teasing each other like they had so often in the past. "Goddess it has been so long since I've had a spar like that." Artemis said undoing her red mane of hair from its tight knot and letting it fell like a curtain around her hips.

"It's been a long time since we have been able to hang out as well. I had just about forgotten how much fun it was." Diana said with a smile as she opened the door to her room and ushered Artemis in. Artemis stopped as she saw a familiar sight before her. Diana's bed was turned down and covered in lavender petals. Large warm basins of oil sat beside the bed glimmering in the candlelight.

"It's been a long time since we have done this as well." Artemis said in a quiet voice as she felt Diana's hands already on the clasps of her tunic. Artemis offered little resistance as her long time friend disrobed her. Many times, they had snuck away and shared themselves with each other as children. Playing with each other and learning what the other liked and what made them feel good. "The last time we did this was before you set out for man's world." The Amazoness remembered with a small smile. She was beginning to get a little wet at her soft touches that knew all her sweet spots from past experiences.

Diana moved around to the now half naked Artemis and cupped her cheek with one hand as the other slowly rubbed at her chest. "I have missed the feel of you sister." Leaning in Diana placed a tender kiss on Artemis' lips. "It has been to long since I've felt you beside me." Diana said wrapping one arm around Artemis' neck and the other around the woman's waist. The Amazoness loved the feeling of Artemis's lovely body against hers. Artemis allowed Diana to lead her over to the bed and sat down next to one of the warm basins of oil.

"Do you remember the first time we oiled each other down after a spar?" Artemis asked as Diana disrobed. Diana smiled and dipped one hand into the bowl and letting the oil drip down from her fingers.

"That was also the first time we explored each other's bodies." Diana took some of the oil and rubbing it onto Artemis' neck and shoulders. "That is why I got some. Tonight is about remembering the past and sharing something new." Diana said, rubbing more of the oil into Artemis' chest and abs. The beauty sensually licked her lips at how soft and firm Artemis's skin was. She was sure her Lord would love fucking her.

"And what is this new thing we are trying, my princess?" Artemis asked as she spread her legs letting Diana's hands work their magic on her sore muscles. She let out blissful whimpers as her fingers got teasingly close to her drenched snatch.

Wonder Woman gave her sister a sly smirk. "I will show you in a bit. But for now, I want this to just be about you and me." Diana said before bringing Artemis into a kiss while dragging her down to the bed. Artemis let out a loud moan as Diana's fingers found her core and started to spread the warm syrupy oil inside of her. The Amazons were no strangers to love making despite the lack of men on the island. Nor were they quiet lovers who hid their arousal. In fact, they were probably the loudest when they were bumping twats. The erotic sounds coming from Artemis only spurred Diana on as she took more and more oil and spread it over Artemis body.

By the time they were though with the oil both women were covered in the shiny sticky substance along with a good portion of the now ruined bedsheets. Diana laid on her back with Artemis over her. The scented oils dripping down from her body and splattering on Diana's chest. Both of their cunts leaked with the oil and own juices where their hands had brought each other pleasure again and again.

Artemis enjoyed the way Diana's body seemed to glow in the candlelight and leaned down to suck on one of Diana's large oiled tits. Diana laid her head back and moaned in pleasure as Artemis took her nipple in her mouth and sucked on it. Her slick oily body rubbing against Diana's as she sucked on those beautiful jugs. "I have your favorite treat prepared for you." Diana said, regaining her composure and drawing Artemis back up on top of her for another kiss.

Ending the kiss, the redhead gave her princess a seductive smirk. "What a dirty princess you are. I wonder what others would say if they knew you liked having your ass eaten out." Artemis said as she started to kiss her way down Diana's body. She was the lucky one as she's the only person to touch Diana's body, not yet knowing she's been claimed by Kal. Artemis started at Diana's cunt and started to lick around it. Her juices were as tasty as she remembered. Thankfully for her the oil they were using wasn't too potent to override the already wonderful taste of Diana's cunt. Getting down to Diana's small black bud she gave it a long lick around the outside before sticking her tongue in it.

"Ohh yes~!" Diana cried grabbing ahold of some of Artemis long red hair and holding her close. "Yes! Suck on my ass. Lick my dirty asshole." She cried urging Artemis on. Entranced by the sight before her Artemis had Diana roll over so that she could get to it better, her fingers teasing and playing with Diana's pussy as she sucked and kissed at Diana's ass and the two large mounds that rested beside it.

Diana couldn't resist the attack on her ass, as she was very hot at what was to come, and soon came. The princess then slumped down on to the bed face front. Artemis followed closely behind her and wrapped her arms around her princess. "That was great Di but I'm still wondering what you meant about sharing something new." She wondered of her lover. Not much could surprise her since they've done many erotic things with one another over the years.

The bedsheets hid Diana's dark smile as she turned on her friend. "I have made some discoveries about myself lately that I want to share with you. Something that I think will bring us both a lot of pleasure." She said reaching under one of the pillows for her lasso.

"We've already tried rope play Diana." Teased Artemis as she allowed Diana to bind her wrists to the top of the bed. It was one of the first few experiences they've done with one another.

"Ohh I know. This is just to get you ready." She said leaning down to sloppily kiss Artemis. Leaving the kiss, saliva connecting the two, Diana gave her sister warrior a lustful dark grin she saw. "You asked what others would think if they knew I liked getting my ass licked. Well now you will have the chance to ask our new master."

"M…Master? Diana have you lost your mind?" Artemis said and attempted to struggle even though she knew the rope around her wrists made it futile. Diana was the proudest and strongest woman she's ever known and to call someone master…it frightened her.

"No. I've found my purpose. The purpose of all Amazons. And that is what I wanted to share with you sister." She said lovingly while stroking her beautiful red hair. "I wanted you to be the first I share this new gift with." As she said that a naked Kal stepped out from the shadow covered doorway leading to another part of Diana's suite. His large rod at full mast after the wonderful show his queen and her childhood lover had put on for him.

At first Artemis didn't recognize the man walking towards her due to the candlelight making the shadows deeper and darker, probably why she had missed him in the first place. But, as he walked into the circle of candlelight she instantly knew who it was. "Superman!" Artemis breathed out in relief. He must have jumped whoever had Diana under this spell and was getting ready to free her. But then she noticed he was without his usual blue and red suit, or any clothes for that matter. The sight of his large footlong shaft calling to something primal inside of her. 'I-I'm getting turned on!' She recognized the feeling instantly but this was much stronger than what she's experienced with Diana.

She watched in confused arousal as Diana crawled down to the end of the bed and slid up into Superman's arms. Kal happily embraced his dark-haired lover. He then moaned lightly as her oiled hands started to stroke his shaft. His queen knew just what to say and do to get his engines going. As Artemis watched the two make out, she felt desire flair up inside of her instead of the expected disgust. What was it Diana had said. That the Amazon's purpose was to serve him. Was that why she felt her hunger returning as Superman turned and looked at her?

"Your first, besides me, Master." Diana said turning in his arms to look at Artemis. "She was my first as well. And I wanted her to be the first one you welcomed to your service." Kal appraised the red-haired amazon. She lived up to the name being nearly as tall as he was and with powerful muscles. But those didn't take away from her more feminine features. Her large breasts, the angular classical features of her face, the wide hips that lead to a nice ass he couldn't wait to tap.

Artemis found herself hoping that Kal liked what he saw. That her figure pleased him instead of turning him off. The smile on his face as he moved over top of her told her that he probably liked it, especially when tied with the feel of his cock pressing up against her stomach. Artemis screamed as Superman thrust inside of her. No foreplay, no kissing, just raw animalistic need to fuck and dominate her. And this one so eager to please as her hips already moved in time with his and her screams urging him on.

Diana smiled as she watched her first lover having her virginity taken by her lover and king. She was growing horny as she watched him bash his hips roughly into Artemis like he did her the first time. "Oh Kal~. You're giving it to her so hard. It's making me a little jealous." Diana teased Kal with a sultry smirk while seductively biting her pinkie.

"Just…enjoy the…show." Kal ordered between harsh grunts and ploughing. His hands went to palm those beautiful orbs of Artemis, making her scream louder with passion. Leaning down, he silenced those wonderful screams with his powerful tongue, beating it into submission.

Clark spread her legs further and grabbed onto her thighs to hold her closer as he fucked her causing her to lift off the bed and hang between where he held her and where she was tied to the bed. Diana had been right, this was her place. Where she and her sisters belonged. A dumb smile graced her lips as she screamed. "H-Harder! Fuck me harder, my Lord! This is so wonderful! I now see what you're talking about, sister! His cock is so amazing!" Artemis yelled as she bucked her wide hips into his thrashing tower.

She didn't know how long she had been fucked before his hot semen shot deep into her womb. The feeling was too immense for the woman and soon passed out with a fucked stupid grin on her lovely lips.

Artemis would have thought it was all a dream if it wasn't for the pain that still surrounded her abused pussy as well as the sight of a now clothed Superman and Diana in a loving embrace. "Diana?" She asked cautiously, not wanting to break into their moment but wanting her sister beside her.

"You're finally awake sister." Diana said breaking away from Superman and walking over to the red-haired woman. "This is good. Your master and I need you to go on a mission for us." Diana said running a hand though Artemis long red hair. Artemis didn't know what it was, but something had changed in their relationship. She still thought of Diana as a sister but there was also something more, something that put her above Artemis. "We need you to go gather Phillipus and the rest of mother's advisors and have them meet in the throne room." Wonder Woman told her lover.

"Yes, your majesty." Artemis said on reflex causing Diana to smile. As Artemis left, Kal came over and pulled Diana to him. "Are you ready to go take your mother, my love?" His first mate asked with a small lick to the ear. Smirking at her, he gave her a light kiss. "You know it. I've had my eyes on that cunt for some time. If she's anything like you, she'll be an animal in the sack." Kal said, salivating at the idea of having another Diana in the bedroom.

Hippolyta wandered about her room debating if she should send someone looking for her daughter. Diana had left two days earlier to spar with Kal-el and had yet to return. Had they been called back for League business? Was she needed at the UN? Usually when she left she would send some kind of message. She was broken out of her thoughts by the sound of her chamber doors being opened. Hippolyta spun around quickly, hoping to see her daughter walking in. Instead, it was Kal-el in a new black and silver suit she had never seen.

"Kal-el what are you doing in my chambers?" She demanded. The Queen refused to call him by his hero name. Even if something inside of her that had long been asleep thought he deserved it.

Kal responded with a smirk and floated over to where she was. A part of him thought about playing this out, extending the anticipation. But the sight of the beautiful blond-haired queen in the sheer toga made him want to get right to the point. "I'm here to do what Heracles and his men couldn't." He told her as his eyes shamelessly roamed over her gorgeous form.

Hippolyta stood shocked at what she had just heard. One hand instantly went to her throat as she thought about how far she was from her magic gauntlets. But then another thought crossed her mind, Diana had last been seen with Kal. "What have you done to my daughter?" She demanded with a harsh glare that would make lesser men shake.

Kal wasn't such a man. His smile grew darker as he walked over to her and placed a hand on her cheek. "I just showed her what she really is. I barely had to touch her before she was laying on her back moaning like a common whore and begging me to fuck her." He said drawing Hippolyta to him and crushing her lips against his. The Queens mind went blank at the sheer force of his dominating tongue.

Kal savored the taste of her before pulling back. The older woman hadn't moved and inch during the kiss. "I wonder how much I will have to touch you before you are begging me to fuck you?" He asked idly while holding her in his arms and taking in the sight of the long golden curls and maternal hourglass figure that filled out the classic Grecian toga. Hippolyta was the image of classical beauty and more than a match than any of the Hollywood actresses who had ever played a Grecian or Roman queen. The Kryptonian knew where Diana got her luscious looks from.

The thought of not just any man but this man touching her sent equal shivers of desire and disgust running down her spine. A part of her though enjoyed having a man touch her again, especially a hero that could rival the mightiest of the ancient world. But right now, she was worrying about her daughter. Even as he was now, Hippolyta didn't think he would hurt her, but was she still laying in the dirt somewhere covered in his seed and discarded like a wet rag?

Regaining herself a little, Hippolyta glared at the male. "Let me see Diana." She demanded trying to pull out of his grip. Kal-el kept his smirk and held on to her as she struggled. He didn't have to say anything as Diana came in after hearing her mother asking for her. Hippolyta was shocked to see Diana. From the way Kal had spoken he expected to see her dirty and bruised and her clothes in tatters. But instead Diana looked as beautiful and radiant as ever with her long hair made up in a style fit for a queen. From her polished nails down to the golden slippers she wore she still had the radiant beauty that came from being blessed by Aphrodite. Though there was something slightly darker now about the light she seemed to cast.

Kal-el's strong voice brought her attention back to him. "Did you know she had dreams about the story of you and Heracles? It turns her on." He said turning to Hippolyta and reaching out to place his hand on her pussy, his palm cupping her entrance. "I wonder if you do to? Do you remember what it's like to have a man inside of you? Moaning and cumming for him as he fucked you? What about the sounds of all of your sisters as his men took them?" Kal whispered huskily, his man-meat growing painfully hard as he held this goddess.

"Diana, you have to stop this." Hippolyta said fighting with her body as it betrayed its self to Kal's fingers. "Why are you making her do this Kal?" She demanded.

"Me?" Kal laughed as Diana came closer. "This was her idea. She was the one who suggested I finish what Heracles started and claim you as my own." He said as Diana came and kneeled in front of him and smiled up appreciatively.

"Diana, no, how could you betray all of your sisters." She cried with a look of betrayal in those beautiful orbs.

"I just realized who we are and what we are meant to do mother." Diana said standing up and walking over to her. Diana reached over and undid the clasps on her mother's gown letting it fall to the floor revealing a figure fit for any geek statue. "I'm going to enjoy watching my master-" She stopped herself and smiled the same way Kal did. "Our master fuck you." The last bit of hope burned away as Diana turned to walk off.

As she turned to walk away, she couldn't get far as Kal grabbed her by the waste and whispered in her ear. "What a dirty little slut. Getting off on watching your mother getting fucked. I know you were going to go off and tease yourself slut, but now you are going to sit over there on the chair and do it. Where your mother and I can watch." He ordered before letting go of the shaking with lust Diana go and turning his attention back to Hippolyta.

Kal loved the look of horror in her eyes. He knew that look would change to lust once he was done. "Now it's just you and me." Kal said cupping her neck with his hand as she wrapped the other around her waist. "So, tell me, how Heracles took you. Did he just throw you on the bed and fuck you until he came, or did he play with this beautiful body of yours?" Kal said running his hand over her figure. While she was technically hundreds of years old she still had the body of a woman in her late thirties or early forties.

"He just threw me down and had his way with me." Hippolyta said not knowing why she was telling him that. It was such a painful and shameful memory she didn't like recalling. Especially when he was about to do the same to her.

"From the stories I always thought Heracles was an idiot but that confirms it." Kal said leaning down to kiss her gently but firmly. Again, her struggling only made him want her more. "Make no mistake, I'm going to fuck you hard until you are on your knees in front of your court begging for my cum. But unlike that idiot I'm going to make sure you enjoy it as well." The strongest man promised the shaking Amazon Queen.

And with that Hippolyta found herself pressed up against one of the pillars that supported her bed. "If you told me you were the one all the sculptors in Greece used as their model I would believe it your majesty." Kal said in compliment of her body as he ran his hands down her sides and took in her motherly form. Her large breasts hung heavy on her chest as she breathed in and out, aroused and blushing at the compliment from the man who had already taken her daughter and was going to do the same to her.

Looking down her body Kal's eyes momentarily glowed red as he used his laser vision to trim back the golden bush that hid her core from him. That was one of the parts of classical beauty he could live without. Unlike her daughter's olive tan skin, Hippolyta's was as white as cream and just as soft to the touch. Kal enjoyed himself for a moment in running his hands over her frame before remembering that he had promised her pleasure as well.

Taking her large breasts in his hand he started to play with it. Letting the heavy orb lay in his hands like a bag of sand as he massaged it. Hippolyta had given up struggling against him physically though she was still trying to fight the feeling of pleasure that went through her at being touched by a man again after so many centuries. His fingers twisting and teasing her large pink nipples as he fondled her breasts. In another life she could have imagined inviting him into her chambers and willingly laying herself out for him like she had Heracles.

Kal took one of her large breasts into his mouth and started to lick it. His manly tongue causing Hippolyta to let out the first of the traitorous moans. As he sucked on her nipple his hands went to her thick thighs and started to worship them as his hands ran up and down them, enjoying the feel of the soft creamy flesh over hard muscles. As he left her breasts his hands moved downward to attack her core. Hippolyta let out a scream as Kal's mouth touched her lower lips. It wasn't a scream for help but a wanton scream of pleasure as he touched her.

Hippolyta wasn't sure why she wasn't fighting against the man who was pushing himself on her. For some reason, her entire being was yelling at her to submit to her and just accept her new role in life: being his fuck-toy. When he began to play with her womanhood, she lost all control of herself and let out a shameless yell.

The black-haired hero couldn't help but smile as his tongue went deeper and deeper inside her. Her juice tasting like ambrosia to him. She hadn't put up half the fight he thought she would and now she was already moaning when all he had put inside of her was a finger and his tongue. He looked forward to what noise she would make when he put his cock in her. Kal kept up his assault until Hippolyta let out a final yell and her body convulsed drenching his tongue in her essence.

She felt an odd mixture of shame and wonder as she came from just his mouth and pawing hands. 'W-What will happen when he inserts himself inside?' It was such a pussy gushing thought for the queen. Hippolyta unconsciously bucked her hips into his form, hoping to get more from him.

Kal answered as he continued to attack her body with his mouth and hands. Pussy, breasts, mouth, everything was tasted and felt and kissed until Hippolyta felt like her body had already given itself to this man. For once in her life she thought he was worthy of the name Superman. And that was before he threw her on the bed and disrobed. Laying on her bed she saw him walk towards her, the huge footlong cock already hard and dripping. A flash of fear went through her at the thought of that monster being forced inside of her. Of what it would do to her.

Instead of being taken on her back like a common street walker Kal had something even more arousing and demanding in mind for her. Kal forced Hippolyta onto her hands and knees and turned her around to where she was facing the bottom of the bed. Where she could watch her daughter touching herself as he fucked her.

"Do you like that? Do you like watching your daughter play with herself as I fuck you. How does it feel knowing your daughter is a dirty slut who gets off watching her mother getting her pussy raped by my cock?" Kal gruffly asked as he thrust inside of her making her whole body shake with the bed from the power of the impact. Heracles hadn't been half the size Kal was, nor had he possessed the same stamina or vigor as the hero. Feeling his cock so deep inside of her, invading her and her womb with every single thrust she finally broke. The last bit of resistance shattered with the orgasm he gave her as he wrapped his hands in her golden hair and pulled back forcing her to arch her back as he fucked her.

"Yes Kal." She said as she let him take over her entire being. "Goddess forgive me, but I love it. Fuck me. Take me like Heracles never could!" Kal planned on doing just that and continued his assault on her pussy. A few more strokes and he soon found himself cumming in her pussy, the thick white fluid dripping out of her snatch. Looking up Kal called Diana to him, the young princess eagerly coming over to aid her master.

"Why don't you clean up your mother's cunt before we take her into the throne rooms?" He said. "Or do you think we should leave it to let everyone see that she is already ours?" Kal added with a smile. Hippolyta herself wished for Diana to clean her out. If only that she would be ready to receive even more of her master's gift when he next took her.

~Flashback End~

Donna moaned as she moved up and down Kal's cock. The retelling of the story driving her already high libido over the limit and making her seek release though her lords touch. "Ohh Kal yes. That sounds so great." The young heroine said as she lowered herself as far as she could onto his cock. "I can't wait until we get back to Themascrya and I can get my mother to retell me the story." She said kissing him as their juices ran down his cock only to be caught by Kori's masterful tongue. Kal couldn't wait either. Diana had messaged him telling him the rest of the heroines had arrived on the island and she was only waiting on him to close the gates and spring the trap.