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Chapter 7: The Path to Enlightenment

The first month of Harry's third grade year was fairly quiet compared to his past experiences. Thanks to him removing the Pariah title when he went to school, the hostility that his teachers and fellow students showed him was significantly less than it used to be.

Of course, none of them seemed to like him and they all avoided interacting with him when possible, so apparently the damage was already done. Well, none of them interacted with him except Mlle. Fowler and Dudley's gang. And interaction with Dudley's gang is something he tried to avoid.

Mlle. Fowler, however, was a gem. Her friendly nature and upbeat personality inspired a love of the French language in him as well as tempered his growing resentment of the human race. His positive interactions with Mlle. Fowler, and Mrs. Pierre, the librarian, actually planted seeds of hope in him.

While his gaming power gave him hope for his future and self-worth, his interactions with Mlle. Fowler and Mrs. Pierre gave him hope that humanity was not beyond redemption. It also inspired confidence that he could have a positive relationship with others.

These realizations, while profound for Harry's emotional growth, did not have much effect on his day to day life. Instead, his daily schedule consisted of grinding his running, jumping, climbing, and French skills. He became so caught up in this that a month had passed before he realized that although he was improving his skills, he didn't have much of a reason to improve those skills in particular any more. He had simply arbitrarily chosen some of his skills that seemed useful in the moment and focused on them to the exclusion of all else.

It cannot be said that these skills were not useful for him. After all, French gave him a common ground with Mlle. Fowler, and allowed for a positive human interaction that he desperately needed. This was essential for his mental and emotional health. The running, jumping, and climbing, on the other hand, were essential for his physical health as they allowed him to evade Dudley and his crew.

It was a month into the school year now, and avoiding Dudley had become easy. Having gained 7 points in running, 5 points in jumping, and 3 points in climbing, he figured it was time to take a second look at his skills and decide on something else he could focus on. He decided that he would continue training his French skill, even though he had leveled that 4 times as well, simply because it was something he truly enjoyed.

On that subject, it seemed that all of those levels had been gained during his actual French class. This was interesting to him because it seemed to indicate that he improved faster with a teacher rather than self-study. It bothered him that this did not hold true for all of his subjects, since progress in those were minimal. It was possible, he concluded, that his relationship with the teacher played a factor, but he was not sure why.

"Oh well. First things first. Skills!"

Besides the Status Effect and S.P.E.C.I.A.L. menus, Harry had learned how to open his skills menu during the previous month. There was something he found extremely satisfying about watching the numbers climb as he improved.


General Magic
Apparition: 20/100
Observe: 1/100
Occlumency: 20/100

Combat Skills
Physical Damage Resistance: 15/100
Stealth: 18/100

Languages, Sciences, and the Arts
Cooking: 28/100
English: 14/100
Forging: 5/100
French: 19/100
Math: 7/100
Science: 5/100

Social Skills
Deception: 6/100
Social Aptitude: 7/100
Speech: 3/100

General Skills
Calligraphy: 6/100
Cleaning: 22/100
Climbing: 16/100
Gardening: 26/100
Jumping: 20/100
Running: 27/100

Harry smiled as looked at his improvements. He had picked up a few points in various skills, but it was his improvement in French that he truly took pride in. Looking through the list, his eyes were immediately drawn to the magic section. Particularly, Observe.

"Huh. I completely forgot about that skill. It seems like something odd to be considered magic, so it must be more complicated than it sounds. How do I even use magic anyways? Maybe voice activated like the menus? Observe."

After Harry uttered the command, he felt an odd prickling in his gut, but otherwise nothing happened. Heaving a disappointed sight, Harry thought about what his failure to use Observe meant.

"Obviously magic is a more complicated skill than running, so it will take more effort. And, in hindsight, I guess simply saying a word and expecting magic to happen is naïve. Maybe the problem is that I simply don't know how to access my magic."

Following that train of thought, Harry eventually decided he would have to visit the library and see if he could find any insights there. Deciding that he was not going to be able to improve his skills any more, he decided to see if there were any parts of the game system that he had not discovered yet. He had been so focused on his grinding, that he had yet to truly explore how his odd power worked. Harry began his experimenting by stating every command word he could think of. Words like profile, inventory, and just give me something you bloody stupid game, yielded no results. However, when he said talents…


Charms Prodigy
Gamers Body
Gamers Mind
Metamorph: 1/5
Parsel Bloodline: 1/5
Runes Prodigy
Swift Learner: 1/3

"Huh, I completely forgot about this from when I leveled up. I never did go back to inspect the talents I already had…might as well do that now then."

Charms Prodigy
You charming charmer!
Thanks to your Evans heritage, you are born natural at all things related to charms.
+1 to Charms skill gain multiplier. Higher tier charms accessible without apprenticing.

U be smurt.
+3 skill points per level.

Gamers Body
Grants a body that allows for the user to live the real world like a game.

Gamers Mind
Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through. Allows for a peaceful state of mind. Immunity to psychological status effects.

Metamorph: 1/5
Man of a thousand faces.
Your ability to manipulate your physical appearance.
Thanks to your Black heritage, you are a budding shape shifter!
Gain Clumsiness status effect.
+0.5 to transfiguration skill gain multiplier.
SP cost variable to initiate, 5 SP/min to maintain

Parsel Bloodline: 1/5
Who wouldn't want a vibrating tongue?
The ability to communicate with snakes.
Thanks to your horcrux heritage, you are a novice snake charmer!

So special, the short bus can't handle you.
Gain a talent point every level instead of every other level.

Runes Prodigy
From Ancient Sumerian to Elder Futhark you are a natural with all runic languages thanks to your Potter heritage.
+1 to Runes skill gain multiplier. Higher tier runic formulas accessible without apprenticing.

Swift Learner: 1/3
Better than methamphetamines.
+10% Exp whenever Exp is earned.

"Well, that's one question answered and another one raised. Several of these talents refer to my heritage. It sounds like I inherited these abilities from my parents. I wonder if…"

With fingers crossed, and a mumbled, "Heritage," Harry received exactly what he was hoping for.


Heritage Traits
Black Scion
Halfblood—Evans Scion
Potter Scion
Human Horcrux

Inherited Bloodlines:
Metamorph – Black Bloodline
Runes Prodigy – Potter Bloodline
Charms Prodigy – Evans Bloodline
Parsel Bloodline – Horcrux

With a quickening breath, Harry hastily slapped his finger against each of his heritages to find out more.

Halfblood – Evans Scion
Your mother was Lily Evans, a muggleborn.
Remove all pureblood penalties resulting from inbreeding.
Lose half of potential bloodline abilities from pureblood ancestry.
Gain one random bloodline ability

Potter Scion
Your father was James Potter, a pureblood.
Inherit two random Potter bloodline abilities.
Your grandfather was Charlus Potter, a pureblood
Inherit one random Potter bloodline ability.

Black Scion
Your grandmother was Dorea Black, a pureblood.
Inherit one random Black bloodline ability.

Human Horcrux
You were transformed into a human horcrux at a young age.
Inherit one random bloodline from the horcrux in addition to all other bloodlines.

And there it was. In a single moment, the game had taught him more about his parents than he had learned over the course of his entire life at the Dursleys'. Whenever he asked about his parents, the Dursleys had always either ignored him or gone off into a rant about those, in Vernon's words, "Damn drunks." He knew Lily's name thanks to a slip Petunia once had, but he had never known his father's or grandparents' names. To him, this revelation was a true blessing.

It even showed him that despite all of the negatives, the horcrux had given him something as well. He would rather do without the Parsel Bloodline if it let him be rid of the horcrux, but at least it was something.

The screen also raised the question of what were purebloods and muggleborns, but that was of minor importance compared to the connection he now knew he had with his parents and grandparents.

His Metamorph ability was a gift from his grandmother, and his Charms ability a gift from his mother. He didn't know what Charms were, but once he figured it out, he knew he would make the most of it. Finally, his apparent Runes talent was a gift from either his father or grandfather. There was no way to tell which potential talents were lost due to his mom being a muggleborn, but it hardly mattered. Runes were a gift from the Potter line, and that was what was important. And frankly, he was glad his mom was muggleborn. Despite the loss of bloodlines, if it prevented him from suffering from another penalty, that could only be a good thing. He doubted he could survive another Status Effect on top of everything else.

Focusing back on his talents, he realized Runes were something else he could look up at the library. Charms were a lost cause until he could learn more about what they were, but he was sure to find some books on ancient runes if he looked hard enough. He did not know what good it would do him, but it was a gift from his family so he would learn all he could about it.

Going back in his mind over everything he learned, he realized that there was one more thing he was curious about.

"Skill Multipliers"


Skill Multipliers
Transfiguration 1.5x
Runes 2.0x
Charms 2.0x

"Oh well. Nothing besides what my talents already told me. Now, off to the library!"

It had taken some doing, but after enlisting Mrs. Pierre's aide he was able to locate two books that suited his interests.

First, he had found Practical Yoga, Ancient and Modern, by Ernest Wood. It was an old book published in 1957 that translated the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali into English. Apparently, this dealt with one of the schools of Hindu philosophy and focused on yoga and meditation. Or yoga as a form of meditation. Or meditation as a type of yoga…or something like that. It was all very confusing to him, but from Mrs. Pierre's description, it discussed ways of understanding the body and mind through yoga and meditation and gave a Hindu philosophy on how to go about attaining enlightenment. He just knew something like this could help him discover his magic. If he could ever understand what the hell it was talking about.

The second book he found was Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic, by Edred Thorsson. The book was relatively new, having been published in 1984, and was a goldmine of information as far as Harry was concerned. Not only did it discuss the history and origin of runes, it showed a list of Futhark runes that he could practice with, and discussed the theories behind runic magic and how he could go about using them. As far as runes went, Harry had found his bible and he would study it religiously.

Time passed, and the seasons changed. Winter had swept the land, leaving the trees barren and the ground covered in powdered snow. Inevitably, that gave way to the buds and fresh growth of spring.

Finally, summer was upon Harry. The school year had ended, and while he was disappointed to leave his French class, he wasn't too upset since Mlle. Fowler taught French through grade 5. After receiving and hiding his report card so he wouldn't get in trouble with the Dursleys (and thus completing the Secret Smarty – Grade 3 quest, giving him +330 Exp), Harry left the house to find his hidden spot in the local woods to practice meditation.

It was a nice spot that he had discovered during one of his great Dudley escapes. On that occasion, Dudley's gang had chased him into the woods, and to escape them, Harry utilized his climbing skill and scampered up a large, old, English oak tree. Through a quirk of its natural growth, the oak's branches had created a flat area in the middle of its foliage.

This space was perfect for sitting, or even laying down and resting, and had become a place of escape to relax and meditate for Harry.

Harry had studied his two books fanatically for the first month after discovering them. However, he eventually came to the realization that, despite how awesome runes were, unless he could discover his magic, they were useless. With that thought, Harry dedicated all of his time to the meditation and yoga practices that Practical Yoga, Ancient and Modern discussed. He had improved significantly since then, but he had yet to locate his magic.

Discovering those two books had added the skills Yoga and Runes to his repertoire. But one thing he had not anticipated was that his meditation would improve Occlumency instead of creating its own skill. He was not going to complain about that though. With a 9/100 in Yoga, a 29/100 in Occlumency, and 3/100 in Runes, he felt that he had made progress. He was disappointed that he was not further along, but, in all fairness, they were difficult subjects for an eight year old, now nine year old, boy to practice on his own. And, on top of his skill gains, he had even improved his stats! Apparently all of the exercise he got from chores and escaping Dudley, along with his diligent study, had lead to a +1 in Strength, Agility, Endurance, and Intelligence. That's four total stat points! All in all, he was happy with his progress.

And so, Harry settled into a cross legged position and began to practice Pranayama at the center of his favored English oak. This consisted of controlling his breathing in an attempt to achieve a balance in the energies of his body and mind as a means of attaining inner peace. Or, that was the concept as far as he could tell from his studies. Harry didn't know how long he sat there regulating his breathing. He simply focused inwards and let the world fade away. As he continued to focus inwards, he heard and dismissed a pinging chime as all of the external noises and distractions of the world around him became unimportant background static. Harry was descending into the state of Pratyahara. He had blocked off all the external influences upon his senses and turned his entire focus inwards. It was like his mind was descending into a deep well as it left the world around him behind.

Suddenly, he felt his mind touch upon something vast. He could feel a network of energy flowing throughout his body that seemed to be coming from both his center and from outside his body. This both made sense and did not according to his readings of the Yoga Sūtras.

According to his reading, prana was a cosmic energy that was essentially the force that sustained the universe. It enters the body through the breath and energizes every cell to sustain life. This coincided with the energy he felt entering and leaving his body with every breath. However, this did not explain the other source of energy he felt.

In his gut, at the very core of his being, Harry felt a wealth of energy. It turned the trickle of energy running through his veins that came from his breath, into a torrent. As his mind touched upon this wellspring of energy, Harry felt as if he was touching upon the infinite. Endless power and knowledge were but a thought away. In that moment, Harry knew that if he submerged his consciousness into this energy, he would attain enlightenment. He would be subsumed into the infinite. And in turn, it would consume him. Madness. To attain enlightenment was to be consumed by madness. Hastily, Harry jerked his mind away from this fount of power.

Coming to his senses with a start, Harry looked up to see two blue screens floating in front of him.

+1 Occlumency

+1 Yoga

With a smile, he dismissed the screens. He knew what he had found. Harry had finally found his magic.

A/N: The skills use some quotes, and the credit for those is given in the A/N in chapter 6.

If I made a mistake when representing the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali, please let me know and I will do my best to fix it.

Some might be wondering by now why Harry talks to himself so much. Well, he is a lonely boy who grew up without any friends. He has to cope somehow.

On heritage: yes, this means that purebloods inherit 8 bloodlines from their parents and grandparents, and half-bloods only receive 3. That's 4 from the pureblood parent and grandparents, divided by 2, then plus 1 for the muggleborn parent. A muggleborn receives 1 random bloodline from their magic which their magic creates during puberty using their personality and experiences as a template. This is what muggleborns pass on to their children.

An example of how this works is that Lily put a lot of effort into learning Charms and really enjoyed the subject. Her magic recognized this, and burned her skill for Charms into her DNA, thus creating her magical bloodline. The progenitor of pareltongue, had a deep infatuation with and love for snakes, and their magic recognized this to create the Parsel bloodline. The original Metamorph had a deep self hatred and wanted to be anyone but themselves. Magic recognized this and gave birth to the Metamorph bloodline. The list goes on.

In this world, a half- blood will pass on 2 bloodlines, like a pureblood would, along with 1 from the pureblood grandparent and 0 from the muggleborn grandparent to their children. They will also pass along the inbreeding resistance to their children. This means, in this AU, a child between a half-blood and a pureblood is potentially the strongest, having 7 bloodlines with no inbreeding penalty. The succeeding generation, however, would have the inbreeding penalty added if they marry a pureblood or the child of a half- blood and a pureblood (3/4 blood). Also, a muggle will pass on 0 bloodlines to a magical child and divide the bloodlines their magical mate passes down in half. A muggleborn wed to a muggle will pass down 0 bloodlines and the child will have to discover their own bloodline like their muggleborn parent. A muggle will pass on inbreeding resistance, however a squib will not. Squibs only result from pureblood unions and as such are considered inbred. Due to their damaged magic, they pass on 0 bloodlines, however they do not divide the bloodlines passed on by their mate in half.

This means that there is a reason for pureblood elitism in this AU, however, there are consequences to being a pureblood. By marrying a muggleborn, family bloodlines will be lost. However, by remaining a pureblood, the family magic is weakened even if bloodlines are maintained. Essentially, it comes down to strength vs. diversity. On a related note, the offspring of two muggleborns will have 2 bloodlines (1 from each parent) but will only be able to pass on 1 of them to their offspring. They are essentially a muggleborn with 2 bloodlines as far as bloodline inheritance is concerned. This means they pass 1 bloodline to their children and 0 to their grandchildren and the inbreeding resistance is passed on to 2 successive generations. The child of two 2 bloodline muggleborns will also be a 2 bloodline muggleborn, inheriting 1 from each parent.

A few final notes on bloodlines. When the bloodlines are being passed on, there is a 95% chance that a bloodline being passed will be something the parent or grandparent possesses. However, there is a 5% chance that a bloodline being passed on will be a reactivated bloodline from a family's ancestors that had been dormant. This is how Harry received the metamorph bloodline despite Dorea not being a metamorph herself. Also, all of this is a guideline, not a rule. On rare occasions, a pureblood may be born who does not possess the inbreeding penalty (due to a quirk of genetics), or possesses more or less than 8 bloodlines. Occasionally a muggleborn will possess the inbreeding penalty (because that can happen among muggles too), or will possess more than 1 bloodline, or even have 0 bloodlines. These are rare occurrences, but do happen. However, I have spent enough time explaining the concept of heritage for my AU to expound any further here.

Henry James Potter
Class: Gamer
Title: -none-
Lv. 6Exp: 590/600
HP= 64/64
MP=76/76 (-25%)
SP= 23/23 (-75%)

S =10.9 (-50%) =5.5 + -
P =16.3 (-50%) =8.2 + -
E =12.7 (-50%) =6.4 + -
C = 3.6 (-50%) = 1.8 + -
I =24.1 (-50%)=12.1 + -
A =10.9 (-60%) =4.4 + -
L =13.5 (-50%) = 6.8 + -
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