Chase's Worst Nightmare

Chapter 1

In the command center of the Lookout, Ryder stood before the pups that were already present: Rocky, Rubble, Marshall, Zuma and Miracle, the newest member of the PAW Patrol. In case you'd somehow forgotten, our friend Miracle was an Australian shepherd whose talents related to medical work. She stood on next to Rocky with a slight indentation where Skye was absent; when the cockapoo got there, Miracle would be on her left. She looked as determined as anyone else to hear about and solve the problem.

Finally, Chase and Skye made it through the elevator in their uniforms and leapt into their positions in the formation. "Ready for action Ryder, Sir," Chase barked slightly out of breath.

"Are you okay Chase?" Marshall asked, staring at the exhausted German shepherd with concern.

"Yeah, I just… had to take care of something." Chase said, out of breath.

"Is it some girl?" Rocky asked with a smirk.

Chase glared at Rocky, "You're never going to let that one go, are you?"


"Guys, focus. We have a serious emergency on hand," Ryder announced, giving all of the pups a firm look. "This is a serious problem! Katie's father was visiting from the mainland, and was attacked by a large dog."

The pups all gasped at this revelation. One of their own kind had attacked a human?

"That's terrible," Skye said, voicing what everyone was undoubtedly thinking..

"It is," Ryder agreed as he swiped his tablet screen. "We'll need everyone's help, and we need to get over there right away. Once Miracle gets a look at Katie's father, we can split up and find this dog."

All seven dogs barked, and rushed towards the slide before Ryder could even announce that the PAW Patrol was on a roll. The first one to make it to his rig was Chase. His doghouse automatically transformed into his police officer vehicle, and he landed in it before the terrain around the Lookout moved around so Rocky's vehicle could form from his doghouse.

Rocky landed in it before the terrain once again switched around so Rubble could get in his own bulldozer-turned doghouse. Rubble made it to his doghouse, the doghouses rotated again to let Skye do the same thing, replacing the bulldozer with a helicopter.

Next up was Miracle. While her rig transformed with no problem, she was still a little confused as to how to drive it. Unfortunately, she got the reminder that there were other dogs behind her when Marshall slid into the rig with her by mistake, causing her to yelp in surprise. "Oh, hey, Miracle. What are you doing in my rig?" the dalmatian asked.

"Um… This is my rig," she said while pointing out the white coloration of her vehicle.

Then the area around the Lookout rotated quickly, causing both pups to scream. Zuma landed in his own vehicle with ease.

"Guess it needs to get used to having seven pups," Marshall said with a shy grin before jumping out and dashing up to his own fire truck-based rig.

Ryder burst out of the garage on his four-wheeler and shouted, "PAW Patrol is on a roll!" before he led the pups through the town.

Miracle finally figured out how to drive her vehicle before she sped off to meet the other members.

Luckily for the Patrol (and for Katie's father) the site of the attack wasn't too far from the Lookout. It was merely across the bridge and right at the small beach that was underneath it on the opposite side.

"Miracle, check out Mr. Forrester," Ryder ordered.

"You got it," Miracle said while dashing toward the victim. He was sitting on a park bench, with Katie sitting closely by him. "Hi, I'm Miracle. Where does it hurt?"

"My leg," he answered with strain in his voice.

"Could you roll up your pant leg?"

Mr. Forrester rolled up his pant leg revealing the moderately sized bite. It was a large breed of dog, that was for sure; but the bite also indicated that it wasn't fully grown yet. The only parts of the bite that went deep enough to need stitches were the spots where its cuspids had sunk in.

"I'll need to clean the wound and stitch up the areas where the cuspids made it through before I start bandaging that leg, but can you tell me what this dog looks like?"

"I think it was German Shepard," Katie replied.

With those words, Chase's ears perked up. "Can you say that again?" he asked.

The distraught girl stared at the pup for a second before repeating, "I think it was a German Shepard."

"What color was it?" Chase asked Mr. Forrester.

"Brown fur, just a tad bit darker than yours," he said.

"Well, that means every OTHER German Shepard in Adventure Bay is a suspect." Miracle noted.

"Well, he looked like he was about two years old and there was this scratched up collar around his neck.

Chase sniffed the air, hoping to pick up a sce- "Oh no…" Chase's eyes widened.

"What is it?" Miracle asked.

"I think I know who we need to look for," he said, "Ryder, Sir, are there any runaway dogs in Adventure Bay's database that go by the name 'Swift'?"


Chase nodded.

"I don't know… Do you think they did it?"

"I smelled him, but no other dog other than us."

"Hmm… I'll check it out when I-"

Before Ryder could finish, Chase darted off.

"Chase! Where are you going?"

"I'm going to track him down and turn him in before someone else gets hurt!"

"Wait!" Skye squeaked before she and Rocky exchanged a glance and charged after their friend. Ryder followed.

The boy was panting by the time he caught up to the PAW Patrol police officer. "It's too dangerous to go alone," he huffed. "We need to go… together."

"Ryder's right," Rocky agreed with a nod.

"But it'll take longer," Chase pointed out, "And we need to find him NOW."

"What if you got yourself injured… o-or worse?" Skye whimpered. "I'm going with you, no matter what."

"Stay here, Skye. You can't get hurt."

"Neither can you!" Rubble exclaimed as he dashed up himself.

"Look, it'll be too late to do anything about it by the time Miracle's done. Besides, it's me he's after."

"How do you know that?" Skye asked.

"I just… do, alright?"

"Are you absolutely sure and positive he's after you?"


Zuma and Marshall dashed up themselves. "But how?" the former asked, tilting his head.

Chase inhaled deeply. "...Because he's my brother."