Valentine was laughing.

"Of course there are no screams in the basement, Lucian. What would be down there? This is just Jocelyn's imagination, the nervousness of a woman carrying her child." He clapped me on the shoulder, still chuckling. "Now are we going to hunt those werewolves or not?"

Saying goodbye to Jocelyn, we made our way to Brocelind forest, all memories of our earlier conversation seemed to have gone from Valentine's mind, but they still plagued me. Jocelyn was not one to imagine or exaggerate things, and she had said she had heard this many times. But Valentine was my parabatai. He wouldn't lie to me, or keep things from me, surely?

"How is Amatis?" Valentine asks out of the blue. "I haven't seen her and Stephen in a long time"

"They are good. Very happy together. I saw her just the other day."

"I've been meaning to visit, but I just haven't had the time…" he trails off. What has he been doing that could be keeping him that busy? "Jocelyn has been feeling so unwell with the baby, and there's everything to get ready…" he shrugs in a what-can-you-do gesture. I mentally shake myself. I have to stop thinking this of him. He wouldn't be doing anything that could cause the type of screams Jocelyn heard.

"Listen," Valentine whispered, grabbing my arm, to hold me back. "Do you not hear that?" I stopped and listened. Yes, there was something there, the almost silent sound of footfalls on pine needles. A werewolf.

"I hear it." I confirmed.

"You go," Valentine said, and when I looked at him for conformation "I've got your back, brother."

Quietly, I crept forward, mentally thanking the angel I had thought to apply a soundless rune before leaving. Unsheathing my seraph blade, I whispered its name and jumped the wolf, thrusting the blade downwards, into its heart; it looked at me, eyes infuriated, then let out a huff of air and died. Looking round for my parabatai, I saw instead a streak of grey fur land on top of me, and, as I hit the ground, I felt a sharp stinging pain on my neck, heard a growl. And, just before unconsciousness took me, I heard Valentine screaming my name.

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