Here we are guys, the final chapter :(

To help with any confusion, this is based 10 years into the future and how I imagined their life to plan out.



I had my life planned out, from where I would go to college to the job I had when I graduated. But, of course, it never happened out that way. By the time I was 25 I had a husband, three children, and owned my own business. I thought that would have been my biggest change at such a young age. But no - fast forward ten years, my husband had not-long turned 36 and I was quickly approaching it. Our three children, India, Maddox and Axel were 18, 16, and 10, and before we knew it Edward and I would enter the next stage of our life... when we became grandparents.

The day India told us the news is a day I'd never forget. Edward was working later at the parlor and I was in charge of collecting Axel from his guitar lesson and Maddox from detention. We had arrived home to find India sitting on the front step with our cat Motley walking a figure-of-eight through her legs. Our other cat, Jovi, had moved to cat-heaven a few years previous. It was a surprise to see India here, but a welcome surprise. She had moved into an apartment with her long-term boyfriend, Scott, much to Edward's dismay. I was happy for our baby girl, and being independent like me I knew she'd never stay in the family home for longer than she had to.

India told me that she had to talk to Edward and I. She played with the hem of her vintage circle dress as we waited on Edward to arrive home. When he finally arrived and saw our daughter looking so worried he flew into a rage, saying Scott would regret it if he had put a harmful hand on her. That was when India shouted out that she wasn't hurt, she was pregnant.

I didn't know what to say at the time, but Edward had enough words to cover both of us. He said India was too young, that they didn't know what they were doing, and they shouldn't have been so stupid and waited till they'd settled down. "Why didn't we lock her in her room like I wanted to. Then she wouldn't be in this situation," he had said, yet I knew that deep down he was too scared to admit that his little girl was growing up. It took him a while to get used to the idea, and he hasn't looked at Scott in the same way since. However I know my husband, and he's the biggest softie at heart.

And here we are now, nine months on, waiting agitatedly in the hospital for our baby, to have her own baby.


"Notice anything different, Mama B?" I dropped the cushion I held and spun around to my teenage son. Maddox was smiling up at me and my eyes were drawn to the metal ring pierced through his septum.

"Nice, Madd!" It didn't bother me that Maddox got all these piercings; he could be doing a lot worse, and it's his own body. This is his fourth facial piercing, including tongue, bridge, and 6mm ear gauges. "Auntie Rose do it for you?"

"Of course! I booked my next ink as well." Edward and I made a deal with our son, he wasn't allowed any tattoos until he turned sixteen, and now there is no stopping him. Especially when it's his own family doing the art. Apart from that, nothing else had changed - has hair was still long and uncontrollable, he lived in band tees and jeans and swore like a fucking sailor.

I went back to sorting out the living room for India, Scott and baby Bonnie arriving. "Awesome. Remember your sister will be over soon." It had only been two weeks since my granddaughter was born and after having to have a C-section, India still needs all the comfort she can get.

"That fucker's not coming, is he?" Maddox asked of Scott. Like his father, Maddox was extremely protective over his older sister.

"Excuse me that boy is your future brother-in-law and you will treat him with respect."

"Oh c'mon, B." Edward interrupted the conversation by walking into the room, "you don't really think he'll stay around, do you?"

"And why not?"

"'Cause he's a guy, for fucks sake!" Maddox nodded in agreement to his father, "he's gonna see how much effort Blue is and fuck off." It melted my heart to hear Ed call Bonnie by her nickname.

"Did you fuck off? We were younger than them when India was born, Ed, and you hung around." If he can do the parenting thing, anyone can. "Just get it in your head that India is an adult now. She has her own little family and we will support her through everything. Scott has never done anything to make me rethink him, and if India is happy then we will be happy. Understand?"

"Fuck, Mama B can be scary!"

All three of us looked to see that Axel had joined the conversation. With his beanie, skinny jeans and a Red Hot Chilli Peppers tee, he looked the spitting image of his brother and father. His hair bundled around his head with a deep brown shade. "Learn her good side, buddy." Edward passed on some life advice instead of bringing up the cursing.

"Um, Edward..."

"I mean... don't use that word, Axe."

"But Madd says it all the time!"

A car was heard pulling up outside before the conversation could fall into a full-blown argument. Edward and I (well, mostly me) are a lot stricter when it comes to cursing. We kept the language down when it came to Axel, unfortunately it was too late for Maddox who knew every curse word under the sun by aged seven.

I was out the house and running to the car before anyone could stop me. Scott was already helping India which left Bonnie all for me. She was sleeping in her car seat and had been dressed in a tiny lilac outfit with a matching hat and white socks. Her dark hair brushed out from the hat. It felt incredible to cradle the newborn baby to me, it's a maternal feeling that never leaves you and I hadn't held a baby since Alice had her son, Archie, five years ago. She and Jasper only had the one child, and unfortunately Rose and Emmett never managed to get pregnant, but they were looking into adopting.

"Hey Mama." India wore her sweat pants and baggy t-shirt, she had large bags under her eyes and gripped onto Scott's arm for support. "Hey Daddy." I was too involved with Bonnie, I hadn't realized Edward was with us.

"Hey, Pumpkin, how ya doin'?"

"I'm getting there."

After introductions were made, we went inside and to find better comfort. I watched Scott as he helped my daughter into her seat and didn't step away until she was comfortable enough. That made me really love that boy; I knew he wasn't going anywhere.

Bonnie was passed around with ease - to her Grandpa, to her uncles, and then back to me.

We discussed their future plans - Scott had been given an offer for his chosen university to study English, and India was going to wait until Bonnie was slightly older before she got back into her art degree. Maddox decided years ago that he wanted to follow in Edward's footsteps in tattooing and, like his sister, wanted to study art, but for now (to keep him out of trouble) he worked as a proper employer for Rockabella's Diner. Most of the customers had watched my children grow up in the diner, and were just as loyal as they were the day it opened.

"Mama," India spoke up when the all four guys had found a topic they had in common, "I'm so tired." She rested her head against the head of the chair and looked seconds away from falling asleep.

"Oh, baby, you will be. But it won't last forever."

"How the hell did you cope?"

I rubbed her hand soothingly, "Pumpkin, you don't want to know."


And there we have it… our little story is complete.

If anyone is interested, Bonnie is a popular name in the 1950's, so I thought it was perfect to add that one last bit of the decade in there.

Thank you so much for following these characters through the ups and downs.

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