Introducing Fukuryuu High School

by Dadiladila

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In here everyone will be human with the same appearance as canon. Also, one of the main characters will be an OC.


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A Merger?!

Fukugaku High School as an all boys school famous for being one of the most powerful school gang. All of the students there focused more on fighting. Every day they would come to school to attend the class for few hours only. If they were lucky, they might get a peaceful time until lunch break or even until the end of the day. Or else they might either get sneak attack from their rival school or escape from school to answer a fight challenge. Although even if they were in class, they mostly ignored the teacher and talked among themselves. Most of the teacher had already given up trying to reprimand them. Any kind of punishment was rendered useless against those students. Even a warning for expulsion didn't budge them at all.


"H-hai!" The teacher's body immediately trembled hearing that voice. Oh God, did he do something wrong? Just one more hour. One more hour and he could've enjoyed his break in the teacher's room without any ruckus. It was just his luck that they decided to attend morning classes.

"If you care for your own life, leave immediately."

Without any more hesitation, the teacher sprinted away from the class, further away from the impending danger. He didn't even want to imagine what kind of danger coming to the classroom. When he was finally in the safety of the teacher's room, his leg gave up and he dropped down to the floor out of shock. He really needed to get a transfer soon. His heart really couldn't handle it.

Honestly, why did that student have to go to this school?

It really didn't help that the school leader, the strongest student in Fukugaku High, was Sesshomaru, the eldest son of Nishi clan, one of the four corner families in Japan. Even if they disregarded his family background, Sesshomaru's cold demeanor and deadly glare were already frightening enough for the teachers to not raising voices anymore and just let them do whatever they wanted. Not only the teachers, even his underlings had trouble to overcome their fear to talk to him. In fact, only handful of people was brave enough to converse with Sesshomaru without peeing themselves.

How would they when there were rumors circulating around that Sesshomaru already had his hand dipped deep in blood since junior high? Especially with the Nishi clan refused to either confirm or deny it.

"Fukugaku's Daiyoukai!" The door to the classroom suddenly was broken from its hinge and flew towards the window on the other side of the room. Instinctively the students inside formed a defense stance as their attackers started to fill up the room, aside from four people who was still relaxing on their chair. Their uniform showed that they went to Sakarugi High School. One guy, in particular, glanced around the room and his mouth lifted up in a feral grin seeing Sesshomaru who was still reading. "Let's get this on! You're mine, Sesshomaru!"

Sesshomaru closed his book and stood up. Half of the Sakarugi students involuntarily took a step back from fear after seeing his infamous glare. "Who allow you to speak this Sesshomaru's name with that tongue of yours? You worthless scum."

The grin disappeared from that guy's face and it contorted in full anger from the insult. "You bastard!" He jumped over the desks and threw the first punch only for Sesshomaru to avoid it easily. With that punch, both sides immediately launched the fight, leaving their leader to decide who was the strongest fighter.

It didn't take a long time before the fight spread to the whole school, started by a Fukugaku student kicking one of his opponent out from the classroom and into the wall. In a glimpse that Fukugaku student would look similar to Sesshomaru, had it not been for the missing two magenta stripes tattoo on each of his cheek. He growled at the other student whom he just kicked and stomped down on him. "You think you can just barge in and interrupt my break day!?" He spun around and punched another Sakarugi student who tried to jump on him from behind. "Ha, loser!"

"Whoa, as expected from Daiyoukai's little brother! Go Inuyasha!"

Inuyasha glared at the direction from which that voice sounded, "who the hell said that?! You want a piece of my fist, huh!?" He stalked towards the only person who looked scared seeing him and was about to beat him up when a person was hurled towards his direction. Inuyasha quickly jumped back to avoid being hit.

"Dumbass! You're not supposed to say that out loud." Another Fukugaku student hissed while nudging at the person who just blurted it out earlier.

It was a huge scandal back in the day when the media caught that Nishi clan leader had a child with his mistress. He even invited them to live with him in Nishi clan main house. Sesshomaru didn't bother to hide his hatred towards his father's second family in public and Inuyasha seemed to return the favor as well. It wasn't until three years ago did everyone noticed how their relationship had changed. At least they had never seen those two almost killed each other in public anymore. The name calling was still present and they still refused each other as siblings, but at the very least their animosity already toned down. It was more like a sibling rivalry right now.

But if anyone else, other than their close friends, dared to mention that they both were related, they will beat that person down.

"Who the hell throw that?!"

Unlike Sesshomaru, Inuyasha was really loud, rude, and easily provocated even by the slightest thing. The only thing that was similar between those two half siblings were their hair and eye color they inherited from their father. And if he was already pissed off, he would went into a rampage mode and only few people could stop him.

"Whoops! Sorry there!"

Inuyasha growled hearing that annoying voice from inside his classroom. "Kouga, you idiot! Don't throw people carelessly like that! I almost got squashed!"

"Meh, it's only you." Kouga snorted seeing Inuyasha and then went back to the class room, joining the fighting again. He was about to land the final blow when something hit him hard on the back of his head, giving his opponent an opening to escape. "Who the hell did that?!" Kouga turned around to find Inuyasha smirking at him. "You stupid mutt! What the hell did you do that for?! Are you trying to kill me!?"

"You did that first!"

Kouga snarled at him, "That's it! Inuyasha, let's get it all settled here and now!" He launched himself at Inuyasha who was more than ready to fight him back.

Their fight caught the attention from others surrounding them. Almost everyone from Fukugaku simultaneously groaned seeing Kouga and Inuyasha fought each other instead of their opponent. It was something that occurred regularly and almost in every fight. One of them always managed to vex the other, mostly accidentally, and they both would be too angry at each other to remember their current situation. It didn't help that their fighting skill were on par and also they had the same social status, seeing Kouga was the only son of Higashi clan, another corner family.

"Oi, Kouga, Inuyasha! Stop fighting, dammit!"

"Ah, forget about them! They won't listen to us!"

Sesshomaru glanced at the commotion his half brother caused with Kouga. He then leapt from bench to bench, avoiding fights around him, and landed near those two. His hands quickly grabbed their neck and smashed their head together. "Focus," he said coldly and jumped back to the fight before Inuyasha or Kouga had a chance to react. As always, Kouga and Inuyasha still bickered at each other but at least they were doing it while fighting Sakarugi students.

A punch flew towards his direction and Sesshomaru avoided it without difficulty by stepping aside at the last second and caused his attacker to stumble down. "Hmph, do you really think that pathetic attack can touch me?" He swung his leg and landed a kick on his opponent's stomach before stomped down on his head, pushing the Sakarugi leader still in the ground. "Once a trash, always a trash," he said, bending down to grab his hair and lifted him up. Sesshomaru raised his clenched hand and ready to punch him when a loud siren sounding from outside. He blinked and lowered down his hand, releasing the Sakarugi leader from his grip who immediately ran away.

"Ha! Run away, loser!" Inuyasha cackled watching all Sakarugi ran following their leader.

Sesshomaru watched as the last Sakarugi student disappeared from his view. "Pathetic," he muttered and then returned back to where his desk was. One of his classmate had already placed his desk and chair back to where it belonged, along with his things.

"Yosh a, another win today!" Another student who was completely unscathed, entered the classroom. "We're really awesome, eh?" He slapped few of his classmates on the way to his desk.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes, "keh. You're not even joining the fight, Miroku!"

"Well... I'm going to have a date today. Can't show up with a scarred face, can I?" Miroku answered with a blinding smile and touched his cheeks, "this kind of face is really hard to maintain, Inuyasha. You should start caring for your face."

"Keh, my face is all fine, thank you!"

Miroku deliberately let out a loud sigh. "Inuyasha, Inuyasha. This is why you can't get any girlfriend until now," he chided, causing Kouga to roar in laughter. "You too, Kouga," and now it was Inuyasha's turn to laugh, "Really, both of you should start minding your appearance from now on. Look at Sesshomaru," he said, pointing at their silent friend with exaggerated movement, "no one would even think he fights a lot from his face! Although... you really should start smiling, Sesshomaru. Not the evil smile you gave when you're too angry"



Kouga and Inuyasha imagined how it was for Sesshomaru to smile and then roared in laughter together while clutching their bellies. That was too ridiculous. Sesshomaru smiling? Properly smiling? Hell would freeze first before that happened!

"Bad news! Bad news!" Another student came running into their classroom. He momentarily froze in fear seeing Sesshomaru glaring at him.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "Well? What, Hara?" he snapped before Sesshomaru decided to kill that boy for disturbing their brief peace.

"Oh─ um─" Due to his fear, that student completely forgot what he was about to tell his leader. "Oh! The teacher! I overheard we're going to merge... with an all girl school!"


Miroku was the only one who grinned happily hearing the news, "isn't that wonderful? Imagine girls wandering around our hallway, in the classroom. Their flowery scent, wearing short skirt... Itai!" He yelled out, rubbing his head, and turned to his attacker. "Inuyasha, why would you do that?"

"You pervert! No wonder your girlfriend keep running away after a week!" Inuyasha snorted. "What the hell is the school thinking? We're a yanki school! There's no need for weak girls in ours."

"Maybe we don't have money?"

Kouga rolled his eyes, "are you forgetting there are three of us here? Don't you think the school will ask money from us first before going on a stupid merger?"

"That's not the pressing matter, Kouga." Miroku quickly said. "What's more important is, which school we're going to merge with?"

"Um... I think it's Seiyuu Academy of Girls."

The whole class stiffened when Sesshomaru suddenly stood up, watching as he stalked towards Hara who cowered down from pressure. He grabbed Hara's collar and roughly pushed him against the wall. "What did you just say?" he asked quietly but malice was clearly heard behind it.

"Se─ Seiryuu Academy of Girls? Please don't kill me," Hara hurriedly added when the pressure on his neck was increased and he started to struggle breathing. He sighed in relief when Sesshomaru released his grip and dropped him down. "W-what's his problem?" Hara asked when Sesshomaru stormed out of the class. Even for Sesshomaru, it was a weird to have him worked up over small thing like that. Kouga and Miroku could only shrug their shoulders, didn't know what to response. They were as baffled as the other students as well. Their attention diverted to Inuyasha who had frown on his face.

He swore that name sounded familiar to him, although he had no idea how he knew an all-girls school name. And the way Sesshomaru was pissed off hearing that name... there should be a valid reason for─ His eyes widened and Inuyasha cursed himself for not realizing it sooner. He quickly ran to search for Sesshomaru, ignoring startled shout from his other friends. "Damn it!" he muttered, glancing around to find a glimpse of his half brother. There was only one other person who could cause that reaction from Sesshomaru.

Inuyasha quickly ran to their lounge int he back of the school, behind the gym. "Sesshomaru!" he shouted, barging inside only to find it completely deserted, "crap!" He took out his phone and tried to contact him but Sesshomaru didn't answer his call. Panic started to sink in when he still couldn't find Sesshomaru. Hopefully that jerk didn't go berserk and beat down everyone in sight.

After running around in the school building, Inuyasha's last hope to find Sesshomaru was in the rooftop. If he wasn't there, then he might need to call on their father for help. The last thing they needed was pissed off Sesshomaru unleashed on the street. He kicked the door to the rooftop and really relieved to see his half brother's back in there. His relieved face disappeared as he stalked towards him. "Oi! What's the use of phone if you don't use it at all, you jerk!"

Sesshomaru spared him a glance before turning back his attention to the view in front of them. "What do you want, Inuyasha?"

"The girls' school we're merging with... it's that one, isn't it?" Sesshomaru response was tightening his grip on the railings. Inuyasha sighed knowing his suspicion was correct and leaned on the railing. "You think Father has something to do with it?" When Sesshomaru didn't say anything, Inuyasha sighed again and dropped the conversation. For few moments, they hadn't said anything and just stared at the view in front of them until Sesshomaru turned around and walked back to the door."Oi Sesshomaru!" Inuyasha waited until his half brother stopped before adding, "don't do anything stupid."

"Who do you think this Sesshomaru is?" was what Sesshomaru said before disappearing through the flight of stairs.

Inuyasha groaned as he threw his head back. This was not good at all. Kouga had just texted him that they already cornered one of the teachers who confirmed that there was really going to be a merger with Seiryuu Academy for Girls. Although that teacher didn't know if it was because of financial problem. Crap. This was really not good. She would be there and they couldn't avoid each other anymore. Crap. Inuyasha glanced at the direction where his half brother disappeared to. He really hoped their father had nothing to do with this, for both their sake.

Seiryuu Academy for Girls was the first choice for rich families to enroll their daughter in since it had an escalation system. Almost all of the students in this academy had known each other since elementary school. In order to appease the families of their students and produced the best graduates, Seiryuu Academy had ensured hiring the best quality for teachers and upgraded their facilities. The students in Seiryuu Academy were known to be the most polite and elegant girls. There was no fight or even a raised voice heard in the school.

"Ah, look, it's Hanayuki-senpai. She always look amazing everyday, nee?"

"She is, she is. Our Seiryuu Academy has became more popular since she becomes our school president."

"It's really nice to have one of the corner families in our school."

One of the girls sitting next to Hanayuki glanced at the table where those girls sat and then glanced to her friend and smiled. "Everyone in this school really adore you, Hanayuki. As expected from the heiress of Kita family."

Hanayuki glanced to her friend who nodded her heads towards the other table. She turned her head slightly to find freshmen students whispered excitedly while staring at her direction. Then Hanayuki nodded her head slightly and smiled at them before turning her attention back to the book she was reading for the past hour. "You're too exaggerating it, Kagome-chan. I overheard few students talking about how amazing their Kagome-senpai from archery club yesterday."

"Rather than that, does anyone know why we were all summoned in here and told to wait? Kagome-chan? Hanayuki-chan?" She watched as both of her friends shook their head and sighed. "That's weird. What is the school trying to hide that not even the school president know?"

"Sango-chan, not every matters in the school is informed to the school president, if it doesn't concern about our activities."

Sango sighed and leaned back, "but as a daughter to the Kita family, they should've informed you if anything changes in the school."

Hanayuki opened her mouth and was about to reply when the door opened and few teachers are walking in. Immediately all of the students stood up and bowed when their teachers took their place in the podium. The head teacher stepped forward and nodded, allowing the students to sit back. "Good morning, everyone. We have an urgent announcement. Starting next Monday, our Seiryuu Academy for Girls will be merged with Fukugaku High School." The head teacher looked around to see his student's reactions. "We will transfer three classes to Fukugaku High next Monday. Kita Hanayuki-san, Higurashi Kagome-san."

Both Kagome and Hanayuki glanced at each other before standing up.

"As the school president and vice president, we hope you can help bridge our Seiryuu students with Fukugaku students."

"Of course, sensei. We won't let you down," Hanayuki said before bowing towards the head teacher with Kagome following her suit next to her.

The head teacher nodded, "we will take volunteers from each year to be transferred to Fukugaku High with Kita-san and Higurashi-san. Please inform your homeroom teacher if you are interested. Meeting adjourned. You can return to your study." The head teacher left the podium and walked towards the exit, followed by other teachers.

When they were already gone, the silence was broken and students immediately talked with each others about what they had just heard. Kagome sighed, sitting down, while watching the reaction from other students. She frowned when she noticed some of the girls looked very distressed but there were also few excited expressions among them. "Is there something interesting about Fukugaku High?"

Sango took out her tablet and searched for the information about the school they would merge with. "I found some local newspaper writing about Fukugaku's... four youkais?" she tilted her head, confused, "it seems Fukugaku High students always got into trouble, All of their stories are about gang fighting, trouble with street vendors. That four youkais seems to be their leader."

"Eh? A delinquent school? What are our school thinking? Is it even safe for us to come there?" Kagome glanced to their silent friend, "what do you think we... Hanayuki-chan? Are you alright?" she asked in concern seeing the pale expression on Hanayuki's face. "I- it will be alright. I'm sure those delinquents can be talked for reason."

"No way!"

Kagome startled hearing Sango exclaimed suddenly, "what? What is it, Sango?"

"The four youkais... it's the sons of Nishi and Higashi clan!"

Before Kagome or anyone else could react anything, Hanayuki suddenly stood up, catching the attention from around them. "Everyone, we only have three days to ensure that Fukugaku High is suitable for our transfer. I'm planning to visit the school after lesson today. Who would like to accompany me to Fukugaku High?" she smiled when everyone on her table stood up along with ten other students. "Thank you very much," she bowed slightly, "shall we proceed to our next class then?"


Only Kagome, Sango, and two other students who were still staring at Hanayuki in concern. None of them missed how her clasped hand was trembling and her voice was slightly shakier than usual. As the other students started to disperse and return to their respective classroom, they approached Hanayuki who was putting her book back to the bag. Hanayuki glanced to see her close friends staring at her every move, "I'm fine."

"No, you're not." Kagome said, "is there something wrong with Fukugaku High? You looked pale after the head teacher said that name."

"There is nothing to be worry about, Kagome-chan. Now shall we walk to our next class?" Hanayuki asked as she walked towards the door.

Kagome followed her friend and was about to pursue the matter again when a hand rested on her shoulder. She turned around to see Sango shaking her head. "But─" when their other friends also shook their head, Kagome sighed and reluctantly dropped her question. There were plenty of time later to ask Hanayuki again when they were alone. She never avoided her question before. There must be something really wrong with Fukugaku High.

"Oh dear..."

There were collective gasp sounded in the group when Seiryuu Academy students arrived in their new school. They had imagined what a school full of delinquents might look like and the reality was worse. It was hard to imagine that three sons of corner families would enter this kind of school, instead of other prestigious schools. There were cracks in the building and it looked like it hadn't been repainted for a long time. Their school name plate was made of wood and they could see dried blood on the corner. Hanayuki flicked her hand and the workers they brought with them replaced that wooden plate with Seiryuu name plate. The school wall was covered in spray paintings and there papers abandoned in the school yard. Hanayuki sighed and wrote down everything they had seen that needed to be repaired immediately.

"How could they even study in this kind of school?" someone muttered from behind.

"I can't believe our school want to merge with this."

"Could it be an extortion from this school?"

Sensing the other girls started to feel nervous, Hanayuki turned around and smiled. She had to calm her school friends before the situation went out of hand. "Everyone, please keep positive attitude about this merger. We are girls from Seiryuu Academy. I believe we can do everything if we're willing to, including sharing a school building with students from Fukugaku High."

The students started to smile when their eyes caught something from behind Hanayuki. "Ah..."

Hanayuki turned around to find students storming at them with the wooden plate they just threw away. Her eyes widened when she noticed there were two silver haired students leading the group towards them. She had hoped they were already leaving the school when she arrived, so that she didn't need to meet him. Her heart was beating hard crazily when the group was getting closer and she could finally look at his face properly after almost three years. She watched as his golden eyes narrowed when he finally noticed her.

It was the same golden eyes that had piercing glare directed towards her three years ago.

The convoy from Fukugaku High stopped when they were few steps away from the girls. Remembering their current situation, Hanayuki shook away the nervous feeling inside her and stepped forward. A hint of smile appeared on her face as she swept her gaze on the group in front of her before landing back to him. "It's been a long time... Sesshomaru," she said softly.

"You are not welcomed in here." Sesshomaru stated coldly and behind him, his groups nodded in agreement. All of them had their fierce expression on so the girls would be scared and running away. If they were lucky, those girls would refuse to be transferred to Fukugaku and threatened to sue their own school for putting them near delinquents.

"Oi, Hanayuki! Your family has something to do with this, don't you!?" Inuyasha stepped forward and growled at the golden haired in front of him, "what the hell do you need, huh?! A school like yours doesn't need to be merged with us!"

"How rude!" Kagome stepped forward before Hanayuki could react and glared at Inuyasha, "I don't know what kind of education you received in Fukugaku High, but in Seiryuu Academy, you are not allowed to raise your voice to others."

Inuyasha snorted, "keh. Well here in Fukugaku, you're not allowed to talk back to someone above your level!"

Reaching out to Kagome and pulled her back slightly, Hanayuki made sure her smile still plastered. "We are going to be school friends in three days. It is better if we try to get along from now on, for the sake of the merger. Please look after us," she said while curtsying.

Behind her, the rest of her group followed her suit and curtseyed as well, "please look after us."

"Like hell we will!"

"Yeah! We're yanki school! We don't need girls like you here!"

"You have no right to change our school plate like that!"

Hanayuki glanced around to see the enraged shootouts from Fukugaku students. Just like she feared, this merger was not going to be sailing smoothly. She stole another glance at Sesshomaru who still had his glare fixated on her. There was no way he would cooperate with her in this. Then she suddenly felt a hand grabbing hers and turned to see it was Kagome. Hanayuki smiled in relief. Yes, she was not in this alone. The Seiryuu girls would always support her to make this merger worked.

She could do this.

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