First Day Full of Clash

The breakfast mood in Nishi family main house this morning was covered with suspense and tight air. At a glimpse, it might look like nothing was out of ordinary in the dining room. Nishi head family members, after all, were known to be silent and emotionless with the exception of Izayoi who seemed to wear her emotion on the sleeves and Inuyasha who seemed to pick up a rude attitude while growing up in the house no one welcomed them in. However, even the clueless one would notice the animosity between the eldest son and the head of the family if they stayed in room for longer. Inuyasha kept glancing between his father and half-brother. Ever since Sesshomaru confronted their father last Friday after school and their father refused to say anything, he had been in constant guard whenever those two were in the same room. For the first time ever since he learned of his father's new family, he felt bad towards the half-brother he used to hate with his every fiber being.

Honestly, did their father think they wouldn't realize he was the one behind this stupid merger? Or at least one of the person responsible. They still suspected Kita head family to also be in this merger plan as well. Maybe also Higashi head family as well, since Kouga mentioned one of the girls that came with Hanayuki was his supposed betrothed that he ran away from. At least the Minami family had nothing to do with this or else it would seem as if four corner families had nothing else to do that they had to get more involved with their children's life. It was this type of situation that made Inuyasha glad of his status in Nishi family. No sensible families would want their daughter to be involved with the mistress' son. He was spared of the responsibility to attend parties, act proper in public, and shoved into hoards of fiancee candidates.

A loud slam noise startled Inuyasha from his thought. He glanced to see Sesshomaru was the one who made the noise by slamming down his chopsticks, causing everyone else to cease their activities. Even their maids immediately excused themselves and left the dining room. It was better for them to not witness any confrontation between father and son, especially if it concerned the eldest son. There was no one who wasn't afraid of Sesshomaru. Some even more afraid of him than his father. Their father put down the newspaper he had been reading and raised his eyes to stare back at Sesshomaru who leaned back and crossed his hand, as if waiting for their father to say something.

"I heard that your school is merged with Seiryuu Academy." Izayoi suddenly spoke up with a smile, breaking the silence, "isn't it... nice?" Her voice trailed down when she noticed the tense expression on the father and sons. "Is there something wrong?" She asked around but none of them answered her.

"Cancel it," Sesshomaru said.

"There is nothing to be canceled for."

His eyes narrowed hearing his father's reply, "I do not have time to play your game, Father."

"There is no game to be played, Sesshomaru."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes and scoffed, "come on, old man! You can't just expect us to believe you don't know anything about this merger!?"

"Inuyasha, please don't raise your voice this early in morning," Izayoi hurriedly said. The last thing they needed right now was a three way argument between father and sons. And compared to the other two, Inuyasha was the easiest one she could calm down. "Is there something wrong with the other school? I heard Seiryuu Academy is a really amazing school. Right, Kimiko?" she asked her husband's first wife who graduated from Seiryuu, hoping that she would join her to calm the father and sons.

"Oh yes. I never thought my son will study under Seiryuu Academy." Kimiko said, shedding fake tears, "I thought I would never see my family's legacy continue when I had a son instead."

Izayoi sighed exasperatedly at her antic, "Kimiko…" Really that comment didn't help the situation at all because Sesshomaru now throwing his mother a glare as well.

"Wait, so you got involved too, Kimiko-baba?!"

"I assure you, Inuyasha, neither of us knew about the merger before you and Sesshomaru barged into my office last Friday. I might be sending money to your school to compensate all the shenanigans you've done, but I'm not part of the school board." Their father answered before Kimiko could come out with another comment. The way he stressed out when saying shenanigans didn't escape their notice, causing both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru to scowl back. For someone who kept saying he didn't care what they were doing in school as long as they kept up their grades, he sure brought up that matter at all time. He glanced at the wall clock, "I hope you're not planning to skip your first day with Seiryuu Academy."

Sesshomaru pushed back his chair roughly, causing a screeching noise when it slid against the floor. Without any words he turned around and stalked away from the dining room, ignoring demands from his mother to return to his seat. Watching his half-brother slammed the door shut, Inuyasha sighed and turned to their father. "This is cruel, even for you, old man." he said, shaking his head, "can't you just leave him alone? It didn't work before and it won't work this time." Inuyasha then stood up and followed his brother's suit.

He found Sesshomaru leaning against the front door, all ready to go, and his face twisted into a grin as he approached him. "Aw, can't go to school without me, jerk face?" he teased, earning Sesshomaru's infamous deadly glare and a swat to the back of his head. "Keh. It's not working on me. I'm already immune to that glare. Come on, we're going to be late." He said rushing to open the front door but when his half-brother didn't follow him, Inuyasha glanced back.

Sesshomaru was caressing silver bracelet faithfully rested on his right wrist with a thoughtful look.

"It should be fine," Inuyasha said softly. His eyes hesitantly trailed down at that silver bracelet. He thought Sesshomaru would have thrown it away knowing she was back into his life. "You saw her that day. She didn't seem to hold grudge that much… or at least she didn't show it. This could be a chance for… you know, a closure maybe."

"This Sesshomaru doesn't need your advice," Sesshomaru snapped before walking past him outside.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes, "yet that Sesshomaru still need me to clean up his mess. Bastard." He muttered and then followed his half-brother to their school.

There were two long gashes on his right cheek from which the blood was flowing. His hair was now sullied with dried blood, no longer shone like usual. Probably from that first hit he received when he entered the room. His jacket was already abandoned before the fight earlier and his shirt was all torn up. She could see another three deep gashes on his chest. The bruises on his stomach were starting to get uglier colors from when he received countless kicks earlier and she was sure there were more of them hidden by his clothes. Blood were dripping from his hand as he walked closer to her. Not his. It was from his opponents who were dropping like flies from his attack.

Her heart was beating wildly when she realized how close he was to her right now. That man raised his bloodied hand and reached out for her, "Hana…"

And she screamed. As loud as she could. She kept on screaming, hoping it would scare that man away from her.

"…yuki-sama! Hanayuki-sama!"

Hanayuki opened her eyes suddenly. Her breathing was labored as she looked around wildly, trying to grasp her surroundings. Two pairs of hands grabbed her arm, hoping to stop her flailing. It wasn't until she realized it was her two personal maids who hold her that Hanayuki started to calm down. She took a deep breath to relax. Her sheet was crumpled and she was sweating badly. When the maids were sure their young miss was completely awake, they finally released her arms and stepped back.

"It's almost time for breakfast, Hanayuki-sama," one of the maid said before leaning towards her, "and Kazuki-sama is here."

Her eyes widened hearing the last part, "father is here?" When that maid nodded, Hanayuki quickly threw away her comforter and ran away from her room, completely forgotten the nightmare she just had. One of her maids grabbed her robe before following their young miss before she entered the dining room. She threw the door open and breathed heavily in the doorway, ignoring her maids who finally caught up to her and draped the robe around her shoulder.

"My goodness, did you run from your room like that? Hanayuki, where is your manner?"

"Father," Hanayuki ignored her mother and went straight to her father who was busy on his phone, "did you receive my email last Friday? Have you looked into it?"

Her father glanced at her briefly before returning his attention back to his phone, "yes and I have no idea what you're trying to insinuate, Hanayuki. The merger is valid and agreed by both school boards. I understand the merger situation is quite... unique but I don't see any play behind it."

And that was what she was afraid of. That there was nothing fishy about this merger and she really had to go to the same school with Sesshomaru and Inuyasha. She had to share the same classroom, had to endure seeing each other every day, and forced to exchange words with him. Hanayuki clenched her hands together as the nightmare she had earlier crept back into her mind. It had been only two years since that day and she thought she already moved on until she met him again. Could she really handle this?

Hanayuki glanced to see concerned look from her mother so she smiled to shake it off. "I understand. Thank you for looking into it, father."

"Do you want me to transfer you to another school?" Her father suddenly asked. His cellphone was nowhere in sight and his expression changed into a serious one. It didn't escape his notice the reason why his daughter suddenly asked him about the merger. "I can get in touch with the principal from your mother's alma mater in Osaka right now. You can be transferred immediately."

Transferring to another school was really inviting for her, especially remembering the situation of her new school. But then she remembered how her fellow Seiryuu students already placed their trust on her and the school principal seemed to believe she could help smooth the merger process. "No, father. You don't need to transfer me," she said softly. "I already promised my friends we will get through this merger together." No more running away, no more hiding. She knew she would regret this decision at some point in the future, but she made a promise and she didn't want to be a promise breaker anymore.

"Good. Then I trust you won't embarrass our family name again." Her father coldly stated, causing her to flinch, "That meltdown was more than enough."

Her clenched hands slightly trembled when she forced a smile towards her father, "I understand."

"Goodness, look at the time," her mother suddenly spoke up, diverting their attention to her, "go to your room and get ready, Hanayuki. Kagome should be here soon."

Relieved that her mother had purposefully ended their conversation, Hanayuki nodded gratefully. "Yes, mother," she bowed towards her parents before walking back to her room.

When she came out from her room half an hour later, Kagome was already patiently waiting for her in the foyer. She grinned when she saw Hanayuki walked towards her. "New day, new school. It's nice that they don't change our uniform in short notice," she greeted. "Sango said she and Ayame will meet us in the next station."

"And Kagura said her brother will drove her so we don't need to wait for her." Hanayuki said before she noticed her friend was fumbling the charm on her school bag. "Is there something wrong, Kagome?"

"Hm? Oh. No." Kagome paused before hesitantly continued, "it will be alright, right, with those delinquents? I mean they looked really angry to have us in their school and the girls were afraid they were going to hurt us last Friday."

"It will be fine," she assured her, "they might be delinquents and speak quite rudely but I don't think they will harass us for entertainment purpose. I'm sure last Friday was just them venting off their shock."

"You're right," a smile lit up on Kagome's face, "after all, their three strongest are from the corner families, like you. You must have known them quite well already before. Oh, Sango and Ayame are on the train right now. Let's go."

If Kagome turned her head slightly, she wouldn't have missed the petrified look briefly appeared on Hanayuki's face when she mentioned them. For a second there Hanayuki thought Kagome already knew about her relationship with Nishi brothers. It took a moment for Hanayuki to realize that Kagome must have thought she was friends with them just because they were from the corner families. Her secret was still safe.

But the problem was for how long could she hide it? How long until either of them snap out and everything broke loose?

"Hanayuki?" Kagome stared at her in concern.

Hanayuki smiled, shaking her head, "nothing. Shall we?" She sighed in relief when Kagome didn't pester it more and followed her out from her house. That was close. She really had to be more careful and keep her emotion in check, especially later in the school.

When Sesshomaru and Inuyasha arrived in front of the school, everything was different. There were no more graffiti in their school wall. The broken metal in their school gate was already replaced. Their school yard was thoroughly cleaned. There were no more broken bats, papers, ripped clothes lying carelessly in the ground. Instead of a wooden name plate, their school now had 'Seiryuu 2nd High School' written in a concrete plate instead. To sum up, their school now had a proper school building. It didn't look like a yanki school anymore, especially with the girls wearing proper uniform was seen walking into their school.

Sesshomaru glanced at their new school name with a distaste expression before walking past the gate. This was supposed to be his sanctuary away from his complicated family and politics. He had to do something to make her leave this school and to do that, this merger had to fail. It was a very good thing that the other boys were furious about the news and that the girls were a bit afraid of them. He could use this situation to his advantage. Glancing to Inuyasha beside him who seemed to be fired up, Sesshomaru knew it would be a matter of time before they returned back to normal life.

The frown on his face was more visible when he entered the building. Everyone was noisier than usual to his taste. There were panicked or enraged shouting in every rooms they passed. If it weren't that, then there were small groups of female students giggling and whispering excitedly when passing him in the hallway. True that all of them fell into silent and scurrying away when he glared at them, but he was getting more irritated by seconds.

A collection of high pitched screams that he just passed didn't help the situation at all. Especially after that the door opened in front of him and few Fukugaku students tumbled out from the room.

"This is a female restroom!" A Seiryuu student came out, looking very angry, and slammed her hand to the female sign under the door. "Please read the sign before you enter a room," she said before slamming the door shut.

Beside him, Inuyasha was roaring in laughter especially knowing Miroku was one of those students. "Keh, you're crazy, Miroku! Just because we got girls in here, doesn't mean you can show off your pervert side."

Miroku stood up, wiping any dirt in his uniform, and gave him a lopsided grin. "Well with all kind of sudden changes happening around us, I can't be blamed if I entered a wrong room, can I?" He glanced at Sesshomaru, "what's got into him?" One thing he learned in Fukugaku was that the only way to get answer from Sesshomaru was if he asked Inuyasha instead.

"Don't mind him," Inuyasha dismissed it nonchalantly, "he got little stalker groups following him."

Before Miroku could come up with a tease to the older Nishi brother, someone shouted Sesshomaru's name. They turned to see it was Kouga who ran towards them frantically. "Our classroom's gone!"


Kouga stopped in front of them, breathing heavily, "yeah, it's─ we got there and it turned to a weird room with mirrors! Everything's gone!"

Refusing to believe what Kouga just reported, they ran towards their classroom. When they arrived there, it was just like what Kouga had just said. There were no furniture inside the room. Instead one of the walls was now fully covered with mirrors. There were two long handles in each of the wall. They couldn't even see trace that this was used to be their classroom three days ago. Sesshomaru glanced around the room until he noticed a paper lying on the only table on the room.

To our new friends from Fukugaku High,

classroom 2A is now relocated to the west wing in second floor.

Kita Hanayuki, President of Seiryuu Academy student council.

Everyone who were in the room jumped in fright when Sesshomaru punched the wall before leaving the room, clearly still in anger. They could see cracks immediately formed around where his punch landed. Inuyasha was the first one to recover from the shock and when he saw the note, he quickly followed Sesshomaru. The last thing they needed right now was Sesshomaru blowing up in the school and mentally scaring the Seiryuu girls. Yes they wanted those girls to surrender and request to return back to their old school, but not this way. Inuyasha frowned when he saw Sesshomaru walked upstairs. He thought for sure Sesshomaru would go to the main entrance and barricaded their building or something.

The west wing in their second floor was supposed to be an abandoned wing since they didn't have a lot of new students coming in. After all there were only much that a delinquent school could offer. Top facility was definitely not one of the case. But not anymore, it seemed. The classrooms which was usually used to dump unused school inventory was now improved. One of them was even transformed into a computer room, fully equipped with latest computers out in market. Inuyasha glared at whoever who whispered excitedly seeing how their school facilities were upgraded. If they wanted to celebrate then so be it, but he'd rather not have Sesshomaru pummeled them down. They walked towards the end of the hallway when they found where their new classroom was.

Before Inuyasha could stop him, Sesshomaru already slid the door opened and walked inside. His golden eyes swept around the room until it rested on the golden haired girl placing a flower vase to the teacher table while talking to two other girls. Sesshomaru quickly walked towards that girl. The other girls must have noticed his furious expression because their conversations and activities died down after seeing him. Inuyasha cursed silently before following Sesshomaru towards the front of the classroom, leaving their other friends looking around for their stuffs.


"Oh, good morning, Sesshomaru, Inuyasha," Hanayuki greeted with a smile when she noticed them, cutting Inuyasha unintentionally, "I'm glad that you found our new classroom. I really wanted to inform everyone from Fukugaku but I don't have any means to contact you all."

Even Inuyasha had to applaud her ability to mask her emotion when she didn't flinch at all with Sesshomaru slamming his hand down loudly. Not many people able to do that, especially one outside from their family. Her smile didn't even falter when Sesshomaru leaned towards her and stated, "do you think this is funny prank, Hanayuki?"

What everyone else didn't know was that her heart literally skipped a beat hearing Sesshomaru called her name. She hardly remember the last time he used her name to call her. Ever since that day, he never directly addressed her or at least if he had to speak to her, he only used 'you' to her. Even if he said it with a hostile tone, she actually had to fight back blush from appearing in her face. "I have no idea what are you talking about, Sesshomaru," she said, trying not to hitch her voice, "the girls and I have been working over the weekend to make this school presentable for our first day together."

"Who the hell gives you permission to mess up our classroom, huh? Why the hell can't you put that weird room in here?" Inuyasha snapped in.

"It's a dance studio and we all decide that the location of your old classroom is more suitable." It was Kagome who answered. "I don't understand why you all are so concerned about us rearranging our new school. And we have all permission we have from both our school board," she added, glancing around the classroom. The Fukugaku boys were openly glaring at them, making the Seiryuu girls to gather around her, "and we planned to discuss it with you, but all of you left the school in anger after our first meeting."

"So you just replace everything like that?!" Kouga chipped in as well, growling especially at his supposed fiance, "where the hell are our stuffs in the classroom then? Those are our personal stuffs!"

"We threw it away," Ayame answered with the strongest voice she could muster, even though her face still looked nervous seeing the boys started to advance on them. "Most of them are trash, anyway."

"Including my porn collections?" Even Miroku looked affronted hearing the girls' explanation, "that's a very rare collectible!"

Sango glared at Miroku whom she recognized as the same student who walked into the girls' restroom earlier. "Especially the porn collections. Those are not acceptable in Seiryuu Academy and could lead you to expulsion."

"We are not in Seiryuu, dammit! Fukugaku doesn't have that freaking rule!"

Kagura rolled her eyes at their antics and scoffed, "not according to our school name plate in the gate."

"You did that without our permission!"

The tension between Fukugaku and Seiryuu students didn't diminish at all throughout the day, especially in class 2A. The Fukugaku students were pissed off after knowing their personal stuffs had been thrown away and their special graffiti were all cleaned up. They didn't even have their old desks anymore, which for them was one of the highest offense they felt. There were scribbles from their seniors or close friends that encouraged them everyday. Now their desks were all brand new and sparkling. They even smell like from a perfume, for freakin' sake. On the other hand, Seiryuu students refused to apologize for their intrusion because these were all orders from their school board. They wanted the new Seiryuu 2nd High School to be a reflection of the original Seiryuu Academy. So it was natural that they removed everything that didn't belong in Seiryuu Academy and upgraded everything to their standard they were accustomed to.

It wasn't until the lunch period did their tense relationship was completely shattered. The door to their classroom suddenly opened and a panicked student went towards where Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, Kouga, and Miroku were seated. "Guys, someone broke into our lounge and took out every thing!"

"What the hell?! You better not joke about this, Hara!"

"Why would you think I'm joking?! I went there just now and everything's gone! Literally gone!" Hara glanced at Sesshomaru, "I asked everyone and they didn't see other schools sneaking in. What do you want me to do, Sesshomaru?"

How surprised Hara was when Sesshomaru stood up from his seat and instead of storming out of the school to pay revenge, he walked towards their new schoolmates.

"Did you do this?" Sesshomaru asked with his usual glare.

Hanayuki glanced at Sesshomaru before closing her book and smiled, "I'm sorry but which lounge are you talking about? We didn't touch the teacher's lounge, if that's what you're asking."

"I'm not in a game mood, Hanayuki," he growled. "The building behind the gym. Did. You. Clean. It?"

"Oh, yes. We saw that the room was filled with unused things from the school so we─" she froze in fear when Sesshomaru grabbed her neck and pulled her roughly towards him.

Sesshomaru glared at the other Seiryuu girls who shrieked in surprise as well. When they tried to pry Hanayuki away from him, he only pulled her up and dragged her away from her friends only to push her against the wall. His friends, especially Inuyasha, immediately ran towards them and stopped the girls from provoking him any further. Inuyasha stared at his half-brother's back nervously, didn't know what to do. In one hand he was also as pissed off as Sesshomaru was and glad to pull one up against the girl. But in other hand, using violence against the girls was not his agenda.

"Leave her alone! Oh God, you could be choking her to death!"

Inuyasha quickly grabbed the girl who was about to attack Sesshomaru before she got hurt instead. Glancing down at her, he recognized her as the girl who seemed to be very close to Hanayuki. No wonder she was brave enough to go against Sesshomaru. "Kagome, right? You better not provoke him more. He won't hurt her," he said, struggling to keep her away from Sesshomaru and Hanayuki. But seeing how furious his half-brother was earlier, even Inuyasha started to doubt his sentence just now.

Sesshomaru tightened his grip on her neck as he couldn't barely contain his emotion anymore. "Do you really think you can play this little games without consequences, Hanayuki?"

"There is no game in here, Sesshomaru," she forced herself to answer. Seeing his furious face dangerously close to her was terrifying. "This is what our school wants and─"

"─and do you think I care about those old people? You have no rights to come in and do whatever you want in my sanctuary." His eyes were clouded from anger that he almost didn't realize he really choked her. All those unfinished anger and betrayal he felt after that day suddenly took over him. "You know what I'm capable of, Hanayuki," he sneered, "do you really think I won't do the same thing to you?"

It wasn't until her grip on his arm slacked off did Sesshomaru realized what he almost did. He stepped back, mortified to know that he lost control again. And it was because of her again. Hanayuki coughed to get the air flowing into her lung again. She glanced up to see the shocked expression on his face and before she was able to say anything, he turned away from her. "I expect you return everything you threw away tomorrow," he coldly stated. Everyone parted away to give Sesshomaru a clear path to his desk out of fear and shock seeing his outburst. Even the Fukugaku students didn't expect Sesshomaru to blow up to a girl like that.


Sesshomaru whipped back at her quickly, "what did you just say?"

"I said no," Hanayuki said again while massaging her neck. "Violence might be the answer to your friends but not me."

Inuyasha mentally groaned hearing her answer. For someone who was almost choked to death, Hanayuki really was a stubborn one. He stared at that girl exasperatedly, hoping for her to just shut up and back away. Didn't she know how still dangerous it was to provoke Sesshomaru right now? Honestly, seeing this made him started to realize how compatible those two actually were.

"This is not Fukugaku High School anymore. And nor does it a Seiryuu Academy. This is a new school, which mean a new leader have to step up." Hanayuki walked towards Sesshomaru and stopped when she was few feet away from him. "You used to be the leader in Fukugaku and I was a school president in Seiryuu Academy. Shall we let the rest of the student body to decide which of us is the new leader? The winner will have full authority over all of the students."

"Do you really think you can win against this Sesshomaru?"

"I don't know. Do you?"

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes at her response. There was no student council president in Fukugaku as they only looked up to the strongest student as their leader. And Sesshomaru never actually cared if he was the leader or not, but if this was the fastest way to remove her permanently from his life then he would gladly do it. "In three days, we will hold a school meeting," he finally said, "both of us will give out speech and immediate voting afterwards. If you don't show up, then I will win by default."

"I agree," Hanayuki said, offering her hand. It didn't really surprise her when Sesshomaru didn't accept her handshake and instead opted to glower at her. She then sighed and stepped back to give him space, "may the best one win."

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