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So I was bored and this idea wouldn't leave me alone so decided to write it down to get it out of my head. Don't really know how to describe it except as a OC insert mixed with an OOC Ruby. Anyway just wanted to get the idea out there see what people thought please forgive bad writing was first fic I've done...so yeah enjoy.

Do you ever get that feeling that something bad is about to happen, the feeling when every instinct screams that this is a stupid and dangerous idea? A better question, do you ever listen to it? Trust me when I tell you that those instincts exist for a reason and they are rarely, if ever, wrong. In hindsight it really was a stupid idea. I had just spent the whole day at a friend's house watching anime due to start of the school holidays and didn't notice that it was almost night. I lived relatively close by and I didn't want to bother my friend and his parents, so despite the bad feeling growing in the pit of my stomach, I decided to walk home… as you can guess it didn't go well.

"I'll see you later mate" Red called as she began the long walk back to her home.

"Be careful on your way home Little Red," he teased, smirking.

She frowned, that nickname had stuck ever since Halloween and he refused to call her anything else. Turning down the street she looked down at her watch, she wouldn't get home until at least 8 at this rate. Red looked up at the storm brewing in the distance with a growing sense of unease.

"Aw screw it, time for a short cut," she muttered.

Walking off the main road she began scaling buildings, leaping from roof top to roof top as her parkour training kicked in. She was about half way home when Red felt the first drop on her face, cursing she began to pick up speed not wanting to be caught in the downpour for too long. As Red leapt over to another roof top her foot slipped on the wet tiles, eyes widening and screaming, she fell until Red heard a loud crack and everything went black.

Red snapped awake. Looking around she noticed that she was in a bed that wasn't her's and there were curtains surrounding her bed.

"Must be in the hospital. Thank god I wasn't killed. Note to self: next time you get a bad feeling about something, listen to it." she muttered to herself, in an oddly high pitch voice as she threw the sheets off.

"What the hell!" she cried, her voice full of shock.

Her clothes were different. Granted, this was a hospital and this would be expected but wouldn't a hospital give her a white gown or robe to wear? Why was she wearing a red and black skirt and corset combo with a red hooded cloak on her back? Her brow furrowed. Did the hospital staff decide to play a prank or something? No, it doesn't sound like something a doctor would do. Also, why does it look familiar?

Deciding to put the question aside for now, Red turned to the window and her jaw dropped open. The moon was broken, part of it shattered almost as if someone had taken a bite out of it. Again a feeling of familiarity came over her. She had definitely seen this before but where?

Looking out the window she noticed something in the reflection; a young girl with silver eyes was sitting literally right behind her. "Hi my name's-huh where'd you go?"

Looking around, there was no sign of the girl. The door was even still closed. "Okay seriously what… the… hell?" her voice trailed off as a she saw her reflection in a mirror, only it wasn't hers.

It was the girls. "No way…" Red exclaimed, only now noticing her voice wasn't her's.

The girl was probably around 15, clad in red and black with silver eyes. Red's now silver eyes widened and her face grew pale as her brain finally put two and two together. The moon, her reflection, that could only mean one thing but that was impossible. Wasn't it?

Her thoughts were interrupted by the door opening and a well-endowed blond walked in. "Ruby! Thank God you're ok we were all really worried" she exclaimed while rushing over and crushing Red in a painful bear hug.

Red looked at her with confusion and disbelief, "Ruby?"

This couldn't be happening. Why would she be trapped, not only in the world of RWBY, but as the main character herself? It had to be a dream, right? Wincing from the painful hug she was still encased in threw that option out the window.

Her inner panic must have shown on her face as Yang looked at her sister, clearly worried. "Ruby, you okay?"

'Crap okay think what do I say? I'm not actually Ruby and you're all a fictional universe that is watched for entertainment? Yeah that'll go over well. My acting skills aren't good enough to fool everyone into thinking I'm actually Ruby! That's it!'

Red struggled out of Yang's embrace and looked at her with very real confusion, "Ruby? You talk to gems? Anyway, who are you and, more importantly, who am I?"

Red felt her heart winch as Yang's expression turned from one of joy to horror, 'well at least I know it's working'.

"Ruby if this is a joke it is not funny," Yang chocked out.

"Listen Blondie I have no idea who the hell this Ruby is or you for that matter," Red shouted.

Yang reared as if slapped before grabbing Red's arm and sprinted down the hallways, knocking any unfortunate student out of the way before stopping in front of a door. "Headmaster, we've got a serious problem here. It's an emergency".

The tension in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Red sat in the middle of the room facing Ozpin at his desk. After Yang told the headmaster the situation he immediately called the rest of team RWBY and JNPR. "So," he began, "you don't remember anything at all Miss Rose?"

"Not a damn thing," she lied.

"I see. Very well, go with Miss Xiao Long to the RWBY dorms maybe being around your friends will jog your memory." he dismissed them with a wave of his hand.

A sigh escaped Red as she felt everyone's eyes on her the entire way to the dorms. Yang showed her to Ruby's bed, the floating death trap know as Fort Ruby. 'It's going to be a long night'.