They ran into the Tardis at full tilt, River hobbling, screeching howls sounded behind them, a laser bolt flashed over their heads and impacted the far wall.

They whirled and slammed the doors shut, panting. The chaos was safely locked outside.

River reached down and pulled off her broken high heel.

The Doctor looked down in disapproval. "River, why do you always have to wear high heels? You know we're going to end up running. You could have broken your leg!" He waved his arms, his ire not quite covering his concern.

She tossed aside the offending shoes, she smiled at him, tilting her head coyly. "They make my legs look good," she said. She slipped a hand down his irate face. "And I'll happily risk it to see that appreciative gleam in your eye," she said softly.

He calmed under her touch. He leaned forward and touched his nose to hers. "I appreciate your legs when they're in nothing but skin," he said in a soft, guttural voice that reverberated all the way down to the pit of her stomach.

She made a note to remind herself that he was a dangerous man.

And to go barefoot around him more often.

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