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It didn't matter how powerful the explosive Cinder set off really was in the end, because it had a secondary feature she kept hidden as an ace in the hole. Weiss had guessed properly, it wasn't designed for maximum damage, but instead did something far more devious. Rare dust, mixed in the correct way, created a blast that not only shook the mansion, but also briefly separated anyone in the blast radius from their aura, their very soul. The sudden separation was more disorienting than any stun bomb. It still packed enough explosive power behind it to throw everyone occupying the mansion to the floor, disorientating them as they scrambled to get back on their feet. Their ears ringing, the feeling of pure wrong that the people affected by the bomb were feeling was enough to make quite a few of them nauseous, and those who managed to fight the affects were still barely able to stand, shocked to their cores by the feeling of having their souls ripped from their bodies, even temporarily.

Weiss stumbled forward, fighting the explosion's effects as best as she could, determined not to let Cinder get away. Through the dust, she could see Cinder just ahead of her, Ruby with her, who was trying her best to escape Cinder's grasp. Luckily for Ruby, Cinder seemed to be just as affected by the explosion as everyone else, and with a well-placed kick to Cinders gut, she pulled herself away, falling to the floor in the process. She crawled along the floor, making her way towards Weiss. Weiss pulled her to her feet, letting her lean on her shoulder as they made their way towards the exit for the room. The further they got, the more they began having to lean on each other for support as the fatigue the bomb left them with took its toll. Coco was the first person to make it to Ruby and Weiss, offering extra support to keep the two from collapsing. Turning her attention to the people around her, Weiss could see Yang holding a crying Blake, stroking her hair as blood trickled from beneath her bow. She ignored her pain however, holding her daughter in her arms, both parents trying to comfort their child as she screamed from a shock that had brought experienced hunters and huntresses to their knees.

"What the hell was that?" said Weiss' father, his head between his legs as he tried his best to keep down bile. The question was something Weiss couldn't answer at that moment, so she focused on what she could do. Scanning the area behind her, she saw Cinder moving down the hall, trying her best to shake off the effects of the blast, and doing a better job of it than most. Scanning the room around her, she took stock of the people she saw who had recovered the best. Motioning for Pyrrha and Ren to join her from where they were taking care of Jaune and Nora, she patted Yang on the shoulder, motioning for her to join them.

Seeing the beaten up group in front of her, Cinder smiled cruelly. She was going to have fun. Firing a fireball to the floor in front of them she charged, her fatigue forgotten. Blinded by the fireball's impact her foes couldn't see well enough to stop her as she leapt at Weiss. With no weapon to speak of she was the easiest target. Still disoriented and off balance, she made short work of the out of practice huntress. With a few quick hand to hand strikes Weiss' guard fell apart. Finishing her off with a kick to the chest, Weiss flew back into Ren. Both of them impacted against the wall with an audible thump. Moving onto Pyrrha, who unlike Weiss, was armed, she closed the distance, firing another fireball as she changed. Pyrrha raised her shield to block the dangerous blast of flame, and that was when Cinder made her move. With a swift spin kick, she knocked aside Pyrrha's sword before moving in for the kill. Just before Cinder could finish her off, Yang intervened with shotgun powered punch to her back that threw her several feet back. Rolling to her feet Cinder fired another blast at Pyrrha, who barely manage to raise her shield in time.

"You know Nikos, I always admired you. You've got such drive and passion. It's a pity then, what I'm about to do to you all. I imagine it'll hurt like an arrow to the heart."

"Well that was oddly specific." Pyrrha said

"Yeah" Yang added "I mean it's like saying 'that car hit me and it felt like getting trampled by a heard of polar bears.' It just kinda comes out of nowhere."

"You're an idiot, which is why I'm gonna enjoy turning you to ash."

"Oh see that's much bette-WOAH!" Yang shouted as she was

Leaping at Pyrrha, Cinder pushed off the warrior's shield, sending herself flying into Yang. She opened with a spin kick aimed at Yang's face but the huntress easily countered with a block with her left gauntlet. Taking advantage of the opening, Yang grabbed Cinder's left and swung her opponent into the wall behind her. Cinder reached out and stopped herself against the wall before her face crashed into it, and countered with a kick to Yang's stomach with her free leg, sending them both crashing to the floor. Leaping over Yang's crumpled form, Pyrrha attacked Cinder with an overhead strike from Milo, hoping to take advantage of the opening Cinder left as she stumbled to her feet, only for a shower of sparks to catch her in her face as Cinder dodged out of the way. Cinder was about to finish her with a blast of fire before turning the energy into a shield to block a spray of bullets sent at her by Ren.

"Y'know getting ganged up on is just no fun." Cinder said.

"Well that's what you get for taking on multiple huntresses, and Ren, when they all want to kill you."

"What can I say," Cinder smiled "The things I do for love."

Flipping to her left, she shot a stream of fire into the floor her opponents were standing on. Ren and Pyrrha leapt back while Yang summersaulted through the air towards Cinder, shouting "Enough with the fire already"

Landing on her feet she barely managed to evade an axe kick aimed at her, before she was caught in the stomach by a spin kick. Yang smiled as she felt the pain rise in her chest. Every bit of punishment she took became more power that she can unleash on the bitch that had hurt her little girl. While Yang got back on her feet, Cinder threw up a wall of fire in a semi-circle directly in front of her which Yang had every intention of running straight through, but as Yang neared the circle, a silver glyph appeared directly in front of her. Grinning at Weiss' support, she used the glyph to propel her over the flame and behind Cinder. Before Cinder could prepare herself she was caught in a flurry up punches, each shot of pain punctuated with the signature BANG of Ember Celica, all while Yang shouted at her. "This one's for my sister, that is for my wife, this is for my little girl, and this it to remind you do not fuck with my family!"

Yang finished her off with a dual blast from her gauntlets, sending her to the floor. Cinder looked up, blood flowing into her vision, barely able to see herself getting surrounded by Pyrrha, Yang, Ren, and an ethereal silver knight. Knowing she was outmatched and outnumbered, she, in an act of desperation, fired a blast of fire at everything flammable in the room she could see. Before the people around her could do anything, the hallway was engulfed in flame, threatening to consume the house. As they moved to fight the fire back, using ice dust to slow its spread as best they could, Cinder leapt to her feet, smashing through a nearby window, setting anything in her path alight. Retreating down the hall towards the rest of the group, those who had recovered enough to help joined the hunters, Coco and Nora covering the hallway in ice, but any progress they made was made negligible as Cinder hammered the manor from outside, intent on using everything she had to reduce the Schnee's home to cinders.

Looking to her father, Weiss spoke "We need to go. She'll burn the house to the ground at this rate."

August nodded solemnly. He was reluctant to leave and let his home burn to the ground. Schnees are prideful, after all, but he also knew when to retreat. They moved through the hallways of the once flawless manor house, heat and smoke turning what once was a magnificent example of the Schnee families power into a smoking wreck. They rushed through the hallway, passing by decades of Weiss' family history as it turned to ash around them, servants rushing out of smoke filled rooms. A maid rushed out of a nearby bedroom, crashing into Velvet. Seeing the group in front of her, she said "I took my daughter to work with me. I couldn't afford a sitter, please I need to find her. I took my eyes off her for just a second!"

Weiss nodded. "We'll find her. Don't worry." A moment later a blast of fire tore apart a nearby wall, causing a part of the second floor near it to cave in. Weiss felt a hand grab her shoulder. Looking to the owner of the hand, she saw Ruby's face, wearing a small confident smile. "You guys won't be able to make it AND get the staff out. I'm the only one fast enough. Get these guys out of here." Ruby said, looking to the rest of the group. "I'll look for anyone still in the mansion."

Weiss was hesitant, but nodded nonetheless. "Be careful Ruby. Please."

Ruby's smile grew brighter. Weiss was reminded that this was Ruby's element. She lived to help people. "Go. I got this." was all Ruby said before disappearing around the corner, a swarm of rose petals coming into existence behind her, before bursting into flame as they neared the fire.

Weiss gazed after her in worry, before the turning to the rest of the group, beckoning them onwards. The smoke was thick and clouded their vision, but Weiss had grown up in this house. She knew every hallway and every room. In less than a minute, the group threw open the front door and rushed out into the waiting arms of the firemen. A loud thump rang out behind them, and Weiss barely caught a glimpse of Ruby dropping off a maid outside before rushing back in.

It went on like that for several more minutes as Ruby deposited more trapped staff members onto the front steps of the house, only to dart back in to search for more survivors. Every time Ruby appeared, Weiss' worry would dissipate, only to build back up as she charged headlong back into the flames over and over again. After almost an hour, a little girl came running out of the front doors and into the arms of the maid who they had helped on their way out. The flames had finally died down under the firefighters constant water barrage. Running to the girl, Weiss barged her way through the small crowd of medics and got on her knees in front of her.

"Excuse me, did you see a woman with red hair and silver eyes in the house?

"Oh you mean the lady that makes those pretty rose petals? She helped get me out of kitchen when I couldn't get the door open, and then she fell over in there, but don't worry! The nice lady with the red dress said she'd save her!" the girl finished with a bright smile.

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