A/N: Number 3 for you all! So I was first trying to alternate chapters between the two, but as I wrote this one, I knew it wasn't going to work that way. So I'm kind of writing both together. Sound okay? I hope you enjoy :)

Hey it's me, I've done what I said I would and gotten started. I've forgotten how funny kids can be. And sweet…Lizzie and Mika are only eleven and ten, but completely devoted to each other. It's remarkable.

Daddy – Forgiveness

Maggie – Sex 26 Days

Glenn – Onomatopoeia 1½ Days

Lizzie – Mika

Mika – Lizzie

Luke – Butt

Molly – Pony

That's it for now. I've asked Michonne, though…she seemed confused. But she did promise to think about it. She seems like someone who might take twenty six days, but unlike Maggie, actually come up with a really beautiful answer. Maybe something like beleaguer or penumbra…who really knows though?

Something I've noticed…new subject matter here…Daryl's been looking at me. Not mean or anything. Just looking more as if he's unsure about something. Ever since he and Michonne got back from the first Piggly Wiggly Run and then the next day with Sasha, Glenn, and Maggie…he's been watching. I'm not bothered at all, I mean, it's not like I don't watch him. Now I'm sounding like a stalker or something. I don't know…

I haven't asked him yet.

Beth was convinced the only reason Judith was fussing so much was because Beth had lied to Daryl about the teething. Now the little girl wouldn't settle and Beth was the one to deal with it.

"Shh shh," she implored, carrying the baby through the dark kitchen and toward the exit. Maybe the cool night air would give Judith some relief. Stepping out into the soft darkness of the square, Beth breathed deep and gazed down at the baby in her arms, still fussing up a storm. Without thinking, she started humming an old favorite of hers and switched over to singing.

Someone told me long ago there's a calm before the storm
I know, it's been comin' for some time
When it's over, so they say, it'll rain a sunny day
I know, shinin' down like water

Judith's eyes brightened, and her cries turned happy. Beth smiled back and continued singing, pleased Judith was already showing signs of great taste in music. She was going to personally ensure this girl grew up knowing the magic of real music. She had already put a stop to one of the girls singing Justin Bieber. No way in Hell was that going on under Beth's roof.

I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain?
I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain
Comin' down on a sunny day?

"You gotta be kidding me." Beth jumped at the grumbled complaint behind her.

"Don't do that!" she cried softly, a smile on her face. Daryl was the only one in the prison who could sneak up on her, scaring the living daylights out of her. It drove her insane. Why couldn't he just move around like a normal person?

"Michonne give you that idea?" he asked angrily, flicking a cigarette in the dirt at her feet.

"What?" she asked, shooting him a confused look. She hitched Judith higher onto her hip. She swore that half the time, she had no clue what Daryl was going on about. The man was purposefully cryptic.

"That damn song…." He muttered as he stomped the cigarette beneath his boot.

"It's CCR, Daryl…they're classic," she explained. She brushed a stray curl from her eyes and froze at the heated stare from the man across from her. Finally, Beth offered a half smile. "Not a fan?"

"Hell nah," he replied running a hand through his dark hair and looking up at the stars.

"Well…it's what I got," she stated, more than a little bit irritated. Not that she didn't love Judith, but being the only one expected to care for the little girl was enough to make Beth scream. Even Rick, the baby's father, was too busy playing farmer to stay up with her. She didn't need critique on her song choices from anyone, including Daryl. "So unless you have any requests..."

She could feel her face turning red under Daryl's intense gaze, and she thanked God it was too dark for him to notice. Though he was so damn observant, he could probably feel the heat radiating from her face. That was all she needed. Not only was she tired and sore from working the fences most of the day, she was also implying Daryl give her music ideas. Beth knew he thought her singing silly and useless…she was never more uneasy than when he was in the vicinity while she sang. At least he had stopped scoffing at her.

While Beth's thoughts passed from Judith to Daryl, she failed to notice his continuing stare. If she wasn't so tired and it wasn't so dark, she may have seen the way his dark eyes strayed from her bright blue ones to her soft hands holding Judith in a loving embrace to the way she stood with one boot against the wall behind her. Even when pissed off, she still stood with a relaxed grace that never ceased to astonish him.

Finally, shaking herself from her reverie, Beth forced herself to push forward. "Well…"

"Well what?" Daryl muttered, unsure of what exactly she was expecting from him. Beth only rolled her eyes and shifted Judith to her other hip.

"Nothin'…never mind," she mumbled, too exhausted to really get into any sort of confrontation. She turned and prepared to make her way back into the prison. She would try bringing Judith to the library next.

Daryl reached forward and grabbed her arm, surprising both parties. He froze, his eyes drawn to where his hand met skin. It was softer than he had thought possible in a world like theirs all gone to shit.

Before Beth had a chance to respond, Daryl had inched closer. "Don't you "Never mind" me; you got something to say, say it," he ordered, his grip tight on her arm. Beth stayed silent for a moment, too entranced by his hand on her and the way his thumb gently grazed her skin. She wondered if he even realized he was doing it.

A cry from Judith made Beth look up from her arm and lock eyes with Daryl. She sighed and gently pulled her arm away. "Honest, Daryl, it's nothing. Just been a long day, and I'm tired." She could see the hunter mull her words over while trying to sense any lies in them. After a minute's contemplation, he looked up at the sky once more and shrugged.

"Looks like Little Asskicker is calming down a bit…best get her inside," he stated gruffly. Beth offered a small smile and nodded in reply. Shifting Judith once more to her other hip, Beth turned again toward the main entrance to Block C. Knowing Daryl would wait a good long while to follow her in, Beth paused and rotated to face him yet again.

"Daryl, I – " He was already striding toward the fence, but stopped at the soft sound of her voice. Before he had a chance to respond, Beth mumbled another never mind his way and disappeared inside the block.

Rather than continue on his way, Daryl observed the door through which Beth had left and rubbed one rough hand over his face. "Christ," he muttered, once more thinking of the feel of her skin under his hand. He didn't have time for this. Making his way once more out to check the perimeter, he found himself humming, rather off key, about ever seeing the rain.