The window opened silently and two shadowy figures crept into the room and made their way over to the bed that had a tiny sleeping lump on it. They were very careful to not make any noise as the slightly taller figure removed the covers and started to pick up the sleeping drow underneath. But, as he did, the other figure stepped on a creaky floorboard, awaking Artemis. That footstep was too heavy to be Drizzt's. He thought as he stood up and drew his swords, then ran silently to the kidnappers. Artemis stabbed the closer one in the back with his dagger and absorbed his lifeforce, giving him more energy. The man slumped down to the floor with a silent scream. Artemis then sliced across the other man at a high angle as he saw him turning around. Which resulted in a deeply slit throat. A loud thump woke Drizzt up from his peaceful sleep.

"Hmmm…? What's goin' on 'Treri…?" Drizzt asked sitting up sleepily. Artemis cringed slightly at the mispronunciation of his last name.

"Nothing, go back to sleep," He commanded as he cleaned the blood off his blades on the clothes of one of the two bodies. Too tired to argue Drizzt complied and fell back onto his pillow, asleep almost instantly. Artemis sighed. Now he had to clean up these blasted bodies. What are they doing here anyways? He looked closer at the dead men, and recognized their clothing as being common among slavers in this area. Not that slavers were common up north but it was unmistakable that they were.

"I see…" Artemis mumbled quietly putting the pieces together. He then began to drag the bodies out the window which he noticed was open. After he finished disposing of the bodies, he shut and locked the window. Artemis then went over to Drizzt and checked him for any injuries carefully so he did not wake him up. As Artemis did so, Drizzt just kept sleeping and snoring adorably, with his thumb in his mouth. Seeing nothing wrong with Drizzt, Artemis went to the couch and laid back down but took quite a bit longer to fall asleep than before. He was still awake when Jarlaxle came in but pretended to be asleep so he would not have to talk to him.

"Ah, there's my hat," Artemis heard him say. After a few moment of silence, Artemis opened his eyes to a slit and saw that Jarlaxle was now laying down, presumably either asleep or about to be. He then glanced over at Drizzt one more time to make sure he was still asleep. I hate having to save his skin so often… After this last thought Artemis finally fell asleep but kept waking up and then he thought since he was already awake he should check on Drizzt. He did not get very much rest at all that night.

"Artemis! What are you doing still asleep? Come on get up you lazy bum," Jarlaxle said to Artemis rather loudly in an attempt to wake up the sleeping assassin. Artemis just rolled over towards the back of the couch to ignore the flamboyant drow. Jarlaxle shook his head.

"I already have everything packed too. Such a shame we can't leave yet," He said. Artemis sighed and sat up.

"Fine, I'm up. Just go get the brat ready since you're such an early riser…" Artemis replied before grabbing his bag and going to the washroom to change his clothes with some privacy.

"Fair enough." Jarlaxle then went over to Drizzt and woke him up. Unlucky for him though, Drizzt woke up in a bad mood and did not want to cooperate in any way.

"Go 'way…" Drizzt mumbled burying his face into his pillow. Jarlaxle picked him up and said, "Come now, you've already slept enough."

"I don't wanna get up… Go 'way…" Drizzt said, rubbing his eyes tiredly.

"Sorry but we have to leave early if we want to make it to Luskan by tomorrow." Jarlaxle told him firmly as he got Drizzt's clothes out. Whining, Drizzt attempted to wiggle out of Jarlaxle's arms but was obviously much weaker in his toddler body. The whining however seemed to work better than any struggling Drizzt could do, as Jarlaxle covered Drizzt's mouth fairly soon after he began whining. He looked up at Jarlaxle with irritation.

I don't want to leave so early… It's still dark out… Drizzt thought as he looked out the window while Jarlaxle got him ready to travel. And indeed, it was still very dark outside and the sun would not come up for another hour. Drizzt yawned and closed eyes. Jarlaxle could not help but smile down at him slightly.

"If you're still tired, then you can sleep while we ride," He said to the little drow most likely already asleep. Jarlaxle picked him up as soon as he finished dressing him, and then put Drizzt over his shoulder, holding him with one arm. Artemis came out of the washroom then, pulling his hair back into his usual low ponytail.

"Are we ready to go now?" He asked emotionlessly. Jarlaxle nodded and they went to the stables.

The trip that day had been as Artemis had said to Jarlaxle, a living hell. It had started out well Artemis thought, Drizzt was asleep and he did not have to deal with him. The trouble started when he let Drizzt sleep too long.

Drizzt stirred slowly, his eyes fluttering open. He yawned and looked around, then realized he was not in the room he had fallen asleep in. He panicked for a moment before he felt Artemis behind him and saw that they were traveling swiftly atop their horse. Drizzt pulled on Artemis's cloak and looked up at him to try to get his attention. It worked and Artenis looked down at him apathetically. Great he's awake. "What do you need?" He asked. Drizzt bounced where he sat.

"Can we play a game or something?" He asked hopefully. It was apparent he was full of energy after sleeping for so long and was ready to run around.

"No, we don't have time to stop," Artemis said.

"Please? We can even um… Spar maybe?" We can't do the kind of duel he wants now, so it won't hurt to spar I don't think… Artemis just looked down at Drizzt like he was crazy.

"You really think we could 'spar' effectively when you're an infant?" He asked. He's lost more of his mind than I thought. Drizzt glared up at him. "I'm not an infant!" He yelled at Artemis angrily. Artemis raised an eyebrow at Drizzt.

"Oh you aren't?" Drizzt shook his head making his hair fly out behind him. "Then why do I have to feed, clothe and bathe you?"

"Because you won't let me try!" Drizzt yelled back at him.

"Why do I have to defend you from slavers then? Can you defend yourself from them?" Drizzt just looked up at him in confusion.

"What slavers?" He asked, completely forgetting about what they were talking about before. Artemis just rolled his eyes.

"Exactly. You don't remember because you were asleep. If I hadn't been there to save your skin, you would be waking up to find yourself a slave," He said with only a hint of bitterness evident in his tone. Drizzt looked up at Artemis in shock.

"You saved me?" Drizzt said, voicing his thoughts. Why would he do that? I know he wants to get me back to normal so he can fight me but we hate each other… I… I'm so confused… Artemis nodded after a moment. "Yes, I… Saved… You…" He said. Drizzt was overcome with so many confusing feelings all at once. The most prominent emotion he felt was confusion but there were others as well. He felt a little scared that he had almost been kidnapped. He felt embarrassed that he was completely unaware of the danger. And also felt… Grateful to Entreri? Before Drizzt realized what he was doing, he turned around and hugged Artemis tightly.

"Thank you for saving me 'Treri…" He mumbled almost inaudibly. He let go of Artemis and blushed a bright red. Artemis nearly stopped the horse out of shock but managed to keep going but only just barely. Did he just… Hug me? He glanced down at Drizzt to see him wrapping Artemis's long flowing cloak around himself like a blanket with a big blush on his cheeks that could be seen even with his dark skin. Artemis buried his own confusion and ignored Drizzt for the rest of the ride and Drizzt did the same.