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Title: A Defiant Mask

Summary: "Bloody Hell" are Lily's first words when she learns that she'll have to deal with James as Head Boy. B/C of past experience, she has an undying hatred for guys. She's also fiercely stubborn and can be very disagreeable. But is it only a mask?

Disclaimer: I own none of this, save the plot and some characters that you'll recognize as not being in the Hp books ;) The rest belongs to J.K. Rowling, of course!


Chapter One- The Head Boy and the Objectionable Girl


Lily glared roughly. "I'd appreciate it if you would tell me the truth."

"Just leave." Jake grunted, not looking up.

Lily's temper flared again. She picked up a nearby vase and shot it across the room, where it ended up splattering into the wall behind him. "You will tell me the truth! I've got the time, spit it out! Confess!"


"CUT!" the director of the play yelled out. "Nice job everyone. Those of you who still have a part to play, we'll pick it up tomorrow." His deep voice boomed across the entire room without effort.

Lily Evans grunted, ran a hand through her dark auburn hair, and descended the stairs off of the stage. Heather, one of her best friends from Hogwarts, was waiting at the foot.

Before her dark-haired friend could say anything, Lily stated fiercely, "I hate plays!"

"Your mother would be disappointed to hear that." Heather smiled.

Lily shrugged. "She needs a little disappointment in her life. I don't know why she insisted on signing me up for this play. She's punishing me for something."

Jake, who had played the main character in the play, appeared in front of Lily. He extended a hand. "It was nice to meet you, Lily. I hope that we'll be acting together again in the future."

Lily scrunched up her noise and glanced at his hand, seemingly indecisive about whether she should take it or not. She felt Heather poke her from behind, and reluctantly accepted the handshake. "Yeah, wouldn't that be great…" she was highly unconvincing. Jake had the common sense to leave.

Lily simply laughed and Heather shook her head. "I don't think that I'll ever understand why you hate guys so much."

"Good, then save me from explaining it to you."

Heather's hazel eyes twinkled. "I don't know how you'll last through this year then. You know, you'll have to be working with the Head Boy."

Lily was mute.

"Speaking of the Head Boy," Heather was having trouble containing her mirth, "I found out who it is."

Lily's emerald eyes flashed with interest. "Do I need to ask you who? Go on, woman!"

"James Potter."

"Bloody Hell!"

Half the people in the room turned to stare. Some of them, noticing that it had been Lily, simply shook their heads knowingly and turned away.

Heather was laughing freely. "You have to get over it some time, Lils. You can't be single forever, you know."

"Oh yes I can. Guys are immature and don't know what they're talking about. They're either self-centered or retarded. Sometimes both," she finished thoughtfully. When Heather didn't respond, she added, "I don't need to get married. And I'm certainly not ever having kids." She shuddered at the thought.

"If I didn't know better, I would think that you're a lesbian."

"That's nice."

Any normal person may be offended or annoyed by the thought. But Heather had learned a long time ago that Lily Evans simply wasn't normal. Secretly, she didn't think Lily hated guys either…she just pretended to. And she couldn't get her red-headed friend to explain why.

Heather realized in a matter of seconds that Lily was pulling on her sleeve. Mrs. Evans was here. And…Jessica!

"Jess! I haven't seen you in forever!" she ran over, almost tripping on her new, exotically designed skirt, and gave Jessica a hug.

Lily stood off to the side, grinning. In a few seconds, they were both engulfed in a tight hug.

"It's so great to see you guys!" Jessica said loudly, as usual. She wasn't one to be quiet. Her blond hair was pulled behind in a ponytail.

"You should be ashamed of yourself," Lily mentioned, "You haven't been sending us letters."

"Believe me, they keep you busy at quidditch camp."

Heather and Lily smiled at one another. Lily turned to her mother. "Mum, I thought Jessica wasn't coming until tomorrow morning, before we leave for King's Cross."

Mrs. Evans gave them a pleasant smile. "Thought I'd give you girls a surprise. How did the play go?"

"It was horrible." Lily replied in total seriousness.

"Right. Into the car, everyone!"


Lily lay on top of her sleeping bag, grinning at Jessica while she tried to brush her blonde hair out. It had grown long over the summer.

Heather was sitting off to the side. She glanced up, snapping her book shut. "Are we ready to begin our nighttime girl talk?"

"What?!" Jessica turned around.

"Oh, excuse me. I forgot that Jessica's here." She grinned. "Would you rather we have a sports discussion?"

"Yes, I-"

"We can do that later." Lily said, rolling her eyes. "This is gonna be our last year at Hogwarts guys! It has to be fun."

Lily's mum poked her head in the door, glanced around, and smiled as if she knew something they didn't. "You better not stay up too late. I'll be waking you up early to leave. You don't want to miss the Hogwarts Express!"

"No, mother. That would be the end of the world."

Mrs. Evans didn't take the hint, and instead stepped into the room. "I really think you're going to have fun at school this year. At my, er- Muggle high school, I remember my last year. Filled with all sorts of fun. And dating." She added as an afterthought.

Lily groaned. Not again. As if living with her is not embarrassing enough.

"Lily, I know that guys at school are after you. Being my beautiful daughter…" Lily closed her eyes and tuned out. When she opened them, her mum was gone and her friends were laughing.

"Lils, speaking of making this year fun…your mum is right. We think it's time to get you involved with a guy."

"Hell no."

"Like I said before: Lesbianism…" Heather said, winking.

"If you're not a lesbian, don't try to fill one's shoes!" Jessica added.

Lily looked bewildered and confused at the same time. "You're both mad. And I'm going to bed."


Lily shifted again. It was useless! She simply couldn't go back to sleep. She propped herself up on an elbow and her eyes scanned over the two lumps beside her. She sighed, seeing that they were both sound asleep.

Tip-toeing out the door wasn't easy. She had to stop once or twice to rub the toes that she kept hitting on random objects.

She walked all the way back to her room (they had been sleeping in the living room, on the floor, since it was bigger), and spread out across her bed, staring at the ceiling.

She thought back to the discussion earlier that evening. Why does everyone insist that I get a boyfriend? Well…I guess they don't know why I don't want to. They don't understand because I won't tell them. I can't trust men anyway…

Lily had had a boyfriend, for their information. A few years ago. He had been like any guy…unless you had a relationship with him. Controlling, spiteful. She still had the emotional scars. Since then, she had decided that all guys were the same. All of them. They weren't worth her time, and so in order to get rid of them, she was very rude. She grinned. It was a rather enjoyable pastime to think of the guys she had put down. A constant war. That's what it is. A constant war.

She refused to admit that it would be nice to have a guy that she could depend on and cuddle up with. It's never going to happen anyway. And I'm wasting my time here. Lily realized that she was much sleepier and had forgotten why she had come all the way over here anyway. She rose from the bed, stretched, and walked slowly back to her sleeping bag.


"Time to get up!" Mrs. Evans said loudly, cheerfully. The three of them groaned as one, refusing to open their eyes and admit that horrid bright light of morning.

"It's too early." Lily groaned.

Mrs. Evans ignored her. "I'll be making breakfast."

After a few minutes of lying there like lumps, each of them got up and rubbed their eyes in an annoyed fashion. Slowly, they grabbed their clothes that they had set out for today and pulled them on without caring that they might all look like arisen dead people.

Lily smiled when she saw Heather's choice of clothing. Always the original person. And Jessica…sporty, of course.

They walked out together after making sure that their trunks were packed and ready. The sweet smell of homemade pancakes overwhelmed them, and they were drawn to the already set table.

Their eyes were slowly becoming wider and less sleepy. "Can you believe that we're already leaving for Hogwarts again?" Jessica asked, taking a sip of orange juice.

"What I can't believe is that this is the last time. Our last year." Heather pointed out.

"Sort of sad, isn't it?" Lily added, squeezing syrup onto her plate.

Half an hour later they were all squeezed into the car with their trunks and Mrs. Evans.

"I'm positive that you girls are going to have fun this year. You'll have to keep your father and I informed Lily. Send us some letters…er, owls."

Lily rolled her eyes. "Where is dad?"

"He's working this morning."

"Oh. Well tell him I said bye."

"I will, dear."

The three girls were silent for awhile. They had barely even touched their hair, and looked as if they had just gotten out of bed. Their reasoning for that- well, they had.

The car came to a sudden stop, and it was apparent that they were there. Mrs. Evans got out first, smiled when she saw that they weren't moving, and pulled them out of the car. Reluctantly, they grabbed a hold of their trunks and turned to look at Lily's mum.

"Thanks Mrs. Evans." Heather and Jessica said together, smiling.

"Of course, dears. It's always been nice to have you over. I'm glad Lily has such sweet friends." With those words, she embraced Lily in a suffocating hug. The other girls waited.

Once Lily was released, she mumbled a, "Bye, mum." and the three of them walked through the crowd to the barrier of platform 9 ¾. Heather, Jessica, and Lily walked through one by one.

On the other side, they found themselves amidst a large bulk of wizards and witches. They grinned.

"Time to have some fun again." Heather laughed. They glanced around as they made their way to the compartment of their choice. They plopped themselves down in the seats, very ready to get to Hogwarts.

"This year really is going to be great. Lily- I'm so happy for you! Head Girl! I can't believe we've finally come this far." Jessica stated in a loud voice. They felt the train lurch forward.

Suddenly, their door was opened and a head popped in. Gelled black hair, brown eyes, and a tall stature signaled that it was James Potter. The Head Boy.

"Er, hi." He said, glancing around and attempting to smile. His eyes rested on Lily. He took a moment before speaking again. "Dumbledore, um, told me that I was supposed to find you so that we could talk before the Welcoming Feast."

Lily looked annoyed. "Fine. Then let's get it over with." She glanced at her grinning friends angrily. Mouthing, 'you guys are annoying me', she followed James out the door and closed it behind her.

"What are we supposed to talk about?"

"Well, you see…he left that part out of his letter." James smiled at her. "Have we ever met?"

Lily mumbled, "I hope not." out of his range of hearing. To him, she replied, "I don't think so, why?"

"I just thought I would remember such a pretty girl, had we talked." He turned away while she opened her mouth in surprise.

Suddenly, she clamped it shut, becoming more angry. He motioned for her to follow, and led them into a nearby empty compartment.

"What makes you think you can say that to me?" Lily stepped in front of him. "Huh?"

He looked confused and surprised, and simply stared at her. "What do you mean?"

"I'm not just anyone that you can hit on, you know!"

James still looked confused. "Excuse me?"

"Are you retarded?"

"Thank you, no." James replied, grinning. "I was giving you a compliment, Lily."

"It was unwanted."

He was still grinning. I like this girl. Feisty one, we have here. Sirius would be very amused by this conversation. Especially because I'm being an idiot again. Oh well.

"Well excuse me for that."

She looked triumphant.

"But I still think you're attractive."

Her eyes narrowed again. "What did you want to say James? Why do we need to talk anyway?"

He shrugged, his brown eyes watching her closely. "I told you, Dumbledore…" suddenly, his eyes lit up. "I have met you before! In fourth year- you slapped me, remember?"

She grinned. "Of course I do. It was very entertaining."

He was laughing. "You going to again?"

"I dunno. If you keep annoying me, then probably." She replied seriously.

He stopped laughing. "Well, I guess we've talked…my friends wanted to plan a prank, anyway…I like you Lily, you're funny."

"Whatever you want to think." She replied, already out the door.

James stared after her, running a hand through his gelled hair, which he spiked so that it looked like he meant to do it…but it probably would have on its own anyway. Was she kidding? He wondered. I have a feeling that's a very complex girl. I do like her though…lively one. He laughed and turned back to his compartment.


"How'd the…meeting go, Lily?" Heather asked when she walked back into the room huffing.

"Another idiot! I swear, I'm surrounded!"

"Well thanks." Jessica said.

"No- I don't mean you guys," she grinned, "well, maybe sometimes."

"Well what happened that you're upset about?" Heather inquired.

"He tried to hit on me!"

Jessica and Heather exchanged glances and burst out laughing. "Oh- it's the end of the world!"

When they finally quieted down, Lily was standing in front of them, staring with her arms crossed.

"Well, Lils, guys have hit on you before."

"Yeah, but not guys that I have to work with all year."

"Oh, I'm pretty sure that by the end of the year someone will have changed your mind."

"Yeah, that's what you think." She turned away from them and smiled when they couldn't see.


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