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Tori's POV

"Alright Vega, I gotta head home for that stupid family dinner." Jade said getting up from my bed.

We just finished a horror movie marathon that we started last night. I get up following Jade downstaris to see her out. 'Just tell her Tori." I say to myself. I don't know why but I just can't get myself to form the words.

"Alright Jade I'll see you later, have fun tonight." I say bringing Jade into a hug which she now doesn't try to fight.

Jade and I became close friend when her and Beck broke up about 6 months ago. She came over the night they broke up in tears and heartbroken. I took her in and up to my room allowing her to cry herself to sleep. She fell asleep after a cfew hours of crying and explaining how Beck felt like they just weren't working anymore. After that night I found myself hanging out with Jade more and more either at my place or even at her place. It was slightly awkward with the group at lunch for a while but after about 3 months Jade and Beck started being able to talk again. We would hang out as a group not as much as we had before they broke up and they would be civil they just wouldn't talk.

Somewhere in these past 6 months I developed a crush on Jade that turned into falling in love with her. I didn't want to tell her to early and ruin the friendship since she was recovering from her break up.

"Bye Vega." Jade says pulling back from the hug with a smirk before walking out the door to her car.

I decided to turn on the TV in the living room. I searched through the channels looking for something good while I had the house to myself. I got lost in my house thoughts trying to figure out how I was going to tell Jade of my feelings. I hated holding them in I just didn't know how to tell her.

After about an hour of watching TV I get a text from Jade.

'This dinner is boring. You should come over later, I have to talk to you about something.' The text read.

I felt a weird feeling of slight nervousness and anxiousness to know what Jade wanted to talk to me about. I quickly answered her that I was sorry dinner was boring and tat I'd be over later whenever she got back.

I lay down on the couch watching TV again but couldn't focus on it much as my mind just kept going back to what Jade wanted to talk to me about. I must have fallen asleep while watching TV because I woke up an hour later to my parents walking in the front door.

I check to see I have a new text as I sit up on the couch, it's from Jade telling she is home and to come over whenever. I stand up from the couch preparing to go upstairs and get ready real quick.

"Hey kiddo, before you leave, we need to talk to you about something." My dad says before I can run upstairs.

"Okay sure." I say sitting back down in my spot on the couch.

"I got promotion today, I was offered a position of detective." My dad says proudly.

"Oh my god that's great dad!" I exclaim jumping up from the couch to give him a hug. As I hug him I notice my mom sitting on the chair byt e couch has a sad smile on her face. I pull back to look at him.

"Tori, the position is in Washington." My dad explained.

"Oh no. Dad are you moving there?" I ask sadly.

"No honey, we are all moving there." My mom says getting up from the chair.

I fall back onto the couch as my world crashes down.

Jade's POV

I get home from my boring family dinner that consisted of my mom, aunt and cousin. It was boring to say the least. My cousin who is my age and cool wasn't able to come today because of work so I was left with her younger and quite annoying brother.

I decided to text Tori part way through the dinner. It's been 6 months since the break up with Beck and I am finally to move on and be in a relationship again. I plan on telling Tori tonight my feelings for her. I feel confidant that the feelings are mutual but even if they aren't it's still worth the risk of telling her.

I never thought I would see the day I'd fall for Tori Fucking Vega but I did.. She never once gave up on me and has always been there for me no matter how mean I have been in the past not to mention she is gorgeous and sexy. I think I had feelings for her when Beck and I were still together but they were buried deep inside of me. Though I was very heartbroken when Beck broke up with me I knew he was right that we just weren't working. After I finally let Tori in I realized just how amazing a person she is. Even if she doesn't return the feelings I know I won't regret telling her because she isn't' a type of person to mock me for it.

I just started a horror movie when the doorbell rings. I check my phone for any text from Vega but there is nothing. I run down the stairs checking the door hole to see that it's Tori standing there.

"Way to just show up at my house without a text first Vega." I say with a smirk jokingly. My smirk falls off my face quickly when I realize Tori is crying.

"Tori what's wrong?" I asked slightly panicked that she is this upset. I pull her inside then into my arms where she cries into my shoulder. "Shhhh it's okay, Tori what happened? Why are you so upset?" I ask quietly as she cries.

"I'm moving." Tori says pulling back to look me in the eyes. I don't want to ask because I already know from how upset she is right now that it's not close and it's going to be sooner than later.

"Where?" I ask as a lump forms in my throat.

"Washington, my dad got a promotion." Tori says through tears. I feel my own burn my eyes but I fight them.

"Do you know when?" I squeak out.

"In 2 weeks." I feel my heart plummet into my stomach.

Tori just leans forward into me again wrapping her arms around me. I just wrap my arms around her and hold her as she falls apart. I feel my heart rip in half I was happy with her, friends with her possibly going to even be something more but that is all destroyed and I can't stop my tears from flowing. I pull her up to my room turning on a movie as we just mindlessly watch it. We don't talk about her moving we just quietly watch the movie. Tori has her head on my shoulder and I rest mine on hers.

"So what did you need to tell me tonight, I know I kind of dropped big news on you earlier but I'm curious." Tori asks me halfway through the movie.

"Oh it's nothing important you are dealing with a lot tonight." I say quickly.

"Please Jade. I need something to distract me." Tori begs and with how sad she looks I give in.

"Uh I, I think I am ready to start dating again." I say.

"Oh really? Congrats that is great Jade, do you have someone you like in mind?" Tori asks me looking happy for me.

"Yeah actually that guy Jake from our history class last year, he messaged me the other day, and he seems pretty cool so I decided to give him a shot." I lie to Tori and I feel shitty but there seems no point in telling her I have feelings fro her if she is just going to move away. Tori gives me a small smile and nods.

"You should totally go for it I know he had a big crush on you and you should get back out in the dating scene." Tori says. She has a smile but there is something that doesn't match with her smile, she is probably just acting happy for me even though she is upset over moving.

"You think so?" I ask. Maybe I was wrong maybe she didn't have feelings for me at all. She seems genuinely happy for me.

"Yeah, you deserve to be happy Jade." Tori says squeezing my hand. I just nod feeling my heart clench as we both turn back to the movie.

"Well I should get back home I kind of rushed out of my parents house earlier and I don't want them to worry." Tori says standing up.

"You sure you don't want to stay the night?" I ask wanting to spend every last second she has here with me.

"No I have a lot to talk about with my parents It was a little bad before I ran out but thank you Jade, I'll see you later." Tori says standing up and walking out of my room. I was upset she didn't try to hug me. I quickly chase after her downstairs.

"Tori wait." I say just as she reaches the door. "Text me or call me or just come over if you need anything or to just get away okay?" I say to her. She smiles and nods. I pull her into a tight hug wishing she wasn't moving and that I could just tell her my feelings.

"Give Jake a chance Jade he seems like a good guy." Tori says before she walks out the door to her car. I shut the door and lean against it before I slide down it to the floor and start crying.

I honestly have never hated my life until this point. I get dumped by Beck and fall for Tori and get close with her just to have her taken away from me. Am I not allowed to be happy?

"I love you Tori." I whisper out to the air in-between sobs.

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