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Tori's POV

After the last encounter with Lindsey where Jade very kindly gave her a new look, I did not see her on campus again. For a while I was nervous about her popping up at school to seek revenge but after a month of nothing I finally put my guard down.

Jade and I continued to live together and went to school. After 2 years in our apartment Jade surprised me for my birthday with a puppy. He was a beagle pug mix and she was the cutest little puppy in the world. I named her Tawny to make Jade happy since she made me so happy with getting me the dog I wanted since I first moved in with her.


I wake up and notice that Jade is not in bed with me. She must be getting coffee or making breakfast. I am very sad when I walk out to the kitchen and find Jade is not in the kitchen or anywhere in the apartment. Did she go to work today without saying anything to me? It's my birthday. I sit down on the couch and turn on the TV trying to distract from my sad feeling inside.

After an hour of trying to focus on the TV and trying not to cry I am shocked when the door to the apartment swings open. Jade walks in and looks over at me.

"Oh you are up, did you make more coffee?" I just look at her shocked. I feel tears burn my eyes. Oh my god she forgot my birthday. "So did you?" I hear Jade ask again. I just shake my head.

"Vega, I need help with something in the car." Jade says walking back out of the apartment. I just shake my head sadly and follow Jade out anyways. "It's in the back seat. " Jade says going around to the driver's side door in the front of her car.

I walk to her car and open the door and see a small animal crate carrier in the back seat,

"Oh my god." I say climbing in and turning it to see the front of the crate where it is open. There is a small tan puppy sitting there staring at me in the most adorable way.

I pull the crate out and carefully put it on the ground to remove the puppy.

"Oh my god she is so adorable I hold her in my arms and turn to Jade feeling my eyes burn with tears of pure happiness.

"Happy Birthday Tori." Jade walks over wrapping her arm around my back and giving me a quick kiss.

"Thank you so much Jade." I say as tears start falling and I give her another quick kiss. Jade picks up the crate for me and picks up a cup carrier and I follow her in holding the puppy.

"I can't believe you bought me a puppy." I say as I put the puppy down on the floor so she can explore a little. I walk over to Jade and wrap my arms around her as soon as she puts everything down.

"I know how badly you wanted a puppy, I just wanted everything to be stable enough before I adopted one so I could make sure we could take care of it." Jade says I just lean forward and kiss her again.

"I love you so much Jade, you are the best girlfriend in the world even if you left this morning without saying anything."

"I love you too baby." Jade pulls back from me and goes over to the table and brings me one of the cups out of the carrier.

"Here, I also got you your favorite, vanilla latte." Jade says with a smirk handing me the coffee.

We spend the rest of the day playing with the puppy and trying to teach her how to go potty outside. Luckily Jade had gone to the store to get her a water and food bowl and her food and a few toys. This is the best birthday present ever.

"What are you going to name her?" Jade asks as we were all cuddled up on the couch watching a new comedy that had started.

I look at Jade and give her a smile. "Tawny." Jade looks at me surprised.

"Really?" Jade asks still shocked at my name choice.

"Yes really, you made me so happy with my present today that I want to name her something you would like. So in honor of your favorite movie I named her Tawny."

Jade leans over kisses me hard.

End Flashback

I walk into the apartment and hang my keys up on the hook.

"Hi Tawny." I say scratching behind her ear before taking my jacket off and hanging it on the hook and then I make my way upstairs.

The remaining years of college Jade started getting involved to try to get her name out there for her script writing. I stayed in song writing and sang at a few clubs here and there but decided I didn't want to become a famous pop star like I thought. I wanted to write songs and music but I didn't want all the fame that comes with being famous as a singer. I decided to get my degree in music and teaching as a back up incase I had trouble getting into song writing.

Our senior year of college became a stressful year for us both. Jade getting involved in multiple script writing projects, she even directed a mini horror film, and me writing songs we just found ourselves not spending as much time together. I found out though that no matter the fight we always made up. Even if I stormed out of the apartment to stay at Trina's I would find myself right back at the apartment not being able to sleep without Jade.

After all our hard work we finally both graduated from UCLA. My parents flew down to see me graduate and Jade's mom was also in the audience, unfortunately Jade's father did not show up. Despite Jade putting on her I don't care façade I know it hurt her that he couldn't even show up to her graduation.

"I'm so sorry baby." I said as I walked in behind Jade after our graduation.

Jade turned to me just before the tears started flowing. "God why was I stupid enough to think he would show up." Jade said as she cried into my shoulder as I wrapped my arms around her. I let her cry as I told her what a shit her father was and it was his mistake and he will regret not seeing his wonderful beautiful amazing daughter graduate.

"You know what fuck him. I don't need him, my mom was there, and you were there, you two are the only ones I need." Jade said when she finally calmed down.

"And I will always be there." Jade just smiled hugging me tightly.

Jade ended up winning a contest for her mini horror film and won the chance to help write a script and direct a new horror movie with a decently famous director. After the movie came out Jade had her name out there and soon she was starting a script for her own horror movie she was going to put out, she even asked if I would do the music for her. I normally did pop but I stepped out of my comfort zone to do some other type of music for the movie.

Everything seemed to be falling into place between us, Jade's movie was going to be produced and she was going to help direct it and I had several songs in the movie. I was working at an elementary school as a music teacher part time and Jade and I were as happy as could be. We had recently celebrated our 6-year anniversary but since then Jade is no longer my girlfriend.

I crawl into bed and Tawny follows behind me hopping up and laying with me. I can't help but smile and the 4-year-old dog. I cuddle with Tawny thinking back to that night.


Jade was finishing getting ready for our dinner reservations while I waited by the door for her. I was stunned into silence when Jade walked down. She was wearing a tight fitting black dress. It showed off just enough cleavage to still be considered classy. The dress fell just above her knees, and she wore black flats. Jade had her hair curled and flowing down a few inches past her shoulder. She looked amazing.

"You look gorgeous." I say with a smile. I walk up to her and give her a quick kiss.

"You look beautiful, but you always look beautiful." Jade says with a smile kissing me again before leading us out to her car.

I wore a purple cocktail dress and my hair half down and wavy and half up. As we drove to the restaurant we had a small conversation about Jade's idea for her next script and my ideas for possible songs. After we get there Jade comes around and opens my door for me then takes me by the hand walking me in. We have a nice quiet meal with wine and good food just enjoying each other's company like we have been for 6 years.

After eating dinner and splitting dessert we leave to head back home to exchange our gifts. Jade walks me to the door opening it for me before locking up and hanging her keys. I follow her upstairs going to a spot I hid Jade's present. I didn't want her to find it before tonight. I pull out the jewelry case and put it in the drawer in the table next to my side of the bed. I wait for Jade to come to our room from the bathroom. Jade walks back into the room walking over to me now wearing her robe.

Jade walks over to me with a smirk handing me a small rose and a hersey kiss.

"Happy Anniversary baby." She leans forward to give me a quick kiss putting both items in my hand. I am kind of shocked at the gift, but I happily accept them and smile at her. I am about to reach in the drawer for my gift when Jade interrupts me.

"Tawny." Jade calls in the hallway.

"Um Jade?" I ask confused as why she finds the need to call the dog right now as I was about to give her her anniversary gift.

Tawny walks into our room tail wagging. I can't help but smile at her. I love this dog so much. I turn to go in the drawer again.

"Isn't she such a cute dog?" Jade asks randomly kneeling down and petting her. I don't understand what is up with her. I grab the box out of my drawer and walk over to Jade kneeling next to her.

"Yes she is Jade but can we." I stop mid sentence noticing something in Tawny's collar. It's a diamond ring.

"Oh my god." I say. Jade smiles taking the ring out of her collar.

"Tori, you are the girl I feel in love with in high school after I thought I would never be happy and in a loving relationship again. The girl who put up with all the shit I gave her throughout high school and never giving up on me even when I was the biggest gank in the world to her. The girl I foolishly let move away from me without telling her my feelings because I was too afraid. The girl I love more than coffee, The Scissoring, Scissors and life itself, please do me the honor of becoming my bride because I will never ever love someone as much as I love you." Jade says to me with tears in her eyes. I was so stunned.

"Jade I love you so much and I would love to be your wife but only if you will be mine." I say through tears opening the ring box I got for Jade. I had planned to propose to her as well tonight I just wanted to do it at home.

"Oh my god, you were going to propose too?" Jade says as some tears escape. We both chuckle when I nod. "Well if it isn't obvious yes I would love to marry you Tori." Jade leans forward giving me a kiss.

"Tori where did you find a ring like this?" Jade asks looking at the ring. I got Jade a custom made ring. I have been saving money throughout college for it and these past two years after to save up the money for it. It is a white gold band with a tiny pair and scissors on the top part of the band also white gold. The scissors were about half an inch long, where the holes would be on normal scissors sat two black diamonds.

"I got it custom made for you, I just wanted to get you a special ring that you would love." I say looking into her eyes.

"You could have gotten me a ring out of the gumball machine and I would have loved it. Thank you Tori. I can't believe we both planned to propose to each other tonight, guess what they say is true great minds do think alike." Jade leans forward to kiss me.

"I was wondering why all of a sudden we needed Tawny in the room when I was about to give you my gift. Thanks for the kiss and rose though." I giggle.

"I love you too much to be that thoughtless with a gift for you Tori, I just wanted you to be surprised."

"I was. I was" I smile and kissed her. I took Jade's robe off to see her wearing a very thin piece of lingerie. I briefly heard Tawny run downstairs while Jade and I started to celebrate our new engagement.

End Flashback

That's right; Jade West is my fiancé now! I can't help the smile that breaks across my face every time I think of that night.

"Babe?" I hear Jade call out as she opens and closes the door downstairs.

"Upstairs." I yell down to her.

"Hey baby, how was the meeting?" I ask as Jade comes over and gives me a quick kiss.

"It was great, I think we made some solid plans to start auditions for the movie next week."

"That's great baby." I say smiling.

"It is, I am so glad you are going to do some music for it too, I really appreciate it." Jade lies down next to me in bed wrapping her arms around me.

"Anything for you baby." I turn so I face her wrapping my arms around Jade as well. "Here, I finished this song earlier I wanted you to hear it, I think it may be a good song for the opening." I reach out to my bedside table and grab my phone and headphones. I put the ear bud to her ear.

"Wow Tori I absolutely love it, and its not because you are my fiancé. I can't wait to have the other producers listen I know they will love it too."

"I'm so proud of you Jade, directing your first solo movie. It is going to be amazing.

"Thank you." Jade says warmly. "I can't believe it still, but even the excitement of my own movie is nothing compared to the excitement of when you said yes." Jade smiles and I can't help but feel tears burn my eyes. "God I am such a fucking sap now, Vega this is all your fault. " Jade moves her head in the crook between my neck and shoulder.

"I love your sweet side." I say wrapping my arms tighter around Jade.

"Well just don't tell anyone I have a reputation to keep up."

"I don't want anyone else to see your sweeter side, I am glad I am the only one who gets to see it, makes me feel special." I close my eyes feeling Jade breath on my neck.

"Oh Vega you are very special." Jade wraps her arms tighter around me pulling me even closer.

"I love you Jade." I whisper quietly getting ready to sleep.

"I love you Tori." Jade whispers into my ear before giving me a kiss on the cheek. I smile pulling Jade's arm impossibly tight around me. I fall into a peaceful sleep with Jade preparing to this with her the rest of our lives.